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Cemetery Listing - Lower Waterford (Rows 1 - 13)

In the 1980s Eugenia Powers documented  the stones found in the Lower Waterford cemetery. This listing was derived from her work, a copy of which was placed in the Waterford library. Facing the cemetery from the foot of the access lane, row numbers progress beginning on the right (west wall) and progress towards the left (east wall). Grave numbers begin at the access lane and progress towards the Connecticut River. The first section contains rows 1 through `13. The second section contains Rows 14 through 24.

This listing pertains to burials interred in the first section. An asterisk identifies information obtained from Waterford vital records. A double asterisk indentifies information derived from the Goss family history.

Stone #LastName FirstName MaidenDOB DOD AgeAdd'l Info
LW1-1HallSarpha   4 May 181342y Wife of Ephraim Hall.
LW1-2HallEphraim   4 Jun 183669y  
LW2-1BrownCynthia      Daughter of Daniel and Hannah Brown.
LW2-2BrownDaniel   30 Apr 186190y  
LW2-3BrownHannah   1 Mar 184771y 
LW2-4BrownDaniel Jr   30 May 185348y 6m Due to the distance between graves there may be burials between this grave and LW2-5.
LW2-5BeachEugene W.    22 Feb 18521y 11mSon of Wm. N. and Mianda M. Beach.
LW3-1HillAlfred    28 Nov 18499y (?) Son of Joseph and Julia Hill.
LW3-2CarrFrancis L.    16 Mar 18528m 4dSon of Parker and Wealthy Carr.
LW4-1ProutyElijah King  11 Jun 1801 25 Sep 1869  Born in Charlestown, NH.
LW4-2ProutyCynthia Loomis  18 Apr 183624y Daughter of Beriah and Lovice Loomis.
LW4-3MoultonPaulina R.   11 Dec 184716y Daughter of Barron and Roxanna Moulton.
LW4-4RugglesMary    14 Oct 183118y  
LW4-5.1ThomasGeorge H.  1833 1888   
LW4-5.2ThomasCorilla S.. Howland 1853 1919  Wife of George H. Thomas.
LW4-5.3ThomasMertie M.  1877 1888  Daughter of George and Corilla Thomas.
LW4-6FryHarriot H. J.    11 Apr 184944y 7m 26d Wife of John Fry Jr.
LW4-7.1FryJohn    12 Mar 188079y 7m  
LW4-7.2FryHarriot H. J.    11 Apr 184944y 7m  
LW4-7.3FryLavinia M. G.    13 Apr 1871   
LW4-8WarrinerInfant    1 Nov 1856  Child of Rev. Francis and Sarah A. Warriner.
LW4-9KnightsJoseph    21 May 183681y Rest of inscription has sunken below ground level.
LW4-10KnightsAbigail    13 Mar 184284y Wife of Joseph Knights.
LW5-1GossMariah I. Green  **   18 Oct 1830  Daughter of Otis and Olive Goss.
LW5-2ThompsonEllen Drennan   17 Sep 188024y 11m 23d Wife of John A. Thompson.
LW5-3ThompsonJane    13 Aug 187654y 4m Wife of James B. Thompson.
LW5-4GossAbel  31 Mar 1763 ** 29 May 1825   
LW5-5GossIrena    5 Oct 1853 **  Wife of Abel Goss (LW5-4).
LW5-6GossCapt. Abel H.  25 Sep 1800 ** 13 Sep 1880  Son of Abel (LW5-4) and Irena (LW5-5) Goss.
LW5-7GossAmanda Hibbard ** 8 Oct 1799 ** 5 Nov 186667y Wife of Abel Goss (LW5-6).
LW5-8GossAbel  19 Feb 1835 ** 13 Apr 18383y 1m 25d Son of Capt. Abel (LW5-6) and Amanda (LW5-7) Goss.
LW5-9GossHarriet R.  28 Apr 1837 ** 26 Apr 183811m 26d Daughter of Capt. Abel (LW5-6) and Amanda (LW5-7) Goss.
LW5-10GossOliver T.  26 Oct 1841 ** 12 Aug 1842  Son of Capt. Abel (LW5-6) and Amanda (LW5-7) Goss.
LW6-1HollandG.  1 Nov 1821 14 Nov 1887   
LW6-2ChamberlinClarissa  5 Nov 1797 12 Aug 1883   
LW6-3.1ChamberlinThomas Cleveland    3 Jul 18573y 7m Son of Crowell and Clarissa Chamberlin.
