Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1. Name of individual or firm. 

2. Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3. The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4. Business or occupation. 

5. A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7. Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS. Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; emp., .employee; fac. op., factory operative; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; Mfg., manufacturing; N., north; n., near; opp. opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; regt., regiment; S., south; supt., superintendent; W., west.

The word street is implied.



TRUSTEES ~ G. W. Billings, C. H. Howard, D. R. Sargent. 
CLERK ~ J. R. Spafford. 
TREASURER ~ A. H. Lockwood.


Adams Amasa, farmer 45, h Main.

Adams Edgar E., weaver, h Pettigrew.

Adams Henry retired farmer, h Main.

Adams Lowell P., speculator, and farmer 240, h Pond.

Agan Amanda, widow of John, boarding house, Main.

*ALLIS E. G., editor and publisher Vermont Tribune, Main. [Card on page 332.]

Allis Stella H. Miss, compositor, bds High.

Amlaw Louis, laborer, h Pond.

Amlaw Louis, Jr., laborer.

Amsden George W., dental student, bds Main.

Armington George E., salesman for Charles Raymond, h Pleasant.

Ashley Charles, laborer, h Andover.

Atherton Alvin L., agent Household sewing machine, Gordon block, Main h do.

Atherton Henry B., lawyer in Nashna, N. H., summer residence, Main.

Atwood William, newspaper and periodical agent, h Pleasant cor Depot.

Atwood William L., weaver, h Depot cor Pleasant.

Aylward James, laborer, h Depot.


Bailey Julia A., widow of Ira, h Main.

Baldwin Jefferson, shoemaker, and repairer, Main h North Hill.

*BALL WILLIAM D., dealer in hardware, iron, steel, paints, oils, belting, agricultural implements, fertilizers, etc., Depot, h Andover. [Card on page 356.]

Ballard Daniel W., employee Ludlow Toy Manuf. Co., h High.

Ballard Minerva, widow of Darwin E., h Main.

BARNEY DUANE C., manufacturer of marble and granite head stones and monuments and marble mantels, Andover, h Elm.

Barrett John, dealer in groceries, crockery, hardware, tinware, glassware, woodenware, wall paper, fruits and confectionery, etc. Main cor Depot, h Pond.

Barrett Levi, retired farmer 10, h Pond.

BARRETT WILLIAM J., manuf. and dealer in hulled corn, Pond, h do.

Barton Almira, widow of Rufus N., h head of Barton.

Barton Ira, shoemaker, h Main.

Bell John, spinner, h off Plymouth. 

Bellows Orin E., overseer of fulling department Ludlow woolen mills, bds Pleasant. 

Bidgood Emery, miller, h Pettigrew. 

Billings George W., village trustee, retired farmer 20, h Elm and Main. 

Billings Madeline Miss, h Main. 

BIXBY AMOS S., physician and surgeon, and dentist, Depot, h do. 

Bixby Calvin, farmer 375, h off Plymouth. 

BIXBY MARY A. Miss, photographer, Depot, bds do. 

BIXBY WENTWORTH M., jeweler, Depot, bds do. 

Black Daniel, laborer, h Andover. 

BLACK RIVER ACADEMY, J. Pickard, principal, High st. 

Blakeley Joshua H., manager of Boston clothing house, bds Pleasant. 

Boardman Harland S., homeopathic physician and surgeon, Main, h do. 

BOSTON CLOTHING COMPANY, Thompson Bros., (M. W., of Boston, and W. H.) 

Bowers E. Forrest, clerk for J, A. Dennett, bds Ludlow House. 

Boynton Eliza Mrs., domestic, owns house and lot, Andover. 

Boynton Eliza W. Miss, town agent for sale of liquors, and boarding house keeper. 

BOYNTON EZRA M., resident, Andover. 

Boynton Nathan, employee at woolen mill, bds Andover. 

Bradley John B., employee at woolen mill, h Main. 

Bridge George S., dealer in groceries and confectionery, tobacco, cigars, etc., Main, h Pleasant. 

Brinn John, laborer, h Pond. 

Brinn Victor, marble cutter, h Main. 

Brown Allen J., dealer in groceries, provisions, flour, feed, grain, etc., Main cor Depot, h Pettigrew. 

Buck John G., wool sorter in Ludlow woolen mills, h Andover. 

Buckley William, wool sorter, h Depot. 

Buckley William M., law student, and clerk, bds Depot. 

Buckmaster Mary A. Miss, h Main. 

Buzzell Lawson E., teamster, h Depot. 


Chapman Charles P., carpenter and joiner, h Pond. 

Chase Albert A., carpenter and joiner, h Elm cor Pleasant. 

Chase G. Herbert, house painter, bds Elm cor Pleasant. 

CHASE MOSES R., dentist, Hammond block, Main, h do. 

Child Jonathan B., pastor of First Baptist church, Astor Place. 

Clark Orlando, agent, resident, h Main. 

Coffin Lizzie, widow of Levi, employee of Ludlow woolen mills, h North Hill. 

Cole Silas, paper hanger, painter, and farmer 3 1/2, h Pond. 

Comptois David, baker, h Andover. 

Connor Daniel, weaver, h Andover st. 

Connor John, employee of Ludlow woolen mills, Plymouth cor Barton. 

Connor Thomas, seam cutter, h Depot. 

Connors Joseph, engineer at soap stone quarries, h Andover. 

Cook Carl, employee at Ludlow Toy Manufacturing Co., h Main. 

Cooledge Daniel F., physician and surgeon, and dealer in drugs, books and fancy goods, Main, h do.

Couillard Francis, harness maker, h High. 

Cowdray Albert A., house, sign and ornamental painter, and paper hanger, h Depot. 

Creaser George, employee of Toy Manuf. Co., h Andover. 

Crosby Patrick F., journeyman blacksmith, h Main. 


Daly Bridget, cloth finisher, bds Pleasant. 

Daly John, assistant station agent on C. V. R. R., h Andover. 

Daily Michael, track hand on C. V. R. R., h Andover. 

Daily Timothy, aged 74, h Pleasant. 

Daily William, teamster, h North Hill. 

Davidson Rowena F., widow of Deacon John Davidson, h Depot. 

Day Mervin G., harness maker and carriage trimmer, h Plymouth. 

