Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1. Name of individual or firm. 

2. Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3. The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4. Business or occupation. 

5. A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7. Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS. Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; emp., .employee; fac. op., factory operative; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; Mfg., manufacturing; N., north; n., near; opp. opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; regt., regiment; S., south; supt., superintendent; W., west.

The word street is implied.


Alexander Lotica Miss. (Williston) r 33, manuf. of cider, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 156.

Allen David, (Burlington) r 17, farmer 17.

Allen Dean, (Williston) r 22, resident.

Allen Hannah Mrs., (Essex junction) r 3, farmer 5.

Allen Hiram, (Williston) r 22, laborer.

Allen Zina F., (Williston) r 12, farmer 71.

Atherton Orpha Mrs., (Williston) r 29, h and lot.

Austin George, (Essex junction) r 17, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 17.


Babcock Horace, (Williston) r 42, farmer r 110.

Baker Francis, (Williston) r 23, laborer, 3 acres.

Baldwin Curtis, (St. George) r 43, veterinary surgeon, and farmer 5.

Barber Henry F., (Williston) r 12, meat market.

Barney Jonathan L., (N. Williston) r 12, watchmaker, owns 20 acres.

Bartomy Austin, (Burlington) r 30, laborer.

Barton Edward, (Williston), r 11, laborer.

Bates George, (Essex junction) r 2 con 3, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 75.

Bates John H., (N. Williston) r 8, ticket, freight, and express agent Central Vt. R. R., and W. U. telegraph operator.

BEACH EDGAR S., (Williston) r 13, carpenter and Joiner.

Berry John C., (Williston) r 38, dairy 10 cows, and farmer.

Betty Homer, (Williston) r 25, dairy 67 cows, farmer 428.

Betty John, (Williston) r 25, aged 79.

Bing George W., (W1illiston) r 22, farm laborer.

BINGHAM ALBERT L., (Williston) r 22 cor 26, allo. physician and surgeon, and farmer 10.

BISHOP LEET A., (Williston) r 22, overseer of the poor, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 105.

Bliss Albert A., (Essex junction) r 1, superintendent of town farm 200 acres.

BLISS ALANSON, (Williston) near r 22, farmer 6, aged 82.

Bliss Clement P., (Essex junction) r 4, shoemaker.

Bliss George J., (Williston) r 22, blacksmith.

Bliss John, (Williston) r 12, blacksmith.

Bliss Wait C., (Essex junction) r 4, farmer 50.

Bombard George, (Essex junction) r 44, laborer.

Bomety Eli, (Williston) r 12, laborer.

BRADLEY ALSON E., (Williston) r 41, farmer 20.

Bradley Martin, (Williston) r 33, dairy 21 cows, and farmer 230.

Bradley Oras, (Williston) r 27, manuf. cider, dairy 16 cows, and farmer 150.

Bradley Sarah C. Mrs., (Williston) r 26, farmer 27 1/2.

Bradley Willis F., (Williston) r 12, farm laborer.

Bro ____ Mrs., (North Williston) r 7, h and lot.

Brothers Henry, (Williston) r 11, farmer 4.

Brown Bertram F., (N. Williston) r 7, wheelwright, and farmer 11. 

Brown Byron, (North Williston) works for R. B. Brown & Son.

Brown Byron B., (North Williston) r 6, foreman butter and lard tub manuf.

BROWN GARDNER G., (Burlington) r 29, farmer 83.

BROWN HIRAM C., (Burlington) r 29, son of G. G., farmer.

Brown Nehemiah L., (Williston) r 22, blind, owns h and 1 acre.

Brown R. B. & Son, (North Williston) (Reed B., deceased, and Roswell,) r 8, manufs. of butter tubs.

Brown Roswell, (North Williston) R. B. & Son, r 8.

Brown William, (Williston) r 25, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 124.

BROWN WILLIAM H., (Burlington) r 29, son of Gardner G., farmer.

BROWNELL CHAUNCEY W., (Essex junction) r 44, dairy 125 cows, and farmer 1,500.

