Directory is arranged as follows: ~ 

1. Name of individual or firm. 

2. Postoffice address in parenthesis. 

3. The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village. 

4. Business or occupation. 

5. A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work. 

6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased. 

7. Names in CAPITALS are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 

ABBREVIATIONS. Ab., above; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; emp., .employee; fac. op., factory operative; h., house; manuf., manufacturer; Mfg., manufacturing; N., north; n., near; opp. opposite; prop., proprietor; reg., registered as applied to live stock; regt., regiment; S., south; supt., superintendent; W., west.

The word street is implied.


Aldrich Joshua, (Shelburne) laborer, employee of D. S. Spear.

ALLEN LOOMIS A, (St. George) r 13, farmer 30.

Allen Orville E., (Shelburne) r 19, farm laborer.

ANDREWS GILES, (Shelburne) r 37, orchard 450 trees, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 180.


Bacon Joel, (Shelburne) r 38, carpenter.

Bacon Joseph, (Shelburne) r 38, farm laborer.

Baker Charles E., (Shelburne).

BALDWIN JUDSON A., (Shelburne) r 18, (Baldwin & White).

Baldwin & White, (Shelburne) r 30, (J. A. Baldwin and J. E. White) manufs. of the "Baldwin Dry Air Refrigerator" and the "Champion Barrel Swing."

BARKER ELMIRA A, (Shelburne) r 27, widow of Alonzo, owns farm of 240 acres in Charlotte, and h and lot in Shelburne.

BARSTOW JOHN L., (Shelburne) r 7, Lieut.-Gov. of Vermont, and farmer 225.

Barstow Rollin E., (Shelburne) r 7, retired farmer.

BARTLETT JOEL B., (Shelburne) r 29 cop 44, (Bartlett & Co.)

Bartlett & Co., (Shelburne) r 29 cop 44, (J. B. Bartlett and Mrs. S. A. Smith, of St. Albans, Franklin Co.,) breeders of pure blood and grade short horn Durham cattle, owner of saw, planing and shingle mill, dairy 50 cows, and farmers 500.

BEAUCHEMIN CHARLES, (Shelburne) custom shoemaker and harness repairer.

Bell Oliver, (Shelburne) r 44, farm laborer.

Benedict Arthur L., (Shelburne) r 36, farmer, son of Julius S.

BENEDICT JULIUS S., (Shelburne) r 36, breeder of grade Ayrshire cattle, and farmer 93.

Bennett George A., (Shelburne) r 16, farm laborer.

BENNETT JOHN W. REV., (Shelburne) r 30, pastor of M. E. church.

Benor Charles. (Shelburne) r 41 cop 43, boot and shoemaker.

Blair George E., (Shelburne) r 1, farmer, dairy 15 cows, leases of Levi S. 140.

BLAIR LEVI S., (Shelburne) r T, retired farmer, owns farm 157 on r 22, and home farm 140.

Blivin Hiram S., (Shelburne) r 18, farmer 35.

Bulbo John. (Shelburne) r 38, farm laborer.

BURK JOSEPH, (Shelburne) r 24, farmer, leases of Mrs. Annis 5.

BURRITT ANDREW J., (Shelburne) r 19, commercial traveler, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 216.

Burritt Charles G., (Shelburne) r 19, farmer, leases of his father, Andrew J., dairy 15 cows, and farm 216.


Cady Sarah, (Shelburne) r 40, widow, leases of G. M. Roberts h and lot.

CAKZARTA WALTER THOMAS; (Burlington) r 8, farmer, with Austin Lavelle.

Casay William, (Shelburne) off r 33, farmer 30.

Chauvin Lewis J., (Shelburne) r 29, farm laborer.

Clark John, (Shelburne) r 31, farmer 100.

Clifford A., (Burlington) r 8, farm laborer,

Cockle Charles, (Shelburne) r 32, farm laborer, owns h and lot.

Cockle William R., (Shelburne) r 32, shoemaker, and harness repairer.

Coleman Leander B., (Shelburne) r 16, farmer, 25.

