Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1. Name of individual or firm. 

2. Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3. The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4. Business or occupation. 

5. A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7. Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS. Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; emp., .employee; fac. op., factory operative; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; Mfg., manufacturing; N., north; n., near; opp. opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; regt., regiment; S., south; supt., superintendent; W., west.

The word street is implied.


Adams Esek W., (Proctorsville) r 23, farmer 100, aged 84.

ADAMS JOHN Q., (Cavendish) farmer 75, h Main.

ADAMS JOSEPH, (Cavendish) retired farmer 55, born in the town in 1800, aged 83.

ADAMS JOSEPH H., (Cavendish) r 34, sugar orchard 400 trees, dairy 12 cows, farmer 128, and 100 acres in pasture.

ADAMS JULIA K., (Cavendish) r 36, widow of Lucius W., farmer 150.

ADAMS LUCY, (Cavendish) r 37, widow of John.

Adams Mary B., (Proctorsville) r 5, widow of Proctor.

ADAMS PRESCOTT, (Proctorsville) r 5, (Fullam & Adams,) prop. sawmill, and farmer 60.

Amsden Henry H., Cavendish) r 6, with Alpheus Sargent, farmers 240.

Archer Abner, (Proctorsville) laborer, h Main st.

Atherton Clesson C., (Proctorsville) finisher at Crescent Mills, bds Eagle Hotel.

ATHERTON EVERETT H., (Cavendish) r 32, prop. saw and grist mill, dealer in flour, feed and grain, manuf. and dealer in lumber, and farmer 3.

ATHERTON JOSEPH S., (Amsden) r 14 cor 38, farmer 150.

Atherton Joseph Vanness, (Cavendish) r 32, dairy 30 cows, and farmer 600. 

Atherton Roxana, (Cavendish) r 32, widow of Jonathan, aged 86.

Atherton Walter B., (Cavendish) r 32, son of Everett H.

Atwood Wesley, (Proctorsville) weaver, h Main.


Bailey Caroline, (Proctorsville) widow of Jonas P., h Depot st.

Bailey Edna P., r 23, widow of Stephen.

Bailey Henry S., (Cavendish) r 42, wheelwright and machinist.

Bailey Joseph, (Cavendish) r 42, laborer.

Bailey Philander, (Proctorsville) r 45, wool grower 150 sheep, and farmer 200. 

Baldwin Edgerton, (Proctorsville) r 23, carpenter, and farmer 55.

Baldwin Maria L., (Proctorsville) r 23, widow of Andrews.

BARRETT CHARLES F., (Proctorsville) probate register for Windsor district, justice of the peace, fire insurance agent, h Main.

Bartlett John, (Cavendish) r 32, laborer.

Bates James H., (Proctorsville) r 5, winter residence 206 Schemerhorn street, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Battey Harvey C., (Proctorsville) supt of weaving room at Crescent Mills, h Main.

Battey H. H., (Proctorsville) weaver at Crescent Mills, bds Main.

Belcher Henry J., (Cavendish) r 18, farmer 180.

Belknap Ira E., (Cavendish) r 35 cor 33, with H. S. Kingsbury, owns cidermill.

BENT CORNELIA E., (Cavendish) widow of Walker M., job printer, and dealer in drugs, medicines, confectionery, etc., Main, h do.

Bent Samuel, (Cavendish) dealer in fish and oysters, Main, h do.

Bigelow Betsey S., (Proctorsville) r 1, widow of Norman C., dairy 15 cows, and farmer 200.

Blake Caleb C., (Cavendish) r 52, farmer 60.

Blood Albert S., (Proctorsville) farms for Albin G. 334 acres, Main.

Blood Albin G., (Proctorsville) dealer in Kemp's manure spreader, farmer
334, h Main. 

BLOOD IVORY, (Cavendish) retired farmer, aged 75. 

Bond Alvira, (Proctorsville) r 5, widow of William, Jr., aged 74. 

BOND GILMAN, (Proctorsville) r 5, dealer in hides and pelts, and farmer 50. 

BOND JOSEPH S., (Proctorsville) r 23, prop. grist and saw mills, farmer 1 1/2. 

Bradish Hosea, (Proctorsville) r 44, retired farmer 1/2. 

