The charter of this lodge was granted at the session of the Grand Lodge, at Burlington, June 11, 1878, to Lorenzo SHELDON, William GILMORE, Hiram A. SMITH, Charles H. SHELDON, W. B. BUTLER, J. M. DEWEY, Francis DEGAN, W. W. DYGERT, Daniel FOSBURG, Frank GORHAM, Lorenzo P. HOLT, D. D. HOLT, L. J. HOADLEY, J. E. HARMON, William H. LISCOMB, Richard LANE, Hugh MCNEIL, Frank A. MORSE, W. A. THRALL, Marcellus NEWTOWN, C. E. NASON, M. ODELL, S. A. PROCTOR, H. PRITCHARD, E. D. PORONTO, Joseph PAJEAU, Harley G. SHELDON, John A. SALISBURY, Charles H. SLASON, B. W. SEYMOUR, Will TENNY, William K. STRONG, C. H. WHITE.

      Following are the officers to the present time: 

1879-80, Hiram A. SMITH, M.; Marcellus NEWTON, S.W.; Will TENNY, J. W. 

1881, Hiram A. SMITH, M.; L. J. HOADLEY, S. W.; R. R. MEAD, J. W. 

1882, B. W. SEYMOUR, M.; L. J. HOADLEY, S. W.; E. C. FISH, jr., J. W. 

1883 and '84, the same officers. 

1885, L. J. HOADLEY, M.; E. C. FISH, jr., S. W.; J. G. CRIPPEN, J. W.


      Royal Arch Masons. -- Davenport Chapter, No. 17, was organized and held its first convocation in Rutland, January 14, 1867; its charter is dated October 28, 1867. The charter members were Z. V. K. WILSON, G. J. WARDWELL, E. A. POND, W. M. FIELD, L. B. SMITH, J. B. CHANDLER, S. D. JENNESS, A. M. STOCKWELL, G. W. CRAWFORD, J. D. GREENE, M. HAYWARD, L. A. MORSE, N. A. WOODS, E. L. CARDELLE, L. SHELDON, C. SPENCER, G. W. MORSE, J. H. MCINTYRE, B. G. MERRITT, A. ROBERTSON, M. H. SMITH, and G. A. TUTTLE. The first officers of the chapter were as follows: E. A. POND, H. P.; S. D. JENNESS, K.; M. H. SMITH, S.; C. H. SHELDON, C. H.; S. D. JENNESS, P. S.; E. L. CARDELLE, R. A. C., J. DANA, G. M. 3d Vail; A. M. STOCKWELL, G. M. 2d Vail; J. H. MCINTYRE, G. M. 1st Vail; G. A. TUTTLE, treasurer; L. A. MORSE, secretary; A. POOLER, sentinel. The present officers are as follows: S. TERRILL, H. P.; A. J. HESSELTINE, K.; W. S. TERRILL, S.; L. G. KINGSLEY, treasurer; L. L. PEARSONS, secretary; Rolla BARKER, C. H.; James EVERSON, P. S.; A. T. TYRRELL, R. A. C.; George D. BABBITT, master 3d Vail; E. V. ROSS, master 2d Vail; C. M. GLEASON, master 1st Vail; C. E. CAMPBELL, tyler.


      Farmers' Chapter, No. 9 (Brandon) was chartered August 11, 1853, and now has the following officers: F. N. MANCHESTER, high priest; Hiram ROBERTS, king; E. J. BLISS, scribe; R. F. KIDDER, secretary; James KNAPP, treasurer; Ozro MEACHAM, captain of the host; Charles O. MEACHAM, principal sojourner; Philip AHN, royal arch captain; F. C. SPOONER, master 3d vail; V. V. BLACKMER, master 2d vail; George A. CROSSMAN, master 1st vail; R. J. CARLISLE, steward; J. W. SYMONS, steward; S. F. CALHOUN, chaplain; N. S. CAPEN, tyler.


      Poultney Chapter, No. 10 (Poultney) -- was chartered August 10, 1854. Its present officers are as follows: M. J. HORTON, high priest; M. O. STODDARD, king; J. H. TAY, scribe; F. M. GOOD, secretary.