Collamer Ira A., (Shelburne) r 3, retired farmer, owns 84 acres, aged 81, has lived in town since 1826.

COLLAMER JOHN J., (Shelburne) r 3, fruit grower 500 trees, and farmer, leases of Ira A. 84.

Collins Stephen, (Burlington) r 5, farmer 60.

Comstock Levi, (Shelburne) r 28, retired fanner, owns 200.

Cooney Thomas, (Shelburne) r 21, farm laborer.

Cowan William, (Shelburne) r 34, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 109.

Cowan William, Jr., (Shelburne) r 34, farmer with A. F. Peet.

Cross Bruno, (Shelburne) r 21, farmer, leases h and lot of Guy Tracy.

Curry George W , (Shelburne) r 40, dealer in general merchandise, owns four houses and lots.


DAVIS JAMES A., (Shelburne) off r 34, carpenter and joiner.

Davis Moses, (Shelburne) r 36, farmer, leases h and lot.

DENHAM JAMES, (Shelburne, Burlington Harbor Box) r 1, U. S. inspector of steam boat boilers, district of Burlington.

DEYETTE CHARLES, (Shelburne) r 13, son of Joseph, clerk for Tracy & VanVliet.

Diggeoy Moses, (Shelburne) r 31, butcher and dealer in all kinds of fresh meats, and farmer 40.

Donely Anthony, (Shelburne) track hand C. V. R. R

Douglas Enos, (Shelburne) r 32, farmer, leases of J. V. S. Maeck h and lot. 

DREW HENRY M., (Shelburne) r 18, dairy to cows, and farmer 93.

Dube Edward, (Shelburne) r 19, farmer 93.

DUBUC JOHN B., (Shelburne) carriage manuf., blacksmith and horseshoer, owns shop and h and lot.


EDDY GEORGE H., (Shelburne) r 18, orchard 160 trees, milk peddler, dairy 14 cows, and farmer 124.

ELLIOTT ROBERT G., (Shelburne) r 17, fruit grower 100 trees, dairy 13 cows, and farmer 180.


Fenwick Henry, (Shelburne) r 35, farm laborer, leases of M. Gill 6 acres.

Fenwick John, (Shelburne) r 28, farm laborer.

FLETCHER HANNIBAL A., (Shelburne) 39, gardener, owns h and lot.


Gallagher Bernard, (Shelburne) r 16, farmer 25.

Garvia Thomas, (Shelburne) r 16, farm laborer.

Geer Hezekiah, (Shelburne) r 12, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 175.

GENETT CHARLES, (Shelburne) r 22, works farm for Fred R. Hart 160. 

GOSLIN TIMOTHY C., (Shelburne) r 27, carriage paint shop.

Gregg Leslie, (Shelburne) r 30, superintendent of schools, keeps boarding house.

Gribbin James, (Shelburne) r 40, miller for D. L. Spear.

GUYETTE ALBERT, (Shelburne) r 21, farmer, leases of Albert Nash 100. 


Hadley Maria, (Shelburne) r .4, widow of Charles, farmer 100.

Hall Elizabeth, (Shelburne) r 27, widow of Thomas, owns h and lot.

Hardy John, (Shelburne) r 16, farm laborer.

HARMON WILLIAM H., (Shelburne) r 3, 2d selectman, prop. cider-mill, dealer in vinegar, breeder of pure blood Poland China hogs, dairy 25 cows, and farmer, leases of R. W. Rogers 230.

Hart Fred R., (Shelburne) r 1, merchant, leases of E. Root 40 acres.

Hart, VanVliet & Co., (Shelburne) (C. L. Hart, of Burlington, and B. F. and C. P. VanVliet,) apple evaporators, near R. R depot.

HARTSON GEORGE W., (Shelburne) r 36, orchard 100 trees, and farmer 32.

Hathaway Albert, (Shelburne) r 28, blacksmith, and farmer 22.

Hathaway Arthur, (Shelburne) r 28, farmer, son of Albert.

HAVENS CHANNING P., (Shelburne) r 30, son of Gurden, carpenter and joiner. .

HAVENS GURDEN, (Shelburne) r 30, carpenter and farmer, h and 2 1/2 acres. 

