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      ORANGE lies in the northwest corner of the county, in latitude 44° 9' and longitude 4° 33', and is bounded north by Plainfield, Goshen and Harris Gores, in Washington county, east by Topsham, south by Corinth and Washington, and west by Barre, in Washington county. It was granted by Vermont, November 6, 1780, and chartered to Captain Ebenezer GREEN; Amos ROBINSON, Esq., and sixty-three others, August IT, 1781, and contained 23,040 acres. The territory comprising the town was also granted by New York under the name of Kempton.

      The surface of the town is uneven, and in some parts rather broken. Knox mountain, in the northeasterly part of the town, is a considerable elevation, and affords inexhaustible quantities of granite for building stone. The rocks entering into the geological structure of the territory are granite, syenite, and protogene in the northwestern corner, extending to the center of the town, while in the southern, eastern and western parts calciferous mica schist abounds. The timber is chiefly hard WOOD, except along the streams, where it is spruce, hemlock, cedar, pine and fir. The soil in some parts, particularly on the heights, is cold and non-productive, while in other parts, and on the streams, it is rich and productive. Jail Branch, with its tributaries, is the principal water-course of the town. It rises in the town of Washington, flows north into this town, where it receives a considerable stream called Cold Branch, and then passes into Barre. Branches of Wait's river pass through the northeastern and southeastern corners of the town.

      The town was organized March 9, 1796, at a meeting warned by Able SKINNER, justice of the peace, and held at the house of Joseph WILLIAMS, at which meeting Joseph THAYER was elected moderator; John SLOANE, town clerk; Gould CAMP, Thomas Storrs PAINE and Fairbanks BUSH, selectmen; Gould CAMP, treasurer; Ezra PAINE, constable; Fairbanks BUSH, Ezra GOODALE and Humphrey HUNT, listers; and Joseph WILLIAMS, grand juror. The town was not represented in the state legislature until 1798, when Ezra GOODALE was elected to that office.

      In 1880 Orange had a population of 731. In 1886 the town had ten school districts and ten common schools, employing three male and thirteen female teachers, to whom was paid an average weekly salary, including board, of $6.27 and $5.29 respectively. There were 177 scholars, four of whom attended private schools. The entire income for school purposes was $1,097.14, while the total expenditures were $1,196.86, with Miss O. G. HOUGHTON, superintendent.

      ORANGE (p. o.) is a small hamlet located in the southwestern part of the town, and contains one church (Union), a general store, and about a half dozen dwellings.
      EAST ORANGE is a post village in the extreme southeast corner of the town, on a branch of Wait's river, and contains one church, a general store, blacksmith shop, and about a dozen dwellings. The principal road through this village lies partly in Orange and partly in Corinth.

      Horace I. JOHNSON's grist-mill, on road 22, on a branch of Wait's river, was built by the present proprietor in 1835. It does custom grinding.

      Hardy JOHNSON's saw-mill, located on a branch of Wait's river, on road 11, was built by Aaron SANBORN in 1820, and came into the possession of the present proprietor in 1872. He employs four hands, and turns out about 100,000 feet of rough lumber annually.

      Chester WILLS's saw, shingle and lath mill, on road 22 corner 23, on a branch of Wait's river, was built by John CLEMENT in 1850. It came into the possession of Mr. WILLS in 1858, and now gives employment to five men, and turns out 150,000 feet of lumber annually.

      William D. FLANDERS's saw mill, on road 13, was built by Nathaniel RICHARDSON in 1820, and rebuilt by Carr RICHARDSON in 1845. In 1855 it was bought by Carlos RICHARDSON, who sold the property to his son-in-law, the present owner, in 1884. It is run by water-power, gives employment to three men, and cuts about 175,000 feet of lumber per annum.

      Raymond P. LORD's saw-mill, located on jail creek, on road 15, was built by COOK & CHANDLER in 1820, and came into the present proprietor's possession in 1864. It is run by both steam and water-power, gives employment to five men, and turns out about 500,000 feet of lumber per year.

      John L. LORD's butter tub factory, built by Burnham E. LORD about 1869, came into the present proprietor's possession in 1878. He manufactures about 3,500 butter tubs per year.

      Ira O. HUTCHINSON's saw mill, on road 36, was built by Artemas HOUGHTON about 1820, and became the property of Mr. HUTCHINSON in 1885. He employs five men and cuts about 200,000 feet of coarse and dressed lumber per year.