LW6-3.2ChamberlinJohn Thomas    13 May 18421y 10m Son of Crowell and Clarissa Chamberlin.
LW6-4HoveyLizzie Chamberlin   26 Jan 186325y 6m Wife of Jacob G. Hovey, daughter of Crowell Chamberlin Esq.
LW6-5CutlerBetsy Eliza    26 Oct 186022y Daughter of Ezekiel and Betsey Cutler.
LW6-6CutlerEzekiel  1792 1868   
LW6-7CutlerBetsy A.    24 Aug 184444y Wife of Ezekiel Cutler.
LW6-8CutlerEbenezer    25 Jun 183978y 7m  
LW6-9CutlerChloe    2 Mar 185091y Wife of Ebenezer Cutler.
LW6-10CutlerHannah    17 Oct 185767y Daughter of Ebenezer and Chloe Cutler.
LW6-11LowreyAnna J.    6 Sep 188226y Daughter of Geo. and Mary Lowrey.
LW6-12CaswellLouis    28 Jul 181010y Daughter of John and Polly Caswell. Her name might be "Lois" rather than "Louise" as "Lois" is a Caswell name.
LW6-13CaswellPolly    5 Apr 1843  Wife of John Caswell.
LW6-14CheneyAlatheia    12 Nov 1869  Wife of Abiel Cheney.
LW6-15CheneyAbiel    16 Sep 184168y  
LW6-16.1BullockLizzie J.  1868 1959  A search of the Vital Records Index for Waterford deaths showed the surname to be "Bullock".
LW6-16.2BullockFred C.  1864 1925  A search of the Vital Records Index for Waterford deaths showed the surname to be "Bullock".
LW6-16.3BullockHalsey R.  1894 1937  A search of the Vital Records Index for Waterford deaths showed the surname to be "Bullock".
LW6-16.4BullockHarriet F.  1897 1951  A search of the Vital Records Index for Waterford deaths showed the surname to be "Bullock".
LW7-1HolbrookDorcas    17 Dec 185084y Wife of Harvey Holbrook.
LW7-2HolbrookHarvey    24 Feb 184577y  
LW7-3WyattDorcas    16 Mar 182828y Wife of Gilman Wyatt, daughter of H. and D. Holbrook.
LW7-4BartlettNathan    8 Sep 1844  Eldest son of Silas C. and Martha Bartlett.
LW7-5RichardsonIra    27 Jul 187054y (??)  
LW7-6RichardsonClarence M.  12 Oct 1854 12 Mar 1915  Grave has Odd Fellow symbol.
LW7-7RichardsonEmma M.    11 Aug 18678y Daughter of Ira and Cynthia Richardson.
LW7-8RichardsonMary C.    23 Mar 18526y 9m Daughter of Ira and Cynthia Richardson.
LW7-9RichardsonRebecca    17 May 185379y 2m  11d Wife of Abiel Richardson.
LW7-10RichardsonAbiel    19 Dec 184370y 1m 20d  
LW7A-1ShuteSewell    11 Oct 188451y 4m 21d  
LW7A-2ShuteMary B.    16 Jul 190767y 1m 20d Wife of Sewell Shute.
LW7A-3ShuteCharlie F.    5 Apr 187715y 9m 25d Only son of Sewell and Mary B. Shute.
LW8-1KinneSusan S.    3 Mar 186689y 5m Wife of Amos Kinne.
LW8-2KinneAmos    22 Jun 184974y  
LW8-3HolbrookLudovicus    19 Nov 183720y  
LW8-4HolbrookCapt. Ebenezer    19 Sep 180885y  
LW8-5HolbrookMary    24 May 180880y Wife of Capt. Ebenezer Holbrook/
LW8-6CloudEli    13 Jan 181241y  
LW8-7HolbrookEben    21 Mar 183887y Miss Powers thought his name was Ebenezer.
LW8-8BentonSamuel S. Esq.  27 Apr 1777 15 Dec 1857  Born at Harwinton, Ct., died at Newbury, Vt.
LW8-9BentonEsther P.  23 Apr 1782 20 Mar 1860  Wife of Samuel S. Benton, born at Charlestown, NH, died at Waterford, VT.
LW8-10         Headstone with "Father" on it and nothing else.