BROWNELL EDWARD, (Essex junction) r 3, apiarist and grower of seed potatoes, dairy 18 cows, and farmer, leases of Emma 233.

Brownell Elias, (Essex junction) r 2, agent for D. B. Wooster's creamery, and seed potato grower.

Brownell Emma Miss, (Essex junction) r 3, school teacher, owns 425 acres.

Brownell Horace, (Essex Junction) r 2, laborer.

BROWNELL J. LESTER, (Essex junction) r 44, farmer, son of Chauncey W.

Brownell Laura L., (Essex junction) r 3, school teacher.

BRYANT JAMES, (Williston) r 22 cor 13, wheelwright, and carpenter and joiner.

Burke Gordon, (Williston) r 22, wheelwright, 1 acre.

Burke James, (Williston) r 22, blacksmith, and farmer 13.

Burke Michael, (Williston) r 22, farmer 1.

Burnet William, (Williston) r 21, dairy 14 cows, and farmer 115. 

BUSHNELL ALVAH (N. Williston) r 7, retired farmer, aged 88.

Bushnell Hiram, (N. Williston) r 12, farmer 8, aged 84.

BUSHNELL JESSE H., (North Williston) r 10, dairy 20 cows, breeder of Jersey cattle, and farmer 133.

BUSHNELL NELSON, (N. Williston) r 7, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 115. 

Byington Adelia W., (Williston) r 13, widow of Norman, owns 4 acres.


Cadue Joseph, (N. Williston) r 8, fireman, engineer for Williston Mill Co.

Cady Theodore, (N. Williston) on pent road, agent for the Mosely creamery and Stoddard churn, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 115. 

Cady T. Watson, (N. Williston) on pent road, son of Theodore, farmer.

Carpenter Peter, (Burlington) r 18, owns house in Burlington.

CASWELL SEYMOUR A., (N. Williston) r 12 cor 11, dairy 20 cows, breeder of grade cattle, and farmer 136.

CHAPIN LORENZO J., (Williston) r 5 cor 6, constable, agent for all kinds of agricultural implements, and farmer 185.

CHAPMAN GEORGE A. & SON, (N. Williston) r 8, grade Durham cattle, dairy 45 cows, and farmers 340.

Chapman Jacob M., (Williston) r 33, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 861.

CHAPMAN MARVIN W., (N. Williston) r 8, (George A. & Son).

Chapman Willard J., (St. George) r 49, laborer.

Charles Harry L., (Williston) r 12, mail carrier, aged 81, owns 12 acres.

Christmas Francis, (Williston) r 37, an old resident.

Christmas Frank, (Williston) r 48, farmer 5.

CLARK HIRAM A., (Williston) r 10 cor 9, town representative, breeder of Jersey cattle, dairy 100 cows, and farmer 700.

Clark Jason,.(Williston) r 22, stock grower, and farmer 275.

Clark Martha A., (Williston) r 22, widow of Philo.

Cleveland Rosamond, (Williston) r 22, widow of Parker.

COLE EDWARD H., (North Williston) r 8, general blacksmith, and breeder of game fowls, spangles, blue, red, and Heathwood pit fowls a specialty. 

Coleman Albert R, (Williston) r 43, teamster 

Collins James, (Burlington) r 30, farmer 50. 

Conlon Patrick, (Williston) r 29, farmer 85. 

Connor Barney, (Williston) r 26, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 70. 

Connor Wells, (Williston) r 15, laborer. 

Connor Willie L., (Williston) r 26, farmer 20. 

Cooper Alden S. Rev., (Williston) r 22, superannuated M. E. minister, and farmer 16. 

Courtney William H., (Williston) r 27, cheesemaker. 

CRANE HORATIO D., (Williston) r 12, carpenter and builder, and farmer 9. 

CRANE MANORRA A., (Williston) r 22, widow of Edwin R, farmer 6. 

Crimmins William, (Williston) r 26, laborer. 

Crowley Cornelius, (Williston) r 38, farmer with James Dower. 

CURTIS CHARLES, (Williston) r 36, pensioner of war of the Rebellion, owns r acre. 