      The first settlement in the town was begun by Joseph WILLIAMS, who came here with his wife in 1793 and located in the southern part of the town. Among the other settlers who came in the next two or three years were Maj. Joseph THAYER, Christopher Cagey, Humphrey and Ephraim HUNT, Gould CAMP, John and Matthew SLOANE, Ezra PAINE, Ezra GOODALE, Abel SKINNER, Jabez RODGERS and Porter LORD, all of whom were honored and respected citizens, and overcame the many difficulties incident to pioneer life. Capt. David NELSON, Col. Samuel FIFIELD, Dr. Eliphalet Mason BILL, Hon. Luther CARPENTER, David HOLBROOK, Esq., and John STACEY were representative men of the town and among the early settlers.

      Henry B. STACEY, whose death occurred at Revel, Russia, June 18, 1869, where for seven years he had previously resided as United States consul, was probably the most noted of any of the sons of Orange. He was a son of John STACEY, an early settler, and was the youngest, save one, of a family of twelve children. He was born in Orange August 23, 1804. In early life he lived on his father's farm. At the age of fourteen he left the farm and went to Bennington to learn the printer's trade, in the office of the Vermont Gazette. In 1828 he entered a co-partnership with Luman FOOTE in-the publication of the Burlington Free Press, of which paper he became sole proprietor in 1832, and continued to publish as sole editor and proprietor up to 1846, when he sold to Gen. DeWitt C. CLARK, and purchased a small farm located about a mile north of Burlington, where he resided with his family until he entered upon his mission as U. S. consul to Russia, in 1861. He was ever active in the affairs of the town and county wherein he resided, and held many positions of trust. In 1832 he was married to Miss Maria CORNING, daughter of Maj. William CORNING, of Burlington.

      Porter LORD was born in Stratford, Conn., in 1773, and came to this town from Norwich, Vt., in 1797. He married Sophia LOCKE, by whom he had ten children, five of whom are living, viz.: Porter, Jr., in this town; Sophia (Mrs. Lester TILITSON) in Craftsbury, Vt.; Mary in Kansas; Angeline in Craftsbury, and John in this town.

      Nathaniel RICHARDSON was born in 1772, and came to this town with his wife in 1799. He married Hannah MARTIN, by whom he had eight children, six of whom -- Betsey, James, Carr, Ruth, Sarah, and Polly are dead, and two are living -- Betsey (Mrs. Sandford BALDWIN) and Roxana (Mrs. Henry PIERCE) both in this town. Carr RICHARDSON came to this town when two years of age, where he remained seventy-nine years. He married Sally EMORY, by whom he had four children, two died in infancy, one, Carlos, in 1883, and William C. now resides in this town. Carr was a captain of militia for many years. Carlos, son of Carr, married Sarah J. Jackson, who bore him three children, viz.: Cora B. (Mrs. B. FLANDERS), of this town; Bert L., now living, and Carl F., who died in infancy. William C., son of Carr, was born -in Orange, July 5, 1830. He was twice married, first to Rebecca EMERSON, who died in 1857. They had three children, viz.: Flora (Mrs. John H. FARNHAM), of this town, Ervin, who married Miss Altea WOOD, and Clara (Mrs. Edgar TROW), of Barre, Vt. Mr. RICHARDSON's second wife was Vilana A. JACKSON, whom he married June 16, 1874.

      Edward CUTLER came to this town from Claremont, N. H., previous to 1800. He had a family of nine children, viz.: Jacob, Josiah, Edward, John, Joseph, Ruth, Betsey, Lydia, and Sally, all of whom are dead. Jacob was born in Marblehead, Mass., and came here with his wife before the roads were laid out, his only guide through the forest being by means of blazed trees. He first settled on a farm in the northwest corner of the town, on road 1. He married Betsey WATTS, who died in 1875, aged ninety-seven years and five months. They had a family of twelve children, four of whom are living, viz.: Jacob, Jr., and Chauncy H. in this town; Laura (Mrs. Willis LANE), of Plainfield, Vt.; and Jerusha (Mrs. Timothy HANCOCK) in Jersey City, N. J. Chauncy H. married twice, first, Lois PEABODY, who bore him two children, -- Clinton, of East Montpelier, Vt., and Cara (Mrs. Orpheus Page), of Barre, Vt., -- and second, Finette TOWNSEND, by whom he had five children, -- Delmont, Harley, Lena, Dwight, and Earl, -- all of whom are living at home with their father. Jacob, Jr., married Mary L. WATERMAN, August 11, 1842, and has five children, viz.: George W., of Barre, Vt.; Jennette S. (Mrs. C. A. MARTIN), of Marshfield, Vt.; Herman E., of Plainfield, Vt.; and Wilbur and Merton, of this town. Jacob CUTLER, Jr., was representative to the legislature in 1857-59, has been selectman three times, was town lister three years, and has held many other offices of trust. Ira D. CUTLER, another son of Jacob, Sr., married Alvira RICHARDSON, of this town. He died May 28, 1884, and his wife February 23, 1884. They had two children, Leora (Mrs. Ira BUCKLIN), of Lebanon, N. H., and Edwin, who resides in this town. He was a man of upright character, beloved and trusted by all his neighbors; and his wife is well remembered for her many acts of kindness to the sick and distressed. When the epidemic of diphtheria prevailed in Barre and Plainfield, she was foremost of those who cared for the dying and prepared the dead for burial.

