There is so little known about my own Chase ~ Hatch ancestry.  Many things we can only surmise.  There are but these few pictures which my sister Pat found in the attic on the Chase farm in Randolph Center; while she was in college, so that would make it when most of us were grown. 

Our grandmother, May Hatch Chase, so young so vulnerable, yes beautiful.  Her husband dying when only thirty-four (buried on a Christmas Day in Norwich) left her with my father and aunt.  Then she died at a young age in a sanitarium "from exhaustion" in Burlington. 

Looking at the picture of my father, aunt and grandmother tears at my heart.  So alone they seem, yet there WAS Hatch family in Norwich to tend to them.  When my grandmother did die, my Great Aunt Fannie Hatch raised my father and aunt.  She was much older than May Alice; apparently not married.  They all lived in Norwich.  (Even to this day as I correspond with various folks in Norwich the name "Hatch" is revered.)  Our grandfather, Myron Chase, was not there long enough to make a "mark". 

Regardless of what they did not have; they were left with a sense of industry, thrift and educational pursuits, as that is what has been passed on down to us; the Chase "kids."  Dad, Raymond Eugene Chase, along with our mother, Mary raised the seven of us on "the farm" in Randolph Center.  Work we did!  Study we did - to pursue various educational venues and professions.  We also participated in community events.  The historians of Randolph, Wes and Miraim Herwig, remember The Chases as making up the choir in Randolph Center. 

        11 February 2002
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