      Knights Templar -- Killington Commandery, No. 6 was organized at Rutland and held its first convention July 23, 1867. Following are the names of the charter members: M. H. SMITH, J. BARRETT, L. HOWARD, E. A. POND, E. A. MORSE, E. L. CARDELLE, S. D. JENNESS, M. S. RICHARDSON, M. HAYWARD, H. E. Chamberlin, L. B. SMITH, G. A. TUTTLE, G. J. WARDWELL, C. H. SHELDON, J. D. GREEN, G. W. CRAWFORD, B. DAVENPORT, E. G. TUTTLE and A. POOLER. The first officers of the commandery were as follows: M. H. SMITH, E. C.; E. A. POND, gen.; S. D. JENNESS, C. G.; E. L. CARDELLE, prel. ; E. A. MORSE, S. W.; C. H. SHELDON, J. W.; G. A. TUTTLE, treas.; J. D. GREEN, rec.; L. B. SMITH, st. br.; H. E. CHAMBERLIN, sw. br.; M. S. RICHARDSON, warden; James BARREN, E. G. TUTTLE and M. HAYWARD, captains of guard; A. POOLER, sentinel. This eommandery has always been in a prosperous condition, and now has the following officers: Will F. LEWIS, E. C.; J. H. MCINTYRE, gen.; J. C. Temple, capt. gen.; S. TERRILL, prel.; A. T. TYRRELL, S. W.; W. S. TERRILL, J. W. ; L. G. KINGSLEY, treas.; L. L. PEARSON, rec. ; F. H. CHAPMAN, st: br.; E. A. Fuller, sw. br.; Chas. CLARK, warden; G. D. BABBITT, F. J. WADE and C. A. GALE, captains of guard; C. E. CAMPBELL, tyler.


      Davenport Council. -- This council was organized under dispensation, June 17, 1867, and was granted a charter bearing the same date. The officers were S. D. JENNESS, T. I. M.; J. B. CHANDLER, R. I. M.; W. H. SCHRYVER, I. M. The council is now in a prosperous condition and has the following officers: T. C. ROBINS, T. I. M.; H. H. SMITH, R. I. M.; Samuel TERRILL, I. M.; L. G. KINGSLEY, treasurer; A. S. MARSHALL, recorder; J. H. MCINTYRE, C. of G.; C. E. KENDALL, P. C.; A. J. HESSELTINE, steward; R. BARKER, sentinel.


      Acacia Lodge, No. 91 (Benson) -- Chartered June 10, 1869. Following are the names of the first officers: C. R. HAWLEY, W. M.; L. D. ROSS, S. W.; H. S. HOWARD, J. W.; R. P. WALKER, treas.; H. A. NORTON, sec.; D. L. OSGOOD, S. D.; J. H. BATES, J. D.; Allen L. HALE, tyler. The successive masters since Mr. HAWLEY have been L. Howard KELLOGG, D. L. OSGOOD and A. J. DICKINSON.

      The present officers of the lodge are as follows: Albert J. DICKINSON, W. M.; Ellsworth H. FAY, S. W.; Perry CARTER, J. W.; Henry S. HOWARD, treasurer; Royal D. KING, secretary; David L. OSGOOD, S. D.; Wm. WARD, J. D.; Patsey DONAHUE, Henry S. HOWARD, stewards; Geo. E. KING, tyler.


      Washington Lodge, F. and A. M., No. `21. -- The first Masonic organization in Brandon was the Washington Lodge No. 21, which was chartered on the 15th day of October, 1802. The first meeting was held on the 25th of November following, at the house of Hiram NORTON. The first officers were Hiram Norton, W. M.; Benajah DOUGLASS (grandfather of Stephen A. DOUGLASS), S. W.; Penuel CHILD, J. W.; Ebenezer HEBARD, treasurer; Joseph HAWLEY, secretary; Justin PRICE, S. D.; Jesse and James BARRETT, stewards; Asa BLACKMER, tyler. The lodge went down in 1827 owing to the antipathy created by the Morgan excitement. The last officers named on records of 1827, were: Barzillai DAVENPORT, W. M.; G. W. KELLEY, S. W.; John F. SAWYER, J. W.; David SANDERSON, treasurer; Matthew W. BIRCHARD, secretary; Hiram SQUIRES, S. D.; Thomas DAVENPORT, J. D.; L. CROSSMAN and E. E. LYON, stewards; Reuben KIRBY, tyler. Stephen A. DOUGLASS was an active member of this lodge.

      The second and present lodge was chartered in January, 1832, under the name of the St. Paul's Lodge, No. 25. Barzillai DAVENPORT, the last W. M. of the old lodge, was the first of the present. The present officers are: F. C. SPOONER, W. M.; R. F. KIDDER, S. W.; James KNAPP, treasurer; E. L. BIGLOW, secretary; N. S. CAPEN, S. D.; Josiah SIMMONS, J. D.; Erastus SPOONER, S. S.; Rollin GRIFFIN, J. S.; H. O. SORRELL, tyler.