      Elfred CUTLER, son of Stetson and Phebe CUTLER, was born in this town January 2, 1850, and died May 16, 1886. He married Corlista PITTSLEY, of Washington, Vt., March 11, 1872, by whom he had six children, viz.: Ernest A., Forrest T., Frankie E., Eddie E., Charlie, and Leon M. Mr. CUTLER was sick for nineteen months, and suffered intensely, but never complained. He was a kind and loving husband and a dutiful father. Few men of so few years could command the respect of so large a circle of friends.

      Dr. Nathaniel HOLBROOK came to this town from Massachusetts previous to 1800, and settled on road 38, where A. S. MARTYN now lives. He married Lydia SALTER, who bore him four children, David, Lura, Lucina, and Stephen. David married Jerusha CUTLER. They had six children, of whom David, Jr., is dead; Lucina (Mrs. A. S. MARTYN) and Charles W. reside in this town; Edna (Mrs. Dudley SMITH) in Plainfield, Vt.; Henry in Mattawan, N. J.; and Clara (Mrs. T. CLOAK) in South Amboy, N. J. Charles W. married Emily NELSON, of Orange, and had two children, Elbert and Charlie, both of whom are dead. David HOLBROOK was an active business man, and held many positions of trust in the town.

      Lemuel PEAKE came to this town from Pomfret, Vt., previous to 1800, and settled on road 20, where Alonzo REDAWAY now lives. He married Marion BUGBEE, by whom he had seven children, six of whom, Susan Marcia, Lucia, Elvira, Lorenda and John are dead, and Polly (Mrs. Lyman JACKSON) is living in Manchester, N. H. John married Melissa HALL, who bore him five children, two of whom, Chastina and Lavina are dead, and three are living, Sarah (Mrs. Dennison DENSMORE) in Barre, Vt.; Delia (Mrs. O. L. WATSON) -in Topsham; and Edwin G. in this town. The latter married Marilla CLEMENT, and has two children, Oscar and Flora. Lemuel PEAKE was one of the first CARPENTERs in the town, and from 1800 to 1830 probably did more building here than any other man. He was a member of the Freewill Baptist church in Topsham until the organization of a church of that denomination in this town, of which he was one of the original members. He lived to the advanced age of ninety-one years, and died while on a visit to Topsham, Vt., in 1860. His son John was a popular man, and held many of the principal town offices. Edwin G. PEAKE, the only one of this once numerous family now residing in the town, has been justice of the peace twenty-two years, town clerk and treasurer twenty-four years, was selectman five years, representative in 1866-67, a member of the Constitutional Convention in 1870, and in 1880 was census enumerator for this town. His daughter Flora -is now postmaster at Orange.

      John WATERMAN came to this town from New York state before 1800. Of his six children, Dyar married Nana BELL, by whom he had twelve children, of whom four are living, Frederick in Grafton, Mass., William in Virginia, Mary (Mrs. Jacob CUTLER) and Newell S. in this town. The latter married Sylvia MELENDY, who has borne him four children, viz.: Oscar M., of Barre, Vt.; Byron, of Plainview, Minn.; and Flora (Mrs. Edgar HOUGHTON) and Clarence, of Liberty, N. M.

      Joseph BEARD, a native of Westminster, Mass., came to Orange in 1800. He was twice married, first to Rachel FISKE, who bore him three children, all of whom are dead, and second to Relief KENDALL. By his second wife he had nine children, five of whom are living -- Rachel (Mrs. Maurice WOOD) in. Lancaster, N. H.; Ira in Northfield, Vt.; Alvin in Lowell, Mass.; Hiram C. in Bedford, Iowa; and Kendall in this town. The latter married Roxana RICHARDSON, by whom he has had five children, viz.: Louisa (Mrs. Davis HOUGHTON), of this town; Loren, who died in 1865; George, of Lock Haven, Pa.; Ellen (Mrs. Nelson EASTMAN), of Humboldt, Iowa; and Royal E. also of this town, who married Flora CURTIS and has one child, Edna KENDALL, has served the town as selectman, and has been highway surveyor for twenty years.

