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Cemetery Listing - Lower Waterford (Rows 14 - 24)

In the 1980s Eugenia Powers documented  the stones found in the Lower Waterford cemetery. This listing was derived from her work, a copy of which was placed in the Waterford library. Facing the cemetery from the foot of the access lane, row numbers progress beginning on the right (west wall) and progress towards the left (east wall). Grave numbers begin at the access lane and progress towards the Connecticut River. The first section contains rows 1 through 13. The second section contains Rows 14 through 24.

This listing pertains to burials interred in the second section. An asterisk identifies information obtained from Waterford vital records. A double asterisk indentifies information derived from the Goss family history.

Stone #LastName FirstName MaidenDOB DOD AgeAdd'l Info
LW14-1CummingsChloe   23 Oct 183024y Wife of Cyrus Cummings.
LW14-2BaldwinHelen M. Johnson22 Aug 1831 2 Aug 1890  Wife of Sylvander Baldwin.
LW14-3JohnsonHenry T.   25 Aug 187321y 4m Son of Joseph C. and Helen M. Johnson.
LW14-4FarringtonNelley Pike  23 Aug 187578y 8m Wife of Isaac Farrington.
LW14-5FarringtonIsaac   30 Oct 186166y There is a Masonic emblem on this stone.
LW14-6PikeJohn   8 Feb 189690y 6m  
LW14-7PikeAnna   21 Sep 186081y 8m Wife of Luther Pike.
LW14-8PikeLuther   14 Apr 184473y 6m  
LW14-9PikeLouis   5 Nov 181971y Wife of Daniel Pike. Miss Powers thought "Louis" was a misspelling of "Lois".
LW14-10PikeDaniel   2 Dec 183993y A Revolutionary War soldier 1775-1783.
LW14-11RossLucy   4 Jul 185175y Wife of Johnathan Ross.
LW14-12RossJohnathan   11 Nov 182050y  
LW14-13RossEri S.   26 Nov 181919y Son of Johnathan and Lucy Ross.
LW14-14RossMary   22 Nov 181912y 8m 7d Daughter of Johnathan and Lucy rOSS.
LW14-15.1BlodgettEphraim   1 Oct 188771y 9m 3d  
LW14-15.2BlodgettLouisa Kidder  14 Nov 188877y 8m 4d Wife of Ephraim Blodgett.
LW14-16BrownElizabeth   17 Aug 181655y Wife of William Brown.
LW14-17BrownSusan   31 Aug 1832  Daughter of Elisha and Mehitabel Brown
LW14-18FarringtonLydia B.   24 AQpr 184336y There is a "24" in the ground line.
LW14-19BrownWilliam   16 Feb 184782y 11m  
LW14-20Not Given       Only inscription is "My Babe".
LW14-21.1BowmanFather  1842 1921   
LW14-21.2BowmanMother  1844 1914  There is a GAR holder here.
LW14-22.1PowersErnest William 1874 1960   
LW14-22.2PowersStella Rebekah Church1873 1959  Wife of Ernest Powers.
LW14A-1BadgerHarriet C.   30 Dec 18334y 9m --d Daughter of Ephraim and Harriet Badger. Rest of inscription is buried in ground.
LW14A-2BadgerInfant      Miss Powers says three other children are also buried here.
LW14A-3BadgerHannah   25 Sep 182447y 6m Wife of James Badger.
LW14A-4BadgerJames   30 Apr 185077y  
LW15-1PikeRebeccah   25 Nov 181810m Daughter of Nathan Pike Esq. and Rebeccah Pike.
LW15-2CarpenterJonah   31 Aug 186790y  
LW15-3CarpenterHannah   2 Apr 186586y Wife of Jonah Carpenter.
LW15-4CarpenterJonah   15 May 184628y  
LW15-5RossAldace W.   25 Mar 186723y 3m 21d Died at Pittsburgh, Pa.
LW15-6.1RossAbraham R.   25 May 188874y 6m 14d  
LW15-6.RossHannah Carpenter  18 Mar 184225y 6m 18d Wife of Abraham R. Ross.