Darling George H., (N. Williston) miller and millwright. 

DARLING LUCIA S., (Williston) r 25, dressmaker. 

Darling William H., (Williston) r 25, miller, and carpenter and joiner.

Davoid Charles, (N. Williston) r 6, laborer, owns h and 3 acres. 

Davoid Charles, (N. Williston) r G, laborer. 

Douglas Daniel, (Williston) r 11, father of Sheldon, aged 94. 

DOUGLAS SHELDON S., (Williston) r 11, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 100. 

DOUGLAS WILLIAM B., (Williston) r 29, dairy 40 cows, and farmer 400. 

DOWER JAMES N., (Williston) r 38, farmer 30. 

Downer Arthur J., (St. George) r 43, farmer 35. 

Downer Jerome P., (St. George) r 43, farmer 200. 

Duby Abraham, (Williston) r 23, aged 87. 

Dunbar George B., (N. Williston) r 8, miller. 

Dunlap Lorin E., (Williston) manufacturer of cheese at North Williston cheese factory.

Dyke Wesley O., (Williston) r 22, manuf. and dealer in patent medicines. 


Early John, (N. Williston) r 8, section boss on B. & L. R. R., prop: of grist and saw mill in Jericho, farmer 4, in Jericho 45, and in Underhill 75. 

Early Michael, (N. Williston) r 8, watchman on C. V. R. R. 

Early William, (N. Williston) r 8, section boss on C. V. R. R. 


Farnsworth Almon, (Williston) r. 26, laborer. 

Fay Alfred C., (N. Williston) r 7, dairy 40 cows, and farmer 275. 

FAY DANIEL B., (N. Williston) r 7, retired farmer. 

Fay Julia R, (N. Williston) widow of John M., dairy 30 cows, and farmer 270. 

FAY ROSWELL B., (N. Williston) 2 6, (Whitcomb & Fay). 

Fobes Ira L., (Williston) r 22, farmer, owns h and 4 acre. 

Forbes John, (Williston) r 22 cor 27, farmer 8. 

Forbes Robert R., (St George) r 42, farmer 100. 

*FOSTER LOYAL, (Williston) r 22, pharmacist, and farmer 8, and in New York 194 2/3. [Adv. on page 412.

FRASER EMMA MRS., (Williston) milliner. 

*FRASER THOMAS R, (Williston) manufacturer of harness. [Adv. on page 412.] 

Frederick John O., (Essex junction) r 4, miller, and farmer 50. 

Freeman Stephen, (N. Williston) r 7, laborer. 

Freer Patrick, (Williston) r 22, farmer 2.

French Lucian W., (Williston) r 9, foreman for R S. Taft. ,


Gallager Betty, (Williston) r 7 cor 10, farmer 4. 

Genett Joseph, (N. Williston) r 7, laborer, 3 acres. 

Gomo John, (N. Williston) r 8, sawyer. 

Gomo John, (N. Williston) r 8, laborer. 

Goodrich George, (Richmond) r 24, dairy 50 cows, and farmer 200. 

Goodrich Zephron, (Williston) r 48, farm laborer.

Gordon Louis, (Williston) r 23, laborer 1/2 acre.

Gove Cyrus, (Williston) r 12, miner.


HARRIS GILBERT, (Williston) (Wright & Harris) r 22, deputy postmaster, and manuf of and wholesale dealer in spruce lumber and cedar shingles, manufactured at St. Ridges Falls, N. Y., on St. Ridges River.

Hart Henry, (Williston) r 22, laborer, 1 acre.

Hays Larry, (Burlington) r 31, farmer 45

HAYS MARY E. Miss, (Burlington) r 31, dressmaker.

Henry Leet, (Williston) r 23, laborer.

HINSDILL HIRAM S., (Williston) r 43, produce dealer, and farmer, works for E. Griswold 160.

Hopper Antoine, (Williston) r 23, an aged resident.

Hurburt Lewis, (Williston) r 33, laborer.


ISHAM ADDISON, (Williston) r 28, dairy 13 cows, and farmer 160.