      Lee Lodge, No. 30 (Castleton). -- This lodge was organized November 24, 1852, under dispensation granted by Philip TUCKER, grand master, with the following as its officers: A. G. W. SMITH, W. M.; Almon WARNER, S. W.; Philip POND, J. W.; Solomon FARWELL, sec.; Smith SHERMAN, treasurer; Philo HOSFORD, S. D.; John R. SPAULDING, J. D. The lodge was chartered by its present name January 12, 1854, the charter members being A. G. W. SMITH, J. B. SPAULDING, Joseph BISHOP, Chas. BACKUS, Almon WARNER, Philip POND, Smith SHERMAN and Solomon FARWELL. The list of masters to the present time is as follows: A. G. W. SMITH, to December, 1854; A. C. HOPSON, to December, 1856; A. G. W. SMITH, to December, 1837; Pitt W. HYDE, to December, 1858; A. G. W. SMITH, to December, 1859; H. F. SMITH, to December, 1861; A. C. HOPSON, to December, 1862; Simeon ALLEN, to December, 1865; H. F. SMITH, to May, 1867; B. F. GRAVES, to May, 1870; J. H. WILSON, to May, 1873; E. W. LIDDELL, to May, 1875; E. A. BRIEN, to January, 1879; E. W. LIDDELL, to January, 1880; Theron H. STREETER, to January, 1881; E. A. BRIEN, to January, 1883; B. F. GRAVES, to January, 1885; Wm. C. MOULTON, present master. The present officers are: Wm. C. MOULTON, W. M.; E. H. ARMSTRONG, S. W.; Glen A. ROBERTS, J. W.; Thos. P. SMITH, treasurer; Jno. M. CURRIER, secretary; L. H. COREY, S. D.; W. C. WALKER, J. D.; Josiah N. NORTHROP, chaplain; L. H. BILLINGS, marshal; Joseph WILLIAMS, R. J. DAVIS, stewards; N. L. COBB, tyler. Past masters, Benjamin F. GRAVES, E. W. LIDNELL, Theron H. STREETER.


      Farmers' Lodge, No. 30 (Danby). -- This lodge was chartered October 7, and organized October 26, 1811. The charter members were Perez BROWN, Nathan WELLER, Henry HERRICK, jr., Israel PHILLIPS, John HARRINGTON, Israel FISK, David YOUNGS, and perhaps others. Perez BROWN was the first master; Nathan WELLER, senior warden; Henry HERRICK, jr., junior warden. Meetings were held until 1822 at Herrick's Hall, and then it met during 1823 in the hall of Charles WALLBRIDGE, at the borough. In 1825 its meetings were again held at the Corners. After various changes in its place of meeting, it suspended in 1832. Most of the prominent citizens of the town were members of this lodge. Its last master was Nathan WELLER; senior warden, Josiah PHILLIPS; junior warden, Lyman R. FISK. Masonry was revived here on January 10, 1866, when Marble Lodge, No. 76, was chartered. The first master was B, F. EDDY; senior warden, W. H. BOND; junior warden, P. HOLTON; treasurer, David A. KELLEY; secretary, Luther P. HOWE; S. D., Isaac W. KELLEY; J. D., Oliver G. BAKER; stewards, John J. SOWEE, Benajah COLVIN; tyler, Alonzo N. COOK. The following have been past masters: Benjamin F. EDDY, William H. BOND, Daniel H, LANE, Charles H. CONGDON, Plynn HOLTON, David W. ROGERS, Jared L. COOK. Following are the present officers of the lodge: Daniel H. LANE, W. M.; Lilliam H. COOK, S. W.; William R. PARRIS, J. W.; Austin S. BAKER, treasurer; Oscar A. ADAMS, secretary; William H. BOND, S. D.; J. D.; Edward J. READ, chaplain; Caleb PARRIS, marshal; James C. KING, L. H. ELLIS, stewards; Albert A. WILLIAMS, tyler.


