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    Older Queries

    Arthur Knowlton VAN NORMAN, born 1/1/1886, Pittsford, Ohio, died in the early 1940's around Cleveland, Ohio. Married Julia G. in Dansville, NY 1915-1917. Had two children: Robert & Ruth born in Dansville, New York. This was second wife as far as we know. Know of at least one other child name of previous marriage -(elizabeth VAN NORMAN?) who was a professor at Suny -Geneseo, NY. Arthur left Dansville area probably in late 1919 or 1920. Think he died around Cleveland, Ohio in early 1940's. We are interested in locating his burial place

    Reply to: Bob Van Norman Jr,
    This query was posted May 2000

    Are there any relatives out there or anyone knowing about the past relatives of William George VAN NORMAN, born March 18, 1882, died 17 Feb 1956 New Westminister, BC, son of William VAN NORMAN/Amelia Frances HINDS. William George VAN NORMAN married Mary Bell MCLEOD July 20, 1914, Saskatoon, Sask. Their children were Margaret Amelia (born 1915 Delisle, SK), Gwendolyn Grace, William Robert, Grace, Shirley Phyllis (born St. Walburg, SK)

    Reply to: Maryann Little {Nee: VAN NORMAN},, #25-2020 White Birch Road Sidney, B.C. Canada, V8L 2R1
    This query was posted May 2000

    I'm looking for information on the offspring of Isaac (born 30 June 1764 in New Jersey and Elizabeth (TRUSDALE) VAN NORMAN.

    Reply: Gilbert VAN NORMAN,, 1534 High St, Savannah NY 13146
    This query was posted May 2000

    I am interested in information on the family of Ransom VAN NORMAN (or VANNORMAN) who apparently lived in Port Huron, Michigan. His daughter, Esther (or Hester) (January 21, 1835-September 20, 1906) married in about 1859/60 to Levi PETTIT of Caradoc Twp., Middlesex Co., Ontario, the son of Henry PETTIT (1811-1885) and Maria (Lucy) Stockwell (?-circa 1840).
    Esther and Levi had seven children viz; Theresa PETTIT (1861-1942), Abram PETTIT (1863-1915), Mary Emmeline PETTIT (1866-1948), Henry (Hank) PETTIT (1871-1945), Elretta PETTIT (1876-1949), Walter Adam PETTIT (c.1877/8-1943) and Aritha PETTIT (1880-1886). I know little about Levi and Esther's early lives, except that Levi may have been living in St. Clair Co., Michigan at the time of his marriage before returning to Caradoc, as his elder brother Adam PETTIT (1833-1921) lived near Yale. I have a forlorn hope that information on the VAN NORMANs might prove helpful in further tracing back the PETTITs who apparently hailed from Pennsylvania via Ancaster, Ontario, although every lead has thus far led to a dead end.

    Reply to: Greg Stott,
    This query was posted May 2000

    I am searching for more info on Henry VAN ORNUM (born New York, died Wisconsin) and Maria MARSH, married in Long Island, NY. First child James was born 5 Apr 1810, last child Zacheus born 17 Apr 1828. Other children include Alexis, Abraham, Elisa, Mary, Kenny, Sarah S, William, and Lucretia. Everybody that I have run into has become stuck & not able to get passed Henry VAN ORNUM. If I could only find somebody that has information on Henry & his parents or any siblings? Thanks for any help...

    Reply to: Tracy L. Copper, 121 West 18th Street Chico, CA 95928,
    This query was posted May 2000

    Seeking parents or anyone in the family of Isaac VANORNUM (c1755-c1816) who lived most of his life in Essex Co, NY & Chittenden Co, VT. His second son, George Frederick, was born in Quebec, Canada in 1779 while his wife, Sarah PIERSON (PEIRSON), was a prisoner of war. Source: Burlington Free Press, Sept. 5, 1877.

    Reply to: Dolores Doyle,, 765 E. Wood Duck Cir, Fresno,CA 93720-0806
    This query was posted May 2000

    Looking for information on Daniel VAN NORMAN LUCAS, born somewhere around 1850 ( I am guessing), & died in Ontario, Canada. He married Clara REYNOLDS. They had a son, Wilfred VAN NORMAN LUCAS, born 30 Jan 1871, in Ontario. Wilfred moved to New York, then California. I am hoping the mother of Daniel was a VAN NORMAN.

