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Over time there have been several genealogy query systems used by the Warren County, Virginia GenWeb.  Initially the queries were sent in by e-mail and added to the page manually.  An automated system was later added.  To ensure ease of posting and that the largest possible viewing public sees your postings, I decided to offer two options for posting queries - the Warren County, Virginia Message Board at Rootsweb and a Warren County, Virginia Genealogy Blog that I started.  You will find links to both sites below.  Feel free to post queries, questions, comments and share your research with others.

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Thanks for administering the Warren County website--a great resource!


My earliest Arterburn ancestors lived in Shenandoah County, and also in what became Warren County (see the Peter Arterburn house in VA Historical Inventory:  http://lvaimage.lib.va.us/VHI/html/28/0232.html)--Peter owned property there, 1780-85, and his will is recorded at Woodstock, in 1803.


Our family has had difficulty tracking the Arterburns in the British Isles or Europe, since the name spelling isn't to be found there--with one exception, a "William Arterburn" married in London, in 1676 (IGI).  An early family tradition locates our origin in Germany, and I suspect that is the case.  But since the earliest Arterburn(s) in America may have been very poor--even indentured servants, there are few definitive markers of their German heritage.


Some contemporary researchers think "Arterburn" originated as English or Scotch-Irish.  Some have suspected "Otterburn"--among others--as a precursor/variant to our name.  Alternatively, I suspect that "Arterburn" might have been Anglicized, with possibly an interim migration to or through England--especially London.


I am writing hoping you might be able to tell me about the "Otterburn School" and "Otterburn Rd," appearing on Warren County maps, and also the contemporary Otterburn precinct there.  What is the source/origin of these place names?  Was there an early presence of the Otterburn family (as in Otterburn, England) in early Shenandoah/Warren County?


Peter Arterburn's name was once entered into a public record in Shenandoah as "Otterburn," although it appears most prevalently as "Arterburn."  I'm wondering whether this was just Scottish influence (i.e., Battle of Otterburn) resulting in a phonetic (though inaccurate) spelling, or something more.


I've recently launched a DNA project to hopefully support traditional research on our family.  We have tested an "Otterburn" from England, with negative results:  http://www.familytreedna.com/public/Arterburn/


Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated! 




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