      Eureka Lodge, No. 75. -- This lodge was begun under dispensation in June, 1866; the charter was granted January 10, 1867, to thirty-six members. Simeon ALLEN was the first master; Edward W. LIDDELL, senior warden; Hamlin T. DEWEY, junior warden. The present officers of the lodge are as follows: W. OWENS, J. W.; I. W.W. O'BRIEN, W. M.; La Roy GRIFIN, S. W.; John PARKHURST, treasurer. John G. PITKIN, secretary; W. V. ROBERTS, S. D.; S. ROSS, J. D.; L. W. WILLIAMS, chaplain; S. ALLEN, marshal; W. PEDRICK, Owes O. THOMAS, stewards; Benjamin E. LEE, tyler. The past masters of the lodge are Simeon ALLEN, William A. STEVENS, L. WILLIAMS, John G. PITKIN.


      A lodge of Mark Master Masons existed in Fairhaven, called "Morning Star Mark Lodge, No. 4," which was first convened at the lodge-room of E. ASHLEY, in Poultney, February 20, 1810. Its officers were E. BUELL, W. M.; Pliny ADAMS, S. W.; T. WILMOT, J. W. This lodge appears to have been the successor of Aurora Mark Lodge, No. 2, instituted at Poultney under a warrant from Aurora Lodge, No. 25, in 1797; the first officers were installed at a meeting held at Peter B. FRENCH's hotel, in Hampton, April, 1797, as follows Peter B. FRENCH. W. M.; A. MURRY, S. W.; J. STANLEY, J. W.; and David ERWIN, of Fairhaven, treasurer. Meetings were held part of the time in Poultney and part in Hampton. A new dispensation was obtained in January, 1800, and the number changed to 16. The last meeting was held in May, 1805. Morning Star Lodge succeeded in February, 1810, and a large number joined. At the meeting held on the first Monday in February, 1818, it was voted that the lodge be removed to Fairhaven, and Samuel MARTIN was appointed a committee to inform the grand high priest of the removal. On the 16th of March. “agreeably to the dispensation of the grand high priest," Morning Star Lodge No. 4 convened at Fairhaven. John P. COLBURN was W. M.; Barnabas ELLIS, S. W.; Thomas CHRISTIE, J. W., while among the members were a majority of the prominent men of the community. The lodge met several times a year at Dennis's lodge-room; from January, 1823, to February, 1826, it met at John BEAMAN's house -- the hotel. The last three meetings of which there are records were held at J. GREENOUGH’s inn in November, 1827, and January and March, 1828. It was suspended in the anti-Masonic struggle.


      Hiram Lodge, No. 7. -- This lodge was organized March 22, 1796, in Pawlet, and met at the house of Samuel ROSE, where William COOLEY was appointed master; Zadock HIGGINS, senior warden; George CLARK, junior warden. In 1818 Social Royal Arch Chapter No. 10, was chartered in this town, the three principal officers being Titus A. COOK, Jonathan ROBINSON and Phineas STRONG. These organizations suspended meetings in 1834, and never resumed.


      Otter Creek Lodge, No. 70 (Pittsford). -- Chartered January 12, 1865, and has a membership of about forty. The past masters who are living are James D. BUTLER, Rollin S. MEACHAM, Daniel P. PEABODY, Edwin NORTON, Rollin C. SMITH. The present officers of the lodge are as follows: Amos D. TIFFANY, W. M.; Charles A. FLANDERS, S. W.; Edwin M. PIKE, J. W.; Robert R. DRAKE, treasurer: Royal W. Barnard, secretary; Charles A. ARNOLD, S. D.; Amos BAIRD, J. D.; Edwin HORTON, chaplain; Rollin S. MEACHAM, marshal; Rollin C. SMITH, Ithiel B. WORDEN, steward; Charles J. FENTON, tyler.


      Morning Star Lodge, No. 27. -- This lodge was organized in Poultney prior to 1800, but the exact date is not known. Among the early masters were Harris HORSFORD, Samuel RUGGLES, Captain William MILLER, Elisha ASHLEY, Henry G. NEAL and Alonzo HOWE, all prominent men. The lodge, in common with most others in the State, gave up its charter about 1832, on account of the anti-Masonic warfare.

      The Chapter was organized in this town early in 1853, the first officers being Henry J. RUGGLES, H. P.; S. P. HOOKER, K.; Merritt CLARK, scribe. Mr. RUGGLES held the office of high priest until September, 1861, when he was succeeded by Henry RUGGLES; the latter held the office until 1875, except the years 1871-72 when M. O. STODDARD assumed the office.

