Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1. Name of individual or firm. 

2. Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3. The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4. Business or occupation. 

5. A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7. Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS. Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; emp., .employee; fac. op., factory operative; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; Mfg., manufacturing; N., north; n., near; opp. opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; regt., regiment; S., south; supt., superintendent; W., west.

The word street is implied.


ADAMS CHARLES F., (South Royalton) r 11, works in saw mill. 

Adams Francis M., (Royalton) r 20 1/2, widow of Arunah. 

ADAMS FRED H., (Royalton) r 32. 

Adams Ira T., (Royalton) farmer 45. 

ADAMS MARTIN S., (South Royalton) dealer in flour, feed. meal, coal, salt, lime, also manuf. and dealer in all kinds of hard and soft lumber. 

ADAMS MARTIN S., (South Royalton) eating saloon, and dealer in canned goods, cigars and tobacco, candies, teas and coffee. 

Adams Maurice B., (Royalton) r 45, farmer 95. 

ADAMS OTIS, (Royalton) r 32, farmer 15. 

Ainsworth Frank S., (South Royalton) r 27, farm laborer.

ALFRED EDWARD, (South Royalton) carriage, ornamental and sign painter, h Railroad.

Allen Aden, (East Barnard) off r 41, farmer, leases 90.

Allen Edgar J., (East Barnard) r 42, farmer 100.

ALLEN HORACE P., (Royalton) r 32, town clerk, justice of the peace, lister, wool buyer.

Allen John G., (South Royalton) r 24, dealer in poultry, farmer 7.

ANDERSON P. AUGUSTUS, (Royalton) blacksmith, horse shoer, and carriage ironer. A native of Jankoping, Sweden.

Ashley Gardner, (South Royalton) barber.

Atherton Patience, (Royalton) widow.


BAILEY MARY M., (Royalton) r 22, widow of Joseph W., sugar orchard 500 trees, farmer 150.

Ballou Horace, (Royalton) r 32, farm laborer.

Ballou Horace C., (Bethel) r 34, farmer, works Eli Ballou estate 100.

BALLOU EDMUND C., (Royalton) r 16, dairy 12 cows, farmer 110.

Barrett Herbert, (Royalton) r 47, farmer 50.

Barrows Oscar W., (South Royalton) M. E. clergyman, h Market.

Bartlett Lavina G., (South Royalton) widow of George W.

Bartlett O. Norton, (South Royalton) r 5, dairy 10 cows, farmer 115.

Bates Heman D., (Royalton) r 23, mason, employee of Edwin Gee.

Bean Addie S., (South Royalton) dressmaker, bds Railroad.

Beedle Edwin, (South Royalton) farm laborer, h Main.

Beedle Elisha B., (South Royalton) r 13, farm laborer, h and lot.

Belding Julius C., (Bethel) r 48, farmer 100.

BELKNAP CRATON, (Royalton) r 32, agent for Vermont Farm Machine Co., breeder of Chester white hogs, and of grade Jersey cattle, dairy 20 cows, farmer 175.

Belknap J. Orlando, (South Royalton) general merchant, Market, h do.

Bement Emma G., (Royalton) r 32, widow of Silas B.

Bement Herman, (Royalton) r 32, blacksmith.

Bennett Alma H., (Royalton) r 45, resident with N. W. Sewell.

BENNETT JOSIAH G., (South Royalton) r 41, breeder of Jersey cattle, dairy 10 cows, 50 head sheep, farmer 140.

BENSON CURTIS W., (South Royalton) r 38, farmer, with William.

Benson William, (South Royalton) r 38, farmer 193.

BINGHAM HARRY A., (South Royalton) r 8, dairy 8 cows, farmer, works Bingham estate 200.

Bingham Marcia L., (South Royalton) widow of Harry, owns one third of Bingham estate.

Bigelow Dana, (Bethel) r 34, farmer 100.

Bigelow Edwin R., (Bethel) r 34, farm laborer.

Bigelow Eliphalet. (Bethel) r 34, invalid.

Bingham James G., (Bethel) r 33, dairy 10 cows, farmer, leases of William J. Davis about 150.

BISBEE ARTHUR B., (South Royalton) allo. physician and surgeon, Main, bds at South Royalton House.

Bixby Edson, (South Royalton) (Bixby & Jones) h Main.

BIXBY GEORGE . E., (South Royalton) clerk for Bixby & Jones, music teacher, h Main.

BIXBY & JONES, (South Royalton) (Edwin B. & D. C. J.) dealers in furniture, coffins, hardware, crockery, paints and oils, groceries, etc., Market.

Blake Alice Bell, (South Royalton) milliner and dressmaker, for Mrs. R. W. 

Blake Rebecca W., (South Royalton) widow of Horatio K., dealer in millinery and fancy goods.

Blanchard Prescott F., (Royalton) r 20, farmer, leases of H. Hoyt, of Randolph 90.

Blanchard Sylvester J., (South Royalton) r 41, farmer.

Blay Andrew, (Royalton) r 44, farm laborer.

BLISS CHARLES W., (Bethel) r 33, justice of peace, dairy 10 cows, sugar orchard 400 trees, farmer 150,

Bliss Dan W., (Bethel) r 33, breeder of Hambletonian and Lambert horses, owner of Ben Franklin colt "Ben Adam," farmer, with Charles W.

Bliss George N., (Bethel) r 33, farmer, with John H.

Bliss John H., (Bethel) r 33, dairy 10 cows, farmer 110.

Blossom Orrville R., (Bethel) r 49, farmer 65.

Blossom William O., (Bethel) r 49, farmer.

Bosworth David G., (South Royalton) manuf. and dealer in harness, also dealer in whips and horse furnishing goods, Market, h Main.

Bosworth Franklin, (Royalton) resident.