LW15-6.3RossHarriet N. Johnson6 Feb 1815 11 Oct 1897  Wife of Abraham R. Ross.
LW15-7KidderLucy   25 Jan 181223y Daughter of Luther and Phebe Kidder.
LW15A-1JoslinMary   18 Aug 18156y Daughter of James and Relief Joslin.
LW15A-2JoslinRelief   22 Sep 182958y 11m  
LW15A-3JoslinJames   1 Aug 184373y 7m  
LW15A-4JoslinMelinda   3 Dec 185363y Wife of James Joslin.
LW15A-5.1JoslinEdwin  30 Jan 1814 17 Oct 1846   
LW15A-5.2JoslinJames N.  11 Jan 1843 18 Mar 1863   
LW15A-6        This sequence number was missing from Miss Power's document.
LW15-7.1ToweyMary D.  1877 1947  An American Legion holder on this lot.
LW15-7.2JoslinClarence E.  1881 1960   
LW15-7.3JoslinLou F.  1886 1952   
LW15-7.4JoslinEmerson E.  1914     
LW16-1BennettLuther   8 May 189079y  
LW16-2.1BennettJoseph   13 Feb 186086y 10m  
LW16-2.2BennettBetsy   19 Jun 185475y 8m Wife of Luther Bennett.
LW16-3.1RossRoyal   2 Nov 185657y 3m 10d Son of Johnathan Ross (LW14-12).
LW16-3.2RossEliza Mason25 Nov 1803 7 May 1898  Wife of Royal Ross, daughter of Rev. Reuben Mason. Rev. Mason was the 2nd Congregational minister in Waterford.
LW16-3.3RossHarlan P.   18 Mar 186321y Died at Fort Totten, D.C.
LW16-3.4RossRuben M.   21 Apr 18445y 2m Son of Royal and Eliza Ross.
LW16-3.5RossRoyal M.  1822 1907   
LW16-3.6RossMartha C. Cook1837 1914   
LW17-1TrascottClarissa   10 Oct 18214y 4m 14d. Daughter of Amasa and Clarissa Trascott. Miss Powers thought this might be a misspelling of "Trescott". Since this stone is well into the row,, there might be unmarked graves before this one.
LW17-2.1PhillipsAnson R.  17 Nov 1832 10 Mar 1886   
LW17-2.2PhillipsSusan M. Crane12 Feb 1836 18 Jun 1873  Wife of Anson R. Phillips.
LW17-2.3PhillipsAdelia M.  4 Jul 1862 3 Apr 1886   
LW17-2.4PhillipsSeba  26 Apr 1788 6 Feb 1861   
LW17-2.5PhillipsFlavilla Colton26 Mar 1792 4 Jul 1862  Wife of Seba Phillips.
LW17-2.6PhillipsFrederick W. 25 Mar 1868 21 Aug 1897   
LW17-3GossLafayette B. **  5 Sep 1842 ** 26 May 18438m 21d Son of Zebina and Mary Goss.
LW17-4MilesElizabeth H.   28 Dec 188184y  
LW17-5GossMary Wright  **  13 Aug 185853y Wife of Zebina Goss.
LW17-6MilesDr. Abner   15 May 185373y  
LW17-7MilesTryphenia S.   1 Nov 186886y Wife of Dr. Abner Miles.
LW17-8BrownCalvin   25 Dec 190090y 4m 20d  
LW17-9BrownSusan E.   2 Jan 189577y Wife of Calvin Brown.
LW17-10BrownCalvin Ellsworth   19 Apr 187613y 10m 22d Youngest son of Calvin and Susan E.. Brown.
LW17-11BrownBarron Moulton   25 Aug 184811y 6m 16d Son of Calvin and Susan E.. Brown.
LW17-12BrownGrace   15 Sep 188223d Daughter of A. M. and J. S. Brown.
LW17-13BrownMary Alice   2 May 188936y 5m 14d Wife of B. M. Brown.
LW17-14BrownB. Moulton   23 Oct 1909   
LW17-15WallaceChristina May Brown19 Oct 1878 16 Oct 1898  Wife of Charles W. Wallace.
