This photo of Robert and Belinda Woodward CAMPBELL of Chester, Windsor Co. Vermont, was found in a box of unidentified photos by a distant cousin of John CAMPBELL. 

       The cousin had received the box of photos from her grandmother and they were able to identify this particular photograph from another photograph of a painting (which had been done of this photo) that John CAMPBELL, great great grandson of Robert and Belinda, had in his possession. 

       Robert CAMPBELL was born on 7 September 1794 in Chester, Windsor Co., Vermont.  He was the son of Robert CAMPBELL and Sara Jane WHITE. 

       Belinda WOODWARD was born 13 August 1794 in New Hampshire, and died  22 July 1887. Belinda was the daughter of Samuel WOODWARD and Eunice BIGELOW. 

Photo and biographical information submitted by
John Campbell
great-great grandson of Robert and Belinda CAMPBELL.
13 February 2002