Bosworth Jerusha, (Royalton) widow of David.

Boutwell Charles W., (Bethel) r 33, retired weaver, and farmer 10.

Bowen Dustin, (Bethel) r 48, farmer 100.

Bowen Sarah L., (Bethel) r 53, widow of Mark.

Bowman John D., (Royalton) retired farmer.

Boyd Darwin P., (Royalton) off r 53, farmer about 100.

Bradstreet Frank W., (Royalton) r 44, dealer in horses, prop. of saw mill, farmer 40, and timber 100.

Bradstreet George W., (Royalton) r 44, wool grower 200 sheep, farmer 400. 

Braley John B., (South Royalton) r 30, speculator in Minnesota, farmer 10. 

Brooks Charles, (South Royalton) r 30, section hand on C. V. R. R.

Brooks Francis D., (Royalton) r 20, farmer 95.

Brooks Harvey H., (Royalton) r 53, farm laborer for C. F. Waldon.

BROOKS SELDEN S., (Royalton) r 20 1/2, breeder of road horses, dairy 20 caws, and farmer 343.

Brooks Susan W., (Royalton) r 20 1/2, widow of Austin.

Brown George A., (Royalton) prop. of Cascadnac House, livery connected, Main.

Brownell Alva N., (South Royalton) r 39, farm laborer.

Brownell Herbert L., (South Royalton) r 39, farm laborer.

BROWNELL SOLON E., (South Royalton) r 39, farmer 100.

Bryant Hermon, (South Royalton) laborer.

Buck James H., (South Royalton) r 24, breeder of Merino sheep, dairy 11 cows, and farmer 226.

BURBANK OREN A., (South Royalton) r 8, dealer in produce, breeder of grade Jersey cattle, sugar orchard 400 trees, dairy 16 cows, and farmer.

Burke Edwin D., (East Barnard) off r 41, farmer 90.

Button Jesse, (South Royalton) r 27, farmer 3.

Button John A., (East Bethel) r 15, farmer 150


Campbell Oscar F., (East Barnard) r 55, farm laborer.

Cascadnac House, (Royalton) G. A. Brown, prop.

Central Vermont House; (South Royalton) A. R. Pike, prop., Railroad st.

Chadwick _____, (South Royalton) r 37, farmer.

Chamberlin Caroline, (South Royalton) widow of Alden.

CHILLSON SUMNER D., (South Royalton) r 11, miller for M. S. Adams. 

Cilley W. Laurantine, (South Royalton) r 13, farmer 100. 

Clark Asahel, (Royalton) r 32, harness shop, and dealer in horse furnishing goods. 

CLARK CHESTER T., (Royalton) r 47, sugar orchard 300 trees, dairy 9 cows, and farmer 140. 

Clark Frank W., (Royalton) r 47, son of Chester T. 

Clark Priscilla W., (Royalton) widow of Silas. 

Clifford Israel, (South Royalton) r 25, farmer 37. 

Cloud Adna B., (Royalton) r 24 cor 23, farmer 130. 

Colburn Calvin, (South Royalton) r 27, farmer 10. 

Colby Jane, (Royalton) r 16, resident. 

Cole William A., (Royalton) r 6, farm laborer. 

Copeland Sarah W., (Royalton) r 32, widow of Rev. David, resident. 

Corbin Elba A., (Royalton) r 34, farmer 1 100. 

Corbin Elsie, (Royalton) r 34, resident. 

Courtney Henry W., (South Royalton) shoemaker, Market, bds Main cor Market. 

COWDERY DAVID W., (South Royalton) grand juror, justice of the peace, pres. of the Union Agricultural Society, dealer in live stock, farmer 200, h Main. 

Cowdery Fred E., (South Royalton) son of David W., Main. 

Cowdery George L., (South Royalton) r 28, dairy 5 cows, farmer 132. 

Cozzens Stephen A., (Royalton) r 32, farmer 6. 

CRANDALL R. DOUGLASS, (South Royalton) r 3, dairy 6 cows, farmer 126. 

Culver John, (South Royalton) retired tanner, aged 90, bds Main. 

Culver Martha M., (South Royalton) widow of James M., Market. 

Culver Seymour, (Royalton) carriage manuf, carpenter and joiner, farmer 2. 

Curtiss Ira, (Royalton) r 32, carpenter and joiner, farmer 12. 

Curtiss Laura, (South Royalton) r 28, widow of Oliver. 

Curtiss O. Shepard, (South Royalton) r 28, breeder of Jersey cattle, farmer 200. 


Danforth Abbie T., (Royalton) widow of Samuel P., M. D. 

Davis Edward, (East Bethel) r 15 cor 2, farmer, leases of Darwin Paul 100. 

Davis Elmer H., (Royalton) r 53, farmer, with Darwin P. Boyd. 

Davis George W., (Royalton) r 23, farmer 65. 

Davis George W., (South Royalton) r 41, farmer 175. 

DAVIS JAMES, (Bethel) r 20, retired farmer 50. 

DAVIS NORMAN C., (Royalton) r 47, farmer 162. 

Davis Oscar H., (Royalton) r 46, farmer 50. 

Davis Sally, (East Bethel) r 17, widow of Calvin. 

Davis Samuel W., (South Royalton) retired farmer, h Main. 

DAVIS THOMAS S., (South Royalton) r 39, wool grower 40 sheep, sugar orchard 300 trees, farmer 175. 

Davis William J., (Bethel) r 20, dairy 10 cows, farmer 130. 

Davis Willis G., (Royalton) r 23, farm laborer. 

DAY BENJAMIN, (South Royalton) off r 41, dairy 9 cows, wool grower 100 sheep, farmer 400. 

Day Danforth, (South Royalton) wheelwright and painter. 