LW17-16.1BullockArthur D.  1902 1957   
LW17-16.2BullockCharles I.  1896 1963   
LW17-17.1BullockFrank C.  1900 1953   
LW17-17.2BullockLola E.  1902     
LW17-18.1BonnettDavid B.  1862 1943   
LW17-18.2BonnettLucy A. Ross1873 1952   
LW17-19KinneWillard N.  4 Mar 1840 10 Jul 1907   
LW18-1BrownElisha   30 Jul 186376y  
LW18-2BrownMehitable   8 Jun 187991y 3m Wife of Elisha Brown.
LW18-3BrownHarriet A.   26 Jan 188053y 9m  
LW18-4BrownBradley D.   16 May 190081y  
LW18-5BrownMary M. Ross  21 Mar 188158y Wife of B. D. Brown.
LW18-6BrownDwight R.   19 Mar 188122y  
LW18-7BrownElla Hardy  11 Jan 188229y Wife of E. W. Brown.
LW18-8FreemanAaron   12 Nov 186479y 10m 12d  
LW18-9FreemanHannah   28 Aug 186281y Wife of Aaron Freeman.
LW18-10MayCaroline Freeman  23 May 188877y Wife of Dennis May.
LW18-11MayDennis   13 Jul 189588y  
LW18-12GossSusan R. Way  29 Aug 189254y 11m Wife of Charles H. Goss.
LW18-12a        Miss Powers says this is not on the map but there definitely is a burial here.
LW18-13FreemanLuther   2 Dec 187685y 6m  
LW18-14FreemanMartha B.   19 Jul 187075y 10m Wife of Luther Freeman.
LW18-15.1GreenMartin L.  10 Sep 1832 24 May 1921   
LW18-15.2GreenSarah D. Daniels31 Aug 1835 30 Sep 1882  Wife of Martin L. Green.
LW18-16GreenInez G.   17 Jan 186313m 17d Daughter of Martin L. and Sarah D. Green.
LW18-17DavisonHenry C.   11 Mar 188280y 6m Son of Rev. Silas Davison. The stone is eroded and the year is in question.
LW18-18DavisonZeruah   15 May 188288y 6m Wife of Henry C. Davison.
LW18-19WilliamsRoy W.   17 Jan 18949m 2d Son of John D. and Angie B. Williams.
LW18-20.1DavisonHenry C. Jr  2 Jul 1833 14 Jan 1920   
LW18-20.2DavisonFrances M. Miles13 Jul 1835 3 Oct 191176y 2m 20d Wife of Henry C. Davison Jr.
LW18-21PowersRachel G.  1950 1952  Baby was killed by a car.
LW18-22BullockDarlene  1949 1952  Fred Bullock lot. Fred was son of Frank C. and grandson of Fred Bullock (LW6-16.2).
LW18-23.1MorrisonHenry  1842 1918   
LW18-23.2MorrisonJoanna Drennan1854 1934  Wife of Henry Morrison.
LW18-24.1MorrisonGeorge  23 Dec 1838 12 Nov 1906  Co A, 11th VT Vols.
LW18-24.2MorrisonKatherine  4 Nov 1847 25 Aug 1928  Women's Relief Corps marker.
LW18-24.3MorrisonEliza  1871 1924  Wife of George Ballou.
LW19-1.1GossRichard Orsino ** 1 Jan 1819 ** 1 Jul 1874   
LW19-1.2GossBetsy Holbrook Joslin **  12 Mar 188871y Wife of Richard Orsino Goss.
LW19-2FreemanArad   11 Apr 186677y  
LW19-3FreemanDesire   9 Nov 187183y Wife of Arad Freeman.
LW19-4FreemanNellie D.   16 Aug 18662y 7m Daughter of Lorenzo and Diantha Freeman.
LW19-5FreemanKatie S.   6 Jan 18697m Daughter of Lorenzo and Diantha Freeman.
LW19-6FreemanLucius S.   19 Nov 188270y 4m  
LW19-7FreemanSophronia   31 Dec 190490y 10m Wife of Lucius S. Freeman.