      Joseph, Nathaniel and Charles TILLOTSON came from Connecticut in 1797, and settled in this town, and Jonathan, who came with them, settled in Topsham, where he died in. 1848. He married Jerusha ROLAND, and reared a family of twelve children, nine of whom are dead, and three living, as follows: Voda (Mrs. David BAGLEY) and Mary M. (Mrs. George ABBOTT) in Manchester, N. H.; and Jonathan in this town. The latter married Mary C. EASTMAN, who bore him two children, George A. and Henry L., the latter of whom died November 29, 1869. George A. married Christina BUGBEE and has had five children, four of whom, Henry L., Grace C., Eugene J., and Ellen, are living, one, Edna F., dying in 1884.

      William H. CROCKETT, son of Ephraim and grandson of Samuel, was born .in Waterbury, Vt., in 1841. He had five sisters and one brother, all of whom are dead. He married Orinda CROSS, daughter of Dea. Michael C. M. CROSS, in 1865, and has three children, Elbert C., Belle, and Harry P.

      Stephen CROSS was born in 1749, and lived in Plymouth, N. H. He married Margaret BOWEN, by whom he had thirteen children. Of these, Peter, born in 1785, married Sarah GEORGE, who bore him five children, of whom Elbridge G., of Guilford, Vt., and Michael C. M., of this town, are the only ones living. The latter married Polina PARKER, of Corinth, who bore him three children, Harriet, of Newbury, Sarah A. (Mrs. William HOWARD), of Barre, and Orinda (Mrs. W. H. CROCKETT), of this town. Mr. CROSS came to this town in 1833, and built a tannery on road 34, which he ran for fifty years doing quite an extensive business. Since the death of his wife, in 1884, he has resided with his daughter, Mrs. CROCKETT.

      Amasa NELSON, jr., a native of Shrewsbury, Mass., came to this town in 1833. He married Almira WHITE, a native of this town, who bore him six children, of whom Leroy A. served in the late war in the 9th Regt. Mass. Vols., and was killed in the first battle of Fredericksburg; Mary died in 1872; Arvina A. (Mrs. Willard BUGBEE) and Emma (Mrs., Charles W. HOLBROOK) reside in this town; Lizzie (Mrs. John WOOD) in Uxbridge, Mass.; and Alonzo R., also in this town. The latter married Adella ELMER, October 15, 1873, and has five children, viz.: George E., Eva, Bessie, Leroy and Emma. Mr. NELSON enlisted in the 8th Vt. Regt., and while at Burlington was attacked with diphtheria, owing to which he was discharged.

      Zeley KEYES came from Ackworth, N. H., and settled in Vermont about 1836. He married Suhah MASON, before coming here, and reared a family of nine children, five of whom are living, viz: Elias in Granville, Vt.; Edward in Middlebury, Vt.; Samuel and Selvenus in Moretown, Vt.; and Zeley, Jr., in this town, who removed here from Moretown, Vt., in 1867. The latter married Elvira BARNETT, of Middlesex, Vt., January 6, 1857, and has three children, William W., Charles B. and Nellie J. Mr. KEYES served in Co B, 13th Regt. Vt. Vols., participated in the battle of Gettysburg, and received his discharge July 23, 1863.

      George J. FLANDERS, a native of Boscawen, N. H., settled in the eastern part of this town in 1831. Of his family of four children, three are dead -- Freeman, Luke and Royal -- and one, Mary (Mrs. Alvah BUGBEE), resides in this town. Royal married Hannah DANA, August 19, 1859, and died August 30, 1866. They had eight children, two of whom, Walter and Ormand, are dead, and six are living, viz.: GEORGE J. in the West; and Charles, Royal, Jr., Eliza (Mrs. Burt RICHARDSON), and William D. in. this town. The latter married Cora RICHARDSON, of this town, July 3, 1878, and has two children, Nettie and Fred. William D. has held some of the principal town offices and is a prominent man. His father, Royal, served four years in the late war, in the 2d and 9th Vt. Regts., and died from disease contracted while in the service.

      John P. LORD was born in this town May 29, 1813. He was twice married, his first wife being Emily WHITE, who bore him eight-children, of whom Constance, Florence S., Emma. L., and one infant daughter are dead, and Corrie E. (Mrs. B. F. TOWER) and Nora (Mrs. Luther GUILD) reside in Coventry, Vt., and Raymond P. and John L. in this town. For his second wife Mr. LORD married Elizabeth P. (Colburn) BAILEY, a sister of Hon. J. E. COLBURN, who died in Mexico in 1878, while consul-general to that country. By this marriage he had three children, Edith M., Charles C., and Justin M. Mr. LORD has held the offices of justice of the peace; town grand juror, and -town treasurer. Raymond P. LORD, son of John P., was born in this town March 5, 1843. He enlisted in Co. D, 12th Regt. Vt. Vols., at the age of nineteen years, and served his country faithfully. After the close of the war he returned to this town, and, February 27, 1867, married Kesiah F. GUILD, of Coventry, Vt., by whom he has had five children, viz.: Nettie, James W., Luther R., Lizzie E., who died in 1882, and Dan G. John L. LORD, another son of John P., married Samira GUILD, of Coventry, October 6, 1876, and has four children, Theron, Leon, Fred E. and Jennie, and resides in this town.

