The First Regiment of Vermont Volunteers, consisted of the Brandon, Middlebury, Rutland, Northfield,  Woodstock, Bradford, Cavendish, Burlington, St. Albans, and  Swanton companies, of the Militia, designated by an executive order dated April 27th, 1861.  The commissions of its field and staff officers  bore date of the day previous, April 26th. 

      To the Lieutenant-Colonelcy, Captain Peter T. Washburn of Woodstock was appointed.  He was a leading lawyer of the Windsor County bar, with a taste for military life which had led him to take an active part in the reorganization of the militia of the State, and to accept the captaincy of the Woodstock company.  A man of liberal education, of precise knowledge, of firm will and of methodical industry, he was by nature a strict tactician and disciplinarian.  He had made the Woodstock Light Infantry the best military company in the State.  He carried the same characteristics into actual service; and had the condition of his health permitted him to remain in the army after the disbandment of the First Regiment, he would undoubtedly have won high distinction as a soldier.  His subsequent most faithful, laborious and invaluable services as Adjutant and Inspector General of the State, and his elevation to the Governorship, in which office he ended his life, are known to all Vermonters.

1861 - 1865 
by G. G. BENEDICT Published 1886 
Vol. 1  - The First Regiment

       The above high-quality engraving is of Captain Peter T. Washburn, promoted to the Lieutenant-Colonelcy of the First Regiment. The commissions of its officers bore date of April 26, 1861.

       Peter Thacher Washburn (1814-1870) -- of Woodstock, Windsor County, Vt. Born September 7, 1814. Republican, was a delegate to the Republican National Convention from Vermont, in 1860; Governor of Vermont, 1869-70; died in office February 7, 1870.

Transcribed by Charlotte Croshaw