Warren County, Virginia Veterans

Warren County, Virginia Veterans

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Revolutionary War

Reuben Finnell - born 1750 in Culpepper County, Virginia.  A minuteman and Private in Captain Richard Taylor's Company, 1st Virginia Regiment.  Enlisted August 1776, discharged August 1779.  This Regiment, commanded by Col. Isa Reed aka, "Captain Tarlton Payne's Company."  Reuben Finnell enlisted for 3 years, pay $6 3/4 per month. Muster Rolls May 1777-1779.  Was at Valley Forge; dated March 1778,  through-May 1778.  Sept 1778, Light Infantry.  Returned to Virginia.  Was in military maneuvers in White Plains Sept/Oct. 1778.  He lived in Chester Gap for some time and raised a large family on a farm near Front Royal.  My ancestors have a long history in Warren County, my great-great grandfather being born there and operating a Mill on Happy Creek.  Diane Ford

Civil War

1st Battalion Virginia Calvary
McCarty D. Roy - McCarty served first in the War of 1812 while he was very young.  He lived in Front Royal. McCarty Enlisted in the Civil War, with his horse, March 1861 by G. W. Myers. McCarty served in Company A of the 1st Battalion, Virginia Cavalry.  On May 24, 1862 Both McCarty and his horse were killed.  His burial place has not been located by family members.  Betty Smith

2nd Regiment Virginia Infantry

Richard Benton Roy - was born in Front Royal, Warren County, Virginia.  Enlisted April 1861 at Harpers Ferry by Capt. Bowen. Richard served in Company I, 2nd Regiment, Virginia Infantry.  He was wounded on March 1862 at Kernstown and was crippled the rest of his life.  Richard is buried in Confederate Circle at Arlington National Cemetery.  Betty Smith


4th Virginia Infantry, Company D

Daniel Robinson, brother to George W. Robinson.  Patricia Weachter


7th Virginia Calvary

Thomas M. Roy - Enlisted June 1861 at Conrad Store in Front Royal, Warren County, Virginia by Capt. T. H. Buck.  Served in Company E, 7th Virginia Cavalry.  Thomas was captured at the Battle of Antietam and was released at Winchester, Virginia April 1865.  He lived out his life in Front Royal and is buried in Prospect Cemetery there.  Betty Smith


George W. Robinson - Company E.  He served as a blacksmith.  Great-great granddaughter Patricia Weachter


8th Battalion Virginia Reserves (1st Battalion Valley Reserves)

William F. Stinson - William enlisted in Company A (the Warren Reserves) of the 8th Battalion Virginia Reserves (also known as the 1st Battalion Valley Reserves under Major William A. J. Miller) on September 19, 1864, at Front Royal.  Company A was organized on July 19, 1864 and commanded by Captain D. W. Ridgeway.

12th Virginia Calvary

William Williams, Private, Company E, 12th Virginia Cavalry, Rosser's Laurel Brigade


William Williams is listed on a monument in downtown Front Royal, Virginia as having served as a private in the Confederate Army, Company E, 12th Virginia Cavalry which had been in the following battles: Gettysburg, New Market, Port Republic, Atlanta, Wilderness, Shilo, Fisher's Hill, Cedar Mountain and Resaca.


Pasted on the back of an old photograph of William Williams dressed in his Confederate uniform is an old newspaper clipping which is tattered with parts of it illegible. It states, " When the War between the States broke out Mr. Williams, then a lad under his majority, responded at once to the call and enlisted in Co. B, 17th Va. Infantry, and subsequently was transferred to the 12th Va. Cavalry. No truer man ever enlisted; he served with distinction during the entire war and was wounded several times. He was ever ready for duty and held the respect of his comrades and the esteem of his officers. When the war closed he returned to the walks of civil life, and was a good citizen and by his ...., his industry and generosity .... endeared himself to the community. He was a constant attendant at the meetings of William Richardson Camp; was a just .... citizen, honorable in .... his nature....".


From the magazine Confederate Veteran, 1908, Volume 16 on page 287, there is the following notation: " Members of William Richardson Camp. Front

Royal, Va.  William Williams died 3/19/1908. He was a member of Company E 12th Virginia Cavalry, Rosser's Laurel Brigade. He was wounded several times, and on November 1, 1864 was shot through the lung. This was indirectly the cause of his death."