DAY E. JUAN, (South Royalton) wheelwright and painter. 

Day Fred, (Royalton) r 56, sugar orchard 400 trees, farmer, leases of Benjamin Day 175.

Day Sam B., (Bethel) r 34, farmer, about 140.

Dean Charles H., (South Royalton) r 41, farm laborer.

Dean Sarah, (South Royalton) widow of Wyrnan.

DECAMP DANIEL E., (East Barnard) r 42, prop. cider mill, mechanic, and farmer 10, timber land 50.

DENISON D. C. & SON, (Royalton) (Dudley C. and Joseph D.) attorneys and counselors at law.

DENISON DUDLEY C., (Royalton) r 32, (D. C. Denison & Son) farmer 75. 

Denison Jeanette B., (Royalton.) widow of George.

DENISON JOSEPH D., (Royalton) (D. C. Denison & Son.)

Dewey Darius, (Royalton) r 36, retired farmer.

Dewey Frank V., (South Royalton) farm laborer.

Dewey Garner R., (Royalton) r 36, breeder of Morgan horses, farmer 150.

Dewey Harrison, (South Royalton) r 4, retired farmer.

Dewey Nancy, (South Royalton) r 8, resident, aged 76.

Dewey Pearl B., (Royalton.) r 36, teamster; and farmer.

Dibble William A., (Bethel) r, 53, farm laborer.

DICKERMAN GEORGIA R., (South Royalton) (Mrs. L. C.) clerk, with L. C. 

DICKERMAN L. CASS, (South Royalton) dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, ready made clothing, hats and caps, also country produce, Market, h do.

Dike Samuel W. Rev., (Royalton) cor. sec'y of New England divorce reform league.

DODGE CHESTER, (South Royalton) r 6, sugar orchard 500 trees, farmer 175.

Dodge Constant S., (South Royalton) r 27, farmer 70, pasture 50.

DODGE DENNISON D., (South Royalton) r 12, farmer 165.

Dodge Ellen A., (South Royalton) r 28, widow of Hiram S.

Dodge George E., (South Royalton) r 28, telegraph operator.

Doubleday Erwin A., (South Royalton) r 8, wool grower r 90 sheep, farmer 300.

Doubleday Frank H., (South Royalton) r 32, bridge work on Railroad.

Doubleday Henry M., (South Royalton) dealer in lumber, bark, etc., h Main. 

Doubleday Silas H., (South Royalton) r 8, retired farmer, h Main cor Railroad.

DOW LEWIS B., (Royalton) r 43, sugar orchard 350 trees, farmer 300.

Doyle Albert C., (Royalton) r 44, farmer 150.

DOYLE CHARLES F., (South Royalton) r 9, works for Charles West.

Doyle Elmore B., (South Royalton) r 11, works for M. S. Adams.

DOYLE JAMES, (South Royalton) r 9, sheep 80 head, farmer 104, in Sharon 60.

Drew S. Clement, (South Royalton) r 8, dairy 12 cows, sugar orchard 400 trees, farmer 150.

Drew Sara F., (South Royalton) r 8, widow of Ezekiel.

Dubee Peter, (Bethel) off r 34, laborer.

Dunham Harrison, r 52, dealer in live stock, farmer 100.

DUPUIS FABIEN, (Royalton) r 46, sugar orchard 300 trees, and farmer 85; served in Co. G, 8th Reg. Vt. Vols.

Dupuis Margaret, (Royalton) r 46, widow of Francis.

Durkee Seymour, (South Royalton) harness maker, dealer in whips, blankets, robes, etc., h Main.

Durkee John B., (South Royalton) (successor to Winslow & Durkee,) dealer in heavy and shelf hardware, agricultural implements, grain, seed and flour, Market, h Main.

DUTTON DAVID H., (Royalton) r 17, sugar orchard 300 trees, dairy to cows, and farmer 100.

Dutton Henry W. (Royalton) r 17, overseer of poor, justice of peace, and farmer, with David H.

Dyke Eli C., (East Barnard) r 42, farm laborer.


Eastman Willard V., (South Royalton) shoemaker, h Main.

Ellis George, (Royalton) r 20 1/2, breeder of Jersey cattle, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 120.

Elks Marcia, (Royalton) r 20 1/2, widow of Enoch.

Emery Myron, (Royalton) r 45 cor 56, farm laborer.

Emery Perkins, (Royalton) hostler at South Royalton House.


Faneuf Dostef, (South Royalton) r 37 n 29, blacksmith, and farmer.

Faneuf Dostef, Jr., (South Royalton) blacksmith.

Faneuf Eugene, (South Royalton) r 11. works for M. S. Adams

Fargo William, (Royalton) r 35, carpenter, and farm laborer.

FARNHAM HIBBARD J., (South Royalton) r 7, sugar orchard 300 trees, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 135.

Farnham Laura A., (South Royalton) widow of Milo.

Farnham William A., (Royalton) r 22, farmer, owns half of 400.

FAY CHARLES, (Royalton) r 33, breeder of grade Durham cattle, and farmer 150.

Fee John, (South Royalton) r 13, retired farmer.

Fee Robert, (South Royalton) r 13, farmer 100.

Flanders David N., (South Royalton) carpenter and builder, Main.

Flint Benjamin, (South Royalton) r 28, farmer 67.

Flint Jonas A., (South Royalton) butcher, laborer and farmer 2.

Flint Otis H., (South Royalton) laborer.

Folsom Gilman, (South Royalton) retired farmer, h Main.

Foster Edward, (South Royalton) clerk for M. S. Adams, Main.

Foster Triphene D., (South Royalton) widow of Orison, Main.

FOWLER MARIA C., (East Bethel) r 17, widow of Alonzo, sugar orchard 350 trees, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 200.

French Clark C., (South Royalton) retired farmer, Market.


