BUELS' GORE, a triangular tract of land containing an area of about 3,000 acres, forms the southeastern corner of the county, lying in lat. 44° 13' and long. 4° 0', bounded north by Huntington, east by Fayston, in Washington Co., and south and west by Starksboro and Lincoln, in Addison Co. It was granted by Vermont, November 4., 1780, to Elias BUEL and fifty nine others, and then contained an area of 4,273 acres; but was curtailed by the legislature, October 27, 17 94, by annexing a portion of its territory to Huntington. The first settlement was made by Abel TURNER, John FITCH, and Samuel FARGO, about 1789. From that time until 1850, its population increased to eighteen, and since then has increased to twenty four.

      The Gore has never been organized as a town, has no church building, and no post office. Its residents all depend upon the adjoining towns for these matters, mostly upon Huntington; and, indeed, it might almost be said to be a portion of that town. For this reason we have put what notes we have relative to its settlement, biographies, etc., into the Huntington sketch. The "Directory" will also be found combined with that of Huntington.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of 
Chittenden County, Vt. For 1882-83
Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child
Printed At The Journal Office, Syracuse, N. Y, 
August, 1882.
Pages 93.

Transcribed by Karima Allison ~ 2004