BRAGG FRANK L. R., (Cavendish) general mechanic and barber, h Main, 

Bragg Lewis, (Cavendish) farm laborer, h Main. 

Brown Nelson H., (Cavendish) r 42, opulist. 

Brown Swett F., (Proctorsville) r 43, Baptist minister, and farmer, leases of Sarah D. Freeman and Mrs. S. F. Brown 100. 

BUCK ELBRIDGE M., (Cavendish) att'y at law, bds with Milo S. 

Buck Elmer, (Felchville) r 15, farmer 200. 

BUCK MILOS., (Cavendish) att'y and counselor at law, insurance agent. 

Buck Philamon A., (Felchville) r 15, retired farmer, aged 73 years. 

BURBANK ALBIN S., (Proctorsville) 1st selectman, manager Crescent Mills, h Main. 

Burke John, (Proctorsville) assistant dyer at Crescent Mills, bds Main st. 

Burke Ulick, Proctorsville) r 43, dyer at Crescent Mills. 

Burlingame William, (Proctorsville) farm laborer. 

Butler Henry, (Proctorsville) r 43, laborer. 


Cady Henry H., (Felchville) r 9, prop. saw-mill. 

Cady James B., (Felchville) r 9, farmer 150. 

Carlton Charles, (Cavendish) r 3 r, farmer 50. 

Carrier George H., (Cavendish) section hand C. V. R. R., Main st. 

Cass Elizabeth, (Proctorsville) widow of G. L., resident, bds Depot. 

CHAPMAN FRIEND, (Cavendish) farmer 190, h Main. 

Chase Charles P., (Proctorsville) teamster, h Main st. 

Chase Rhoda, (Proctorsville) widow of Chivey J., h Main st. 

Cherrier Alfred, (Cavendish) r 51, weaver. 

Church Sylvia, (Proctorsville) widow of Daniel, h Main. 

Clark Henry H., (Proctorsville) r 44, farm laborer. 

Conant Philinda, (Proctorsville) r 42, resident. 

Connelly Mary. (Cavendish) r 49, widow of William, farmer 150. 

Connelly William, (Cavendish) r 49, farms Wm. Connolly estate of 150 acres. 

Converse Justin C., (Proctorsville) off r 4, farmer 50. 

Conway Charles, (Proctorsville) laborer, h Main. 

COOK MERRILL A., (Proctorsville) general blacksmith, wagon maker, Depot st., h do. 

Cook Silas J., (Proctorsville) r 23, farmer 180. 

Coolidge John, (Proctorsville) r 44, retired farmer. 

Craigue Saxon A., (Cavendish) shoemaker, h Main. 

CRESCENT MILLS, (Proctorsville) A. S. Burbank, manager, Main st. 


Dalrymple George, (Proctorsville) r 43, laborer. 

Dalrymple John, (Proctorsville) carpenter and joiner, h Main st. 

Davis Edward, (Cavendish) r 31, laborer. 

Davis Eva L., (Cavendish) widow of Sumner B. 

DAVIS GEORGE F. Gen., (Cavendish) trustee of Vermont Academy, breeder of pure blood Jersey cattle, manuf. of cider vinegar, and farmer 500. 

Davis Joel, (Cavendish) r 18, farmer, leases of Cornelia Densmore 200. 

Davis John, (Cavendish) r 27 cor 31, farmer 140.

Davy Harry, (Proctorsville) r 25, currier and spinner.

Davy James, (Proctorsville) harness maker, and vocalist, Main, h do.

DEANE JOHN F. HON., (Cavendish) attorney and counselor at law, Main, h do.

Densmore Abram, (Cavendish) r 20. farmer 375.

Densmore Ebenezer S., (Felchville) r 10, farmer 280.

Densmore Wilber H., (Cavendish) r 20, farmer, son of Abram.

Downs Nancy, (Cavendish) widow of James, h Main.

Drosia Edward, (Proctorsville) r 43, works in woolen mill.

Dugan Michael, (Proctorsville) laborer, h Main.

Duggan Frank, (Proctorsville) weaver, h Main.

Dunn Anson W., (Proctorsville) town agent, manuf. of cheese and cheese boxes.

Dunn Mary S., (Proctorsville) r 42, resident.

Dunster Amos, (Cavendish) r 39, laborer.