LW8-11.1StoddardWillard    27 Aug 188274y 6m 6d  
LW8-11.2StoddardHannah B.    3 Mar 189387y 6m 20d Wife of Willard Stoddard. There was a flag stick on this grave.
LW8-11.3StoddardJesse W.    12 Apr 18321y 5m 9d Son of W. and H. B. Stoddard.
LW8-11.4StoddardHelen R.    25 Dec 18508d Daughter of W. and H. B. Stoddard.
LW8-11.5StoddardEmily E.    18 Jun 186316y 7m 14d Daughter of W. and H. B. Stoddard.
LW8-12StoddardEmily E.       A headstone marks the grave of Emily E. Stoddard.
LW8-13Stoddard.Jesse W.    12 Apr 1832  Son of W. and H. B. Stoddard.
LW8-14StoddardHelen R.    25 Dec 1850  Daughter of W. and H. B. Stoddard.
LW8-15.1HumphreyRoswell M.  3 Jul 1826 10 Mar 1897   
LW8-15.2HumphreyEsther M.  6 Apr 1828 5 Jul 1911  Wife of Roswell M. Stoddard.
LW8-15.3GriffinJennie Humphrey 4 Mar 1860 3 Aug 1905   
LW8-15.4GriffinJohn C.  22 Sep 1883 5 Jan 1914   
LW8-16.1HemingwayMildred Bullock 1891    Wife of Roy C. Hemingway, eldest daughter of Fred C. and Lizzie Bullock, granddaughter of Henry C. Davison, sister of Charles and Arthur Bullock.
LW8-16.2HemingwayRoy C.  1894 1972   
LW8-16.3HemingwayMarion Coe 1857 1935  Wife of Roy C. Hemingway.
LW8-16.4HemingwayCharles L.  1858 1940   
LW8-17LamontMargaret  1872 1959   
LW8A-1.1BuckMartha    13 Nov 18311y 4m 4d Daughter of Horace and Polly Buck.
LW8A-1.2BuckInfant       No other information given
LW8A-1.3BuckInfant       No other information given
LW8A-2BuckSally       Wife of Walter Buck Jr. Broken and set into ground in such a way that the inscription is obscured.
LW8A-3BuckSally A.    23 Aug 18642m Daughter of Walter Buck Jr and Sally Buck. There is a flag on this grave with links like IOOF, possibly a GAR symbol.
LW8A-4BuckJemima F.    26 Nov 18437y 7m 17d Daughter of Walter Buck Jr and Sally Buck.
LW9-1GravesMercy    30 Jan 184186y 9m Wife of Nathaniel Graves.
LW9-2GravesNathaniel    19 Apr 180153y  
LW9-3GreenLucinda    6 Jun 187986y 11m 2d Wife of Eli Green.
LW9-4GreenEli    8 May 186077y 2m 14d  
LW9-5GreenMelinda    13 May 181925y Consort of Calvin Green.
LW9-6.1GoodenoughJohn C.    7 May 190885y 10m 24d  
LW9-6.2GoodenoughEliza C. Carter   11 Jan 186629y Wife of J. C. Goodenough.
LW9-6.3FullerA . Gertrude    18 Mar 189315y 20d  
LW9-7.1CarterE. G.    6 Feb 189185y 8m 5d  
LW9-7.2CarterA. D.    19 Mar 189883y 2m 5d  
LW9-7.3CarterL. Gertrude    10 May 186810y Daughter of E. G. and A. D. Carter.
LW9-8HoveyAseneth    9 May 184430 y Wife of Asa Hovey.
LW9-9BuckPhebe    7 Dec 183966y 7m Wife of Reuben Buck.
LW9-10         Inscription cannot be read as it is buried.
LW9-11HuntoonAmasa    26 Sep 18902m Son of E. L. and M. L. Huntoon.
LW9-12StevensLucia B.    6 Mar 187917y 5m Daughter of Atho and Mary Stevens.
LW9-13StevensMary    11 Jun 187980y 2m Wife of Otho Stevens.
LW9-14StevensOtho    25 Sep 187679y 9m  
LW9-15BuckSilas    21 Aug 181919y Son of Reuben and Phebe Buck.
LW9-16BaileyJasper H.  Abt 1822 12 Jul 185431y 8m Miss Powers originally had the name "Batley" but found "Jasper H. Bailey" in the 1850 Federal Census.
