Horace Stewart, son of *Major Rufus, who died at Beebe Plain, May 25, 1883, was born here September 25, 1804. About 1826, after alternating between the farm and an indifferent experience in trade, he went to Beebe Plain and erected the plain, yet comfortable and substantial buildings, which still stands unimpaired by time. He soon rose in the esteem of those around him and came to be regarded as one of the first business men in the county. It is a little remarkable that notwithstanding his large business, extending from the Connecticut river far into Canada, and involving dealings with all kinds of men, he never was charged with violating an agreement or indulging in a trick. 

          February 3, 1830, he married Catharine Hinman, a woman of remarkable kindness and benevolence, who survives him. There were four children born to them, only one of whom, a daughter, is living. With the death of Mr. Stewart, Derby lost not only one of its most enterprising business men, but one of the most kindly, courteous, and hospitable gentlemen of the town, while his family has to mourn the departure of a most considerate husband, father and brother. Mr. Stewart was a man of commanding figure and gentlemanly deportment, of very even temper, ever having a kind word for all, yet strict and rigid in rules of business. 

     *Major Rufus Stewart, born in 1776, came to Derby in 1797, and made the first settlement upon the farm now owned by George S. Eaton, where he resided until 1812, when he removed his family to Morgan and joined the American army, ranking as captain. He served three years, was at the battle of Plattsburgh, and, in 1816, returned to Derby and purchased the farm now owned by his son, Emery Stewart, where he died in June, 1846, aged seventy-one years. His wife died in 1842. Two of their six children are living ó Emery, on the old homestead, and Nancy, widow of Aaron Hinman, at Derby village.

[Engraving by B.B. Hallís Sons, New York] 
Source:  Gazetteer of Lamoille and Orleans Counties, VT; 1883-1884, by Hamilton Child, July, 1883, page 255.

Additional information available from Tom Dunn who provided this photo and biographical sketch.