    Reply to: S. LaShelle Fisher,, 4829-B Hirsch Road, Mariposa, CA 95338
    This query was posted May 2000

    I'm trying to find the husband of my great-grandmother's half-sister. All I know about him is that she was listed a "surviving sister, Anne VAN NORMAN, of Lyons, KS" on great-grandma's obituary. She was born Ann OLDER (c1848 in Ross Co, OH) & was the daughter of Deborah Ann BOYER & George OLDER but was raised by Deborah & her third husband, William F. PRICE (George Older was Deborah's second husband). Any help in finding out who Ann/Anne married would be appreciated. Last sign of her prior to this obituary in 1918 was on the 1860 census in Henderson Co, IL where she was listed as age 11

    Reply to: Richard Epling,
    This query was posted May 2000

    Searching for Charlotte, widow of Miles, wed Abraham SAMS about 1829. I am looking mostly for information concerning children Charlotte and Abraham may have had and where and when she died. Miles (son of Isaac & Sarah VAN NORMAN) married Charlotte abt 1805 in Vermont or New York and died 4 Apr 1828, Richland County, OH. Their children were Elizabeth, Sophia, Jasper, Clarissa, Jerrusha, Nancy, Amanda, Rachel, and Ira.

    Reply to: David W. Sams, 16 Lakewood circle, Jackson TN 38305,
    This query was posted May 2000

    Looking for parents of Isaac VAN NORMAN Davis. Name may be Vanornum or Von Norman or other variant. Father is said to have fought in Rev. War and died in New York in 1832. Could Isaac's mother's or grandmother's surname be VAN NORMAN or variant of that name? Isaac, born 10 May 1775 in Williamstown, MA, USA, died 1853 Illinois. Married Mercy Rodgers 1799. They had 16 children born between 10 Dec 1800 and 1838 in Quebec, Canada.

    Reply to: Donna Ott, 2745 Starbird Dr., Costa Mesa, CA 92626,
    This query was posted May 2000

    Any help on who the parents of Lydia VANNORMAN are, any other family information. Lydia was born June 15,1915 in Saratoga County, New York and died Aug 17, 1896 in Steuben County, New York. She married Adam Abbott and had 10 children born between Nov 18, 1832 and Oct 11, 1850 in Steuben County, New York (John W., Anna, Emily, Charles, Eliza, Ammanda, Jula A., William H., George and Mary Abbott)

    Reply to: Roger & Edie Abbott,
    This query was posted May 2000

    I am interested in obtaining any information anyone might have regarding my great-grandfather, Daniel Nathaniel VAN NORMAN (born on 3 Mar 1836 in New York/USA). Family folklore indicates he led several wagon trains to California and eventually settled in Northern California. Any assistance you might be able to provide would be greatly appreciated.

    Reply to: Charles VAN NORMAN, 107 Wellington Cutoff, Wellington, NV 8944,
    This query was posted May 2000

    Searching for any info on the parents of George VAN NORMAN. Parents from Lacolle, Quebec, Canada. Possibly moved to Champlain, NY. and then to Gratiot Co., MI. George VAN NORMAN (son of Truman VAN NORMAN & Mary Blanchard), born December 11, 1847 in Champlain, NY, died April 9, 1931 in New Haven, Gratiot Co., MI. Married Josephine Farland in Alburg, Grand Island Co., VT. Children: Truman, George Jr. , Minnie, Viola, Henry, Mary, Emma. First child born 1868 in Perkinsville, VT, last child born 1882 in New Haven, MI.

    Reply to: Frediric Johnson, 18525 E. Front St., Linden, CA, 95236 (
    This query was posted Nov 1998

    I am looking for the burial place of Isadora Van Namen who died 17 July 1864. Her last name may have been listed as Van Namee. Her grave may be in Leavittsburg, OH or Meadsville PA. She married Orasmus Agustus Rice 11 Nov 1860 in Dunkirk, NY and they had one child named Jessie.

    Reply to: Jackie McCloskey,
    This query was posted Nov 1998

    Elizabeth Van Eman Patton, born 1775 the daughter of Yarret Van Eman. She married William Patton and they had children Martha, Sarah, James V., Elizabeth, Rebecca Ann, John, Mary, Joseph, Thomas, and Andrew (who was possibly born in Ohio) Patton. Elizabeth died in 1859 in Highland Creek, Ohio. I have the marrage dates of all the children and who they married, as well as some of their deaths. I am looking for births, and how Elizabeth & William met. He was from Ireland (N), and she was dutch.