LW9-17.1FreemanEllsworth B.  1879 1939   
LW9-17.2FreemanLaura M.  1882 1979   
LW9-17.3FreemanVera E.  1910 1937   
LW10-1.1RichardsonFrancis Jr    18 Mar 18416y 3m  
LW10-1.2RichardsonMary L.    5 Jun 18463y 2m Wife of Francis Richardson.
LW10-2RichardsonChloe C.    2 Jan 185352y  
LW10-3RichardsonFrancis    17 Mar 187677y 2m 5d  
LW10-4.1LewisJoseph       No headstone.
LW10-4.2Lewis        No headstone. Wife of Joseph Lewis. There is a baby buried with her.
LW10-5.1LewisMarion  30 Jun 1927 30 Jun 1927  Daughter of Joseph F. Lewis and Eva Fisher.
LW10-5.2LewisFrank    6 Apr 1925  Son of Joseph F. Lewis and Gracie Fisher.
LW10-5.3LewisGrace Eva Fisher   5 Jun 1930  Wife of Joseph Lewis. Daughter of Thorp and Mary (Valley) Fisher.
LW11-1.1HemingwayLuither    6 Jan 189788y 3m  
LW11-1.2HemingwaySally C.    20 Sep 189480y 11m Wife of Luther Hemingway.
LW11-1.3HemingwayCyrus    23 Jan 193279y 10m Son of Luther and Sally Hemingway.
LW11-1.4HemingwayMary Ann    15 Jun 184229y Wife of Luther Hemingway.
LW11-1.5HemingwayInfant       Child of Luther and Sally Hemingway.
LW11-2MasonCandace    4 Apr 18298m * Daughter of Rev. Reuben and Polly Mason. Reuben Mason was the 2nd Congregational minister in town.
LW11-3HolbrookEliza Beth    1 Aug 184370y Wife of Dea. William Holbrook.
LW11-4HolbrookDea. W. M.    16 Jun 185080y  
LW11-5.1HaleJoseph    28 Nov 185946y  
LW11-5.2HaleMary A. Holbrook   8 Oct 188567y  
LW11-5.3HaleGeorge L.    1 Sep 18162y 8m Son of Joseph M. and Mary Ann Hale.
LW11-5.4HaleAlden J.    7 Oct 186819y 4m Son of Joseph M. and Mary Ann Hale.
LW12-1.1GossAzro A.  Aug 1817 ** 19 Sep 186447y 1m  
LW12-1.2GossAdelpha Cook **   5 Dec 186441y  
LW12-2GossSumner A.    12 Apr 187715y 4m Son of Azro A. and Adelpha Goss.
LW12-3HutchinsonSally H.       Wife of Horatio Hutchinson. Rest of inscription is buried.
LW12-4    1879  --y 7m A fragment. The top of the stone is missing.
LW12-5HemingwayElizabeth    22 Jun 184470y 10m Wife of Sylvanus Hemingway.
LW12-6HemingwaySy;vanus    11 May 184270y 2m  
LW12-7HemingwayLaura    26 Feb 18208m 10d Daughter of Elizabeth and Sylvanus Hemingway.
LW12-8GreenJasper    2 Aug 18312y 4m Son of Eli and Lucinda Green.
LW12-9GreenLorenzo L.    26 Sep 18218y Son of Eli and Lucinda Green.
LW12-10GreenCurtis    7 Jul 18178m Son of Eli and Lucinda Green.
LW12-11GreenSamuel L.    31 Mar 180855y  
LW12-12GreenOlive    29 Jan 184949y Wife of Samuel Green.
LW12-13GreenLucy Ann    24 Feb 1847  Daughter of Eli and Lucinda Green.
LW12-14GreenCurtis    26 Feb 184021y 7m 14d Son of Eli and Lucinda Green.
LW12-15CraneJohn       Date and age are missing. A top fragment set into the ground.
LW12-16CraneMaria A.  27 Jan 1811 7 May 1874  Wife of John Crane.
LW12-17HaleJoseph    10 Sep 186578y 7m  
LW12-18HaleMary    30 Aug 181732y 5m 2d Wife of Joseph Hale.
LW12-19HaleHuldah    23 Aug 183248y Wife of Joseph Hale.
LW12-20StevensSarah    30 May 184074y Wife of Otho Stevens.