DUTTON SARAH J., (Cavendish) widow of Salmon, resident; aged 76, h Main.


EAGLE HOTEL, (Proctorsville) Asa W. Putnam, prop., Main, livery connected.

Earl Henry C., (Proctorsville) r 21, farmer.

Earl William, (Cavendish) r 40, carpenter and joiner.

Eastman Alfred, (Cavendish) r 28, retired carpenter.

Eaton Albert S., (Cavendish) r 28, farmer, for Daniel Kendall 133.

Eaton Anna, (Cavendish) r 42, widow of Joseph W.

Eaton Joseph, (Cavendish) r 42, retired farmer.

Ellis Lorenzo, (Proctorsville) farmer, h Depot.

ELY FRANCIS W., (Cavendish) r 42, breeder of Jersey cattle and Merino sheep, and farmer 165.

Ely Frank D., (Cavendish) r 42, son of F. W.

Ely Richard S., (Cavendish) r 42, son of F. W.

EMERY SANFORD E., (Proctorsville) r 25, agent for New Home sewing machine, and channel can creamery.

ENRIGHT ARCHIBALD B., (Proctorsville) pastor M. E. church, supt. of schools, h Main.


Fagan Lawrence, (Proctorsville) night watchman at Crescent Mills, h Depot.

Fagan Thomas, (Proctorsville) retired, h Depot.

Farr Horace, (Proctorsville) r 27, cloth finisher, and farmer 6.

Farr Russell, (Proctorsville) laborer, h Main.

Farrar Allen A.; (Cavendish) r 36, laborer.

Fitch Esther D., (Cavendish) widow of Chapin D.

Fitch Samuel, (Proctorsville) works in Crescent Mills, h Main.

Fitton Robert, (Proctorsville) resident, h Main.

FLETCHER HENRY A., (Proctorsville) town representative, farmer 470, h Main.

FLETCHER RYLAND HON., (Proctorsville) ex governor, retired, h Main.

Foster Francis D., (Proctorsville) farmer J.

Foster Isaac, (Proctorsville) r 43, laborer.

Foster Levi E., (Cavendish) r 34, farm laborer.

Foster Robert, (Proctorsville) weaver, bds Depot.

Freeman Joseph Rev. D. D., (Proctorsville) r 43 Baptist minister.

Freeman Sarah D., (Proctorsville) r 42, with Mrs. S. F. Brown, owns farm of 100 acres.

French Valeria, (Proctorsville) widow of Calvin, aged 73, residence Main.

Frink John W., (Proctorsville) helper in Crescent woolen mills, h. Main. 

Fuller James, (Cavendish) r 32, laborer. 

FULLAM ALBERT L., (Proctorsville) r 22, farmer 85. 

Fullam Roxana, (Proctorsville) r 22, widow of Sullivan B., aged 74. 

FULLAM WALLACE S., (Proctorsville) r 23, dairy 14 cows, farmer 157. 


GAMMON HENRY P., (Proctorsville) general blacksmith, horse shoeing a specialty, Main, h do. 

Gilson John, (Cavendish) r 6, farmer 200. This farm was settled in 1770 by Capt. Coffren. 

Gilson Juan F., (Cavendish) r 19, farmer 165. 

Gilson Sallie, (Cavendish) r 42, widow of Jacob, aged 86 years. 

Gleason Patrick, (Cavendish) r 27, dairy 10 cows, sugar orchard 400 trees, farmer 210. 

Graves Ambrose E., (Proctorsville) r 21, farmer, with Mrs. H. C. Earle and Mrs. Graves 80 acres. 

Graves Emery N., (Cavendish) r 35 cor 33, farmer 25. 

Green James P., (Proctorsville) r 23, farmer, son of Joshua P. 

Green John H., (South Reading) r 6, farmer 200. 

GREEN JOSHUA P., (Proctorsville) r 23, sugar orchard 400 trees, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 168. 

Green Norman N., (South Reading) r 6, son of John H. 

GROUT HENRY, (Cavendish) r 37, farmer 140. 

GROUT WILLIAM W., (Felchville) r 13, farmer 60. 

Grover William F., (Cavendish) (H. S. Pierce & Co.) 


Hager Charles C., (Proctorsville) r 44, weaver, at Crescent Mills. 

