Warren County Genealogy Resources

Warren County Genealogy Resources

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Warren County, Virginia Genealogy Resources

These are a few genealogy resources that may help you with Warren County, Virginia research.  The Chancery Court records at the Library of Virginia link here will only take you to the index.  The actual records must be obtained from the Library or through a paid researcher. However, they can prove to be extremely helpful as they may contain many original court and family papers.  I have found letters written by my ancestors, their old journals and things of that nature.  In summary, Chancery records involve court cases that had no cut and dry law to decide who was right and wrong.  Instead, an abundance of evidence had to be presented to the judge and he interpreted the law and how it applied to the case.

Feel free to submit any transcripts you make of large document groups or individual records. It can be anything from an entire marriage register to a single marriage bond.  The site will not grow without user submissions so feel free to send in what you can.  We also would love to start a section with old family photos from Warren if anyone has some to send in to the site.  I personally do not have family from Warren County so I do not have any photos to start off the page.

Ann Carey Randolph Briscoe Letter
Warren County, Virginia Photos
Warren County, Virginia Veterans

Warren County, Virginia USGenWeb Archives

Chancery Court Records Index at the Library of Virginia

Warren Bibles and Manuscripts Catalogue at the Library of Virginia

Research Help & Look-ups

If you have any generic genealogy questions or have questions about Virginia and its record holdings, feel free to send me an e-mail to the address below.  If I can answer your questions, I will try to do so within a reasonable period of time.  On occasion, I may be able to perform a few look-ups but they will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  If anyone would like to volunteer to perform look-ups at the state archives or other repository, please let me know.  Also, if you own any Warren-related books, you can offer to perform look-ups in that resource if you would like - just let me know.

As a note, the Warren Heritage Society's Laura Virginia Hale Archives will perform look-ups in their collections for a reasonable fee.  Their contact information is located on the homepage of this site.

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