Isham Albert F., (Williston) r 45, aello. physician and surgeon.

Isham Franklin H. Mrs., (St. George) r 45, farmer 67.

Isham Gilbert, (Williston) r 40, farmer, leases of Andrew, Harris, Irving Isham, of California, 75.

Isham Horace, (St. George) r 42, dairy 18 cows, and farmer 225.

ISHAM JACKSON, (St. George) r 43, farmer 5.

ISHAM JAIRUS D., (Williston) r 40, dairy 25 cows, and farmer 165.

Isham John D., (Williston) r 28, carpenter and joiner, and farmer, leases of Eugenia B. Isham, of Burlington, 45

ISHAM MILTON, (Williston) r 33, dairy 8 cows, and farmer 70.

Isham Tiras, (Williston) r 13, farmer 23.

Isham Willard S., (Williston) r 45, civil engineer.


Jackson Truman, (Williston) r 12, farm laborer.

JARO PETER, (Essex junction) r 2, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 146.

Johnson Charles k., (Williston) r 23, son of John.

JOHNSON HORATIO S., (Williston) r 21, lister, and farmer 20, and in Iowa 200.

JOHNSON JOHN, (Williston) r 23, dairy 23 cows, and farmer 130.

JOHNSON LEONARD A., (Williston) r 25, dairy 34 cows, and farmer 256.

JOHNSON WILLIAM, (Williston) r 48, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 93.

JOSLYN HENRY S., (Williston) r 23 cor 26, dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, and general merchandise.


Keefe Charles, (Richmond) r 24, farmer, with James.

KEEFE JAMES, (Richmond) r 24, breeder of grade Jersey cattle, dairy 40 cows, and farmer 26o.

Kennedy Michael, (Williston) r 3, (Kennedy & Sons).

Kennedy Richard, (Williston) r 3, (Kennedy & Sons).

Kennedy Robert, (Williston) r 3, (Kennedy & Sons).

Kennedy & Sons, (Williston) r 3, (Robert, Richard, and Michael) dairy 13 cows, and farmers 130.

King Amy V., (N. Williston) r 7, 1 acre.

KING FRANCIS, (N. Williston) r 7, carpenter, owns h and 3 acres.

Kinsbury Myra Rev. Miss, (Williston) r 21, pastor First Universalist church.

KINSON AMOS, (Williston) r 3, dairy 30 cows, and farmer, leases of Chauncey Brownell 268.


LADOUE GEORGE H., (N. Williston) r 8, carpenter and joiner, and cabinet maker.

Lampson Anson, (Williston) r 9, laborer.

Lampson Anson E., (Williston) r 9, farmer, leases of Hiram Clark 27.

Landon Charles E., (Williston) r 21 cor 13, son of George. 

LANDON GEORGE, (Williston) r 21 cor 13, gardener and onion grower, 11 1/4 acres. 

Landon Stanley, (Williston) r 21 cor 13, son of George. 

Langeway Augustus, (Williston) r 21, laborer. 

Langley Newell, (Essex junction) r 16, farmer 8. 

Lapau Paul, (Williston) r 27, laborer. 

LaRock John. (Richmond) r 9, laborer. 

Lander Joseph, (Williston) r 39, farmer 50. 

LANDER LEWIS, (Williston) r 18, wheewright, blacksmith, grower of grapes and berries, owns h and shop, and in Starksboro, Addison Co., has 15 acres of black and red raspberries, and 5 acres in currants and grapes. 

Lander Mary M., (Williston) r 29, widow of Peter, weaver, and farmer 10. 

Lavell Patrick, (Williston) r 42, dairy 17 cows, and farmer 13, leases of Samuel Loggins 150. 

Lawrence Bros., (Williston) r 39, (Henry and David) dairy 18 cows, and farmers 211. 

Lawrence David, (Williston) r 39, (Lawrence Bros.) 

Lawrence Henry, (Williston) r 39, (Lawrence Bros.) 

Lazaway Alexander, (Williston) r 23, farmer 8. 

Lazaway Maxum, (Williston) r 57, laborer. 