      February 16, 1856, the members of Morning Star Lodge assembled under dispensation issued by Philip C. TUCKER, grand master of the Grand Lodge. Organization was effected with Henry RUGGLES as master; G. L. HUNTER, senior warden; L. D. ROSS, junior warden; Henry CLARK, secretary. The charter was granted January 15, 1857, and the number 37 given the lodge. Henry RUGGLES remained master until 1861, and was succeeded by Nelson RANSOM, who continued to his death in 1867. The masters since that date have been M. O. STODDARD, Fonrose FARWELL, Henry RUGGLES, S. L. WARD, J. L. CLARK and E. S. MILLER. The stone church was purchased by the Masons in 1869 and a fine hall fitted up therein. The present officers are: J. H. FAY, W. M.; C. A. HAYNES, S. W.; M. J. HORTON, J. W.; Edward CLARK, treasurer; F. M. ROOD, secretary; James MURDOCK, S. D.; Frederick COLE, J. D.; James BULLOCK, chaplain; H. C. RANN, marshal; M. J. JONES, W. H. ROWLAND, stewards; C. F. BOOMER, tyler. The present membership is nearly two hundred.


      Chipman Lodge, No. 52 (Wallingford). -- Chipman Lodge, No. 52. The charter of this lodge was granted January 11, 1861, and the following were the first officers: Frederick BUTTON, W. M.; D. H. SABIN, S. W.; H. SHAW, J. W. The charter members were Jonathan REMINGTON, E. D. SABIN, P. H. EMERSON, O. A. EDDY, T. L. REED, Frederick BUTTON, Seth PHILLIPS, Hosea EDDY, Harvey SHAW, D. H. SABIN, Highland SHAW. Following is a list of masters: O. A. EDDY, Highland BUMP, E. E. CLARK, A. F. MATTISON, J. H. MANDIGO, E. L. COBB, F. H. HOADLEY. The lodge has now about forty-five members and the following officers: E. A. FULLER, W. M.; C. O. ALLEN, S. W.; E. P. ELY, J. W.; C. L. HIGGINS, treasurer; Charles H. CONGDON, secretary; H. G. THOMPSON, S. D.; J. N. BROWN, J. D. John AVERY, chaplain; E. J. TUFTS, S. S.; L. H. EDMONDS, J. S.; F. H. HOADLEY, marshall; N. FASSETT, tyler.


      Mt. Moriah, No. 96, (East Wallingford).  This lodge was chartered June 
26, 1871, and the following were the officers appointed at that time: Ransel FROST, W. M.; Alvin FROST, S. W.; O. M. PELSUE, J. W.; James STARKEY, secretary; Elias STREETER, treasurer. The membership is now about fifty-five. Following are the names of the present officers: P. L. ALLARD, W. M.; O. M. PELSUE, S. W.; Charles T. MINER, J. W.; D. C. ALLARD, treasurer; B. W. ALDRICH, secretary; A. E. DOTY, S. D.; L. D. WARNER, J. D.; J. R. PRIEST, chaplain; M. ANDERSON, marshal; E. STEWART, Eugene CHASE, stewards; D. A. GRAVES, tyler. The past masters have been, Gilbert E. JOHNSON, O. M. PELSUE, Lucius R. EARLE, John R. PRIEST, Marshall ANDERSON.

      It will be seen by this brief record of Free Masonry in Rutland county, that a large portion of the leading men of the county, those who have either made a deep impression upon the various communities represented by them, through their public services, or gained the universal respect of their fellows by their high character, have been members of this ancient order. At the present time Masonry is in a healthy condition in the county and embraces in its ranks very many of the leading men.


      Odd Fellowship. -- This order has flourished to some extent in this county for nearly forty years, and at the present time one lodge and an encampment are in existence in Rutland village. The first lodge instituted in the county was:


      Otter Creek Lodge, No. 10. -- On the 9th day of March, 1847, R. M. FULLER, James MITCHELL, Nathaniel PARKER, M. G. RATHBURN and S. C. HYDE, of Bennington, and Charles S. TERRILL, of Middlebury, appeared and constituted this lodge and installed its officers, who were as follows: Dr. James B. PORTER, N. G.; Evelyn PIERPOINT, V. G.; General F. W. HOPKINS, secretary; Dr. Cyrus PORTER, treasurer; George W. STRONG, warden. The by-laws were suspended and Robert HOPKINS was duly initiated, by Brothers MITCHELL, PIERPOINT, FULLER, and HYDE; George W. STRONG served as warden. The record of this initiation reads as follows:  "The ceremony on the part of all was conducted with true dignity and skill, and particularly in the new office of warden ; and on the part of the initiated with becoming fortitude and bearing worthy an Odd Fellow."