Gage Harry, (East Bethel) r 1, farmer 100.

Gage Henry F., (East Bethel) r 1, farmer, with Harry.

Galliger Mike, (South Royalton) section hand.

Gallup William W., (South Royalton) farmer 6, Market.

Gardner Alonzo, (South Royalton) laborer.

Gardner John, (South Royalton) laborer.

Gardner Sylvia, (South Royalton) widow of Enos.

Gee Edwin, (Royalton) r 23, retired farmer 58.

Gee Waldo, (Bethel) r 52, farm laborer.

George Reuben, (Royalton) farm laborer.

GIFFORD HENRY T., (Royalton) r 32, dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, flour and feed, etc., breeder of pure Chester hogs, sheep 200 head, farmer 200.

Gilchrist William T., (Bethel) r 49, farmer 100. Served in Co. F, 12th Vt. Regt.

Godfrey Chloe, (South Royalton) r 28, widow of Sewell.

Goff Aurelia, (South Royalton) r 38, widow of Phineas H.

Goff Calvin P., (South Royalton) r 38, prop. mill, lumberman, and farmer 160.

Goff Charles F., (South Royalton) r 41, farm laborer.

GOFF HARRY B., (South Royalton) r 41, farmer 30, and wood land 30.

Goff William, (South Royalton) r 28, farmer 68. 

Goss John, (Royalton) off r 44, farm laborer. 

Gould James, (East Bethel) r 17, farmer, leases of Sally Davis 160. 

GOUR GEORGE, (Royalton) r 32, farm laborer. 

Green Edward, (Royalton) r 32, farm laborer. 

Greene Fayette G., (East Bethel) r 14, farmer 100. 

Griffin Tames, (South Royalton) r 13, farmer. 

Griffith R. Smith M., (South Royalton) r 8, farmer, with F. M. Manley. 


Hackett Charlotte W., (South Royalton) resident, h Main. 

Hackett Phebe F., (South Royalton) widow of Eli S., resident, h Main. 

Hagin Jeanette, (South Royalton) widow of John. 

Hall Martha W., (South Royalton) widow of Merrill M. 

Hartwell Charles F., (Royalton) r 32, farm laborer. 

Hartwell Silas F., (Royalton) r 32; laborer. 

Harvey Amelia, (Royalton) r 37, widow of William, farmer 50. 

Harvey Alice R., (Royalton) r 37, teacher of instrumental and vocal music. 

Harvey George H., (Royalton) r 57, teacher of vocal music, dairy 12 cows, farmer 200. 

Harvey Mary L., (Royalton) r 37, daughter of George H. 

Harvey William F., (Royalton) r 37, physician and surgeon, invalid. 

Haynes Charles H., (South Royalton) r 32, dairy 9 cows, farmer 130. 

Haynes George, (South Royalton) r 26, breeder of grade Jersey cattle, dairy 8 cows, sugar orchard 300 trees, farmer 230. 

HAYNES JOSEPH H., (South Royalton) station agent for C. V. R. R., manager of W. U. Tel. Co., U. S. & C. Ex. Co., and ticket agent, also breeder of fancy fowls and pigeons, Main. 

HAYNES STILMAN G., (South Royalton) r 26, farmer, with George. 

Hayward George, (South Royalton) r 32, dealer in sheep and poultry. 

Hayward Jane, (South Royalton) r 32, widow of George. 

HAZEN GEORGE T., (Royalton) station agent C. V. R. R., agent for the U. S. & C. Ex. Co., Western Union telegraph operator. 

Henry George A., (Royalton) r 56, farmer. 

Hewitt John H., (South Royalton) furniture and hardware dealer, Market, h Main. 

Hickey Dennis, (Bethel) r 52, farmer 100. 

HINKLEY JAMES M., (Royalton) r 21, dairy 7 cows, farmer, leases of town 195, owns 86. 

Holmes Paschal A., (East Barnard) r 55, farmer 65. 

Holt Edward M., (South Royalton) dentist, office Market st, bds Main. 

Holt Loren E., (Royalton) r 20 1/2, grafter, farmer, with Marcus. 

Holt Marcus, (Royalton) r 202, farmer 85. 

Honey Lorenzo P., (South Royalton) r 11, farmer. 

Horton Zenas, (East Barnard) r 42, old resident, born in 1802, came to Pomfret in 1816. 

HOUSE CLAYTON P., (Royalton) allo. physician and surgeon. 

Howard Adaline H., (South Royalton) r 28, resident. 

Howard Elisha, (Royalton) r 56 cor 45, retired farmer 250. 

Howard H. Emmons, (South Royalton) r 28, dairy 11 cows, sugar orchard 500 trees, farmer 175. 

HOWARD SILAS W., (Royalton) r 45 cor 56, dairy 10 cows, farmer, with Elisha. 

Howe Phebe L., (East Bethel) r 15, widow of George R. 

Howland Nathan D., (South Royalton) r 41, (Howland & Yeaton) farmer 14.

Howland & Yeaton, (South Royalton) (Nathan D. H. and Richard Y.) manuf. of shoe shaves, croquet sets, wood tuners, manuf. of lumber.

Hoyt Jane, (South Royalton) Widow of Dr. Hoyt.

Hunter Horace G., (Royalton) r 22, farm laborer.


INGRAHAM SILAS, (Royalton) r 31, sheep 120 head, farmer 140.


Jackson Mary M., (Bethel) r 49, widow of William, owns farm 95.

Joiner Charles W., Royalton) r 37, farmer, with Franklin.

JOINER FRANKLIN, (Royalton) r 37, dairy 8 cows, and farmer 136.

JONES CHARLES H., (Royalton) off r 43, runs wood saw and thresher, farmer 100.