Hawes William C., (Shelburne) r 18, painter, leases h and lot.

Henwell Henri, (Shelburne) r 44, farmer, leases h and lot.

Henwell Vetel, (Shelburne) r 44, farm laborer.

HOLABIRD HATTIE S. Miss, (Shelburne) r 24, (Mrs. Holabird Daughter).

HOLABIRD MARY, (Shelburne) r 24, (Mrs. H. & Daughter) widow of Cassius A.

HOLABIRD MRS. & DAUGHTER, (Shelburne) r 24, (Mrs. Mary and Miss Hattie S.) dairy 10 cows, stock horse "Young Ethan," and farm 100.

HOOSE HORACE H., (Shelburne) r 7, sawyer and engineer, leases h and lot of M. Thompson. 


Irish Alonzo S., (Shelburne) r 35, apiarist six swarms, fruit grower 230 trees, and farmer 59. 

IRISH HOMER (Shelburne) r 37 cor 36, fruit grower 500 trees, and farmer 60. 

Irish Wallace W., (Shelburne) r 37, farmer, son of Homer. 

Isham Amasa, (St. George) r 13, farmer 150. 

Isham Guy C., (Shelburne) r 18, farmer 22. 

Isham Orville, (Shelburne) r 115, farmer 20. 


Jerry Peter B., (Burlington) r 4, farmer, leases of John E. Smith 100. 

Jevey Michael, (Shelburne) r 36, farm laborer. 

JOHNSON E. CHARLES, (Shelburne) r 15, dairy 10 cows, orchard 400 trees, and farmer 126. 


Kelley Lawrence, (Shelburne) r 44, track hand C. V. R. R. 


Lacore Bart, (Shelburne) r 44, farm laborer. 

Ladue Charles, (Shelburne) r 39, blacksmith for John Dubuc. 

LaFleur Joseph, (Shelburne) r 31, farmer 5. 

Lake Elijah, (Shelburne) r 39, farmer 50. 

Lake Edgar P. Mrs., (Shelburne) r 41, widow, farmer, owns 72 acres on r 39, and home farm 82. 

Lake Hazelton, (Shelburne) r 40, owns h and lot, farmer 10. 

LANE EDWARD B., (Burlington) r 8, teamster, and farmer 75. 

Lavlatt Paul, (Shelburne) r 41, farmer 7. 

Lavlette Charles, (Shelburne) r 18, farmer 26. 

Lavelle Austin, (Burlington) r 8, dairy 18 cows, and farmer 200. 

Lawrence William R, (Shelburne) r 40, orchard 300 trees, and farmer 80. 

Leavenworth Rachel L., (Shelburne) r 29, widow of Burke, owns h and lot. 

Leesia Mitchell, (Shelburne) r 3, laborer. 

Lessor Aiken, (Shelburne) r 44, farmer 7 1/2. 

Lessor Battise, (Shelburne) r 44, farm laborer, h and 6 1/2 acres. 

Lessor Vitel, (Shelburne) r 44, farm laborer. 

Lewis Alexander H., (Shelburne) r 17, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 84. 

Lyon LaFayette, (Shelburne) r 4, farmer 70. 

Lyon Willis M., (Shelburne) r 40, laborer for Mrs. L. Tracy. 


Mack John, (Shelburne) r 39, farm laborer. 

MAECK JOHN V. S., (Shelburne) r 32, farmer, 3d selectman, owns 151 acres on r 15, hay farm 150. 

Manley Charles T., (Shelburne) r 32, farmer, leases of J. V. S. Maeck, h and lot. 

McCabe Patrick, (Shelburne) r 27, farmer 1. 

McCABE THOMAS, (Shelburne) r 27, section hand on R. R. 

McGee John, (Shelburne) r 43, carpenter, leases h and lot. 

McGee William C., (Shelburne) r 42, works for L. G. B. Cannon. 

McGrath Michael, (Shelburne) r 30, section foreman C. V. R. R. 

McGrath Patrick, (Burlington) r 1, carpenter, employee Champlain Trans. Co. 