    Reply to: Elizabeth Rondeau,
    This query was posted Nov 1998

    Looking for information about my grandfather, Luke Vanaman (born between 1840-1870), married to Harriet Bell; children Walter, Lester & Bess (probably Elizabeth). Lived in Phila.Pa; also possibly in Harrisburg,Pa; also possibly in N.J. Family never spoke of him. I learned of him after my parents' death. Am trying to research the family history but cannot get beyond my paternal grandfather Luke until I learn more about him.

    Reply to: Gloria Anne Vanaman,
    This query was posted Nov 1998

    I am tracing the ancestry of Clarissa (Clara/Chloe) House (Howse) who married John Depew VAN NORMAN (Van Arman) in May 1825 in Buffalo, New York and moved to Canada with the rest of the family. They were living in Brantford, Ontario in 1839. Her mother, a widow age 63, was living with them.

    If you can help, please write Beverly Roth, 1248 University Village, Salt Lake City, Utah 84108
    This query was posted May 1998.

    Miles Van Arnum (son of Lukyas Van Ornam and Sarah Pain) b: c1781/2, d: 1800 - age 18? In Essex County, New York? I've been told it was a wilderness in 1800 in that area. Is that right? I'd like to know more about his death. Was he in the army? Accident? Illness? He was so young. An 1800 New York census shows he had a wife. Were there children? If anyone has information I'd like to hear from you.

    Mrs. E. Van Orman, 2300 Portage St #253, Kalamazoo, MI 49001
    This query was posted May 1998.

    I am looking for Sarah Van Orman born 1827 in Holland. Died 1903 probably in New York. Married Nicholaus Leepy (from France) - no date. Known children: Clara, Maryann, John, Joseph, Elizabeth, Stephen. Thanks for any help.

    Reply to: Dayna Ridgeway,
    This query was posted May 1998.

    Looking for birth record of George Frederick VANORNUM, b. 1779, Quebec, CAN, son of Isaac and Sarah Pierson VANORNUM, of VT or NY.

    Reply to: Dee & Tom Doyle,
    This query was posted May 1998.

    Can anyone help me link Lydia Jane VAN NORMAN to her parents? She was born June 15,1815 in Saratoga County, N.Y. She married Adam Abbott, place unknown, and at a point in time moved to Steuben Co. N.Y. She died Aug. 17,1896 Steuben County, Bath, N.Y.

    Reply to: Roger & Edie Abbott,
    This query was posted May 1998.

    I am searching for Edith Elsie VAN NORMAN, born 1879 in Kansas. She married John Wesley Phillips, born 1874 in Kansas. They had 9 children:

    1. Leo Wesley Phillips, born 13 Jan 1897, Burton KS
    2. Harold H. Phillips
    3. Helen E. Phillips
    4. Elsie E. Phillips
    5. Norman Phillips
    6. Claude R. Phillips
    7. Hazel M. Phillips
    8. Mary G. Phillips
    9. Clyde Earl Phillips

    Anyone with any information on her, or inquiries on her descendants please contact Cindy B. Hill,
    This query was posted May 1998.

    Earliest dates found for Samuel VanOrmer (other spellings abound) are 1790s when he moved from New Jersey Huntingdon County to Mifflin / Juniata County, McAlisterville area of Pennsylvania. Looking for links to other spellings i.e. VANNORMAN, Vanwormer. Vanorman etc. etc. Reply to: David VanOrmer,
    This query was posted 6 Sep 1997.

    My great-great grandfather was David Arnheim (born 1827). Hecame to the USA prior to 1854 which is the date he applied for citizenship. His application states that he came from Dessau. He had a half-brother Julius who came from Berlin to the USA around 1888. Nothing known on either of their parents or other siblings. Reply to:
    This query was posted 9 Aug 1997.

    Looking for the place of birth, marriage and burial for Anne VAN NORMAN, born c1806 in (perhaps Vermont?) U.S.A. She married, abt 1823/4, possibly in the Fredericksburg, Lennox and Addington County or York County, Ontario area to Jacob Dafoe (c1802-1855). Anne died April 1885 at Mount Albert, East Gwillimbury Twp., York Co. No tombstone has been located for her although her husband's stands in Bloomington Cemetery, Whitchurch Twp., York County, Ontario. Any info appreciated by Stephen Wood,
    This query was posted 13 May 1997.