JONES DANIEL C., (South Royalton) (Bixby & Jones,) deputy sheriff, constable, collector, and prop. of livery stable, Main.

Jones Seth, (Royalton) r 56, farmer, leases of George Bradstreet about 100.


KENDALL SUMNER, (Royalton) has worked for C. V. R. R. Co. twenty-seven years, and farmer 47.

KENNEY ASA W., (Royalton) cashier of National Bank of Royalton, Main.

Kent Martha, (Royalton) r 34, widow of Elijah.

Kenworthy Elsie M., (South Tunbridge, Orange Co.) r 5, teacher.

Kenworthy James B., (South Tunbridge Orange Co.) r 5, retired mechanic, and farmer 116. 

King Ellen N., (South Royalton) dressmaker, widow of Wm., h Market.


LAMB AMOS H., (South Royalton) manuf. of tin, copper, sheet iron ware, wooden ware, and dealer in guns anal ammunition, h Railroad st.

Lamb Charles M., (South Royalton) (Lamb & Tarbell,) h Main.

LAMB S; TARBELL, (South Royalton) (Charles M. L. and Charles P. T.) agents for Windsor County, Vermont Mutual Fire Insurance Co., and attorneys and counselors at law, Market.

Lane Julius, (Bethel) r 34, breeder of Hambletonian horses, dairy 6 cows, and farmer 75.

Lashure Dewitt, (South Royalton) r 7, farmer 125.

Latham Alden C., (South Royalton) r 10, farmer 50, and leases of Mrs. E. S. Foster 40.

LATHAM BENJAMIN C., (South Royalton) r 8, breeder of pure blood Jersey cattle, dairy 18 cows, and farmer 250.

Latham Sally, (South Royalton) r 10, widow of Alsup.

Lathrop Clark, (South Royalton) painter anal paper hanger, owns h and lot, h Main.

Leavitt Forrest, (South Royalton) homeo. physician and surgeon, office in residence, Main.

Lee Laura, (South Royalton) r 13, widow of Harvey.

LEONARD EMILY D., (South Royalton) r 28, widow of William, resident.

Leonard George W., Jr., (South Royalton) clerk for H. H. Whitcomb & Son, also jeweler, h Main cor Market.

Lewis Amanda, (Bethel) off r 34, farmer 60.

Lincoln Laura, (Royalton) r 32, resident.

Loomis Elverton W., (South Royalton) r 5, farmer 65; served in 2d Vermont Vols., and lost an arm at Savage Station, June 26, 1862.

Loomis Eleazer B., (South Royalton) r 5, retired farmer.

LOVEJOY CHARLES D., (South Royalton) r 39, breeder of grade Merino sheep, sugar orchard 300 trees, and farmer 225.

Luce Aurin, (Royalton) off r 44, farmer 225.

Luce Charles H., (Royalton) r 56, farmer 150.

Luce Nelson, (Royalton) r 56, retired farmer.

Luther William, (South Royalton) r 10, farm laborer.

Lyman Abigail W., (Royalton) r 35, widow of Jabez.

LYMAN ANNETTE W., (Royalton) widow of Robert F.

LYMAN CHARLES A., (Royalton) r 35, prop. saw mill, carpenter and builder, and farmer 65.

LYMAN DAVID S., (Royalton) r 20, dairy 6 cows, farmer 100.

Lyman Frank, (South Royalton) carpenter and joiner, foreman of shop for M. S. Adams, h Main.


Maginness Peter, (Royalton) r 32, farmer, leases of Patrick S. 60.

MANCHESTER GEORGE H., (South Royalton) dealer in hardware, and glass, doors, sash, and blinds, light machine repairing, Market, h Main, cor Railroad.

Manchester John, (South Royalton) retired physician, aged 79, h Main.

Manly Fred M., (South Royalton) r 8, farmer, leases of Lyman E. Rays, about 140.

MARTIN WILLIAM H., (South Royalton) dealer in dry goods, readymade clothing, hats and caps, boots and shoes, and gent's furnishing goods, Market, h Main.

McCullough Israel, (Bethel) r 48, farmer, with James.

McCullough James, (Bethel) r 48, farmer, about 200.

McIntosh Lisle D., (South Royalton) farm laborer.

McIntosh Wilbur F., (South Royalton) r 11, sawyer for M. S. Adams.

McMaster Caroline T.,(South Royalton)widow of Samuel, resident, h Railroad.

McQuade Abraham, (South Royalton) r 13, farmer.

Metcalf Amanda J., (East Barnard) r 42, widow of Christopher C.

Metcalf John W., (South Royalton) r 3, farmer 80.

Metcalf Mark G., (South Royalton) r 3, farmer 90.

Miller Calista A., (East Barnard) r 42, widow of Carlos, farmer with Jennie M., 80.

Miller James, (South Royalton) r 11, farmer, leases of Daniel Dodge 165.

Miller Jennie M., (East Barnard) r 42, school teacher.

Miller John M., (East Barnard) r 42, farmer, for Calista A.

Miller Spencer, (Royalton) r 44, farmer 20,

MILLS FRANK G., (South Royalton) allo. physician and surgeon, office on Market st.

Mills Ruel P., (Royalton) r 20, works in saw mill.

Moore Elmer E., (South Royalton) school teacher, Main.

Moore Hannah, (South Royalton) widow of David, Main.

Morse Henry E., (South Royalton) r 13, farmer 60.

Morse Jane B., (Royalton) widow of James E.

Morse John W., (South Royalton) carpenter and joiner.

Morse Jonathan, (South Royalton) retired machinist, h Main.

Morse Thomas P., (South Royalton) carpenter and joiner, h Railroad.

Moulton Frank C., (South Royalton) r 4, farmer 60.

Moulton William S., (South Royalton) r 25, farm laborer.