Leet Henry, (Williston) r 23, carpenter and joiner. 

Lockwood Orpha, (Williston) r 22, widow of Lyman. 

Lockwood Webster, (Williston) r 22, painter and paper hanger, taxidermist. 

Loggins Junius G., (Williston) r 23, carriage maker, carpenter and joiner, 1 acre. 

Loggins Samuel W., (Williston) r 22, dairy 17 cows, and farmer 150. 

Loggins Shelden, (Williston) r 22, retired farmer, 85 years old. 

Lunderville Alexander, (Williston) r 23, mason, and farmer 7. 


Mahan Patrick, (Williston) r 40, cheese maker. 

Martin Harry P., (N. Williston) r 6, retired farmer. 

McAvoy Edward, (Williston) r 32, farm laborer. 

McCarron Terrence, (Richmond) r 48, farm laborer. 

McGulligan Michael, (Essex junction) r 45, laborer. 

Merchant Gilbert, (Williston) r 23, laborer. 

Metcalf Jairus E., (Williston) r 21, farmer, lately sold out to Wesley H. 

Metcalf Thomas, (Williston) r 22, farmer 70. 

METCALF WESLEY H., (Williston) r 21, dairy 44 cows, and farmer 305. 

Metcalf William J., (Williston) r 21, 3d lister, dairy 30 cows, and farmer 185. 

Miles Thomas, (Essex junction) r 29, laborer. 

Miles William, (Williston) r 32, laborer. 

Miller Antoine, (Williston) r 23, laborer, 1 1/4 acres. 

MILLER BROS., (Burlington) r i7, (Norman and Jackson) dairy 18 cows, gardeners and farmers 320. 

Miller Charles E., (Burlington) r 17, farmer, son of Jackson. 

Miller Edward C. S. Prof., (Williston) r 26, teacher. 

MILLER JACKSON, (Burlington) r 17, (Miller Bros.) justice of the peace, first selectman. 

MILLER NORMAN E., (Burlington) (Miller Bros.) r 17, boat builder and carpenter. 

MILLER WILLIAM, (Williston) r 26, breeder of Spanish Merino sheep, stock raiser, justice of the peace, and farmer 105, and in Richmond 100.

Munson George G., (Williston) r 29, gunsmith, and general repair shop. 

MUNSON RUSSELL D., (Williston) r 29, manuf. of the musical calendar clock, and also the universal time indicator, repairer of musical instruments, and farmer 50. 

Murray David A., (Williston) r 22, retired farmer, aged 80. 

Murray Warham N., (Williston) r 22, town clerk and treasurer, justice of the peace, and notary public. 


Naramore Truman C., (Williston) r 22, inventor and patentee of Naramore stone and stump extractor, hay press and elevator, and farmer. 

NICHOLS HARMON A., (Williston) r 36, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 84, and leases of Emeline C. Lee 28, and of Mrs. H. Nichols 32. 

NORTHROP THOMAS, (Williston) r 22, farmer 12, aged 86. 


O'Dell Thomas, (Williston) r 22, farmer 1/2. 

O'Donnell John, (Williston) r 33, farmer 50. 

Oliver John. (N. Williston) r 9, farm laborer. 

Olmsted, Franklin W. Rev., (Williston) r __, pastor of First Congregational church. 

Ormsbee Archibald, (Williston) r 22, dealer in patent rights. 

O'Neil Ellen G., (Williston' r 29, (Mrs. Michael) farmer 4 1/2. 

O'NEIL JOHN, (Williston) r 29, farm laborer. 

O'Neil Michael, (Williston) r 29, farmer, leases of Ellen G. 4 1/2. 

Osborn Alfred M., (Williston) r 13, farm laborer. 

Osborn George, (Essex junction) r 15, farmer, leases of W. H. Thompson 60. 

Osgood Chauncey, (Williston) r 27, laborer. 


Palmer Thomas, (N. Williston) r 8, carpenter and joiner. 

Pariss Joseph, (Williston) r 18, horse trader, and farmer 15. 

Paro Joseph, (Williston) r 3, laborer. 

