On this 28th day of September 1832, personally appeared in open Court before the County Court of Livingston County aforesaid now sitting Elisha Powell a resident of the town of Livonia in the County of Livingston State of New York aged 77 years, who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7, 1832. 

     That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served as herein stated. 

     That in the year 1775 on the 19th day of June he enlisted into the service of the United States as a private into the company commanded by Captain Elisha Benedict of Ballston, state of New York, Lieutenant Alexander Brink, 2nd Lieutenant ____ (????), Regiment commanded by Col. Van Schaick who commanded the 2nd Battalion of New York forces in the expedition against Canada. Lived in Strafford in the county of Orange and state of Vermont. Passed Muster at Albany and joined the army under General Montgomery and marched from Albany to Skeenesborough on Lake Champlain, took boats and went down the Lake to St. John, made an attempt to take the fort at that place but was repulsed with a loss of eleven men killed and retreated back to Isle aux Noix twelve miles south of St. Johns. Soon after took Chambly and after about 7 weeks siege as near as he can recollect took St. Johns, during said siege he with 300 or thereabout repulsed the enemy who attempted to cross the river St. Lawrence to reinforce Major Preston who commanded the fort. The place where the enemy attempted to cross the River as aforesaid and where the Americans were stationed was directly opposite to Montreal. Soon after the surrender of St. Johns marched to and took Montreal, and then went down the river to Quebec and was there at the time Gen. Montgomery fell although he had not got into the battle, being employed in assisting to bring forward a twenty-four Pounder brass cannon and ammunition. After Gen. Montgomery fell, the army went into their quarters on the West end of Abrahams Plains until the spring 1776 when the army retreated back to Lake Champlain where he was discharged so as to arrive home at Strafford aforesaid about the 10th of July following. 

     That in the year 1777 in the fore part of January enlisted in the service aforesaid into a company commanded by Captain Abner Seely, John Payne was 1st Lieutenant, can't recollect the name of the 2nd Lieutenant, Regiment commanded by Col. Seth Warner. Enlisted for three years or during the war if closed sooner. Was taken sick and received a discharge about the last of April or first of May following, having served about four months. 

     That in the first week in June 1777 again enlisted into a company commanded by Captain Elisha Burton, 1st Lieutenant John Powell, 2nd Lieutenant or Ensign Nehemiah Lovell in a Regiment commanded by Col. Samuel Herrick, and marched from Norwich in Vermont to Paulet, and from thence by way of Skeenesborough to Lake George Landing, took a number of prisoners beside a large quantity of ammunition and Provisions, and destroyed all among the rest a large number Batteau and one sloop. Went to ----(????) Island and there was repulsed with some loss and then retreated by way of Skeenesborough through the woods to Paulet in Vermont, and there stayed employed in ranging and scouting until after the capture of General Burgoyne and was discharged about the last week of November 1777 and returned home to Strafford in Vermont where he resided when he enlisted as aforesaid. Served as an Orderly Sergeant during the last above enlistment. 

     That in the year 1777 in the first week in December immediately after his return to Strafford as aforesaid, he was appointed a 2nd Lieutenant in company commanded by Capt. Samuel Young, George Moore was 1st Lieutenant, Regiment commanded by Col. Timothy Beedle. The Regiment was raised to join General LaFayette in his expedition against or into Canada, was raised to serve 6 months and was disbanded the last days of May or first of June 1778, was stationed at Haverhill in the state of New Hampshire, were prepared with snow shoes and so forth and ready for the march. 

     Sworn and subscribed the day and year aforesaid. Was born in Old Lebanon in the state of Connecticut in the year 1755, born Feb. 1st. No record of his age. Lived after the Revolution in Vermont, in Cayuga in the State of New York, and lives in Livonia in the county of Livingston aforesaid. 

     In the first service above received a written discharge signed by Lieutenant Cahoon, Captain absent; in the second service received a written discharge signed Captain Abner Seely; the third service received a written discharge and certificate signed by Col. Timothy Beedle; all which were burned in his shop while he lived in Cayuga as aforesaid together with all his other papers. 

     That he relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension of annuity except the present and declares that his name is not in the pension roll of any agency of any state. 

Sworn and subscribed the day and year aforesaid. 

Elisha his X mark Powell 


Copy of manuscript in National Archives, Pension 
Records, File W17470 
State of New York 
County of Livingston SS