LW19-8FreemanLorenzo D.   10 Jan 190763y 4m 10d  
LW19-9FreemanDiantha Brown  20 Jun 191670y 9m 22d Wife of Lorenzo D. Freeman.
LW19-10ManchesterMary Smith  5 Nov 186290y 2m 8d Second wife of Dea. Ezekiel Manchester (see Manchester Family Cemetery in Ryegate VT).
LW19-11ChamberlinCharles   17 Aug 187869y 6m Died in St Johnsbury VT.
LW19-12ChamberlinRosan Hoskins  3 Jun 189178y 8m Wife of Charles Chamberlin. She died in Dorchester MA.
LW19-13ChamberlinFrances E.   21 Sep 186315y 8m 21d Daughter of Charles and Rosan Chamberlin. Frances died in Grafton MA.
LW19-14PrattRosie H.   10 Aug 187125y 8m Wife of F. O. Pratt.
LW19-15PrattFrancis O.   1 Apr 187438y 2m  
LW19-16ChamberlinEmma Ann  1850 1932  Daughter of Charles and Rosan Chamberlin.
LW19-17.1GossHenry Martyn ** 1 Mar 1829 ** 7 Oct 189667y 7m 6d  
LW19-17.2GossHannah Baker Carpenter27 Mar 1830 25 Nov 190979y 7m 29d Wife of Henry M. Goss.
LW19-18GossHattie G.  4 Mar 1859 ** 29 Aug 18678y 5m Daughter of H. M. and H. B. Goss.
LW19-19GossCurtis Lucius Abel 6 Mar 1876 29 Dec 1953  Son of H. M. and H. B. Goss.
LW20-1.1StoddardJosiah  1830 1912   
LW20-1.2StoddardPhiloma A. Willey1839 1919  Wife of Josiah Stoddard.
LW20-1.3StoddardGrace E.  1884 1904  Daughter of Willard J. and Edith Stoddard.
LW20-2StoddardWillard J.   15 Nov 188421y 8m 24d Flag with GAR holder. Might belong on an adjacent lot.
LW20-3.1DavisonClaudius L.  10 Jun 1821 8 May 1900  Son of Henry Davison (LW18-17).
LW20-3.2.DavisonRebekah Wright11 Mar 1821 25 Jan 1910  Wife of Claudius L. Davison.
LW20-3.3ChurchLyman B.  20 Jul 1838 30 May 1911   
LW20-3.4ChurchLeandia R. Davison12 Dec 1847 5 Jun 1910  Wife of Lyman B. Church.
LW20-4.1GossAbel Brown **  24 Oct 1828 24 Aug 1896   
LW20-4.2GossLucy Stoddard **Ross21 Feb 1837 5 Jan 1894  Wife of Abel B. Goss.
LW20-4.3GossEthel Abbie **  17 Apr 1873 4 Jun 1893  Daughter of Abel B. and L. S. Goss.
LW20-5.1BonnettSamuel W.  1880 1956  Descendant of Joseph Bonnett who came to America with Lafayette.
LW20-5.2BonnettGrace A. Hale1883 1946  Daughter of Joseph Hale.
LW20-6.1HaleJoseph F.  1856 1921  Brother of Everett and Abbie Hale.
LW20-6.2HaleEverett E.  1859 1921  Brother of Joseph and Abbie Hale.
LW20-6.3HaleAbbie M.  1853 1929  Sister of Everett and Joseph Hale.
LW20-7.1BowmanCharles H.  1870 1945   
LW20-7.2BowmanWilhelmiene  1870 1952   
LW20-7.3BowmanWalter Earl  7 May 1902 27 Sep 1971  Lt Col US Army, World War 2 BSM
LW21-1RichardsonJane F. Fulford21 Nov 1823 10 Aug 1905  Wife of Abial Richardson.
LW21-2RichardsonAbial  5 Apr 1803 23 Dec 1888   
LW21-3RichardsonEliza A.   12 Jan 18445m 4d Daughter of Abial and Jane Richardson.
LW21-4KinneEmeline   12 Dec 186221y 8m 26d Wife of Willard N. Kinne.