Hager S. Augusta, (Proctorsville) r 44. 

HAMMOND ORVILLE H., (Proctorsville) book keeper at Crescent Mills, h Depot st. 

Hardy Joseph, (Cavendish) r 52, farmer 114. 

HARDY RYLAND, (Cavendish) r 34, farmer 280. 

Haskins Edwin C., (Proctorsville) laborer. 

Haven Frank, (Proctorsville) r 23, farmer 105. 

Hayward, Taft & Co., (W. E. Hayward, Uxbridge, Mass.; L. H. Taft, Boston, Mass.; and A. S. Burbank, Proctorsville,) props. of Crescent Mills, and manufs. and dealers of woolen cloths, also manufs. of wooden boxes. 

Heald Frank E., (Cavendish) r 20, farmer 150. 

Heald Otis M., (Cavendish) r 21, farmer 190. 

Hemenway Isaac, (Cavendish) r 28 cor 29, farmer 16. 

Hemenway Otis J., (Cavendish) r 36, farmer 46. 

HENRY FOSTER, (Cavendish) pastor of Baptist church, h Main 

Hibbard Samuel, (Cavendish) r 42, clerk. 

Hickory Frank, (Cavendish) r 31, wood chopper. 

Hickory Joseph, (Cavendish) r 51, laborer. 

Hickory Nelson, (Cavendish) r 31, wood chopper. 

Hicks Lewis, (Cavendish) r 34, farm laborer. 

Hiland Alonzo, (Felchville) r 14, farmer 132. 

HILL GEORGE S., (Proctorsville) town treasurer, justice of the peace, and president of the National Black River Bank, h Main. 

Hodgman Mary, (Proctorsville) widow of Melvin. 

Howard George M. R., (Cavendish) r 31, manuf. of bobbins and mops, and farmer 250. 

HUBBARD ANN, (Proctorsville) widow of George, h depot boarding house. 

Hutchinson John S., (Felchville) r 14, laborer.


James Bellody, (Proctorsville) r 43, farmer 5. 

Jeffs George, (Proctorsville) r 21, farmer, farms for Mrs. Jeffs 200. 

Jenne Henry N., (Proctorsville) dealer in live stock, h Depot. 

JOHNSON FREDERICK W., (Proctorsville) manuf. and dealer in boots and shoes, confectionery, choice family groceries, tobacco, cigars, etc., Depot, h do. 


Kelley Frank, (Cavendish) r 40, laborer. 

Kemp Milton V., (Cavendish) r 31, blacksmith and laborer. 

Kendall Daniel, (Cavendish) r 28, dairy 10 cows, farmer 133. 

KENDALL WILLIAM, (Cavendish) r 37 1/2, 3d selectman, and farmer 180. 

Kenworthy Robert, (Proctorsville) wool carder, h Main. 

KINGSBURY HOMERS., (Cavendish) r 33, apiarist 0 swarms, with W. M. farmer 191, and with Ira E. Belknap owns cider mill. 

Knight Preston, (Cavendish) r 41, farmer, leases of George W. White 160. 


Langworthy Fred, (Cavendish) r 32, teamster. 

Langworthy John, (Cavendish) r 31, farmer 9. 

LA MOTT ALBERT, (Proctorsville) spinner at Crescent Mills, h Main. 

Lane Thomas B., (Felchville) r 8, farmer 150. 

LAWRENCE FRANK, (Cavendish) r 37 1/2, works for W. Kendall. 

Legacy William, (Proctorsville) r 43, wood chopper. 

Legacy William, Jr., (Proctorsville) r 43, laborer. 

Lewis John, (Proctorsville) laborer, h Main. 

Lockwood Varnum, (Cavendish) r 42, retired, aged 80 years. 

LORD HANNAH S., (Cavendish) widow of Nathaniel, h Main. 

Lovejoy Leroy S., (Proctorsville) laborer, h Depot. 

Lovell William. (Cavendish) r 32, laborer. 


Madison John, (Proctorsville) resident, h Main. 

Malony James, (Proctorsville) r 44, retired cloth dresser. 

Malony Michael, (Proctorsville) r 44, cloth finisher. 

MANSFIELD BYRON W., (Proctorsville) 1st constable, prop of livery stable, Main, h Depot. 