Deane Katharine H., teacher in primary school, bds Main. 

Demary Abaellino J., building mover and jobber, h Andover. 

Dennett Clarissa B. Mrs., h Andover. 

Dennett John A., dealer in dry and fancy goods, Depot, h Pleasant cor Andover. 

Dickerman Polly A., widow of Harvey, h Andover st. 

Dickinson Wealthy, widow of Cyrus, h Main. 

Dimmick Myron M., house, sign, landscape and ornamental painter and paper hanger, h Pettigrew.

Dodge Thomas W., employee of Samuel L. Pinney, bds Pleasant. 

Dorval Eusebe, blacksmith, horse shoer and carriage ironer, Andover cor Main, h Main. 

Drury Mary W., widow of James, h Main. 

Dudley Ryland R., farmer, owns in Plymouth 200. 

Dumphry Michael, farmer, h Depot. 

Dunbar C. Ellen Miss, clerk for A. J. Brown, bds Pettigrew. 

Dunn Jonas, mason, h High. 


Earl Harland, employee of Ludlow Toy Manuf. Co. h Main. 

Earl William, laborer, h Main. 

Eddy Edward W., house, fancy and sign painter, paper hanger, and stationary engineer, bds Ludlow House. 

Edson Milton H., resident selectman, h Main. 

ESTY OSCAR H., baker, bds Pleasant. 

Euber Antoine, wood sawyer, h West Hill. 


Farwell Asa Rev., Congregational minister, h Main. 

Farwell Hannah S., teacher, bds Main. 

Felioe John J., employee of Ludlow Toy Manuf. Co., h North Hill. 

Fish Frederick A., shipper Ludlow Toy Manuf. Co., h Plymouth. 

Fletcher Aaron P., carpenter and joiner, bds Pleasant. 

Fletcher Hazen F., pensioner, h High. 

Fletcher S. A., summer residence on r 20. 

Ford Eben C., clerk for J. A. Dennett, bds Ludlow House. 

French Andrew L., teamster, h near Plymouth. 

French David, cloth dresser, bds Pleasant. 

Fullam Benoni, hostler, h Main. 

Fuller Ellen, rag sorter, h High. Fuller Francis, stone mason, h Barton. 

Fuller Francis P., 76 years old, h Pleasant. 

Fuller Rodney, laborer, h Andover. 

Fuller Sylvester G., employee of Toy Manuf. Co., h Andover. 


Gale Ira W., farmer 15, h Main.

Gassett Darius, old resident aged 78, h Depot. 

GASSETT ISADORE S., (Mrs. Oscar) millinery, Depot, h do. 

GASSETT OSCAR, expressman and truckman to and from U. S. & Canada express office and C. V. R. R. office, h Depot. 

Gehand Dennis, track hand on C. V, R. R., h Bridge. 

George Frank, carpenter and joiner, h Andover. 

Gibbs Eugene H., foreman Ludlow Toy Manuf. Co., h North Hill. 

Giddings Martha Mrs., h Depot. 

Gill Samuel, supt. of Ludlow woolen mills, h Pleasant. 

Gill William T., employee of woolen mills, h Main. 

Gladhill Joseph S. Rev., pastor First Universalist church of Ludlow, h Depot. 

GODDARD CHARLES W., livery and exchange stables, Main, meat market, Depot cor Main, h Pleasant. 

Goddard Ira, truckman, h Main. 

Goddard Martin H., (Walker & Goddard, and Stimson, Goddard & Howe) h High. 

Godin Louis, shoemaker, Main, h Andover. 

GOOLD AARON L., policeman, and carpenter and joiner, h Pond. 

GORDON THOMAS S., retired merchant, h Main. 

Gould Ashbel h., manufacturer and dealer in patent medicines, essences, extracts, etc., h High. 

Gould Oran, blacksmith, h Elm. 

Gove John C., hostler for Fred Thompson, bds Andover. 

Graves Ira C., wood sawyer, h Barton. 

Graves Wallace N., employee of Ludlow Toy Manuf. Co., h Main, 

Griswold Marietta, h Depot. 

Grover Richard B. Rev., Congregational minister, h Main. 


Hammond Leonora Miss, clerk for L. G. Hammond, bds Main. 

Hammond Lowell G., general merchant, dealer in dry goods, groceries, crockery, carpets, clothing, hats, caps, boots and shoes, etc., and prop. of Hammond's Hall, Main, h do. 

Hammond Norris G., clerk for L. G. Hammond, bds Main. 

Hartnett Daniel, employee at Ludlow woolen mills, h Main. 

Hartnett Thomas, employee at Ludlow woolen mills, h Bridge. 

Hastings Betsey Mrs., h Barton. 

Hastings James M., machinist, bds Depot. 

*HATHORN RANSOM E., manufacturer and dealer in harness and saddlery hardware, and carriage trimmer, adjustable carriage tops a specialty, cor Main and Depot, h Pleasant. [Card on page 560.] 

Haven Prescott R., teamster, h Pleasant. 

Haven Ryland C., justice of the peace, and retired farmer, h Pleasant. 

Haven Sumner J., merchant tailor, Hammond's block, Main, h Pleasant. 

Hayden John, employee at Ludlow woolen mills, h Bridge. 

Hazen M. H., station agent C. V. R. R. 

Hemenway Jonathan, r 27, retired farmer. 

Hemenway Sarah Jane, widow of R. N., boarding house, Pleasant. 

Heseltine Cephas, retired farmer, owns 100 acres timber land, h off Plymouth. 

Hesolton Abner C., asst. supt. weaving rooms, Ludlow woolen mills, h Pleasant. 

Hill Frank E., printer, bds Pleasant. 

Holland Dennis, pensioner, bds Depot. 

Horan John, wool washer, h Depot. I

Horan Timothy, engineer of woolen mill, h Lamera.

Horton Nathaniel, apiarist, owns 130 acres. 

Horwill William B., wool scourer, h Depot. 

HOWARD CHARLES H., dealer in furniture of all kinds and styles, mirror and mirror plate, upholsterer and undertaker, Depot, h Andover.

Howard Frank C., furniture painter, bds Main. 

Howe Elwin A., supt. of Ludlow Toy Manufacturing Co., h Plymouth. 

