Date of Grant or Charter ~ 7 June 1763 
Villages & Communities Within: 
Hanksville, Huntington, Huntington Center.

Huntington's settlement started in 1786, with a log cabin built by
the first settlers, Jehiel and Elizabeth Johns. 

New Hampshire grant as New Huntington of 23,040 acres to 
Edward Burling and sixty-five associates, 
June 7, 1763.
Name changed to Huntington October 27, 1795. 
Part annexed to Bolton, 1794.

      "That celebrated summit of the Green Mountains, called Camel's Hump, is in the east part of this township. There are some farms which produce tolerable crops, but the soil is, in most parts, rocky and poor. Timber, such as is common to the mountain towns . . .   The settlement of this township was commenced in march, 1786, by Jehiel Johns and Elisha Bradley, emigrants from Manchester and Sunderland in [Bennington County in] this State." 

(Gazetteer of Vermont, Hayward, 1849)


The town clerk maintains birth, death and marriage vital statistics and many other records of value in researching your ancestors. You can contact the Clerk's office at:

Huntington Vital Records Office
Huntington Town Clerk
4930 Main Road
Huntington, VT 05462

Phone: (802) 434-2032
Fax: (802) 434-4731


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