McKenzie John, (St. George) r 33, farmer 202. 

McNEIL WILLIAM, (Shelburne) r 28, fruit grower 500 trees, dairy 25 cows, and farmer, leases of Levi Comstock 200. 

MILLER GEORGE, (Shelburne) r 18, prop. carriage shop, leases h and lot. 

Miller Norris R, (Shelburne) r 28, justice of the peace, grand juror, orchard 1,000 trees, dairy 16 cows, and farmer 130. 

Miller Peter, (Shelburne) r 18, farm laborer.

MILLHAN JAMES. (Burlington) r 11, breeder of pure blood Cotswold sheep, dairy 22 cows, and farmer, owns on r 113 125, and leases of Martha Browell 170.

MINER MARTIN L.. (Shelburne) r 8, orchard 150 trees, dairy 16 cows, and farmer 214.

Monroe George, (Shelburne) r 4 cor 19, farmer 40.

Mosley Nelson, (Shelburne) r 3, laborer.


Nary Timothy, (Shelburne) r 9, farmer, leases of D. Coggins 74.

Nash Amy, (Shelburne) r 2, wife of John, aged 84.

NASH EDGAR, (Shelburne) r 21. 1st selectman, dairy 16 cows, fruit grower 500 trees, and farmer 175.

NASH ELBERT H., (Shelburne) r 2. farmer 70, and h and 1 3/4 acres on r 1. 

Nash John, (Shelburne) r 2, retired farmer, aged 86.

Nash Louisa C. Miss. (Shelburne) r 21, farm 66.

Nefew Lewis, (Shelburne) r 31, farm laborer, leases h and lot. 

Nephew Frank, (Shelburne) r 37, boot and shoemaker.

Newell Henry N., (Shelburne) r 30, fruit grower 400 trees, overseer of poor, ___ clerk of the Vermont House of Representatives, and farmer 160.

NILES GEORGE H., (Shelburne) r 28, carpenter and joiner.

Noonan Dennis, (St. George) off r 33, farmer 25.

Noonan John. (St. George) off r 33, farmer 67.


Page Amos P., (Shelburne) r 4, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 70.

PAGE CURTIS L., (Shelburne) r 4, farmer, with Amos P.

PALMER ELI H., (Shelburne) r 33, dairy 38 cows, fruit grower 200 trees, farmer 243, and leases of George H. Green 58.

Papineau Alfred W., (Shelburne) r 40, painter, employee of Baldwin & White. 

Papineau Henry R., (Shelburne) r 40, carpenter and joiner.

Papineau Mary, (Shelburne) r 40, widow of John, farmer 2.

Parker David. (Shelburne) r 38, farm laborer.

Paro Caustan, (Shelburne) r 44, farm laborer.

PATNODE JOSEPH, (Burlington) r 1, blacksmith, employee of Champlain Transportation Co.

Patterson James, (Shelburne) r 38, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 180.

Pattridge George, (Shelburne) r 28 1/2, farmer, leases of Mrs. L. D. Smith 140. 

Peet Alson F., (Shelburne) r 34, dairy 25 cows, and farmer, owns 45 acres on r 18, and home farm 236.

Peria Antoine, (Shelburne) r 44, carpenter and farm laborer.

PERIA H. ALLEN, (Burlington) r 11, machinist, employee Champlain Transportation Co.

Peria Peter, (Shelburne) r 39, blacksmith.

Perkins Augustus, (Shelburne) r 19, basket maker, and farmer 1.

Peters Moses, (Shelburne) r 40, laborer.

Pierce Luther, (Shelburne) r 35, farmer 70.

Pierce Ralph, (Shelburne) r 35, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 60.

Pierson Smith F., (Shelburne) r 38, farmer 70.

Pippin George H., (Shelburne) r 40, upholsterer.

Prince Isaac, (Shelburne) r 28, farm laborer.

Purcell Andrew, (Shelburne) r 17, fruit grower 150 trees, dairy 18 cows, and farmer 196.

PURCELL ANDREW J., (Shelburne) r 17, farmer, with Andrew.