      James B. CAVE, son of Amos and Mary (BADGER) CAVE, was born in Danville, Vt., March 18, 1831, and came to this town in 1876. Previous to the Rebellion he was engineer on the Northern R. R., in New Hampshire. He enlisted in the 13th Vt. Regt., and at the end of his term was discharged, when he re-enlisted in the 17th Vt. Regt., with which he remained from the Wilderness to Petersburg, Va. May 14, 1862, he was taken prisoner, but was soon afterwards paroled. He married Rhoda BURLEIGH, of Waterbury, Vt., March 17, 1859, and has two children, Walter J. and Arthur J.

      James HUTCHINSON was born in this town, and died in Barre, Vt., in June, 1886. He married Nancy GRANT, by whom he had twelve children, two of whom, Abbie and James, Jr., are dead, and ten are living, viz.: M. S., Henry O., Jerry, Charles, Lewis, Elwin O., Ella (Mrs. Lewis GANNO), and Lydia, all in Barre, and Mary (Mrs. Smith EMERY), and Ira O. in this town. The latter married Alice HOUGHTON, March 19, 1884. He is engaged in the lumber business in this town.

      Presson BUGBEE, son of Sylvester and Lucy BUGBEE, was born in this town. He lived in Fairfax, Vt., a part of his early life, then returned here in, 1830. He afterwards resided in Williamstown for ten years, but again became a resident of Orange, where he died, August 6, 1860. He married Lucinda NICHOLS, of Brandon Vt., who bore him seven children, three of whom, Henry, Sarah, and Charles, are dead, and four are living, viz.: Henry W., in Troy, N. Y.; Orlana (Mrs. Charles HUNTOON), in Schofield, Wis.; and Willard P. and Alvah in this town. Alvah was married October 10, 1849, and had one child, Ella M., who died July 29, 1854. He enlisted, in the 5th Vt. Regt., in September, 1861, but was soon after discharged for disability. In September, 1864, he re-enlisted in the 9th Vt. Regt., and participated in the battles of Chapin's Farm and Fair Oaks, and was also present at the evacuation of Richmond. He has been overseer of the poor for two years.

      Samuel KIMBALL, a native of Holden, Mass., came to Williamstown, Vt., in 1796. He married Sarah MACKRES, by whom he had seven children, one of whom, Samuel, Jr., a resident of this town, married Abigail CARPENTER, who bore him five children, and died in 1868. Samuel, Jr., has been notary public and justice of the peace for twenty-five years, and has also held the offices of selectman and town auditor.

      Adam DICKEY came from Londonderry, N. H., and settled in Topsham, previous to 1800. Of his family of eleven children, two, Adam, Jr., and James, reside in this town. James married Esther CHURCH and they had twelve children, three of whom are living, Betsey (Mrs. John BERRY), and Jennie (Mrs. James COFFRIN), in Topsham, and James M. in this town. The latter married Sophia CLOUGH, and of his family of seven children only two are living, Jane (Mrs. Francis TUCKER), in Burnham, Conn., and Oscar in this town. The latter is married, has one child, and has held the offices of superintendent of schools and town auditor.

      Adam DICKEY, Jr., married Anna MERRILL, of Corinth, and had nine children, four of whom, Lorinda, Hilas, Merrill and Ruth, are dead, and five are living, viz.: John and Adam in Humboldt, Iowa; Anna (Mrs. Ira DAVIS), in Topsham; Asa in Bradford; and Ransom in this town. The latter married Annis EASTMAN, of Washington, who died April 16, 1874 Of their family of thirteen children, eight are living, viz.: Celinda (Mrs. Charles CURRIER), in Barre, Vt.; Alanson, of Bradgate, Iowa; Orinda (Mrs. Romain BRADBURY), and Alice (Mrs. Charles HUNTINGTON), of Washington, Vt.; Orsamus, of Roland, Cal.; John, Hattie (Mrs. H. H. COLBY) and Frank, in this town. Mr. DICKEY was representative to the legislature in 1860-61, was town auditor and selectman each seven years, and has held the offices of lister, overseer of the poor, and justice of the peace. Frank, son of Ransom, was born in this town in May, 1859, married Carrie ALBIN in 1879, and has one child, Harry W.

