State of Vermont 

        On the 14th day of April 1818 before me the subscriber one of the Judges of Windsor County personally appeared Jesse Bannister of Windsor in the State of Vermont age sixty-four years and after being duly sworn regarding the law doth on his oath make the following declaration, in order to obtain the provisions of a late Act of Congress-entitled on Act to provide for certain persons engaged in the land and naval service of the United States in the revolutionary War that he the said Jesse Bannisterin the month of December 1775 enlisted as soldier in the Company of Capt Asa Danforth of the Regiment commanded by Col Ebenezer Learnard of the Massachusettsline for the term of one year served his time out faithfully and at the request of the Commander in chief stayed six weeks longer. That in the month of January 1781 he again enlisted under Capt Nathan Goodale in the Regiment Commenaded by Col Rufus Putnam for the term of three years, that he served about six months then hired a man by the name of Josiah Handshaw to take his place for the term of six months to acceptance of the Col as will appear by the furlough herewith transitted and at the end of the six months he hired said Handshaw to serve the remainder of his time to the acceptance of the Col of sd Regiment. That he is reduced in his circumstasnces and stands in need of assistance from his Country for support. That he has no other evidence in his power? of his sd ? and further declares that he now is, and has been a citizen of the United States 

Signed Elihu Luce Adj Judge of  Windsor Co State of Vermont.


29 May 1821

         Jesse Bannister of  Windsor Co aged 67 years upon oath states the following: Enlisted into the Company of Capt Peter Harwood, Col Ebenezer Larnard’s Reg.  Massachusetts line, on the 21st day of April 1775 and was discharged on the 8th day of January 1776 and on the same day enlisted into the company of Capt Asa Danforth, of the same Regiment, afterwards commanded by Col William Shepard for one year, but staid six weeks longer by request of Genl. Washington, at which time I was duly discharged. Enlisted on the 25th day of January 1781 into Capt Nathan Goodale’s Company and served one year and was duly discharged -was in the battle on the 26th Dec 1791 at Trenton in the taking of the Hessians, also at the battle of Princeton, also a volunteer in the engagement at Stillwater under Genl. Gates with Burgoyne. 

Signed 11 April 1818. 

        He has received Pension Certificate #112. Swears that he is a citizen and that he has no assets other than the following: 1/2 of a pew in Windsor West Parish Meeting House, $25.00; 1 axe $1.00 1 hoe .25 1 handsaw $2.00 1 pr scissors and nail ? .25 3.50; 2 pr specacles 1.00 1 nail handsaw .25; 1.25 Debts owing to the amount of $500 -- That I am a farmer by profession somewhat infirm from old age and not able to do much labor -- I further say that being resident for a temporary purpose in the County of Onondaga State of New York on the 2nd day of September 1821. 

        I then and there made a declaration and schedule of the property I then possessed, before the Court of Commission ? in said County, which schedule was the same as is above stated, a copy of which was duly transmitted by the said Court to the War office, but which was returned without being acted upon, as I am informed I do ? believe on the ground that my name was not upon the pension roll of said State. 

Windsor Co 

14 Oct 1853 
Windsor Co, VT 

        Appeared Louis(e) Bannister of West Windsor aged 86. That she is the widow of Jesse Banniser who was a Rev War Pensioner from the State of Vermont late of Pownal, Vermont deceased, she futher says tht her said husband the aforesaid Jesse Bannister from the best of her recollection received at rate of $96 per annum and ws paid at the Vermont Agency. She further states that she married Jesse Bannister in the year 1813; that her husband died at Pownal,VT on the 1st day of April 1833. She further declares that her name before her marriage to the said Jesse Bannister was Louis (NOTE: although I have BRUNHILL it does not look like BRUNHILL in the record). 

22 March 1855

        Appeared Louis(e) Bannister aged 88 resident of West Windor, State of Vermont. States that she was married in Woodstock,Vt.

Submitted by Julie Bright