HOWE GARDNER I., chief of police, auctioneer, horse dealer, wood contractor, and farmer 50, h Main. 

Howe Herbert H., foreman of Ludlow Toy Co.'s yard, h High. 

Howe Harriet N., widow of Stowell, h Main. 

HOWE IDA M. Miss, teacher, bds Main. 

HOWE LESTER C., deputy sheriff, collar maker, cor Main and Depot, h Depot. 

Hull John, deacon of Baptist church, h Pleasant. 

HYDE MILTON C., (Warner & Hyde,) h Pleasant. 


Jenness Fred R., engineer, bds Main. 

Johnson Charles L., student at Black River Academy, bds Main.

Johnson Daniel, teamster, bds Pettigrew. 

Johnson Hiram M., overseer carding department, Ludlow woolen mills. 

Johnson Theophilus, farmer 26, h Main. 

Johnston Thomas B., quarryman, bds Main. 


Keating Daniel J., employee at woolen mill, h Depot. 

Keating John, hair dresser, Main, h Depot. 

Keating John, employee Ludlow woolen mills, h Bridge. 

Keating Patrick H., cloth finisher Ludlow woolen mills, h Andover. 

Kenworthy Bridget, widow of Joseph, h Barton. 

Kenworthy John, weaver, h Barton. 

Kenworthy John W., weaver, h West Hill. 

KENWORTHY THOMAS, spinner, h Main. 

Kershaw Sarah, widow of John, h High. 

Kingsley Robert, auctioneer and speculator, h Main. 

Kershaw Sarah, widow of John, h High. 

Kneeland Ann, widow of Patrick, employee Ludlow woolen mills, h High. 

Kneeland Patrick, employee Ludlow woolen mills, h High. 

KNIGHT FRED O., agent for Ludlow woolen mills, bds Pleasant. 

Knight George C., overseer in weaving room Ludlow woolen mills, h Pleasant. 

Knight Horatio, employee Ludlow woolen mills, h Depot. 


Lamera John, (Lamera & Son) blacksmith, Lamera st., h do. 

Lamera John, Jr., (Lamera & Son) h Lamera st. 

Lamera _____, Mrs., widow of Oliver, h off Pond. 

Lamera Louis, employee Ludlow woolen mills. 

Lamera & Son (John and John, Jr.,) blacksmiths, Lamera st. 

Lamoine Joseph, sign and ornamental painter and grainer, Main, h High. 

Lane George E., allo. physician and surgeon, Main, h do. 

Lavine Joseph A., weaver, h Pleasant. 

Lawrence Elias J., carriage, sign and ornamental painter, Sawyer's block, Main, h on 16. 

Lawrence Emeline, widow of Alanson, h Depot cor Pleasant. 

Lawrence Thorp A., teamster, h Depot cor Pleasant. 

Lee Mary W., widow of Charles, h High. 

Leland Fanny Mrs., h Pleasant. 

Leland Jennie A. Miss, teacher, bds Pleasant. 

Leland Benjamin, spinner, h near Plymouth.

Livingston Ira, carpenter, h Pettigrew. 

Lockwood Albert H., town treasurer, and village treasurer, dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes, and rubbers, grass seed, flour, feed, Main, h Pleasant. 

Ludlow Clothing House, J. H. Blakeley, manager, bds Pleasant. 

LUDLOW HOUSE, Hiram L. Warner, prop., Main, livery connected. 

Ludlow Toy Manuf. Co., W. H. Walker, prest.; E. A. Howe, supt;. manuf. toy wagons, doll carriages, wheelbarrows, carts, and sleighs, near Main. 

LUDLOW WOOLEN MILLS, J. S. Gill, of Boston, Mass., proprietor. 

Lynch Michael, aged 78, h Depot. 


Mack Ephraim L., blacksmith, Depot, h Andover. 

Mandigo Ada Miss, dressmaker, bds Main. 

Mason Charles S., retired merchant, h Main. 

May Alfred J., cloth finisher, h High. 

Mayo Enos, boarding house, h Pleasant. 

McDonald Thomas F., clerk for Wm. D. Ball, bds Pleasant. 

Meehan John, weaver, bds High. 

Meehan Martin, section master C. V. R. R., h High. 

Merchant Eli A., house painter, h Depot. 

Merrill Bailey W., retired merchant, h Pleasant. 

Miner Charles, farm laborer, h Pond. 

Minogue Lizzie Mrs., Plymouth st. 

Morgan Samuel H., allo. physician and surgeon, Main, h High. 


PAFF FRED C., manager of C. W. Goddard's meat market, h Depot. 

PARKER CHARLES S., auctioneer, dealer in real estate, and farmer 150, h Main. 

Parker Harvey W., cattle dealer, h Pleasant. 

Patrick Robie, widow of Jacob, h Main. 

Peabody Mary A., widow of Abial, h Main. 

Peoples' Market The, L. S. Pinney, prop., Main. 

PERHAM SARAH V. Miss, dressmaker, Hammond's Block, Main, boards do. 

Pettigrew James, retired farmer 160, h High. 

PETTIGREW JOSIAH W., trustee of Black River Academy, and dealer in choice family groceries, and produce and fruit of all kinds, Depot cor Pleasant, h do. 

Pettigrew Sarah, widow of Parker, h Depot. 

PICKARD JOHN, principal of Black River Academy, bds Main. 

Pierce Laurin G., blacksmith, horse shoeing a specialty, North Hill, h High. 

Pierce Nelson M., overseer in finishing room of Ludlow woolen mill, h Main. 

Pinney Edwin C., farmer 3 1/2 in the village, and on road 35, 240, h Pleasant. 

Pinney Samuel L., prop. of Peoples' Market, Main, h Pleasant. 

Piper Clarence R., student in Middlebury college. 

Piper Ida Miss, dressmaker, bds Main. 

Piper Salina W., widow of Rodney L., h Pleasant. 

POLLARD GEORGE N., examiner in pension department at Washington, D.C. 

Pollard Isaac, farmer 130, and in Plymouth 250, h Main. 

Pollard Rowena A. Miss, teacher of English and mathematics in Black River Academy, bds Main. 

POLLARD ORENDA E., widow of Moses, h Main. 