      The five original petitioners were prominent citizens of Rutland, as the reader of this work will learn. The first regular meeting of the lodge was held on the 16th of March, 1847. On this occasion Brother Charles WOODHOUSE, then of Clarendon, presented a card of clearance from Charter Oak Lodge, No, 2, of Hartford, Conn., was admitted as an Ancient Odd Fellow and thus became the second member of the lodge. He had been for many years an Odd Fellow and is now a member of the Killington Lodge, in the active performance of the duties of the order. It will not be out of place here to remark here that Brother WOODHOUSE has well and faithfully performed all duties laid upon him and held honorable rank and position, and been honored as a representative of the Grand Lodge of the Vermont in the Grand Lodge of the United States – the highest legislative branch of the order -- a position which he filled faithfully and with distinguished ability for two years. He stands to-day, possibly, as the oldest Odd Fellow in Vermont, enjoying the high regard of all his brethren.

      At the second meeting of the lodge W. E. C. STODDARD, then a prominent book-seller and publisher in Rutland, was initiated, and Brother WOODHOUSE proposed for membership the late honored brother, William D. MARSH, of Clarendon. At the meeting on the 25th of March, William D. MARSH and George R. ORCUTT were duly admitted as members. Mr. MARSH was a very efficient worker in the lodge and at one time deputy grand master of the Grand Lodge. He was a member of Killington Lodge at his death, which joined with the Masonic fraternity in paying him a mournful tribute at his burial.

      Otter Creek Lodge, during the first year of its life, made a gradual increase. The persons admitted to membership were Alembert POND, William D. MARSH, Alvin PATCH, Charles H. FURNESS, Horace V. BOGUE, E. O. EDDY, of Wallingford, Newton KELLOGG, E. W. LOVELAND (of Weston), O. A. EDDY (Wallingford), Josiah L. WILDER (of Weston), H. J. MARSH, William B. SHAW, George A. TUTTLE, David B. JONES (of Cuttingsville), and Charles GREEN.

      The first visiting card granted was to W. E. C. STODDARD, for six months. At the semi-annual election the following officers were chosen: Evelyn PIERPOINT, N. G.; F. W. HOPKINS, V. G.; George W. STRONG, secretary; Cyrus PORTER, treasurer.

      The first lodge-room was in an ell part of the old FAY printing-office, so called, on Main street, which stood near the site of the present residence of Hon. William M. FIELD. At a special meeting held August 19th, the first public address on Odd-Fellowship in Rutland was delivered by A. E. HOVEY, of New York city. The second person admitted by card was B. F. MARCH, of Franklin Lodge, No. 2, Georgia. Dr. James B. PORTER was elected representative, and Evelyn PIERPOINT, alternate, to attend a convention at Montpelier, August 29, for the formation of a grand lodge for the State of Vermont.

      Such is a brief account of the career of this lodge during its first year. The following year (1848) was its most prosperous period. The officers of the first term were, General F. W. HOPKINS, N. G.; Dr. Cyrus PORTER, V. G.; Dr. Charles WOODHOUSE, secretary; William D. MARSH, treasurer; George A. TUTTLE, warden; Charles TEMPLE, conductor; Dr. James B. PORTER, guardian. Thirty new members were admitted during the year, as follows: B. Frank WILKINS, Abraham STEARNS, Benjamin LEWIS, Thomas L. SHELDON, J. Graves BENTON, George HOPKINS, and William PERKINS, of Rutland, all of whom took a card of clearance, for the purpose of forming a new lodge at the place of their residence; Henry J. BURDOCK, B. ROSENBLATT, of East Poultney, Cassius W. BUCK, Hiram W. BENNETT, Harry ADAMS, D. L. GREEN, H. C. LEVANWAY, Rev. W. W. FORD, John PRICE, Gilbert FOSTER, Hiram ADAMS (of Ludlow), F. C. ROBBINS, E. M. BOYNTON, L. G. HAMMOND (of Ludlow), W. D. Button, Ira CHAPLIN, S. W. DAME, George S. HOARD, Green ARNOLD, James W. FISHER, Charles H. KINSMAN and Moses FRINK. The officers during the second term were Dr. Cyrus PORTER, N. G.; Charles WOODHOUSE, V. G.; W. D. MARSH, secretary; George A. TUTTLE, treasurer; John PRICE, warden; B. F. WILKINS, conductor; C. W. BUCK, inside guardian.

