Date of Grant or Charter ~ 8 June 1763
Villages & Communities Within: 
 Checkerberry Village, Milton, Miltonboro, West Milton.

Named for the poet, John Milton.

    "Milton is bounded on the west by Lake Champlain, and is finely watered by the River Lamoille. The soil of the town is generally good. There are some places in Miltonworthy of the traveler's notice. A little distance from the neat and flourishing village are the Great Falls, on the Lamoille. In the course of fifty rods the whole river falls 150 feet. About the middle of the rapid is a small island, by which the water passes on each side, with great violence and loud roaring. The scenery on the banks of the river is wild and beautiful. There are some mills on the river, and considerable trade on the lake. There is another pleasant village two miles west of the falls, called Checker-Berry . . . The settlement of Milton was commenced Feb. 15, 1782, by William Irish, Leonard Owen, Amos Mansfield, Absalom Taylor and Thomas Dewey, Enoch and Elisha Ashley, and others. The first settlers suffered many privations and hardships, but there is nothing in the early history which is peculiarly interesting." 

(Gazetteer of Vermont, Hayward, 1849)


The town clerk maintains birth, death and marriage vital statistics and many other records of value in researching your ancestors. You can contact the Clerk's office at:

Milton Vital Records Office
Milton Town Clerk
P.O. Box 18
Milton, VT 05468
Ph: (802)  893-4111 
Fax: (802) 893-1005 

M-F 8-5

Milton Historical Society
Box 2
Milton, VT 05468
Contacts: Jane FitzGerald, (802) 893-2340
Gwen M. Brown, (802) 893-2267
Hours: By appointment only

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