Atwood & Sybil Williams'
deed to
Orville W. Burnap

Royalton, Windsor County, Vt ~ 1864

To be Discharged


Atwood & Sybil Williams
Orville W. Burnap

Sharon Town Clerk's Office,
October 31 - 1864.
Received for Record at 3 o'clock, P.M. and
Recorded in Book 16, page 299 of Land
               Attest, Pelatiah Metcalf
                                        Town Clerk.

Fees Paid

Mortgage Deed. 
Published by the Claremont Manufacturing Company.

Know all Men by these Presents, That We Atwood Williams and Sybil Williams  his wife of Royalton in the county of Windsor and State of Vermont, in  consideration of one thousand dollars paid to our full satisfaction by  Orville W. Burnap of Sharon in the county of Windsor and State of Vermont 

By these presents, freely give, grant, sell and convey to him and his heirs  and assigns forever, a certain piece of land Sharon county of Windsor and  State of Vermont, described as follows,viz: Being the premises on which said  Burnap now lives called the Rodman Mosher farm the same premises deeded to  said Burnap by Charles Clifford  & wife on the 9th day of September 1859 &  this day deeded to us by said Burnap & his wife to which deeds reference is  made for a more definite description

[A magenta George Washington tax stamp reads:
image of G.W.
written on the stamp is:
A. W. S. W.
Octr. 31-1864]

To have and to hold said granted premises with all the privileges and appurtenances forever.

And further, we the said Atwood Williams & Sybil Williams for ourselves and  our heirs, executors and administrators, covenant with the said Burnap his  heirs and assigns, that until the ensealing of these presents we are the  sole owners of the premises, and have good right and title to convey the  same in the manner aforesaid; that they are free from every incumbrance, and  we hereby engage to warrant and defend them, against all lawful claims  whatever. Subject to the following condition that if we the said Atwood  Williams and Sybil Williams shall well and truely pay or cause to be paid a  promisory note this day executed by ___ Jointly and severally for the sum of  One Thousand dollars payable to said Orville W. Burnap or bearer on demand  and interest Annually then this deed is to become null and void Otherwise to  be and remain in full fource and effect 

WITNESS our hand and seals this 31st day of October A.D. 1864

Pelatiah Metcalf         Atwood Williams
Fanny Metcalf            Sybil Williams

At Sharon this 31st day of October  A.D. 1864, personnally appeared Atwood Williams & Sybil Williams and acknowledged this instrument, sealed and subscribed by them to be their free act and deed.

    Before me, Pelatiah Metcalf Justice Peace

Having received my pay in full I hereby discharged all claims on the within mortgage
Lebanon N.H. Jany 29 1871

O. W. Burnap

Transcribed by 
Charlie Anderson
from the original document in his possession