      The lodge continued to prosper during the year and there are few incidents to note. The first benefits paid to a sick brother by the lodge were voted W. E. C. STODDARD February 8, 1848. The first death was that of Charles GREEN, which was reported February 22, 1848, and at the next meeting brothers George A. TUTTLE and Evelyn PIERPOINT reported memorial resolutions. The first board of trustees was created June 13, and Evelyn PIERPOINT, George A. TUTTLE and C. W. BUCK were appointed.

      The year 1849 does not seem to have been so prosperous as the preceding one. The officers for the first term were, Charles WOODHOUSE, N. G.; William D. MARSH, V. G.; George A. TUTTLE, secretary; John PRICE, treasurer; Rev. W. W. FORD, warden; Harry ADAMS, outside guardian; C. W. BUCK, inside guardian. Members affiliated, Thomas BRIGGS, George HOWARD, Lewis R. BUCKLIN, W. H. LYON, John CAIN, H. L. SPENCER, George WOOD, S. W. BENT. The first visitation by grand officer occurred June 24 of this year, in the person of Samuel R. PRICE, the first grand master. He instructed the lodge in secret work and delivered an address. For the second term of the year the officers were as follows: W. D. MARSH, N. G.; George A. TUTTLE, V. G.; John PRICE, treasurer; D. W. FISHER, secretary; W. H. LYON, warden; C. W. BUCK, guardian. On the 27th of November Brother Charles WOODHOUSE was granted a card of clearance, and on motion of Brother John Cain, a special vote of thanks was tendered him for his faithful services. The career of this lodge need not be traced in detail; for these pages it must suffice to say that it pursued its course with a fair degree of prosperity until the general decline of Odd-Fellowship in 1857, when, having apparently performed its mission, it suspended operations.


      Otter Creek Encampment, No. 7. -- This encampment was organized February 27, 1871, with the following named charter members: Newman WEEKS, L. W. BRIGHAM, Loring ATWOOD, Henry R. DYER, John H. SIMMONS, George W. CRAWFORD, Charles WOODHOUSE and Henry CLARK. The membership of the encampment is between fifty and sixty. The present officers are as follows: L. F. MINER, C. P.; C. A. PEPPLER, S. W.; T. J. MOORE, scribe; Louis V. GREEN, treasurer; H. H. HIBBINS, H. P.; J. A. MCFARLAND, guide; A. M. Harris, J. W.


      Killington Lodge, No. 29, I. O. O. F -- This lodge was chartered August 23, 1871, the charter members being as follows: Charles WOODHOUSE, Newman WEEKS, H. R. DYER, Henry CLARK, W. L. PARSONS, D. B. CHANNELL, E. PIERPOINT, B. W. MARSHALL, George A. TUTTLE, Horace CLARK, L. B. SMITH, and L. ATWOOD. This lodge has been a prosperous one and the present membership is one hundred and twenty-five. Meetings are held Monday evenings in their room in the Billings block, Merchant's Row. The present officers of the lodge are as follows: J. M. PORTAL, N. G.; T. C. ROBBINS, V. G.; E. B. ALDRICH, recording secretary; F. M. WARNER, permanent secretary; L. G. BAGLEY, treasurer.


      Netis Lodge, I. O. O. F., No 25. -- This lodge was instituted in Poultney, December 1, 1852. Henry CLARK, W. O. RUGGLES, Henry RUGGLES, Geo. L. HUNTER and Wm. LAMB were its charter members. Its first officers were W. O. RUGGLES, N. G.; Henry RUGGLES, V. G.; Geo. L. HUNTER, secretary; Wm. LAMB, treasurer. The early meetings were held in the Hall of the Sons of Temperance in West Poultney; but subsequently the lodge rented the Masonic Hall until 1871, when it was removed to its rooms. In 1859 the lodge, in common with many others in the State, ceased working; but was reinstated in 1869. The following have been presiding officers of the lodge successively: W. O. RUGGLES, Henry RUGGLES, Henry CLARK, Geo. L. HUNTER, L. D. ROSS, D. H. ODELL, John K. PIXLEY, Andrew CLARK, D. H. ODELL, R. K. MORRILL, Henry RUGGLES, to 1859. Since that date, L. D. ROSS, R. K. MORRILL, N. C. HARRIS, Cyrus E. HORTON, N. C. HYDE, M. G. NOYES, James BULLOCK, F. O. BETTS.