Pratt Celia, widow of Cyrus, h Main. 

Pratt William B., retired carpenter and builder, h Main.

Pratt William H., assistant postmaster, h Main. 

Pryor Clara L. Miss, teacher of English branches in Black River Academy. 

Prior Frank W., supt. of rag picking room, Ludlow woolen mills, h Andover. 

Prior George W., carpenter and repairer at Ludlow woolen mills, h Pleasant cor Andover. 

PURCELL BRIDGET M. Miss, weaver, bds Main. 

Purcell Michael, gardener, h Main. 


Raymond Charles, ticket agent Lake Shore & Michigan Southern and Grand Trunk R. R., dealer in clothing and gents' furnishing goods, hats, caps, boots, shoes, etc., Main h Pleasant. 

Reed Daniel, employee at Ludlow woolen mills, h Depot. 

Reed Nellie M., teacher, bds Andover. 

Reed William W., stone mason, h Pond. 

Rice Calista Mrs., h Depot. 

Riggs Albert B., employee of Ludlow Toy Manuf. Co., h Pleasant. 

Riley Susan A., weaver, h Pond. 

Robbins David L., clerk for A. F. Sherman, bds Main. 

Robbins Frederick C., justice of' the peace, notary public, master in chancery, and attorney at law, Main, h do. 

Robbins Lily E., teacher of French in Black River Academy, bds Main. 

Roberts James, manuf of listing, Andover, h do. 

Roberts James A., employee of James Roberts, h Andover. 

Robinson Oscar, house painter, h Pond. 

Rock David, barber, bds Depot. 

Rock Charles, employee at Ludlow woolen mills, h Bridge. 

Rogers Ann L., (Mrs. E. G.) hair work, Depot, h do. 

Rogers Elbridge G., resident, blind, h Depot. 

Ross Duane O., invalid, h Pleasant. 


Sargent Darwin R., selectman, carpenter and joiner, h Pleasant. 

Sawyer Hiland A., house painter, carpenter and joiner, h Depot. 

Sawyer Jesse, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 16, h Pleasant. 

Sawyer Lucia, (Mrs. Jesse,) farmer 45, h Pleasant. 

Sawyer Oscar M., concrete roofing, h Andover. 

Sawyer Sapphira, widow of Willard, h Pond. 

Scott Elijah, farmer 57, h Main. 

SEARS CALVIN R., employee Ludlow Toy Manuf. Co., h Main. 

SEARS GEORGE W., blind, h Main. 

SEARS GEORGE W., JR., employee Ludlow Toy Manuf. Co., bds Main. 

Sears Leonard W., farmer 14, h Main. 

Sears Ralph A., manager of livery stable, h Main. 

Shattuck Charles F., employee Ludlow woolen mills, bds Depot. 

Shattuck Lewis E., clerk A. H. Lockwood, bds Depot. 

Shattuck Milo, sexton, h Depot. 

SHERMAN ALVAH F., dealer in drugs books, paints, oils and varnishes, stationery, fancy goods, confectionery, pianos, organs, Main, h do. 

Sherman Frank W., (Ludlow) R. R. employee. 

Simonds Jehial, prop. livery and feed stables, Depot st., near Main, h do. 

Sinclair Jennie L. Miss, dressmaker, Main, h do. 

Slack John S., not in business, h Pleasant. 

Slack Julia E., (Mrs. J. S.,) millinery and fancy goods, Hammond's block, Main, .h Pleasant. 

Smith E. W., retired ticket agent, h Pleasant. 

Snow Alexander, laborer, h West Hill.

SNOW ELIHU REV., pastor M. E. church, h Pleasant.

Snow Frank, weaver, h West Hill.

Snow Joseph, laborer, h West Hill.

Spafford Alvah M., carpenter and joiner, h High.

Spafford George H., clerk for Charles Raymond, bds Main.

Spafford John F., farmer, leases of Artemas Spaulding 65, h North Hill.

Spafford John R., postmaster, clerk of the village, and farmer 7, h North Hill. 

Spafford William P., town clerk, and farmer 83, h Main.

Spaulding Artemas, farmer 700, in Cavendish 125, in Plymouth 100, in Weston 65, h Main.

SPAULDING DEXTER A., stock dealer, h Main.

Spaulding John F., miller, h Pond.

SPAULDING MARCUS A., town representative, and miller, h Pleasant. 

Spaulding Mina Miss, h Pond.

Spaulding Stedman, retired farmer 230, h Main.

Stickney William W., clerk house of representatives, state's attorney, and counselor at law, agent for "AEtna." the "Ins. Co. of North America," and "Imperial" insurance companies, Main, h do.

Stimson Charles, retired farmer, bds Main.

STIMSON SURRY W., ex sheriff, farmer 140, and timber lands 400, h Main. 

Stone Amos B., shoemaker, h Depot.

Stone Ellen J., widow of Edward, h Main.

Stone A. H., (Mrs. Amos B.) undertaker, Depot, h do.

Stowe Marion J., watch maker and jeweler, and dealer in picture frames, Main, bds do.

Sullivan John H., laborer, h Barton.


Tapper Edward H., spinner, bds Main.

Tapper William H., overseer of spinning department of Ludlow woolen mills, h Barton.

Tarble George, laborer, h Andover.

Tasker Jonathan G., wool sorter, h Main.

Taylor Henry M., agent for the American Universal Cyclopedia, also the American additions to Chambers' Encyclopedia, agent for improved sewing machines, manuf. and dealer in Centennial gold and silver polish, and clerk for John W. Pettigrew, h High.

THOMPSON BROS., (M. W., of Boston, and W. H.) props. of Boston clothing store, Depot.

Thompson Fred, carriage maker and repairer, and supt. of H. C. Hemenway's livery stable, h Andover.

Thompson William P., employee Ludlow Toy Manuf. Co., h Depot.

THOMPSON WILLIAM H., (Thompson Bros.) h Pleasant.

Tole James, dyer in woolen mill, h Main.


*VERMONT TRIBUNE, E. G. Allis, editor and publisher, Depot. [Card on page 332.]

Vezey John M., retired merchant, h Main.


Walker Ann A., widow of George E., h Pleasant.

Walker Frank A., law student, bds Main.