LW21-5RichardsonLydia   5 Mar 18602y 1m Daughter of Abial and Jane Richardson.
LW21-6RichardsonMary C.   30 Mar 188329y Wife of John P. Weeks.
LW21-7FosterSusannah   5 Jan 1865  Wife of Nathaniel Foster.
LW21-8RossBelle H. Cutler  4 Oct 188442y 24d Wife of Charles Ross. Miss Powers thought she was a suicide.
LW21-9RossWillie F.   12 Jan 188415y 8m 2d Miss Powers said Willie was handicapped and used a wheelchair.
LW21-10RossCharle  3 Sep 1838 14 Nov 1926  Co A 11th VT Vols. Charles was a survivor of Andersonville prison.
LW21-11.1CarpenterFrancis Rice   26 Mar 188373y  
LW21-11.2CarpenterAchsah Holbrook  4 Sep 188673y Wife of F. R. Carpenter.
LW21-11.3CarpenterElmore A.   14 Mar 187740y Elmore was and invalid and possibly physically handicapped mentally. He was mentioned very few times in the family diaries.
LW21-11.4CarpenterHarlan J.   4 Sep 189145y 5m  
LW22-1ChurchSamuel   22 Nov 188682y 5m 4d Son of Dea.. Parley Church (LW12A-4.1).
LW22-2ChurchLucinda Felch  14 Apr 189284y 2m 25d Wife of Samuel Church, daughter of Joseph Felch by his 2nd wife, Abigail Manchester.
LW22-3BeaneLovina M.  18 Jun 1830 17 Sep 1916  Wife of Benjamin Beane.Daughter of Samuel Church.
LW22-4CraneAddie M.   1 Aug 18642y 8m  
LW22-5.1BrownElisha W.  1852 1936   
LW22-5.2BrownEliza C. Kinne1854 1935  Daughter of Willard and Jane (Parker) Kinne
LW22-5.3BrownDwight B.  1889 19--   
LW22-5.4MorrrisonEsther V. Reed1886 1967   
LW22-6.1KinneNathan  1863 1949   
LW22-6.2KinneCaro O. Morse1867 1937  Wife of Nathan Kinne.
LW22-6.3KinneWilmot  1848 1939   
LW22-7.1MorrisonWilliam J.  1868 1951   
LW22-7.2MorrisonAnnie  1873 1944   
LW23-1.1MorrisonHoward G.  1891 1920  302 Field Art Batt AEF
LW23-1.2MorrisonSamuel  19 Jun 1848 3 Apr 1912   
LW23-1.3MorrisonElvira Thurber1 Jan 1852    Wife of Samuel Morrison.
LW23-1.4MorrisonHarry H.  10 Feb 1878 11 Apr 1888  Miss Powers thought the 1888 deaths might have been from scarlet fever.
LW23-1.5MorrisonClarence T.  25 Dec 1880 9 Apr 1888   
LW23-1.6MorrisonMurry S.  22 Oct 1883 8 Apr 1888   
LW23-1.7MorrisonMary E.  31 May 1875 22 Jun 1875   
LW23-1.8MorrisonGertrude E.  3 Feb 1882 10 Mar 1882   
LW23-2.1MorrisonMary Nugent  28 Jul 189394y Wife of George Morrison.
LW23-2.2MorrisonGeorge   16 Sep 187882y There is a flag here.
LW23-2.3MorrisonEliza   11 May 190872y 7m 3d  
LW23-3PetersonMary J.   14 Sep 18751m 18d Infant daughter of Charles and Ann Peterson.
LW23-4TruaxElmer E.      See LW23-5.1.
LW23-5.1TruaxManly   1 May 187649y  
LW23-5.2TruaxElmer E.   7 Sep 18688m Son of Manly and Martha Truax.
LW24-1MorrisonMargaret Drennan  13 Apr 189040y 5m 4d Wife of Joseph Morrison.
LW24-2SwiftJohn   22 Sep 1918  There is no stone on this lot.
LW24-3KirkpatrickWilliam  1868 1936   
LW24-4KirkpatrickLina I.  1877 1964