Mason Frank, (Cavendish) r 18, farmer. 

MASON HENRY W., (Proctorsville) r 43, carriage, sign, ornamental and scene painter. 

Mason William A., (Cavendish) r 18, farmer 92. 

Matava John, (Proctorsville) spinner at Crescent Mills, h Depot. 

McCullough Fred, (Proctorsville) r 44, with M. Stewart, prop. meat market, dealer in live stock, and farmer 100. 

McDonald Belinda, (Proctorsville) r 43, widow of Alexander. 

McDONALD JOHN, (Proctorsville) r 43, engineer at Crescent Mills. 

McDONALD JOHN K., (Proctorsville) engineer at Crescent Mills, h Main. 

McNulty John, (Proctorsville) laborer, h Depot st. 

Merrill Daniel, (Proctorsville) overseer spinning room at Crescent Mills, h Main. 

Merrill Sanford, (Cavendish) r 41, mechanic in Howard's toy shop. 

Middleton Charles, (Proctorsville) wool sorter, h Main st. 

Middleton Thomas; (Proctorsville) wool sorter, h Main st. 

Miller Ann, (Cavendish) r 18, widow of C. H., farmer 16. 

Miller Elijah, (Proctorsville) r 27, retired farmer, aged 81 years. 

Moody Ellen L. (Proctorsville) weaver, h Main st. 

Moody Josiah F., (Proctorsville) r 42, farm laborer. 

Moore Armin E., (Proctorsville) laborer, bds Main. 

Moore Franklin C., (Proctorsville) (Moore & Pollard) Main cor Depot. 

Moore Oliver H., (Cavendish) r 50, laborer, h and 1 acre. 

Moore & Pollard, (Proctorsville) (Franklin C. M. and Fred D. P.) dealers in general merchandise, Main cor Depot.

Morrison William L., (Cavendish) farmer 34, in Chester 150, h Main.

Morse Ira, (Proctorsville) r 43, marble worker, farmer 1 1/2, aged 82 years.

Morse Milton A., (Proctorsville) r 26, farmer, leases of F. Moore, of Brattleboro, Windham Co., 190.

Muller Alexander, (Cavendish) r 51, section hand C. V. R. R.


NATIONAL BLACK RIVER BANK, (Proctorsville) Geo. S. Hill, pres.; Chas. W. Whitcomb, cashier. Capital $50,000, surplus $24,750, Depot st.

Norton Hollis, (Proctorsville) r 43, laborer.


Ordway David, (Proctorsville) r 23, retired farmer, aged 88 years.

ORDWAY ZEPHANIAH K., (Proctorsville) r 23, retired, aged 84 years, farmer 150.


PAFF FRED C., (Proctorsville) butcher, h Main. (Moved to Ludlow.)

Paige George, (Proctorsville) laborer, h Depot st.

Paige Timothy, (Proctorsville) wool dyer, h Main st.

PARKER CHARLES I)., (Proctorsville) (Parker & Piper) 2d selectman, and farmer 240 with N. G. Piper, 425 acres wild land, h Main.

Parker Jacob F., (Cavendish) r 19, farmer.

Parker Jacob S., (Cavendish) r 19, agent Wood mowing machine, Yankee horse rake, and farmer 260.

Parker Leonard F., (Felchville) r 10, farmer, leases of Roswell Downer 150. 

Parker Sallie Miss, (Proctorsville) aged 86, h Depot st.

Parker & Piper, (Proctorsville) (C. D. P. and N. G. Piper,) prop. of sawmill in town of Plymouth, and manuf. and dealer in lath, lumber, etc.

Parkhurst Mary E., (Cavendish) widow of Josiah G., dressmaker, h Main.

Peck Almon, (Proctorsville) farmer 6, h Main.

Peck Alvah, (Cavendish) law student, with J. F. Deane, bds Main.

Peck Chary, (Cavendish) r 7, widow of Alvah.

Peck Christopher, (Cavendish) r 7, with Ira, farmer 275.

Peck Ira, (Cavendish) r 7, with Christopher, farmer 275.

Perkins Sylvester, (Proctorsville) manuf. of saw horses, clothes frames, chair stock, etc., h Main.

PIERCE ALVIN T., (Cavendish) (H. S. Pierce & Co.)