PATTEN GEORGE W., (Williston) r 34, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 138 1/2. 

Patten James, (Williston) r 33, dairy 9 cows, and farmer 60. 

PATTEN JOHN P., (Williston) r 21, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 150. 

Patterson John, (Williston) r 3, farm laborer. 

Perrow Joseph, (Williston) r 5, laborer. 

PHELPS HIRAM, (Williston) r 23, retired wheelwright and painter, aged 80, farmer 25. 

Phillips Milo. (Williston) r 16, farmer 5. 

Pine Joseph, (Williston) r 22, farmer 8. 

Place John, (Williston) r 2 7, laborer. 

Plant Francis, (Williston) r 48, laborer, ownes 2 acres. 

Plant Isadore, (Will1iston) r 39, farmer 23. 

Plant Zeph, (Williston) r 39, farmer 19. 

Plummer Jacob, (Essex junction) r 1, farmer 5. 

PORT ALBERT, JR., (N. Williston) manager of John Whitcomb's store, at North Williston. 

Prentiss Clark, (Burlington) r 29, shoemaker, owns 1 acre. 


READ ALFRED E., (Williston) r 37, dairy 40 cows, and farmer 270. 

Redmond John, (Essex junction) r 4., dairy 10 cows, and farmer 88. 

Redmond Thomas, (Essex junction) r 3, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 100. 

Reed George M., (Williston) r 13, farmer 327. 

ROBERTS GEORGE W., (Essex junction) r 19, carpenter and builder, owns h and 3 acres. 

ROGERS ALBERT E., (Williston) r 48, farmer 85. Rowe Amos, (Williston) r 23, farm laborer. 


Senna Joseph; (Williston) r 7, farmer 45.

Senna Meday, (Williston) r 11, farmer 1/2.

Senna Peter, (Williston) r 23, peddler, 4 acres.

Seymour Charles A, (Williston) r 23, dairy 8 cows, and farmer 62.

Seymour William L., (Williston) r 23, teacher of instrumental music, with Charles A.

Shaw Anson, (Williston) r 12, carpenter and joiner, aged 79, 1 acre.

Sheahan Patrick, (North Williston) r 8, section hand.

Sheare Daniel, (North Williston) pent r 41, farmer 10.

SISTER FELIX, (North Williston) r 8, runs a gauge lathe, and sawyer.

Sisters Joseph, (Williston) r 35, farmer 8.

Smith Addison, (North Williston) r 8, laborer.

Smith H. A & M. A Misses, (Williston) r 22, (Harriet A & Mary A) farmers 25.

Smith Harriet A. Miss, (Williston) r 22, (H. A & M. A.)

Smith Hiram C., (Williston) r 22, carpenter and joiner.

Smith James, (Williston) .r 9, laborer.

Smith Mary A Miss, (Williston) r 22, (H. A & M. A.)

Smith Robert W. Rev., (Williston) r 22, pastor of M. E. church.

SMITH WESLEY B., (Burlington) r 31, dairy 16 cows, and farmer, leases of Anson Johnson, of Burlington, 169. 

Steady Alvin, (Williston) r 9, laborer.

Steady Timothy, (Burlington) r 18, carpenter and joiner.

STEVENS IRA B., (Essex junction) r 4, dairy 21 cows, and farmer 200.

Stone Hiram, (Williston) r 22, laborer.

Stone Peter, (Essex junction) r 29, farmer 4.

Strong Joseph W., (North Williston) r 8, sawyer.

Sullivan Morris, (Williston) r 43, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 124.


Taft Enos W., (Williston) r 21, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 101 1/2.

TAFT GEORGE W., (Essex junction) r 19 cor 20, dairy 27 cows, and farmer 438.

TAFT RUSSELL S., (Williston) r 19, judge of supreme court, stock raiser, breeder of full b1ood Hereford cattle, reg., and full b1ood bronze turkeys, dairy 25 cows, and farmer 264.

Talcott David I., (Williston) r 34, dairy 26 cows, and farmer, leases of McKenzie M., 187. 

Talcott George, (North Williston) r 7, laborer.