Walker Herbert E., employee Ludlow Toy Manuf. Co., bds Pleasant.

WALKER WILLIAM H., (Walker & Goddard) judge of probate, attorney and counselor at law. Main, h do.

WALKER & GODDARD, (William H. Walker and Martin H. Goddard) attorneys and counselors at law, and general insurance agents, Main.

Ward Willie, porter at Ludlow House, bds Main.

WARNER HIRAM L., prop. Ludlow House, Main. 

Warner Irwin L., clerk Ludlow House, Main. 

WARNER JOHN P., machine shop, Depot, h Main. 

Warner Russell S., carpenter and joiner, h Pond. 

Warner Rufus S., (Warner & Hyde) h Main. 

Warner & Hyde, (Rufus S. Warner and Milton C. Hyde) steam job printers, Main. 

Weatherby Elizabeth, widow of Tyler, h Andover. 

Whelden Benjamin, tinsmith, h Main. 

Whelden Benjamin F., manuf. of lumber and wood, h Pleasant. 

Whelden Clarence E., dealer in stoves, tin and woodenware, Main, h do. 

WHITCOMB ERVIN J., (Whitcomb & Atherton,) farmer 70, h North Hill. 

Whitaker James, employee Ludlow woolen mills, h High. 

WHITCOMB & ATHERTON, (E. J. Whitcomb and S. I. Atherton,) millers and bakers, wholesale and retail dealers in flour, grain, feed, pork, wool, butter, cheese, Ashton salt, boards, clapboards, shingles, etc., North Depot st. 

White Lucy, widow of Stilman, h High. 

White Sophia, widow of John L., h Andover. 

Whitney Calvin, farmer 184, h North Hill. 

Wilder Ansel, laborer, h High. 

WILDER EDWARD L., manuf. carriages, wagons, sleighs, etc., and repairer, carriage, house and ornamental painter, saw filer and repairer of door locks and hinges, and furniture repairer, Main, h do. 

Wilder R. Mahlon, carpenter and joiner, h Pleasant. 

Wiley William, laborer, h High. 

Williams Dighton O., mason, h Depot. 

Winslow Emma Miss, laundress, h Depot. 

Winslow Eunice M., widow of Moses, h Depot. 

Winslow Susie Miss, weaver in Ludlow woolen mills, h Depot. 

Wolcott Rosetta E., widow of Edwin, h Pond. 

Wood Mary Ann Mrs., h off Pond. 

WOODWARD HERRICK, wholesale and retail dealer in beef, pork, lamb, mutton, poultry, ham, tripe, eggs, butter, vegetables, oysters, cattle, sheep, horses, and farmer 130, Pettigrew's block, Depot, h Main. 

Woodward Martland, butcher, bds Main. 

Woodward Norris H., book keeper for H. Woodward, bds Main.



Adams Milton W., (Ludlow) r 7, sugar orchard 500 trees, dairy 8 cows, and farmer 125.

Adams Roland H., (Ludlow) r 27, teamster.

ARCHER LUCINDA, (Ludlow) r 14 cor 16, widow of Ira W.

ATHERTON SOLON I., (Ludlow) r i9, (Whitcomb & Atherton,) breeder of Holstein and grade Jersey cattle, Berkshire hogs, and Morrill horses, dairy 30 cows, and farmer 300.


Bachelder Delos A., (Ludlow) r 36, wool grower, sugar orchard I 100 trees, dairy 9 cows, and farmer 138.

Bagley Tames P., (Ludlow) laborer.

Bagley James S., (Ludlow) r 20, farmer, with Thomas C.

Bagley Thomas C., (Ludlow) r 20, dairy 12 cows, farmer, leases of Stedman Spaulding 160, and pasture 80.

Bailey Martin, (Ludlow) r 12, sugar orchard 100 trees, and farmer 120.

BALDWIN JOSEPH A., (Proctorsville) r 5, dairy 10 cows, sugar orchard 300 trees, and farmer 179.

Barnard Levi H., (Ludlow) off r 57, sugar orchard 250 trees, breeder of Jersey cattle, and farmer 80.

Barrett George, (Tyson Furnace) r 1, dairy 15 cows, sugar orchard 150 trees, and farmer 200.

Barrett Herbert W., (Tyson Furnace) r 2, with George, farmer.

Barton Horace L., (Ludlow) r 38, sugar orchard 75 trees, breeder of horses, cattle and sheep, farmer 150, pasture and timber land 200, and with Wesley one half of 200. 

Barton Ralph, (Ludlow) r 38, farmer.

Barton Richard L., (Ludlow) r 38, farm laborer.

Barton Wesley, (Ludlow) r 38, wool grower, sugar orchard 150 trees, and farmer 125, and pasture 50.

Bates Addison, (Ludlow) r 27, laborer.

Bates Alanson, (Ludlow) r 26, farmer 100.

Bates George W., (Ludlow) r 27, laborer.

Bates Richard M., (Ludlow) r 26, with Alanson, farmer.

Bean Joseph, (Ludlow) r 31, laborer.

Bemis Lowell, (Ludlow) r 30, farmer, leases of Parker Spaulding 110.

BIXBY BROS., (Ludlow) r 15, (John R., Charles C. and Hiram P.,) sugar orchard 300 trees, farmer, leases of Calvin 450.

Bixby Charles C., (Ludlow) (Bixby Bros.) r 15.

BIXBY HIRAM P., (Ludlow) r 15, (Bixby Bros.)

Bixby John R., (Ludlow) r 15, (Bixby Bros.)

Blodgett Gerrie, (Ludlow) r 27, tanner.

Boyle John T., (Ludlow) r 8, dairy 10 cows, sugar orchard 350 trees, and farmer 135.

Briggs Erastus H., (Ludlow) r 38, laborer.

Briggs Noah. (Ludlow) r 38, with Wesley Barton.

Brown John P., (Ludlow) r 22, general dealer.

Bryant Carlos, (Ludlow) r 20, laborer.

Buckmaster Emmett W., (Ludlow) r 22, with John L., teaming.

BUCKMASTER JOHN L., (Ludlow) r 32, sugar orchard 300 trees, dealer in baled hay, horses, and the Yankee horse rake, and farmer 140.

Burgo Napoleon, (Ludlow) r 13, farmer 12.