LW12-21StevensOtho    26 Aug 182055y  
LW12-22StevensThomas    8 Aug 184946y  
LW12-23WoodsSarah S.    3 Sep 1852  Wife of Solomon H. Woods.
LW12-24WoodsInfant Son    17 Sep 185221d Son of Solomom H. and Sarah S. Woods.
LW12-25StevensFrank J.    13 Apr 1857   
LW12-26.1LewisMyron A.  15 Feb 1842 8 Jul 1914   
LW12-26.2LewisEmily A. Yaw 23 Sep 1844 23 Aug 1916   
LW12-27LewisCora Belle  14 May 1875 26 Dec 1865  Daughter of Myron A. and Emily A. Lewis, wife of Edward R. Gos.
LW12A-1ChurchAlathear    7 Mar 186589y 11m 11d Wife of David Church.
LW12A-2ChurchDavid    24 Sep 186391y 11m 16d.  
LW12A-3MorganClarissa    17 Feb 186370y Wife of William Morgan.
LW12A-4.1ChurchDea.. Parley    5 Apr 185388y 11m  
LW12A-4.2ChurchZurviah    15 Sep 183573y 4m Wife of Dea. Parley Church.
LW12A-5ChurchAsa    21 Jul 182386y  
LW13-0         Part of a stone protruding a very little above ground. Appears to be a grave marker but no idea whose.
LW13-1GossRichard    12 Feb 188388y 11m  
LW13-2.1GossBetsey    22 Nov 185053y 10m Wife of Richard Goss.
LW13-2.2GossLucretia    20 Aug 188082y Wife of Richard Goss.
LW13-3GossCharles    28 Aug 184510y Son of Richard and Betsy Goss.
LW13-4GossAbigail H. Holbrook **   6 Mar 187274y 1m 24d Wife of Zenas Goss.
LW13-5GossZenas    5 Mar 185260y  
LW13-6GossMary    30 Mar 181622y Wife of Zenas Goss.
LW13-7         That part of the stone that can be read says "Son of W. H. died 30 Jun 1818" and "Louisa". The Waterford Vital Death Index does not show these names.
LW13-8GossAmanda Melvina    25 Nov 183218y 7m Daughter of Zenas and Abigail Goss.
LW13-9GossWm. H.    30 Mar 184828y 10m 28d Son of Zenas and Abigail Goss.
LW13-10.1TowleWm.  H.    23 Jan 185655y  
LW13-10.2TowleMatilda Holbrook 18 Jul 1810 17 Apr 1896  Wife of Wm. H. Towle.
LW13-11KinnetGeorge    8 May 184423y 3m  
LW13-12StoddardJesse    4 Jul `86485y  
LW13-13StoddardHannah W.    11 Jan 186783y Wife of Jesse Stoddard.
LW13-14StoddardElen    6 Aug 18511y 1m 20d Daughter of Jesse and Hannah Stoddard. Spelling as shown on stone.
LW13-15StoddardDavid    24 Dec 182021d Son of Jesse and Hannah Stoddard.
LW13-16StoddardElvira    29 Jan 182118y 10m 6d Daughter of Jesse and Hannah Stoddard.
LW13-17.1FarrLevi R.    24 Jul 184044y  
LW13-17.2FarrHannah B.    5 Nov 186463y Wife of Levi R. Farr.
LW13-18FarrAsahel    20 Feb 182357y 29d  
LW13-19FarrLydia    13 Feb 182249y ?? Wife of Asahel Farr.
LW13-20BuckMartha    15 May 183564y Wife of Walter Buck.
LW13-21BuckWalter       Rest of inscription is obliterated by mending.
LW13-22Freeman ??Hannah       Stone is sunk in ground and cannot be read.
LW13-23FreemanElijah    21 Dec 182871y  
LW13-24FreemanOlive    21 Oct 182059y Wife of Elijah Freeman.
LW13-25FreemanLorenzo D.    19 Nov 184120y 6m Son of Elijah and Hannah Freeman.
LW13-26FarrMarcus Aurelius    9 Apr 184517y Son of Shubael and Abigail Farr.
LW13-27FreemanHannah    24 Aug 185870y 9m Wife of Elijah Freeman.
LW13-28FreemanElijah    12 Apr 186986y 4m 19d  
LW13-29.1HemingwayAgnes M.    1892 *1973 *  
LW13-29.2HemingwayGlenn E.    1890 *1980 *