Moxley Mary E., (South Royalton) widow of Azro G., h and lot.

Moxley Seth, (South Royalton) r 7, sugar orchard 400 trees, farmer 90.

MOXLEY SETH, 2d, (East Bethel) r 15, farmer 120.


Nelson Laura A., (Bethel) r 33, widow of John B., dressmaker.

NELSON STEPHEN S., (Bethel) r 33, teamster, breeder of grade Jersey and Durham cattle, dairy 8 cows, farmer 140.

Northrup Isaac, (South Royalton) mason, and farmer 5.

Noyes J. Solon, (South Royalton) r 27 cor 26, peddler of fancy goods.

Noyes Selden, (South Royalton) works at Central Vermont House, bds do. 


O'Grady James, (Royalton) boot and shoemaker. 

Osgood Elisha, (South Royalton) r 30, farmer 25. 

Osgood George, (South Royalton) r 30, section hand on C. V. R. R. 

Osgood Willie H., (Royalton) section hand on C. V. R. R. 


Parker Alice S., (Royalton) widow of Newman, resident. 

Parker Charles N., (Royalton) postmaster, general merchant. 

PARKER GEORGE. (Bethel) r 53, dairy 9 cows, farmer 135. 

Parkhurst Daniel, (South Royalton) r 41, dyer. 

Parkhurst Edgar S., (South Royalton) ornamental, house and sign painter, upholsterer, agent for organs and sewing machines, bds Central Vermont House. 

Parkhurst William, (Royalton) r 44, farmer, with G. W. Bradstreet. 

Patten Charles, (South Royalton) works in M. S. Adams' mill. 

Pearse Franklin, (South Royalton) r 6, farm laborer. 

Peck Lucy, (South Royalton', widow of Willard, farmer, in N. Y. 50. 

Peirce Susan H., (Royalton) r 22, widow of Edwin, aged 77. 

Peirce William, (Royalton) retired tanner and currier. 

Perrin Asa, (Royalton) r 14, farmer 371. 

Perrin Ira, (Royalton) r 14, farmer 77. 

Peterson William, (South Royalton) cripple. 

PHELPS JOEL N., (South Royalton) r 13, farmer r 110. 

Pierce Ebenezer F., (Royalton) r 3 r, painter and paper hanger. 

Pierce Elbridge, (South Royalton) laborer. 

Pierce Elbridge I., (Royalton) r 46, farm laborer. 

PIERCE HENRY, (Royalton) r 45, sheep 70 head, farmer 100. 

Pierce Phineas D., (South Royalton) r 24 cor 11, dairy 10 cows, farmer 250. 

Pike James, (South Royalton) carriage ironer and jobbing blacksmith, Main h do. 

Pike Adna R., (South Royalton) prop. of Central Vermont House. 

PINNEY FORDYCE, (Bethel) r 34, stone mason, and farm 200, in Bethel 95.

PORTER ALONZO C., (South Royalton) r 11, mechanic and laborer. 

Preston Nathan G., (South Royalton) r 4, farmer 100.

Prindle Thomas C., (South Royalton) old resident, h Main. 

Pryce Peter, (South Royalton) section hand. 


RAY SARAH G., (Royalton) r 56, widow of Caleb, farmer 95. 

Reynolds Alva M., (Royalton) retired railroad contractor. 

Reynolds Edgar F., (South Royalton) farmer 12, h Railroad. 

Reynolds Harvey, (South Royalton) r 26, farmer 150. 

Reynolds James A., (South Royalton) r 28, farmer, about 75. 

Reynolds J. Warner, (South Royalton) farmer, in Tunbridge 75, h Railroad. 

Reynolds Ransom, (South Royalton) r 5, farmer 100.

Rice Mandana R., South Royalton) r 7, widow of James. 

RIX EDWARD, (Royalton) r 32, dairy 10 cows, and farmer, owns one half of 160. 

RIX WILLIAM, (Royalton) retired merchant, from Mobile, Ala., and farmer 150. 

Robinson Lucius E., (South Royalton) r 4, farmer, with Wm. Waterman. 

Robinson Sam B. D., (Bethel) r 34, dealer in stock. 

Rogers Riley, (Royalton) r 32, section hand C. V. R. R. 

ROOT JOHN T., (South Royalton) r 10, carpenter, wheelwright, and farmer 140. 

Root Stephen E., (South Royalton) retired farmer.

ROSS FREEMAN, (South Royalton) carpenter, manuf. of sash and doors. 

Ross Henry M., (South Royalton) teamster.

Royce Alice C., (South Royalton) r 38, widow of Amasa B., owns farm about 75

Royce Horace, (South Royalton) r 38, farmer.

Russ George, (Royalton) r 23, farm laborer.

Russ Ira M., (Royalton) r 22, retired farmer, owns half of 400.

Russ Jeremiah, (Royalton) r 22, dairy 6 cows, and farmer 100.

Russ Hiel, (Royalton) r 23, farmer 51.

Russ Orrin, (South Royalton) r 13, farmer, leases of D. C. Stearns 175.

Russ Stephen, (Royalton) r 23, farm laborer.

Russ William, (.Royalton) r 23, farm laborer.


Sampson William H., (South Royalton) clerk for D. Tarbell, h Railroad st. 

SANJ30RN CHESTER, (South Royalton) prop. livery stable, and farmer 150, Main con Market. (Died June 12, 1883.)

Sanborn Louisa P., (South Royalton) widow of Chester, h Main con Market. 

Sargent Albert, (South Royalton) r 11, teamster for M. S. Adams.

Sargent Mark J., (South Royalton) druggist, and sewing machine agent, Market, bds South Royalton House.

Sargent Mark J. Mrs., (South Royalton) dealer in ladies' fancy goods, bds South Royalton House.