    Can anyone help me with Isaac VAN NORMAN's birth date and the state where he was born? The marriage of Isaac VAN NORMAN to Mercy Riley 11 Feb 1823 gives their place of residence as Sydney Twp., Hastings County, Ontario. Their ages in the 1851 census in Frankford are 53 and 52 and their place of birth U.S. In the 1861 census Isaac is listed as 60 years old and a Universalist, born in NY State. Isaac and his son Jeremiah have adjoining lots on Con. 6, Lot 8 Frankford in the 1851 Sidney Assessment. Isaac is living with Jeremiah and his wife, Sarah (of English origin) in the 1881 census in Frankford. Isaac is listed as 83 and of Dutch origin. Also in the household is Nancy Bennett 76 Dutch origin. Could this be a sister of Isaac? If it is Jeremiah's mother-in-law why is she called Dutch origin and her daughter English? The final puzzle comes in Isaac's death record. He died on 30 Dec 1886, 89 years & 6 months of age, a farmer who was born in the State of Vermont.
    Reply to: Phyllis J. Read, 204 Henry St., Whitby, ON L1N 5C4
    This query was posted 13 May 1997.

    I'm looking for any info on Levi VAN NORMAN. The only info that I have is that he was the youngest son of Joseph and Elizabeth VAN NORMAN, he might have been in the war of 1812.

    Reply to Gilbert VAN NORMAN,
    This query was posted 10 Mar 1997.

    Looking for any information on Abraham Van Orman, born 1799 and wife Phoebe York, born in NY in 1798 (Who are her parents, other kin?). In Medina, OH in 1850. Children: Lois, Harriett, John, Eunice, Charlie - any info on them?

    Reply to: Esther Lamkin, 310 Marlboro Ct., Tecumseh, MI 49286
    This query was posted 7 Nov 1996.

    The missing link is Nancy (Ellen) VAN NORMAN, mother to Ross Weese, wife of Charles Abner Weese. I cannot locate my great-grandmother in any official capacity; not a birth certificate, marriage or death date.

    She had a child in l877 and l881, both in Frankford, Ontario. She lived with one of her sons, Ross Weese and died at his home in Toronto, perhaps sometime in the l920's of 30's, I can't be certain of this fact. She and her husband also had a daughter, Florence Weese who married a man with the surname Deedee (spelling), and a son Percy.

    If anyone can provide me with further information, I'd certainly appreciate it.

    Reply to Penny McKean,
    This query was posted 29 Sep 1996.

    I am looking for information on my great great grandmother Mary Louise Vanama. She apparently pronounced the name "Vanamee". She may have been born or lived in New York state, Greenville, Indiana (or Illinois) and/or Goshen, Indiana. She married Thomas Warbis, and probably moved with him to Iowa in 1861, or she may have met him after 1861 in Iowa. Thomas died in 1886 in Rinard, Iowa. There was at least one child, Charles Henry Warbis.

    According to family lore, she never spoke of or visited her family. There was speculation that she had been outcast for some reason, and that she may have been shunned from a conservative religious group. I have no idea what is true, but I am very curious to find out!

    Please contact Laurie Sutherland,, if you have further information.
    This query was posted 21 Aug 1996.

    Looking for descendants of Simon VAN NORMAN (1836-1920) and Elizabeth Miller (1835-1909). Children:

    1. Margaret Jane (1858-1862)
    2. Van Rensselaer (1860-1928) m. Agnes Geddes
    3. Robert Miller (1862-1948) m. Barbara Jane McPhee
    4. Margaret Jane (1865- ) m. Richard Van Alstine
    5. Isabella E. (1866-1937) m. John William Hopper
    6. John Wesley Kearns (1871- ) m. Mable Brooks
    7. Francis A. "Frank" (1872- ) m. Leda Kennedy
    8. Lyda/Lizah (1875- ) m. George Hanna
    9. Charles S. (1877-1964) m. Mary Jean Doll
    10. Simon (1877- )
    11. Mary Mae (1880- ) m. L. B. Young, Charles Ashwin, J. MacDonald Ransford & Thomas Fernie.
    This family resided in the townships of Morris, East Wawanosh and Turnberry in Huron County, Ontario.
    Please contact if you have further information.
    This query was posted 22 Jul 1996.

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