Chamberlain Elias P., (Ludlow) r 35, farmer, works on shares for Edgar C. Pinney 240.

Chapman William, (Ludlow) r 20, laborer, owns h and 2 acres.

CHAPMAN WILLIAM H. H., (Ludlow) r 34 cor 28, overseer of the poor, sugar orchard 400 trees, milk dealer, dairy 17 cows, breeder of Jersey cattle, and farmer 149.

Chase Jane Mrs., (Ludlow) r 42, farmer, with Abel 150.

Chase William V., (Ludlow) r 42, botanic physician.

Clark Josiah B., (Ludlow) r 41, Congregational minister, sugar orchard 300 trees, and farmer 100.

Cooledge Daniel W., (Ludlow) r 16, sugar orchard 175 trees, and farmer 100. 

Cooledge Norman, (Ludlow) r 13, breeder of grade Jersey cattle, sugar orchard 150 trees, and farmer 120.

Crosby John, (Tyson Furnace) r 1, laborer.

Cutting Addison, (Ludlow) off r 45, farmer 30.


Day Lucy M., (Ludlow) r 38, widow of Enoch, farmer 66.

Donahue Owen, (Ludlow) r 28, section hand C. V. R. R.

Dunbar Austin, (Ludlow) r 6, farmer, with William H.

Dunbar William H., (Ludlow) r 6, farmer 85.

Dunn Joseph, (Ludlow) r 6, farmer 67.


Earl Nelson C., (Ludlow) r 11, farmer 20.

Earls William M., (Ludlow) r 27, aged 72.

ELLISON JOSEPH A., (Tyson Furnace) r 2, dairy 8 cows, and farmer, leases of Isaac Pollard.

Estabrook Abel, (Ludlow) r 42, farmer, with Mrs. Jane Chase 150,

Esty Charles, (Ludlow) r 38, breeder of sheep and cattle, wool grower, and farmer 250.

Esty Minerva N., (Tyson Furnace) r 6, widow of Asa N., farmer 85, and mountain 100.

Esty Oramel C., (Ludlow) r 38, with Charles, laborer.


Felioe Frank & Moses, (Ludlow) r 31, farmers, lease of Major Artemas Spaulding 200.

FLANDERS C. ELMER, (Ludlow) r 20, agent of S. A. Fletcher, of Indianapolis, Ind., farm 300.

Fletcher Albert E., (Indianapolis, Ind.) r 20, summer residence.

FLETCHER STOUGHTON A., (Ludlow) r 20, summer residence, banker in Indianapolis, Ind.

Freeman Allen B., (Proctorsville, r 20, (Freeman Stone Co.)

FREEMAN STANLEY D., (Proctorsville) r 20, (Freeman Stone Co.)

FREEMAN STONE CO., (Proctorsville) r 31, ex Gov. R. Proctor, of Rutland, A. B. Freeman and Stanley D. Freeman,) manufs. of scythe stone, soap stone, and soap stone goods.

Freeman Vincent, (Proctorsville) r 31, student.

French Jerome, (Ludlow) r 27, sawyer.

French Thomas, (Ludlow) r 24, farmer 120.

FULLAM AUGUSTUS G., (Ludlow) r 6, wool grower, sugar orchard 450 trees, and farmer 200.

Fullam Leighton G., (Ludlow) r 6, prop. of steam saw mill with Prescott Adams, in Plymouth, wool grower 100 sheep, dairy 10 cows, farmer 200 in Plymouth, timber 350.

Fuller Francis A., (Ludlow) r 27, stone mason, carpenter and joiner.

Fuller Freeman H., (Ludlow) r 27, farmer in Reading 100.

Fuller Henry W., (Ludlow) r 27, sawyer, and farmer 23.

Fuller Mary G., (Ludlow) r 27, widow of Henry, farmer 49.

Fuller William S., (Ludlow) r 27, stone mason, and farmer 18.


Gaines Timothy, (Ludlow) r 28, resident.

Gates Albert E., (Ludlow) r 6, jeweler, and silver and gold plater.

Gates Erastus, (Ludlow) r 6, sugar orchard 150 trees, farmer 100.

Gates Laurens N., (Ludlow) r 6, with Erastus Gates, farmer.

Gates Levi, (Ludlow) r 20, teamster.

Gates Orison N., (Ludlow) r 16, sugar orchard 300 trees, farmer 150.

Gibson Lawson, (Ludlow) off r 44, (Gibson & Jackson.)

Gibson William, (Ludlow) r 19, sugar orchard 100 trees, and farmer 100.

Gibson & Jackson, (Ludlow) off r 44, (L. Gibson and C. W. Jackson) dairy 10 cows, sugar orchard 200 trees. 300 apple trees, and farmers 225.

Giddings Francis C., (Ludlow) r 31, farmer, in Reading 26.

Giddings John A., (Ludlow) r 31, dairy 18 cows, sugar orchard 500 trees, and farmer 200.

Gilligan Michael, (Ludlow) r 28 cor 29, farmer 15.

Gleason Henry C., (Ludlow) r 27, teamster.

GOODSPEED JOHN H., (Ludlow) lister, town auditor, dairy 14 cows, and farmer 100.

Goodwin Benjamin F., (Ludlow) r 33, farmer 130.

Graham Harland, (Ludlow) r 27, son of William.

Graham William, (Ludlow) r 27, manuf. of sawed shingles, planing, wool carding, and farmer 35.

Grant William, (Ludlow) r 37, farmer 75.


Hall Henry. (Ludlow) r 30, dairy 15 cows, and farmer, leases of Surry Stimson 175.

Harris George W., (Ludlow) r 27, farmer.

Harris Henry P., (Ludlow) r 27, teamster.

Harris Joseph, (Ludlow) r 27, farmer in Weston 29.

HARRIS JOSEPH N., (Ludlow) r 27, manuf. of lumber, dimension timber, shingles and lath, and chair stock, owns 300 acres of timber.

Haven Rhoby, (Ludlow) r 35, resident.

Haven Sarah, (Ludlow) r 35, h and t acre.

Hayward N. Melvin, (Ludlow) r 20 1/2, farmer.

Haywood Nathaniel B., (Ludlow) r 31, dairy 12 COWS, sugar orchard 300 trees, and farmer 180.