Quinlan Michael, (Shelburne) r 40, carpenter, employee of Baldwin & White. 

QUINLAN MICHAEL, (Shelburne) r 44, manager of F. Fletcher's farm of 600 acres, dairy 40 cows, orchard 300 trees.


Rand Alonzo, (Shelburne) r 18, gardener and seed grower, leases 12 to 20 acres.

Read Clayton C., (Shelburne) r 16, gardener, dairy 16 cows, and farmer 103.

Read Myron A., (Shelburne) r 15, breeder of full blood Shorthorn cattle, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 250.

Ready William, (Shelburne) r 15, farmer 50.

ROBERTS GEORGE N., (Shelburne) r 16, (Smith & Roberts) orchard 400 trees, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 111. 

Roflam Joseph, (Shelburne) r 39, farmer, owns h and lot.

ROOT ELIJAH, (Shelburne) r 1, retired steamboat builder, and fanner 40.

Roscoe George C., (Shelburne) r 42, farmer, foreman for L. G. B. Cannon.

Rowley Betsey F., (Shelburne) r 18, widow of Aaron, owns 45 acres.

Rowley Erwin S., (Shelburne) r 26, orchard 900 trees, farmer 165, on r 18 farm 100, and in Burlington 10.

Russell Henry W., (St. George) r 13, farmer, leases of J. P. Wheeler 226.

Russell Edward A., (Shelburne) r 9, farmer, with Harry.

RUSSELL HARRY, (Shelburne) r 9, dairy 30 cows, fruit growers 100 trees, and farmer 245.

Ryan Daniel, (Shelburne) r 40, tin peddler.


Sawyer Lucian B., (Shelburne) r 34, clergyman, and farmer 45.

SAYTON EDWARD S., (Shelburne) r 24 cor 23, farmer, has orchard 500 trees, leases of H. F. Hulburt 152 acres.

Saxton Horace F., (Shelburne) r 22, orchard 7,500 trees, breeder of thoroughbred Cotswold sheep, Chester White hogs, and Jersey cattle, farmer 133.

Shampage Fred, (Shelburne) r 18, farmer, leases of Mr. Manley 40.

Sheldon George E., (Shelburne) dairy 18 cows, farmer, works on shares for Gen. and Lieut Gov. Barstow 200.

Sheldon G. Edward, (Shelburne) r 7 farm laborer.

Sheridan James, (Shelburne) r 39, farmer 45.

SLAMON THOMAS, (Shelburne) r 9, farmer.

SMITH DAVID C., (Shelburne) r 16, (Smith & Roberts) town representative and farmer 130.

Smith Girdin, (Shelburne) r 4, farmer 60.

SMITH LUCINEA D., (Shelburne) r 30, widow of Isaac, owns farm of 140 occupied by G. Pattridge.

SMITH & ROBERTS, (Shelburne) r 16, (D. C. Smith and G. N. Roberts) butchers and dealer in live stock and hides.

SORELL FRED, (Shelburne) r 18, farmer, son of Julius.

Sorell Julius, (Shelburne) r 18, farm laborer.

Spaulding Almon, (Shelburne) r 18, carpenter, and farmer 3.

SPAULDING EDGAR J., (Shelburne) r 18, painter, and farm laborer.

Spear Daniel L., (Shelburne) r 40, lister, owner of Shelburne Flouring Mill, and farmer 35.

Spear Henry E., (Shelburne) r 4, farmer, works farm of O. S. and Mary Spear 100

Spear Mary M., (Shelburne) r 4, widow of Edwin A., occupies jointly with Orson S. 100.

SPEAR ORSON S., (Burlington) r 4, shipwright, surveyor, and farmer, owns with heirs of Edwin A. 100.

SPEAR ORVILL A., (Shelburne) r 4, farmer 62.

Stevens William C., (Shelburne) carpenter, employee of Baldwin & White.

SUTTON JAMES B., (Shelburne) r 9, town grand juror, dairy15 cows, and farmer 110.

Sutton Lucretia A., (Shelburne) r 4, widow of Edward, farmer 4.


Tagert Alonzo D. Dr., (Shelburne) r 40., allo. physician and surgeon, owns h and lot in Hinesburgh.