      Pico Lodge, No. 32, I. O. O. F, (Wallingford). -- This lodge was instituted U. D. February 7, 1871, and chartered August 23, 1871. The charter members were Joel TODD, Geo. W. KINSMAN, E. O. ALDRICH, Horace TODD and Bradford ALDRICH. The first officers were: Geo. W. KINSMAN, N. G.; Joel TODD, V. G.; E. O. ALDRICH, recording secretary; Bradford B. ALDRICH, permanent secretary; Horace TODD, treasurer. The lodge was instituted at Cuttingsville and removed to East Wallingford in July, 1875. The present officers are as follows: E. R. ALLEN, P. G.; H. P. HAWKINS, N. G.; J. I. CONGDON, V. G.; F. O. STAFFORD, secretary; Elias STEWART, treasurer; Edward l ARMSTRONG, warden; M. M. TARBELL, conductor; S. F. SHERMAN, I. G. Meetings are held the first and third Thursdays in each month. There are about twenty-five members.


      Eureka Lodge, No 22. -- This lodge was instituted in Fairhaven in June, 1851, constituting of ten members; three others were initiated and three admitted by card. The last members initiated (making in all fifty-five) was in December, 1885. The past grands were I. C. ALLEN, T. E. WAKEFIELD, Joseph ADAMS, M. B. DEWEY, I. JONES, N. JENNE, G. W. HURLBURT and H. M. SHAW. The benefit system led to the suspension of the lodge and an effort was made by Grand Commissioner B. W. DENNIS, in 1869, to revive the lodge, and a dispensation was obtained, but there was not sufficient interest shown to make it successful.


      Grand Army of the Republic. -- This organization is very strong in Rutland county, there being at the present time no less than six posts, all of which are in a healthful condition.


      Roberts Post, No 14. -- This post (named in honor of the lamented Colonel ROBERTS, who fell on the battle-field), was chartered November 11, 1868. The charter members were J. A. SALISBURY, H. W. KINGSLEY, E. A. MORSE, E, J. HARTSHORN, L. G. KINGSLEY, J. H. DWYER, W. C. LANDON, Wm. Y. W. RIPLEY, W. G. VEAZEY, E. M. ROUNDS, J. C. BAKER, C. J. S. RANDALL, E. H. RIPLEY, Jno. H. HAZELTON, Redfield PROCTER, W. C. DUNTON, S. E. BURNHAM, J. B. LEE, L. B. WEBSTER, S. G. STALEY, H. PRINDLE, C. H. FORBES, H. C. CONGDON, C. L. LONG, A. W. WHITE, J. A. SHELDON. The department commander at that time was W. G. VEAZEY, and the assistant adjutant-commander, J. H. GOULDING.

      The first meeting was held in the carpet-room of L. G. KINGSLEY's store, and the post occupied its present hall in the Morse Block in 1885. The first officers were as follows: Wm. Y. W. RIPLEY, P. C.; W. G. VEAZEY, S. V. C.; John A. SHELDON, J. V. C.; C. H. FORBES, adjutant; E. A. MORSE, Q. M.

      The present membership of the post is 181, and the officers as follows: L. G. KINGSLEY, P. C.; E. H. WEBSTER, S. V. C.; O. P. MURDICK, J. V. C.; W. B. THRALL, adjt.; Oscar ROBINSON, Q. M.; C. L. ALLEN, surgeon; Jno. FAYLES, chaplain; C. N. CHAMBERLAIN, O. D.; I. H. BLACK, O. G.; Wm. CRONAN, S. M.; Jas. E. POST, Q. M. S.


      Sennott Post, No 12, of West Rutland, has the following as officers: George BROWN, commander; S. B. ARNOLD, adjutant; C. H. SHERMAN, Q. M.


      Post C. J. Ormsbee, No. 18, is in Brandon, and has the following officers: Isaac S. HALL, commander; C. H. FOBES, adjutant; O. MEACHAM, Q. M.


      Kearney Post, No. 48, is located in East Wallingford, with the following officers: J. P. HAWKINS, commander; R. L. CHASE, adjutant; G. R. STREETER, Q. M.


      Joyce Post, No. 49, of Poultney, has the following officers: Samuel BOWLING, commander; M. J. HORTON, adjutant; J. A. BENEDICT, Q. M.


      Post J. H. Boswith, No 53, is in Fairhaven. Its officers are as follows: A. BONVILLE, commander; D. J. EDWARDS, adjutant; W. A. SMITH, Q. M.

"History of Rutland County Vermont with Illustrations & 
Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent Men & Pioneers"
Edited by H. Y. Smith & W. S. Rann, Syracuse, N. Y.
D. Mason & Co., Publishers, 1886
History of Rutland County
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