Hemenway Charles W., (Ludlow) r 30, breeder of short horn Durham cattle and Merino sheep, dairy 10 cows, sugar orchard 500 trees, and farmer 100, and pasture.

Hemenway Henry, (Ludlow) r 38, dairy 8 cows, sugar orchard 300 trees, wool grower, and farmer 200.

Hemenway Wallace L., (Ludlow) r 27, tanner.

Hennesy William, (Ludlow) r 28, wood chopper.

Heselton Eugene D., (Ludlow) r 8, breeder of Jersey cattle, sugar orchard 500 trees, and farmer 125.

Hill Lewis, (Ludlow) r 45, farmer 45.

Hines Cyrus C., (Ludlow) r 20, summer residence, lawyer in Indianapolis, Ind.

*HOLT EPHRAIM T., (Tyson Furnace) r 1, general blacksmithing, veterinary dentist, surgeon and farrier, wool grower, and farmer 175. [Card on page  __.]

Horton Gilman B., (Ludlow) r 15, apiarist 7 swarm, sugar orchard 350 trees, and farmer, leases of Nathaniel Horton 100, owns timber 20.

Howard Frank W., (Ludlow) r 25, farmer 80.

HOWARD LORENZO, (Ludlow) r 35, breeder of Jersey cattle, sugar orchard 200 trees, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 120.


Jackson Charles W., (Ludlow) r 44. (Gibson & Jackson.)

JOHNSON ELISHA W., (Ludlow) r 19, 1st selectman, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 200.

JOHNSON GEORGE W., (Ludlow) r 20, sugar orchard 250 trees, dairy 19 cows, and farmer 225.

Johnson Hosea, (Ludlow) r 20, farmer 6.

JOHNSON LUTHER, (Ludlow) r 35, breeder of grade Jersey cattle, keeps 100 hens to furnish eggs for market, sugar orchard 300 trees, dairy 14 cows, and farmer 135.

Johnson Willard, (Ludlow) r 20, retired farmer.

Johnson Willie E., (Ludlow) r 20, employee of soap stone manuf.

Jones Harvey, (Ludlow) r 16, carpenter and joiner.

Josselyn Lloyd N., (Tyson Furnace) off r 3, sugar orchard 200 trees, and farmer 60.

JOYAL JOHN, (Ludlow) r 37, farmer 20.

JOYAL STEPHEN W., (Ludlow) r 37, sawyer.


KEATING DANIEL, (Ludlow) r 37, lumberman, dealer in wood, and farmer, 190.

Keating George L., (Ludlow) r 27, wood chopper.

Kingsbury Eli P., (Ludlow) r 27, prop. of saw mill and cider mill, farmer 17, and mountain 140.


Lawrence Frank A., (Ludlow) r 15, wool grower, sugar orchard 175 trees, and farmer 95.

Lawrence Levi, (Ludlow) r 15.

Lawrence Silas, (Ludlow) r 16, farmer 2.

LAWRENCE WILLIAM L., (Ludlow) r 14, manuf. of lumber, dimension timber, shaved shingles, and farmer 10, timber 100.

Livingston William D., (Ludlow) r 6, farmer, leases of Mark D. Carlisle, of Cavendish, 40.

Lowell Cyrus O., (Ludlow) r 44, dairy 10 cows, sugar orchard 150 trees, 200 apple trees, and farmer 112.


Mandego Ann E., (Ludlow) r 27, widow of Henry H.

Marsh Henry C., (Ludlow) off r 42, leases of J. Whetten 63.

Marshall Charles F., (Ludlow) r 24, farmer, works on shares for Oscar Warren 80.

Martin Edward, (Ludlow) r 16. farmer.

Martin Frank W., (Ludlow) r 16, carriage painter.

Martin Ira D., (Ludlow) r 16, farmer 50.

Matthewson Sylvanus O., (Ludlow) r 17, sugar orchard 500 trees, and farmer 400.

MAYO JONATHAN A., (Ludlow) r 26, dairy 10 cows, sugar orchard 300 trees, and farmer 215. 

Mayo Simon S., (Ludlow) r 3r, ice dealer, dairy 13 cows, sugar orchard 250 trees. 

McGOWAN JOHN, (Ludlow) r 16, peddler, enlisted in Co. C, 6th Vt. Vols. 1861; lost his leg in battle of Wilderness. 

Merrill Abram, (Tyson Furnace) r 1, laborer. 

Messer Elwin C.; (Ludlow) r 14, farmer 105. 

Moore Sally, (Ludlow) r 8, widow of Abel. 

Moreau John, (Ludlow) r 27, chopper. 

Myers Frank, (Ludlow) r 24, laborer. 


Needham Benjamin E., (Ludlow) r 16, farmer 62. 


Odett John, (Ludlow) r 27 employee of Joseph Harris. 

Orvis Oliver, (Ludlow) r 27, farmer 14, timber 90. 


Parker Henry M.; (Tyson Furnace) r 1, agent and head sawyer for A. F. Hubbard, of Plymouth. 

PARKER JOHN T., (Tyson Furnace) r 1, farmer 25. 

Parkhurst Flora A. Miss, (Proctorsville.) 

PARKHURST MARY M., (Proctorsville) r 20, widow of John W. 

Pettigrew Benjamin F., (Ludlow) r 25, carpenter and joiner, owns h and lot,. Andover, farmer, leases of Frank Howard 80.

Pettigrew Garrettson N., (Ludlow) r 43, with Nehemiah farmer.

PETTIGREW LEVI A., (Ludlow) r 22, dairy 14 cows, sugar orchard 200 trees, and farmer, leases of James Pettigrew 160.

PETTIGREW NEHEMIAH, (Ludlow) r 43, dairy 10 cows, sugar orchard 400 trees, breeder of Jersey cattle, Bramah fowls, 100 apple, pear, plum, and cherry trees, and farmer 181.

Petty Horace L., (Ludlow) r 27, laborer.

Pierson George W., (Ludlow) r 42, farmer, leases of Charles S. Parker, h and garden.

PINNEY ELIAS H., (Ludlow) r 22, justice of the peace, sugar orchard 200 trees, dairy 12 cows, farmer 150, and in Plymouth 60.