      Amasa TUCKER came from Charlton, Mass., to Calais, Vt., in 1795, and was one of the first settlers of that town. He married Sarah GIBBS, who bore him five children, viz.: Sumner O., Sarah M., Maria L., Sarah H. and Amasa H. Sumner O., the eldest, married Elvira BLISS, by whom he had five children, viz.: Louisa, now dead; Ann J. (Mrs. Justus LANE) and Amasa, of Marshfield, Vt.; Carrie L. (Mrs. Frank WARNER), of Pasadena, Cal.; and Clarendon W., of this town. The latter married Emma S. SHORT, October 19, 1870, and has two children, Cecil C. and Clayton P. He came to this town in June, 1885.

      Levi CARR was born in Corinth, in 1818, and came to this town in 1885, where he died April 30, 1886. He married Mary BEEDE and reared eight children, one of whom, McClellan, is dead, and seven are living, viz.: Ruth (Mrs. Stephen GEORGE), of Washington; Vt.; Charles P., of Barre, Vt., Francis B., of Vershire, and Levi D., Samuel, Lester and Robert in this, town. Robert married Ellen L. LAWRENCE, of Orford, N. H., May 29, 1867, and has three children living, Willie, Fannie Susie A., one, Mamie E., having died in 1877.

      Michael GALE was born in Royalston, Mass., in 1784, and came to this town in 1816. He married Hannah T. BEARD, by whom he had four children, viz.: Horace B. and Greenfield R., of this town; Sophronia R. (Mrs. Anson BAILEY), of Lowell, Mass., and Gustavus, of Lacia, Iowa. Greenfield R. married Harriet FIFIELD, of this town, September 5, 1840, by whom he has had five children, two of whom, Emma and Orpha F., are dead, and three are living, viz.: William R., of Barre, Vt., Frank A., of Lowell, Mass., and Ella (Mrs. G. A. HOUGHTON), of Kansas City, Mo. Greenfield R. is one of the most respected citizens of Orange.

      Rev. Chalmer H. COOLEDGE, son of Harley and Clarissa (DAVISON) COOLEDGE, was born in Plymouth, Vt., June 30. 1846. He attended the Oberlin (Ohio) college, and afterwards pursued his studies with Rev. Asa F. CLARK, of Peru, Vt. He was licensed to preach the gospel by the Bennington Congregational association of this state, in 1879, and ordained by the Orange Congregational association at West Fairlee, May 24, 1883. He came to this town in August, 1885, and has since presided over the Congregational church at Orange village. He was pastor of the Congregational church at Fairfield, Vt., for two years, and one-half of this time also supplied the church at East Fairfield. He married Nellie J. WISE, of Fairlee, April 5, 1882, and has two children, C. Dwight and Grace N.

      Converse CARPENTER was born in Plainfield, N. H. He was twice married, first, to Adaline BEEDE, who. bore him six children, of whom Cyrus is dead; Sarah (Mrs. James WEBER) resides in Manchester, N. H.; Ruth (Mrs. Charles DICKEY) in Corinth, Vt.; Fanny (Mrs. Charles PAINE) in the West; Eva .(Mrs. Lemuel TABOR), in Hanover, N. H.; and Alvah in this town. The second wife of Mr. CARPENTER is Mary TOWNSEND, who has borne him seven children, two of whom, Irvin and Nancy, are dead, and five are living, viz.: Mary (Mrs. Charles PERRY), of Williamstown; and Clara (Mrs. Hardy JOHNSON), Olive (Mrs. Charles MILLS), Betsey, and Charles E. in this town. The latter married Estella WATERMAN, of this town, May 21, 1885, and has one child, Delmer.

      Eleazer W. LORD was twice married, first to Sophronia A. WHITE, who bore him one child, now dead, and second to Orinda WHITE, by whom he had six children, of whom Sophronia M. (Mrs. F. D. COFFIN), Reuben P. and Marion I. reside in this town; Lella N. married Noah C. TAYLOR, and resides in Washington, Vt.; Emma W. (Mrs. Charles SANDERS) resides in Nashua, N. H., and Mary E. is dead. Mr. LORD was a member of the M. E. church in this -town until its disorganization, when he united with the Congregational church here, and was one of its first deacons, which office he held until his death, in 1877. His widow and two children are still active members of this church.

      Alvin R. SMITH, son of, James, was born in Mount Vernon, N. H., and came to this town in 1865. He enlisted in Co. C, 2d N. H. Regt., and served in the battles of Bull Run, Yorktown, Williamsburg, Fair Oaks, Malvern Hill, Chantilla, Fredericksburgh, Chancellorsville, Gettysburgh, Fort Darling, Weldon Railroad, Cold Harbor, and others. He married Mary B. SMITH, of this town, August 23, 1869, and has had born to him four children, one of whom, Arthur W., is dead, and three, Bion R., Jennie E., and Alvin P., are living. Mr. SMITH now draws a pension, owing to partial blindness. He is a descendant of Ethan ALLEN.

