Erastus FAIRBANKS, was born on October 28, 1792 and died on November 20, 1864. He was a son of Joseph Fairbanks who had removed to St. Johnsbury in 1815; his mother being Phebe Paddock Fairbanks (sister of Judge Ephraim Paddock) and brother to Thaddeus and Joseph P. Fairbanks.

          His early life was one of great struggle til 1830 when he established a manufacturing business with his brother Thaddeus producing stoves, plows, forks, machines and finally scales. Four years later he was a senior partner of the firm E & T Fairbanks & Co. This company eventually became a major producer of scales of all sizes distributed throughout the world. 

          He became a trusted leader in politics and in 1852 he was made Governor of Vermont, and again in 1860. Further evidence of the degree of trust is that the State of Vermont placed $1,000,000 at his disposal relying entirely on his judgment as to it appropriation towards the Civil War causes. 

[Engraving by Metropolitan Publishing and Engraving Co., Boston]
Source: Gazetteer of Caledonia and Essex Counties, VT; 1764-1887, by Hamilton Child, May, 1887, page 327.

Additional information available from Tom Dunn who provided this photo and biographical sketch.