TALCOTT GIRLEY, (Williston) r 26, farmer 30.

Talcott James E., (Williston) r 40, farmer, with James P.

TALCOTT JAMES P., (Williston) r 40, dairy 23 cows, and farmer 160.

TALCOTT LEWIS H., (Williston) r 12, prop. of the Walston cheese factory, dairy 300 cows, and farmer 1,700.

TALCOTT MACKENZIE M., (Williston) r 34, farmer 187.

Talcott Roswell, (Williston) r 12, retired farmer, 83 years old.

TEACHOUT PHILETUS, (Essex junction) r 2, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 120. 

Tebo Octave, (Burlington) r 118, farm laborer.

Thompson Betsy, (North Williston) r 7, widow of Waters.

Thompson Josiah, (Essex junction) r 15, resident.

Thompson Perry S., (North Williston) r 7, musician and telegraph operator.

Thompson Willard H., (Essex junction) r 15; farmer 60.

Tilley Herrick (Williston) r 9, laborer.

Tilley Sidney N., (Williston) near r 22, farmer and gardener 7.

Tilley Silas, (Williston) r 22, carpenter and joiner.

Tucker Daniel B., (Williston) r 17, farmer 6.


Varney Peter, (Williston) r 13, shoemaker.


Wall Thomas, (Burlington) r 20, farmer 34.

Wallstone Charles, (Williston) r 40, dairy 30 cows, and farmer 310.

Wallstone Lee, (Williston) r 40, son of Charles, farmer.

WALSTON HIRAM, (Williston) r 13.

W ALSTON OBADIAH, (Williston) r 39 cor 38, stock grower, and farmer 114, in Richmond 30.

Ward Margaret, (Williston) widow of Bernard, owns 50 acres and 59 timber land.

Warren Birney E., (St. George) r 43, farmer.

Warren Charles D., (St. George) r 43, farmer 72.

Warren Charles E., (St. George) r 43, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 100.

WARREN SIDNEY, (North Williston) r 7, carpenter and joiner.

WHITCOMB JOHN, (North Williston) r 7, dealer in general merchandise, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 25, in Essex 170, and in Waterbury 144.

Whitcomb John, (North Williston) postmaster, dealer in dry goods, groceries and provisions, hats, caps, trunks, boots, shoes and rubbers, notions, etc.

Whitcomb & Fay, (North Williston) r 8, (Erastus F. W., of Essex, and Roswell B. Fay,) props. of steam grist and saw mill, and machine shop.

WHITNEY GEORGE W., (Williston) r 48, farmer, with Murray D.

WHITNEY MURRAY D., (Williston) r 48, dairy 35 cows, and farmer 230.

Whitney William F., (Williston) r 21, cor 27, dairy 22 cows, farmer 170. 

WILKINS FRANK C., (Williston) r 21, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 133 1/2.

Wood Laura M. Mrs., (Williston) r 22 cor 13, widow of Benjamin.

Wood Milo J., (Williston) r 18 cor 29, general blacksmithing, owns 2 acres.

Woodruff William P., (Williston) r 18, grower of small fruits, gardener, black smith, and carpenter and joiner, owns 41 acres.

Wright Clayton J., (Williston) farmer, son of Smith Wright.

Wright Clinton S., (Williston) clerk for Wright & Harris.

WRIGHT HOMER E., (Williston) connected with Smith Wright in poultry business, and farmer.

Wright Orson H., (Hinesburg h) r 47, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 175, and in Hinesburgh 340.

WRIGHT SMITH, (Williston) r 10, (Wright & Harris,) postmaster, dairy 50 cows, wholesale dealer in poultry for 25 years, poultry storer, and farmer 275.

WRIGHT & HARRIS, (Williston) r 22, (Smith W. & Gilbert H.) general dealers in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, hardware, etc., butter buyers, and dealers in drugs and medicines.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of 
Chittenden County, Vt. For 1882-83
Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child
Printed At The Journal Office, Syracuse, N. Y, 
August, 1882.
Pages 413-422.

Transcribed by Karima Allison ~ 2005