      Levi WHITCOMB came to this town in 1841, and settled on a farm on road 9, where he built a saw-mill in 1849. He married Sally BARRETT, who bore him eleven children, four of whom are living, viz.: Levi, Jr., in Washington, Vt.; Clara (Mrs. Lyman HARRINGTON) in Lowell, Mass.; Johanna (Mrs. William HARRINGTON) in Boston, Mass.; and Nathaniel in this town. The latter married Sarah WELCH, of Hyde Park, Vt., July 3, 1854, by whom he had one child, Henry R., who married Ada A. WOOD, and has one child, Harlie I. Levi died in 1867, and his wife in 1856.

      Joseph JACKSON, a native of Sutton, N. H., removed to this town about 1830. Of his family of ten children, only two are living, Lyman in Manchester, N. H., and Henry in this town. Orman T., son of Henry, married Eva VANCE, of Topsham, and has five children, Florence, Jessie, Lila, Calvin, and Mabel. He resides in this town.

      Jacob MILLS removed from Topsham, Vt., to this town about 1821. He married Polly BUGBEE, who bore him four children, only one of whom, Chester, is living, a resident of this town. Mr. MILLS's wife died October 6, 1871. Chester married Ruth BOHONON, by whom he has had five children, two of whom, Oscar and Ellis, are dead, and three are living, viz.: Eli S., a law student with Hon. R. M. HARVEY, of West Topsham, Frank P., of this town, and Cora (Mrs. Theron C. PERRY), of Plainfield, Vt.

      John CLEMENT, a native of Corinth, came to this town in 1833. He married Fanny KIMBALL, who died in 1872. They had seven children, two of whom, Almon and George, are dead, and five are living, viz.: Dana S. in Utica, Wis.; Cynthia R. (Mrs. John WILLEY), in Topsham; Marrilla G. (Mrs. E. G. PEAKE), in this town; Mary (Mrs. James M. ROGERS), in Topsham, and Alfred M. in this town. The latter married Myra MACK, of Topsham, December 28, 1876, and has two children, Earl M. and Ella. Mr. CLEMENT served his country during the late war in Co. D, 9th Vt. Regt.

      Calvin MACK was born in Surry, N. H. He resided in New York state for a time, removed to Topsham in 1848, and thence to this town in 1880. He married Irene TAPLIN, who bore him two children, Myra and Myron, twins, the latter of whom is a theological student and resides in Hillsdale, Mich. Myra married Alfred CLEMENT and resides in this town. Mr. MACK followed the occupation of farming until 1880, when he retired from active business.

      William HAYWARD resided in Topsham for many years and reared a large family of children. One son, Alexander, was twice married, first to Polly DICKERMAN, who bore him five children, only two of whom are now living, Leland in this town and Samuel in Massachusetts. Alexander married for his second wife Mary F. CILLEY, by whom he had seven children, three of whom are living, Norman A. and John S. in this town, and Alexander F. in Topsham. John S. married Elmira AVERY and has four children. Norman A. married Sarah J. MINARD and has five children, viz.: Willie B., Francis E., Abbie M. (Mrs. W. W. KEYES), Bertie A. and Charlie E. In 1860 he settled and cleared a farm on road 11 1/2, where he has since resided. Leland, son of Alexander, has been twice married. His first wife, Martha SIMPSON, bore him three children, all of whom are living, two, Rufus L. and Myra (Mrs. C. PEASLEE), in this town. By his second wife, Tamson WILLEY, he had three children, none of whom are living.

      William CILLEY became a resident of this town in 1826. He married  Abigail HARDY, by whom he had twelve children, four of whom are living,  William in Meredith, N. H.; Rachel (Mrs. Charles MINARD) in Barre, Vt.; Elmira  (Mrs. Almond CURTIS) and NELSON R. in this town. The latter married Sophia  B. MINARD, of this town, March 24, 1850, and has five children, viz.: Freeman, of  Barre, Vt.; Ella (Mrs. Edward W. PLATT), of Clinton, Mass.; Abbie (Mrs. Oscar  PEAKE), of this town; and Ellen (Mrs. Dan. WINN) and David, of Barre, Vt.,  Elondus in this town. Elondus married Mary PAINE, Nvember 25, 1865, who has  born hm three children, Edna now dead, and Ada and John, who are living in  this town.  