PIERCE ELIZA A., (Cavendish) widow of Nathaniel B., h Main.

Pierce Franklin L., (Proctorsville) r 5, farmer 2.

PIERCE H. S. & CO., (Cavendish) (Horatio S. P., Alva T. P., and Wm. F. Grover,) dealers in general merchandise.

Pierce Horatio S., (Cavendish) (H. S. Pierce & Co.)

Piper Nelson G., (Proctorsville) (Parker & Piper,) h Main.

Piper Collins L., (Proctorsville) r 42, dealer in general merchandise.

POLLARD DUN C., (Proctorsville) town lister, overseer of the poor, fire insurance agent for Hartford, Phoenix of Hartford, Phoenix of Brookline, and Springfield fire and marine; dealer in flour, feed, grass seed and grain, nails, produce, hides, pelts, etc., h Main.

Pollard Fred D., (Proctorsville) (Moore & Pollard,) bds Main.

PRATT CHARLES, (Cavendish) r 31, carpenter and joiner.

Pratt James E., (Proctorsville) laborer.

Pratt Luke, (Cavendish) r 7, farmer.

Pratt Luther, (Cavendish) r 7 farmer 400.

Proctor Betsey, (Proctorsville) r 42, widow of Amasa.

Proctor Frank W., (Cavendish) r 34, son of F. S.

Proctor Fred H., (Cavendish) r 34, son of F. S.

PROCTOR FREEDOM S., (Cavendish) r 34, breeder of Jersey and Durham cattle, Chester White hogs, dairy 19 cows, farmer 130, and farms estate of Amasa 340 acres.

Proctor Stillman, (Cavendish) r 34, retired farmer, aged 83.

PUTNAM ASA N., (Proctorsville) prop. Eagle Hotel, Main st., good livery connected.


Quinn Frederick L., (Cavendish) r 7, farmer 140.


Raistrick John Y., (Proctorsville) supt. of carding room at Crescent Mills, h Main.

Real Joseph. (Cavendish) laborer, h Main.

Reed Allen, (Felchville) r 13, laborer.

Reed Elbridge, (Felchville) r 13, laborer.

Richardson William N., (Cavendish) winter residence Boston, Mass., owns farm 130.

Riggs Achsoh, (Proctorsville) r 43, resident.

Rist Samuel, (Proctorsville) r 3, farmer 75

RIST WALLACE S., (Cavendish) r 20, farmer 100, and supt, of town farm.

ROBBINS OTIS, (Cavendish) retired merchant, aged 78 years.

Rogers Marshall, (Cavendish) r 19, farmer, leases of Andrew Parker, of Reading, 75 acres.

Rollins George, (Proctorsville) r 44, Weaver.

Ross Helen M., (Proctorville) resident, h Main st.

Ross Surry, (Proctorsville) retired farmer, aged 87 years, h Main st.

Rumrell Calvin, (Felchville) r 12, farmer 100.

Russell Lewis, (Cavendish) r 16, farmer 50.

RUSSELL RICHARD, (Cavendish) r 35, sugar orchard 400 trees, farmer 100.

Russell Urial, (Cavendish) r 41, dealer in wood and lumber, and farmer 900.


Sanders Ella C., (Cavendish) r 20, school teacher.

SANDERS GEORGE A., (Proctorville) r 21, farmer 200.

Sanders Henry, (Cavendish) laborer, h Main st.

Sanders James R., (Cavendish) r 20, farmer.

Sanders Luceba I., (Cavendish) widow of David, h Main.

Sanders Lucy A. (Cavendish) r 20, widow of Lorenzo N., with the heirs of Lorenzo N. owns farm 150,

SANDERS MYRON N., (Cavendish) r 20, farmer.

Sargent Alpheus, (Cavendish) r 6, with Henry H. Amsden, farmer 240.

Scales Chester, (Proctorsville) r 25, laborer.

Scales James, (Proctorsville) r 25, farmer.

Seaver John R., (Proctorsville) station agent C. V. R. R., telegraph operator, express agent, farmer 5, and pasture land 70 acres, h Depot st.

Shattuck Albert, (Proctorsville) r 44, laborer.

Shaw Benjamin, (Proctorsville) spinner, h Main.