SARGENT W. H., (South Royalton) blacksmith, and butcher, dealer in fresh meat, fish, and groceries, Market, h do.

Scott Hiram A., (South Royalton) jeweler, Market st, bds South Royalton House.

Scribner Prentice S., (South Royalton) r 11, works for M. S. Adams.

SEWALL NORMAN W., (Royalton) r 45, farmer, leases of P. G. Sewall 150. 

SEWALL PHILIP G., (Royalton) r 35, sugar orchard 300 trees, dairy cows, farmer r 120, and 175 occupied by N. W. Sewall.

Sharp Jack, (South Royalton) laborer.

Shattuck George, (Royalton) farm laborer.

Show Henry, (South Royalton) laborer.

Shepard I. Stephen, (South Royalton) retired farmer, h Main.

Shepard John F., (South Royalton) r 27, prop. of saw mill, farmer 140.

Shirlock Frank, (South Royalton) r 9, farm laborer.

Shirlock James M., (South Royalton) r 9, farmer, with William.

Shirlock John, (South Royalton) r 28, laborer, and farmer 11.

Shirlock Martha Jane, (South Royalton) laundress.

SHIRLOCK WILLIAM, (South Royalton) r 9, woolgrower 56 sheep, farmer130.

Simmons Stephen, (Royalton) old resident.

Simonds Henry, (Royalton) r 56, laborer, and farmer, leases of Sarah Ray 95. 

SKINNER ANSON P., (South Royalton) dealer in live stock, meat, fish, oysters, groceries, provisions, confectionary and cigars, Market.

SKINNER MARTIN T., (Royalton) r 24, dairy 17 cows, breeder of grade Merino sheep, farmer 250

Skinner William, (Royalton) dealer in lumber, bark, wool and hops, farmer 400.

Slack Charles W., (South Royalton) r 5, owns thresher and wood saw, farmer 100.

Slack George M., (East Bethel) r 17, farmer for M. C. Fowler.

Slack Heman, (Royalton.) r 16, farmer, with John W.

Slack John A., (South Royalton) r 12, wool grower 100 sheep, farmer 100.

Slack John W., (South Royalton) r 13, carpenter and joiner.

Slack John W., (Royalton) r 16, farmer 100.

Sleeper Maria, (South Royalton) widow of Samuel.

Smith Edson D., (South Royalton) r 31, carpenter on bridge work for C. V. R. R.

Smith Edwin F., (South Royalton) clerk for J. O. Belknap, h Railroad.

Smith George L., (Royalton) r 40, farm laborer.

Smith Joshua, (Royalton) painter and farmer, h Main.

Smith William C., (South Royalton) r 30, farmer 60.

Smith William D., (Royalton) Cong. clergyman, bds at South Royalton House.

Snow Sylvester, (South Royalton) r 41, farmer about 80.

Snow Sylvester M., (East Barnard) r 41, breeder of grade Merino sheep, farmer 93, in Sharon 160.

Soper William V., (South Royalton) agent for H. C. Soper, marble cutter, Market cor Main, h Railroad.

Southgate Charles C., (South Royalton) postmaster, and custom tailor, Market, h do.

Southgate Charles T., (South Royalton) telegraph operator, bds Market.

Southworth Charles C., (South Royalton) r 8, retired hotel keeper.

Spaulding Frank. (Royalton) off r 46, farmer, with John.

SPAULDING IRA B., (South Royalton) r 38, owner of cider mill, carpenter and joiner, farmer 1.

Spaulding John, (Royalton) off r 56, farmer about 100.

Spaulding Lucinda, (South Royalton) r 38, widow of Azael.

Spaulding Reuben C., (South Royalton) r 38, retired farmer 20.

STEARNS DAVID C., (Royalton) r 52, breeder of Merino sheep, dairy 7 cows, farmer 175.

Stiles Frank H., (Bethel) r 49, owns thresher and wood saw, farmer 100.

Stoughton Eliza A., (Royalton) r 32, widow of Horace E.

STOUGHTON OSCAR N., (Royalton) r 21, prop. of grist, saw, cider and shingle mill, agent in Royalton for the Pacific Guano Co., farmer 40.

Stoughton Polly G., (Royalton) r 32, widow of Richard M.

Stoughton Spencer H., (South Royalton) r 5, mason and laborer.

STOUGHTON WILLIAM P., (.South Royalton) r 5, brick mason, and farmer 38.

Swanson Benjamin, (Royalton) r 32, section hand on C. V. R. R.


Talbert Lewis D., (Royalton) r 44, dairy 10 cows, farmer 187.

TARBELL CHARLES P., (South Royalton) (Lamb & Tarbell) owns 110 acres in Royalton, and in Braintree 17.

Tarbell Daniel, (South Royalton and East Granville, Addison Co.) prop. of flour and feed store, and dealer in general merchandise, also manuf. and dealer in lumber and wood, Railroad st., home in Granville.

Tarbell Levi J., (South Royalton) r 28, farm laborer.

Tenney Chauncev, (South Royalton) r 25, stone cutter, farmer 30.

Tenney George, (South Royalton) r 13, farm laborer.

Tenney Horace C., (South Royalton) farm laborer.

Tenney Lorenzo P., (South Royalton) r 30, farmer, leases of John Braley 10.

Thacher Edwin A., (Royalton) r 35, school teacher, and farmer 12.

THAYER JACKSON O., (South Royalton) r 26, stone mason, farmer 65.

Thomas Philip V., (South Royalton) r 41, carpenter and joiner.

Thornton Thomas J., (Royalton) r 46, farm laborer.

TOLLS DAVID, (Bethel) r 34, dairy 10 cows, farmer 175.

TOWER LYMAN C., (South Royalton) r 28, dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, crockery, country produce, dealer in live stock, dairy 7 cows, farmer 100, Market, h Main.