THOMPSON MARK, (Shelburne) r 7, dairy 15 cows, orchard 100 trees, and farmer 140.

Thompson William, (Shelburne) r 14, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 160.

THORP EMERSON A., (Shelburne) r 30, breeder of pure blood Atwood sheep, reg., dairy 9 cows, and farmer 150.

TRACY GUY, (Shelburne) r 2 cor 21, dealer in live stock, and farmer 260.

TRACY GUY E., (Shelburne) r 2, farmer, leases of estate of D. Tracy 100.

Tracy Henry W., (Shelburne) r 18, (Tracy & VanVliet) postmaster.

Tracy Julia C., (Shelburne) r 26, dairy 18 cows, orchard 1,000 trees, breeder of pure blood Spanish Merino sheep, and farmer 150.

Tracy Lee, (Shelburne) r 18, wool buyer, real estate agent, and farmer 200.

TRACY LOUISA, (Shelburne) r 41, widow of N. Rood, dairy 10 cows, orchard 900 trees, and farmer 147.

Tracv & VanVliet, (Shelburne) r 27 cor 29, (Henry W. T. and Cyrus P. Van V.) general merchants

TUCKER WILLIAM J., (Burlington) r 11, breeder of pure blood Chester White hogs, dairy 20 cows, and farmer, leases of F. J. Hendee 216.

TYLER WILLIAM H., (Shelburne) r 30, town clerk, station agent C. V. R. R., agent for U. S. & C. and Nat. Exp. Cos., manager W. U. Tel. Co.


VALUE ABRAHAM B., (Shelburne) r 2, farmer, leases of wife 35.

Value Joseph, (Shelburne) r 19, farm laborer.

VANVLIET B. FRANKLIN, (Shelburne) r 25 cor 26, (Hart, VanVliet & Co.) agent for agricultural implements; breeder of pure blood Spanish merino sheep, reg., orchard 1,200 trees, and farmer 140.

VanVliet Cyrus P., (Shelburne) r 30. (Tracy & Van V., also Hart. VanVliet & Co.)


Weed Frederick A, (Shelburne) r 25 cor 19, dairy 25 cows, orchard 200 trees, and farmer 325.

Weed Walter A., (Shelburne) r 29, farmer 40.

Wheeler John P., (St. George) r 13, dairy 20 cows, breeder of pure blood Cotswold sheep, owns 226 acres worked by H. W. Russell.

White George A., (Shelburne) r 1, civil engineer, and farmer 100.

WHITE HENRY S., (Shelburne) r 1, farmer, leases of R. J. White 80.

White James E., (Shelburne) r 29, (Baldwin & White) dealer in general produce, prop. of White cheese factory, and farmer 26.

White Robert J., (Shelburne) r 1, U. S. local inspector of steam vessels, and farmer 76.

Whiteside William, Jr., (St. George) r 33, dairy 15 cows, and farmer, leases of William, Sr., 145.

Whiteside William, Sr., (St. George) r 33, retired farmer, owns 145.

Whitney Charles K., (Shelburne) r 29, retired mechanic.

Whitney George Rev., (Shelburne) r 29, retired local M. E. clergyman, has been in the ministry 48 years.

Willey Abram M., (Shelburne) r 19, carpenter and builder, and farmer 9.

WILLIAMS GEORGE P., (Shelburne) r 7, carpenter and joiner.

Williams John, (Shelburne) r 43, market gardener.

Williams Theodore, (Shelburne) r 30, farm laborer for E. A. Thorp.

WINTERBOTTOM CHARLES, (Shelburne) r 38, breeder of thoroughbred Cotswold and Shropshiredown sheep, and Berkshire hogs, and farmer 52.

Winterbottom George, (Shelburne) r 45, dairy 12 cows, and farmer, leases of Lee Tracy 200.

Gazetteer and Business Directory of 
Chittenden County, Vt. For 1882-83
Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child
Printed At The Journal Office, Syracuse, N. Y, 
August, 1882.
Pages 375-382.

Transcribed by Karima Allison ~ 2005