SHAW WILLIAM, (Proctorsville) r 44, leather finisher, h and 2 acres.

Sheldon Duane C., (Proctorsville) factory operative, h Main.

Smith Jerusha, (Proctorsville) widow, h Main.

Smith Johanna, (Cavendish) r 42, aged 77.

SMITH ROSWELL, (Cavendish) wool sorter at Crescent Mills, h Main.

SMITH WILLIAM. (Proctorsville) r 1 cor 2, dairy 18 cows, justice of the peace, and farmer 250.

SPAFFORD GEORGE, (Cavendish) allo. physician and surgeon, president of Conn. Valley Medical society.

Sparks Henry D., (Cavendish) laborer.

Spaulding Albert L., (Proctorsville) r 23, farmer.

Spaulding Allen, (Proctorsville) retired farmer 500, aged 78.

Spaulding Allen B., (Cavendish) laborer, h Main.

Spaulding Artemas, (Proctorsville) r 25, farmer 150.

Spaulding Ashton, (Proctorsville) r 4, farmer 52.

Spaulding Calvin W., (Cavendish) r 42, general blacksmith.

Spaulding Charles C., (Proctorsville) r 44, laborer.

SPAULDING CHARLES E., (Cavendish) r 52, farmer 400.

SPAULDING CHARLES L., (Proctorsville) r 31, farmer 140.

Spaulding Gilbert J., (Proctorsville) r 43, farmer 100.

Spaulding Henry, (Cavendish) laborer.

Spaulding Jackson, (Cavendish) laborer, h and lot on Main.

Spaulding Ozro I., (Proctorsville) r 5, farmer 30.

Spaulding Peter K., (Proctorsville) r 23, farmer 165, farms for Z. K. Ordway 150.

Spaulding Phineas W., (Proctorsville) r 4, farmer 73.

Spaulding Rufus, (Proctorsville) r 23, dairy 20 cows, farmer 150.

SPAULDING SARAH A., (Proctorsville) widow of Jesse C., h Main.

Spaulding William A., (Cavendish) r 40, retired, owns in Chester with Merrill Stevens 140.

Spear Fidelia, (Cavendish) r 42, widow of Phineas, aged 83.

Sperry William J. C., (Cavendish) painter and paper hanger, h Main.

Stearns Alex., (Proctorsville) woolen dresser at Crescent Mills, h Main.

STEARNS CHRISTOPHER W., (Cavendish) r 18, dairy 10 cows, dealer in live stock, and farmer 375.

Stearns Dan F., (Cavendish) r 17 cor 28, farmer 40.

Stearns John, (Cavendish) r 42, farm laborer.

Stevens _____, (Proctorsville) r 43, laborer.

Stewart Alexander, (Proctorsville) r 21, retired farmer, aged 80 years.

Stewart James, (Proctorsville) r 25, laborer.

STEWART MATTHEW, (Proctorsville) r 44, prop of meat market, dealer in lumber, and farmer 60.

Stewart Samuel, (Felchville) r 12, farmer 2.

Stoddard Charles, (Proctorsville) r 27, farmer.

STODDARD CHESELTON, (Proctorsville) r 45, sugar orchard 600 trees, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 160.

STORY DARWIN R., (Proctorsville) allo. physician and surgeon, prudential school committeeman, prest. of Allen Dist. Fire Relief Co., h Depot st.

Streeter Allen, (Felchville) r 12, farmer 75.

SWIFT ELLIOTT J., (Cavendish) retired farmer, aged 78, h Main.

Swift Ryland, (Cavendish) r 48, farmer 90.


Tarbell Charles, (Cavendish) r 51, laborer.

Taylor Gifford, (Proctorsville) mason, h Main.

Taylor Alvin, (Proctorsville) r 44, retired tanner and currier, shoemaker, and apiarist 15 swarms.

Taylor James H., (Amsden) r 38 cor 13, farmer 208.

TAYLOR KENDALL, (Proctorsville) postmaster, and dealer in millinery, fancy goods, stationary, etc., librarian for Proctorsville Library Association, Depot st.

Taylor Martha S., (Proctorsville) milliner, Depot st.

Thomas Fuller A., (Felchville) r 12, farmer 2.

Thomas Mary, (Felchvilie) r 12, widow of Anson.