Tucker William J., (Royalton) r 45, breeder of Morgan and English horses, farmer 90.

Tuller Myron, (South Royalton) r 4, laborer.

Turner C. Guy, (Royalton) blacksmith, bds at South Royalton House.

Tuttle Eli, (Royalton) r 45, retired farmer, in Tunbridge 200, aged 82.


Vandell Lewis A., (Royalton) r 32, farm laborer.

Vesper Nicholas, (Royalton) r 34, farmer 90.

VESPER THOMAS, (Royalton) r 46, farmer 110, and half interest in 130 woodland.

VESPER WILLIAM, (Royalton) r 47, farmer 115, and one half of 200.

Viall Asa. B., (South Royalton) r 5, retired farmer, aged 78.

Viall Charles P., (South Royalton) poultry dealer and farmer 10.


WALDO CHARLES F., (Bethel) r 53, cor 52, prop. cider mill, dairy 12 cows, hop grower 1,700 hills, breeder of grade sheep, farmer 225.

WALDO JOSEPH W., (Royalton) off r 46, dairy 5 cows, farmer 110.

Waldo Joseph W., 2d, (Royalton) r 47, 1st selectman wool grower 80 sheep, lumberman and farmer over 150.

Waldo Pamela, (Royalton) r 47, widow Ralph resident aged 74

Waldo Truman R., (Royalton) r 46, farmer 40.

Wallace Edward W., (South Royalton) farm laborer.

Wallace Hannah B., (South Royalton) widow of Richard, h Main.

Ward George W., (South Royalton) r 5, dairy 10 cows, farmer 120.

WATERMAN A. C. MRS., (South Royalton) dealer in millinery, fancy and ladies' furnishing goods, also dressmaker, Market.

Waterman George, (South Royalton) carpenter and joiner, h Market.

WATERMAN JAMES H., (South Royalton) r 4, teamster and farmer with William, and in Barnard 120.

Waterman Sarah, (South Royalton) resident, aged 90.

Waterman William, (South Royalton) r 4, farmer 194.

Watts Henry, (South Royalton) r 28, farm laborer.

Watts William, (South Royalton) r 28, farm laborer.

Weeden Frank H., (Royalton) farm laborer.

West Charles, (South Royalton) r 27, (G. & .C. West) lister.

West George, (South Royalton) r 27, (G. & C. West.)

West G. & C., (South Royalton) r 27, (George and Charles West) dairy 20 cows, flock 100 sheep, farmers 160, in Sharon 240.

Wheat George I., (Bethel) r 49, farmer 200.

WHEELER JAMES D., (Bethel) r 33, breeder of Hambletonian horses, dairy 10 cows, farmer 105.

Wheelock Elmira, (Royalton) r 32, widow of David, resident.

Whitcomb Henry H., (South Royalton) (H. H. Whitcomb & Son) allo. physician and surgeon, h Main, cor Market.

WHITCOMB H. H. & SON, (South Royalton) (Henry H. Jr.) dealers in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, drugs and medicines, jewelry and confectionery, Market.

WHITCOMB HENRY H. JR., (South Royalton) (H. H. Whitcomb & Son) h Main, cor Market.

Whitcomb John, (Bethel) r 34, retired farmer.

Whitney Fred G., (Royalton) r 37, cor 44, farm laborer.

Whitney Henry, (Royalton) r 44, retired carpenter.

Whitney Sabine, (East Bethel) r 2, farmer 50.

Wild Elisha, (Royalton) r  , retired farmer 130.

Wild John, (Royalton) r 34, dairy r 2 cows, farmer 340.

Wild John, Jr., (Royalton) r 34, farmer for Elisha Wild.

Williams Herbert A., (South Royalton) r 28, farmer, with James.

Williams James, (South Royalton) r 28, farmer 100.

Wills Ezra, (South Royalton) carpenter, Main.

WILLS RICHARD, (South Royalton) retired farmer, owns h and lot, Main. 

WILSON CALEB S., (South Royalton) retired shoemaker, h Main.

Wilson Calvin P., (East Barnard) r 42, sugar orchard 250 trees, and farmer 125.

WINSLOW EBENEZER, (South Royalton) retired merchant, been in business at South Royalton thirty one years, bds South Royalton House.

Wood Charles B., (South Royalton) r 13, breeder of Merino sheep, 70 head, sugar orchard 350 trees, and farmer 100.

WOODARD ARUNAH K., (South Royalton) r 6, sugar orchard 500 trees, and farmer 339

Woodard Axia, (South Royalton) widow of Daniel, h Railroad st. 

WOODARD CHARLES H., (South Royalton) prop. of Woodard's' South Royalton House, and livery stable.

Woodard Kendrick C., (South Royalton) r 11, r, farmer, leases of Arunah Woodard 75.

WOODARD'S SOUTH ROYALTON HOUSE, (South Royalton) Chas. H. Woodard, proprietor.

Woodward John W., (South Royalton) house painter, harness maker, and farmer 67.

Woodworth Andrew J., (Royalton) r 32, carpenter, joiner, and farmer 13.

WOODWORTH CHARLES, (Royalton) r 18, breeder of choice young cattle, Bronze turkeys, and farmer 100.

Woodworth Elizabeth, (South Royalton) widow of Lyman, h Main.

Wynn Thomas, (South Royalton) foreman on section.


Yauvey Stephen, (Royalton) shoemaker.

Yeaton Richard, (South Royalton) r 38, (Howland & Yeaton,) farmer 8.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of 
Windsor County, Vt. For 1883-84 
Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child 
Printed At The Journal Office, Syracuse, N. Y, 1884. 
Pages 465-479. 

Transcribed by Karima Allison ~ 2006