Date of Grant or Charter ~ 4 November 1780
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Buel's Gore

     Buel's Gore was originally comprised of 4,273 acres wedged or "gored" between Fayston and Starksboro. Granted as a part of Coventry to Major Elias Buel and fifty-nine associates November 4, 1780. 



  Located in the extreme southeastern corner of Chittenden County, Buel's Gore was formed out of land left over after surveys of surrounding towns were completed. A large portion of Camels Hump State Forest lays within its boundaries. Vermont Route 17 winds its way through the Appalachian Gap, a mountain gap with excellent scenic views. A population of twelve live within the rugged, forested community.

    The town's triangular shape contributed to its designation as a "gore." First used by the Middle English, gore was adapted from the Old English "gar," which meant "spear." Spear points are triangular, and the Middle English used the term to refer to a triangular piece of land, which is the first choice of use in today's dictionaries. In sewing, a gore is a triangular piece of cloth deliberately inserted to provide ease or fullness to a garment. It is not, as some have stated, a leftover piece of cloth.
Town Profiles - Buel's Gore
Town Profiles - Buel's Gore

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