William's application for Aid to Citizens of Virginia Maimed during the late War completed in March of 1886 reports that he was wounded on the left side of his head and face with a saber at Brandy Station on June 9, 1863 and that he was shot through the right lung on November 7, 1864 in a fight near Middletown, Frederick County, Virginia. Due to his war wounds he was incapable of active manual labor. His condition was reported by M. L. Garrison, M.D. William received a one time payment of $60 for his disability. At the time of his application in 1886 William is listed as living in the area served by the Buckton Post Office and in 1887 the area served by the Waterlick Post Office. In another document signed by a Judge Tiles Cook of Warren County, Virginia on April 16, 1888, it awarded William $15 annually from the Sate of Virginia for his service in the war and the application states that he was 48 years old.

William Williams is buried in Section 2 A on Prospect Hill Cemetery.  Provided by BHarrin515@aol.com


James Calvin Turner -  Company I.  He was killed May 6, 1864 at the Wilderness.  Great-great granddaughter Ursula Ross


17th Virginia Infantry


Elliott Duncan Thompson of Bentonville, Warren County, Virginia  He served in Co. B, 17th Virginia Regular Infantry, Corse's Brigade of the Warren Rifles from April 1861 through the close of the war.  He was wounded at Antietam and returned home briefly before returning to rejoin his unit.  Donated by: Jane Thompson Lewis

23rd Regiment, Virginia Calvary


James Wilson Collins was born May 31, 1834 in Shenandoah County, Virginia. He was a resident of Front Royal all his life. He served in Company A, 23rd Virginia Calvary.  Lieutenant James W. Collins' name is inscribed on the Confederate Monument in front of the Warren County Courthouse. He died in Alberton, Baltimore County, MD on October 4, 1906. His brother, CHARLES WILLIAM COLLINS served also as a Private and is buried at Prospect Hill Cemetery.  Donated by:  Sherry Young


Reuben Ashford Finnell (1826-1915), 3rd sergeant, Company D, 23rd Virginia Cavalry Regiment.  A native of Warren County, Finnell enlisted in this newly-formed unit in September 1863.  He fought with the regiment at New Market, 3rd Winchester, and Fisher's Hill as part of Imboden's brigade.  At the war's end, Finnell was paroled at Winchester, VA, and returned to his family farm near Front Royal.  After the war, he was, for a time, a circuit judge in Warren County.  He is buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery, Front Royal.  Donated by:  David Finnell

Elisha James Roy - He enlisted in Warren County, Virginia by Capt. F. H. Calmes and served in Company D, 23rd Regiment, Virginia Cavalry. He was taken prisoner and released April 1865 at Winchester, Virginia.  This was at the same time as his brother Thomas. He lived out his life in Front Royal and is buried in Prospect Cemetery there.
Donated by: Betty Smith

38th Virginia Light Artillery
John Thomas Heflin PVT. 38th Virginia, Light Artillery - Striblings Battery

Harmon's Company

Jonas Baker served in Harmon's Company.  He was George W. Robinson's sister's husband.  submitted by: Patricia Weachter

43rd Virginia Cavalry - Mosby's Rangers
William A. Heflin - A. PVT. 43rd Virginia Cavalry Mosby's Rangers.

Luther Rice Heflin - PVT. 43rd Virginia, Transferred to the 38th Virginia Light Arillery-Striblings Battery


William Kenny Disen - Mosby's Rangers.  William was my great-great grandfather he was born March 1842 died 1920.  He was married to Helen Seletha Harrell.  Their marriage took place in Warren County at Chester Gap.


James F. Hawes - My great-great grandfather served in Mosby's Rangers.  He died on June 25, 1928.  submitted by :  BigFatRock@aol.com
49th Infantry, Company D


Thomas William Fristoe was Killed in Action on 31 May 1862 at the Battle of Seven Pines, Henrico County, Virginia.  He served with the Confederate Army as a Private in the 49th Infantry, Company D.  He was born to Catherine (DuBois) and Silas Fristoe on 20 Sep. 1826 in Warren County, Virginia.  He married Elizabeth Skelton on 25 Dec. 1849 in Warren County, Virginia.  The couple had 5 children:  Lucy Botts, James Compton, John Milton, Thomas William, and Sarah "Sally" Catherine.  Submitted  by his Maternal Great-Great Granddaughter - Martha D. Bush-Blocker

World War I

William Basil Williams - He served first in the US Marines., Co. L, 13th Regt and then served in the US Army / Private Quartermaster. VA Pct 1C1 QM Corps.  He was an enlisted soldier at the US Remount Depot in Front Royal for 21 years.  Veteran of WW1 with the AEF in France.  He is buried at Prospect Cemetery in Front Royal.  Contributed by granddaughter Sandy Weatherford

Modern Wars

As a note, I have removed any references to veterans of wars during the past 70 years for privacy reasons.  Some of these individuals may be living and it is not acceptable to post information that may be private in nature.  I hope you understand but this is a necessity for the world in which we live today.

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