      Samuel HUNTOON, a native of Unity, N. H., removed to this state and settled in Washington about 1816. He had a family of five children, one of whom, James, is dead, and four are living, viz.: Mary (Mrs. Elnathan COLBY), in Waupaca, Wis.; John in Wauwega, Wis.; Susan (Mrs. George RICHARDSON) and Sarah M. in Washington, Vt.; and Charles in Schofield, Wis. John has been twice married. By his first wife, Hannah BEEDE, who died in 1863, he had seven children, two of whom, Sarah (Mrs. Owen HORTON) and Charles, are dead, and five are living, viz.: Joseph, in Steven's Point, Wis.; Samuel in Schofield, Wis.; John, Jr., and Mary (Mrs. Seth THOMPSON) in Waupaca, Wis.; and James in this town. The latter married Caroline FISH, March 16, 1859, by whom he has had three children, one of whom, Homer C., resides with his father in this town. John HUNTOON married for his second wife Crystal POST, and removed to the West in 1863, where he has since resided. James has always been interested in town affairs, and held the office of constable two years, lister seven years, and selectman ten years.

      Chester W. COLEMAN, son of Abel H. and Lucinda (HATCH) COLEMAN, and grandson of Nathaniel, was born in Middlesex. Vt., June 14, 1826. October 1, 1848, he married Amy R. WATERMAN, and in 1851 removed to this town. He had four children, one of whom, Edgar, is dead, and three are living, viz.: Anson C. in this town, Martin W. in Concord, N. H., and Katie M. (Mrs. Herbert E. SARGENT) in East Corinth. Mr. COLEMAN served in Co. G, 9th Vt. Regt., and was in the battles of Harper's Ferry and Chain's Farm. He worked at carpentering for twenty-five years, but for some years has had the contract for carrying the mail from East Corinth to East Orange. Anson C. COLEMAN married Mary PRESCOTT, of Corinth, July 30, 1878, and has one child, Vernon E.

      Jonathan COLBY came to this town about 1836. He was twice married, and reared a family of nine children, four of whom are living, as follows Jonathan, Jr., in Plainfield, Minn.; Nancy (Mrs. Leban ROLLINS) in Elgin, Minn.; Sarah (Mrs. John DICKEY) in Humboldt, Iowa; and Abigail (Mrs. Orrin PAINE) in East Hardwick, Vt. Edlson Emerson COLBY, now dead, was a son of Jonathan. He was twice married, first to Angeline P. DEARBORN, of whose children two are living, Henry HARRISON in this town, and Edson EMERSON, Jr., in Humboldt, Iowa. His second wife was Emily C. MERRILL, who still resides in this town, and has three children living, John Frank, Charlie Merrill, and Jennie Emma, all residents of Orange. Mr. COLBY's hand and purse were always open in charity. He was a trusted citizen, a. loving husband and father, and a life-long member of the Freewill Baptist church. His good works will long remain fresh in the memory of his neighbors. His son Henry H. married Hattie DICKEY, and has two children, Bernice A. and Ellen L.

      Joseph BEEDE came from Sandwich, N. H., and settled in Corinth, Vt., at an early date. He had four children, all of whom are dead. One son, Alvah, married Ruth CARR, and removed to this town in 1860. He had thirteen children, five of whom, Adaline, Washington, Caroline, Joseph and John, are. dead, and eight are living, as follows: Clark in Corinth; Asenath (Mrs. John FORD) in Plainfield, Vt.; Mary (Mrs. Norris CARR) in Williamstown; Joanna (Mrs. J. L. PATTERSON) in Chelsea; Frances in Manchester, N. H.; Chestina (Mrs. Bradley MARSTON) in Topsham; Moses in Corinth; and Bliss D. in this town. The latter married Rosan E. PHILBRICK, by whom he had four children, viz.: Alice (Mrs. Andrew MARSTON), of Topsham; Walden, Francis, and Cora, of this town. Bliss D. Beede enlisted in the 11th Vt. Regt., and served in the battles of Spottsylvania Court House, Cold Harbor, Petersburg, Charlestown, Winchester, Cedar Creek, Fisher's Hill, second Petersburg, and Sailor's. Creek.

      The Union church at East Randolph, occupied by the Freewill Baptists and Methodists, was organized in 1823, by John CHUBB, Benson ALDRICH, J. P. SARGENT, and others, with twenty-five members. Their first house of worship, a wooden building, was erected in 1825. In 1850 another wooden building was erected at a cost of $2,500. This church was burned in November 1887, and the society immediately took measures to rebuild, which structure, when completed, will seat about 250 persons, and will have cost about $2,500. The society now has sixty members, with C. E. DAVIS and H. J. REYNOLDS, pastors. The Sunday-school has a membership of eighty.

Gazetteer Of Orange County, Vt. 1762-1888.
Compiled And Published by Hamilton Child,
The Syracuse Journal Company, Printers and Binders. 
Syracuse, N. Y., 1888.
Page 327-339.

Transcribed by Karima Allison ~ 2004