Thompson Horace, (Cavendish.) r 40, general mechanic, and farmer 15.

Thompson Lucinda, (Proctorsville) widow of Orrin, h Main.

Thompson Warren, (Cavendish) r 31, laborer.

Tiarney Martha, (Proctorsville) widow of James, h Main.

Todd Hezekiah W., (Proctorsville) r 43, building mover.

TODD SIMON P., (Proctorsville) r 43, carpenter and wagon maker, h and 1 acre.

Tripp Joshua, (Proctorsville) farmer 40, h Main.

Tupper John M., (Cavendish) r 37, farmer 225.


Walker Sarah A., (Proctorsville) widow of Alfred, h Depot st.

Walker Woodbury J., (Cavendish) r 32, teamster.

Wallis James, (Cavendish) farmer 11, near Main.

Walsh Patrick, (Cavendish) r 52, farmer 125.

Ward Charles I,., (Cavendish) station agent C. V. R. R., agt. United States and Canada express, and telegraph operator.

Ward Seaman, (Cavendish) millwright, h Main.

Warfield Charles, (Cavendish) laborer, h Main.

WEEKS LUTHER 0., (Proctorsville) r 3, sugar orchard 500 trees, farmer 102; soldier in Co. F, 6th Vt. Regiment.

Wheeler Daniel H., (Proctorsville) r 4, retired merchant, aged 67.

WHEELER FRANK H., (Proctorsville) r 4, breeder of Jersey cattle, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 287.

Wheelock Alfred, (Proctorsville) r 1, cooper, and farmer 82.

Whitcomb Asa W., (Cavendish) formerly clerk in C. V. R. R. office at Bellows, Falls, h Main.

WHITCOMB CHARLES W., (Cavendish) cashier of National Black River bank, bds Main.

Whitcomb Frank, (Cavendish) laborer, h Main.

Whitcomb James H., (Cavendish) r 42, retired shoemaker, aged 72.

Whitcomb Volney O., (Cavendish) r 42, shoe cutter.

White C. B. & E. G., (Cavendish) (Charles B. and Elliott G.) dealers in groceries, provisions, etc.

White Charles B., (Cavendish) (C. B. & E. G.) owns in Weathersfield farm of 20 acres.

White Ellen L., (Cavendish) r 40, widow of Joseph A.

WHITE ELLIOTT G., (Cavendish) (C. B. & E. G.) postmaster, town clerk, librarian for Fletcher town library, agent for Boston & Northern Bell Telephone Co.

WHITE GEORGE W., (Cavendish) r 41, farmer 160.

White Herman, (Cavendish) laborer, near Main.

Whitney Alonzo, (Cavendish) r 41, laborer.

Whitney Aseph, (Cavendish) r 35, retired farmer, aged 79.

Whitney Isaac, (Cavendish) farmer, leases of C. W. Goodrich, of North Springfield, about 75 acres, h Main.

Wiley Andrew A., (Cavendish) r 40, dairy 8 cows, farmer 140.

Wiley Emma, (Proctorsville) widow of George E., teacher of painting and drawing.

Willard Luke, (Proctorsville) carpenter, h Depot.

Willard Orrin A., (Cavendish) carpenter and joiner, h Main.

Willey Benjamin, (Proctorsville) laborer, h Main.

WILLEY LOUISA, (Proctorsville) (Mrs. Benjamin) private boarding house, Main.

WILSON AUSTIN J., (Cavendish) r 37, farmer 85.

Wilson Carter A., (Felchville) r 13, laborer. 

Wilson Hiram E., (Cavendish) r 18, farm laborer. 

Wilson Sylvester, (Felchville) r 13, farmer 100. 

Wilson Thomas J., (Cavendish) r 41, retired farmer, aged 76. 

Wilson William W., (Cavendish) r 18, farmer 100. 

Wright Luther E., (Proctorsville) farmer 206, bds Eagle Hotel. 

Wyman Charles, (Cavendish) r 42, section master C. V. R. R. 


Young Joseph, (Cavendish) r 51, section hand C. V. R. R.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of 
Windsor County, Vt. For 1883-84 
Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child 
Printed At The Journal Office, Syracuse, N. Y, 1884. 
Pages 325-335. 

Transcribed by Karima Allison ~ 2006