Pinney George D., (Ludlow) r 16, manuf. of granite head stones and monuments.

Pinney Ira, (Ludlow) r 16, farmer 160, in Plymouth 10.

Pinney Samuel L., (Ludlow) r 1, farmer 125.

Pollard James, (Ludlow) r 8, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 162.

Powers Moses G., (Proctorsville) book keeper for Freeman Stone Co., bds with Mrs. Mary A. Parkhurst.

Pratt Durett O., (Ludlow) r 43, works town farm.

Pratt Joseph M., (Ludlow) r 44, sugar orchard 300 trees, fruit grower, and farmer 148.

PRIEST LOREN A., (Ludlow) r 10, farm hand.

PRIEST ROBERT G., (Tyson Furnace) r 1, breeder of Jersey cattle, and farmer 104.


Ray Abel, Jr., (Ludlow) off r 44, sugar orchard 185 trees, and farmer 100

RAY CHARLES H., (Ludlow) r 31, breeder of Jersey cattle; and grade sheep, sugar orchard 250 trees, apple orchard 200 trees, dairy 11 cows, and farmer 175.

Reed Etta F., (Ludlow) r 27, widow of Henry.

Reed John, (Ludlow) r 23, farmer 50.

Reed John, Jr., (Ludlow) r 3 r, quarryman.

Riggs John T., (Ludlow) r 30, farmer 53, and pasture 25.

Riggs Minnie Miss, Ludlow) r 30, teacher.

Robbins Charles H., (Ludlow) r 44, farmer 130.

Robbins Isaac H., (Ludlow) r 31, laborer.

Ross Asabel, (Ludlow) r 20, speculator.

ROSS CHARLES H., (Ludlow) r 20, machinist, overseer gang room, Freeman Stone Company.


Saunders Joseph, (Ludlow) r 19, sugar orchard 350 trees, dairy 13 cows, and farmer 200.

Sawyer Anson J., (Ludlow) r 27, prop. Sawyer's tannery, and owns 5 acres. 

Sawyer George, (Ludlow) r 27, tanner.

Sears Paul D., (Ludlow) r 27, manuf. of sawed shingles, and farmer 5.

Shea Michael, (Ludlow) r 30, farmer 63.

Smith Windsor J., (Ludlow) r 30 cor 33, stock raiser, wool grower, sugar orchard 150 trees, and farmer 150.

Snell Hyland, (Ludlow) r 37, blacksmith, carpenter, and farmer 50.

Snow Alexis, (Ludlow) r 27, spinner.

Spaulding Henry L., (Ludlow) r 8, sugar orchard 500 trees, and farmer 150. 

Stevens Edgar H., (Ludlow) carpenter, and shipping hand.

Stevens Ida A., (Ludlow) (Mrs. Edgar H.) griddle rim and box maker.

Stickney Joseph H., (Tyson Furnace) r 1, farmer 4.

Stoddard Curtis K., (Proctorsville) r 20, teamster.

Stone Thomas B., (Ludlow) r 18, farmer, leases of Luther Wakefield 40.

Sullivan Patrick, (Ludlow) r 28, farmer 50.

Summer Charles, (Ludlow) r 11, sugar orchard 200 trees, and farmer 100.


Taylor Elwin P., (Ludlow) r 36, sugar orchard 200 trees, and farmer 125.

Taylor Foster E., (Ludlow) r 27, teaming.

Taylor Orrin, (Ludlow) r 21, farmer 90.

Tierney Margaret, (Ludlow) r 16, widow of Barney,


Valentine Joseph A., (Ludlow) r 18, with J. B. Valentine, farmer.

Valentine Justus B., (Ludlow) r 18, sugar orchard 200 trees, and farther 115.

Valentine Samuel L., (Ludlow) r 18, with J. B. Valentine, farmer.

VELIE FRANKLIN, (Ludlow) r 34 cor 28, farm laborer.


Wadleigh Horace L., (Ludlow) r 31, leases of N. B. Haywood 180.

Wadleigh Isaac N., (Ludlow) r 24, sugar orchard 300 trees, farmer 112, and pasture 100.

Ward James, (Ludlow) r 40, farmer 70.

Warren Hiland G., (Ludlow) r 27, farmer, leases of Mary G. Fuller 49.

Warren Joseph R., (Ludlow) r 24, sugar orchard 130 trees, and farmer 72.

Warren Oscar M., (Ludlow) r 27, farmer 215.

Warren Wallace R., (Ludlow) r 24, with Joseph R., farmer.

Weatherby John C., (Ludlow) r T, farmer, leases of Samuel Pinney 125.

Whitcomb Charles S., (Ludlow) r 42, sugar orchard 100 trees, farmer 100.

Whitcomb Rebecca C., (Tyson Furnace) r 3, widow of Edward S., sugar orchard 1,000 trees, dairy 9 cows, and farmer 125.

Whitney Henry A., (Ludlow) r 18, sugar orchard 500 trees, and farmer 102.

Whitney John H., (Ludlow) r 7, farmer 117.

Whitney Lysander, (Ludlow) r 38, house, furniture and carriage painter, whitewasher, etc.

Whitton Jay T., (Ludlow) r 35, farm laborer.

Wilcox Larkin H., (Ludlow) off r 44, farmer 75.

Wilder Duane E., (Ludlow) r 11, and farmer 180.

WILDER EDWARD L., (Ludlow) r 11, farmer 50.

Wilder James L., (Proctorsville) r 5, farmer, leases of James Hitchcock, of Mass.

Wilder Josiah S., (Ludlow) r 16, sugar orchard 400 trees, breeder of Holstein cattle, breeder of Seabright fowls, dealer in horses, and farmer 56.

Wilkins William, (Ludlow) r 27, teaming.

Withington Charles, (Ludlow) r 35, laborer.

Wood Stephen E., (Ludlow) r 30 cor 29, dairy 9 cows, sugar orchard 100 trees, and farmer 90.

Wright Henry, (Tyson Furnace) off r 3, farmer 75.

Wynian William, (Ludlow) r 14, laborer.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of 
Windsor County, Vt. For 1883-84 
Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child 
Printed At The Journal Office, Syracuse, N. Y, 1884. 
Pages 394-409. 

Transcribed by Karima Allison ~ 2006