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VMI Tidewater Graduates

VMI Tidewater Graduates

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Tidewater Virginia VMI Graduates

The file that follows is a listing of Tidewater (Virginia) personnel listed in the Virginia Military Institute (VMI). The data was extracted from the Online files at the VMI website.

All entries conform to the following format: 

Last Name, First Name, Middle Name; Date/Place of birth and death, if known; parents' names; graduation status; military service, if known; post-graduate career; spouse's name. Links to, or brief description of other holdings (photographs, manuscripts, etc) are provided. 

         Garnett, Louis Anacharsis. b. 1821 Essex Co., VA; d. 1901, pacific Grove, CA; Robert Selden Garnett and Olympia Charlotte de Gouges; graduate; no military record; lawyer; m. Maria Champe Garnett (cousin), 1853

         Knight, Oscar Mansfield. b. 1823, Nottoway Co., VA; d. 1918, Wilmington, NC; John Hughes Knight and Sallie Everett Carter; graduate; Civil War- Capt. 9th Virginia Cavalry; physician, farmer; Uncle of Emmet Knight (Class of 1867/New Market cadet); m. Ellen Todd.

         Shields, Hamilton L. b. 1821, Norfolk, VA; d. 1889, New York; William Cannon Shields and Elizabeth Finch; non-graduate; Mexican War--Lt. 3rd Artillery, U.S. Army; did not serve in Civil War; army officer, lawyer, farmer; m. Caroline Hart of Troy, New York

         Jeffress, William Calvin. b. 1823, Nottoway Co., VA; d. 1895, Nottoway Co.; Edward Thomas Jeffress (1794-1873) & Dicy Hall Fowlkes (1800-1858); graduate; Capt. Artillery, CSA; lawyer, tobacco farmer; married (1st) Betty Clark, (2nd) Margaret Moseley (3rd) Sally Thornton

         Smith, William Henry. b. ca. 1824, Richmond Co., VA; d. 1859 or 1860, Warsaw, VA; William G. Smith & Elizabeth Bailey Settle; non-graduate; no military record; teacher; never married

         Twiford, Robert Purnell. b. ca. 1818; death information unknown, "died young."; no information about parents; Mrs. E. Twiford was listed as guardian in matriculation book (he matriculated from Accomac, VA); non-graduate; no military record; teacher; married Tabitha Wharton Dix

         Washington, John Tayloe. b. 1822 (1824?), Westmoreland Co., VA (at "Blenheim"); d. 1864 May; Lawrence Washington & Sarah Tayloe; graduate; Civil War--unit unknown; died after contracting typhoid fever; farmer & sheriff; married Mary Dent Ashton of King George Co., VA.

         Wills, John Cunningham. b. 1821 Isle of Wight Co., Virginia; d. 1878 Fayette, Missouri; John Goodrich Wills and Louisa Cunningham; graduate; Civil War--Col. in militia, not called to active duty; educator and minister; married Katherine Emily Duffey, 1847.

         Garnett, Thomas Stuart. b. 1825[4], Westmoreland Co., Virginia; d. 1863 in battle at Chancellorsville; Henry Thomas Garnett & Eliza Stuart Bankhead; non-graduate; Mexican War-Lt. Civil War- Col. 48th Virginia Infantry Regiment, CSA; physician; married Emma L. Baber, 1848.

         Jett, John Jr.. b. 1824 Rappahannock Co., VA; d. 1856 in Kansas; James Jett & Julia M. Lane; non-graduate; no military record; merchant; married Isabella Roberts

         Pitts, John Henry. b. 1825 Tappahannock, VA; d. 1861 Essex Co., VA; Reubin Lindsey Pitts & Kiturah Waller Jones; graduate; Civil War- Capt C.S.A; died June 1861 after organizing his company but before active service; teacher; married 1849 Sarah Ann Ellis.

         Taylor, Edmund. b. 1822 Caroline Co., VA; d. 1881 Richmond, VA; John Taylor and Lucy Gregory Woodford; graduate; Civil War- Lt. CSA; farmer; married 1845 Susan Morris Dabney (1827-1918).

         Lawrence, James H. b. ca. 1822, (Caroline Co., VA?); date/place of death unknown; John G. Lawrence and Hannah ?; graduate; Civil War- various Georgia units; dentist; no information regarding marital status

         Meredith, John Scott. b. 1824 Hanover Co., VA d. 1917 Stafford Co. VA; Reuben Meredith and Mary L. Clarkson; non-graduate; Civil War - Lt., Cavalry, CSA; lawyer; no marriage info

         Moomau, John Bean. b. 1821 Franklin VA, d. 1864 Charlottesville VA; Frederick Moomau and Catherine Johnson; graduate; Civil War - Capt. Franklin Guards (Co. E, 62nd Regt. Va. Mounted Infantry); lawyer; married Hannah Hinkle Dice.

         Wheelwright, William Henry. b. 1824 Westmoreland Co., VA., d. 1879; Joseph Wheelwright (physician) and Levica Dodge; graduate; Civil War - Major, 26th Virginia Infantry Regiment CSA, Chaplain 9th Virginia Cavalry Regiment; clergyman; married 1849 Margaret Kerfoot.

         Williamson, Henry Watson. b. 1823 Norfolk VA, d. 1884 Lexington, VA; Thomas Williamson and Anne Walke; graduate; Mexican War - Lt. Civil War - 6th Virginia Infantry Regiment CSA; civil engineer, VMI Librarian 1876-1884; married 1861 Patty Green; brother of Thomas Hoomes Williamson, VMI Faculty member. (photograph of Thomas Hoomes Williamson on file at VMI). Death of Henry W. Williamson is mentioned in Thomas J. Nottingham diary ( on file at VMI)

         Baber, Thomas Berry Jr. b. 1827 King George Co., VA; d. 1872; Thomas B. Baber and Emily J.; non-graduate; Civil War--Company C., 9th Virginia Cavalry; farmer; never married.

         Fitzhugh, Philip Aylett. b. 1824 Middlesex Co., VA; d. 1908 Northampton Co. VA; Philip A. Fitzhugh and Mary Macon Aylett; graduate; Civil War- Capt. Infantry Co. at beginning of war; physician; m. 1849 Georgeanna Tankard. (photograph on file at VMI)

         Stewart Wise Anderson, b. 1886, Portsmouth, VA; VMI Class of 1908; educator; VMI faculty member (1911-1957) and Dean of the Faculty 1941-1955; d. 1970, Lexington, VA.

        William Couper b. 1884, Norfolk, Virginia; graduate Virginia Military Institute (Class of 1904); army officer, 1917-1920; engineer; Business Executive VMI, 1925-1954; VMI Historiographer, 1934-1954; retired VMI 1954; d. 1964, Lexington, Va

         James Smith Ferebee, b. 1906, Virginia Beach, VA; VMI Class of 1927; sportsman (golf & skeet) and insurance executive; member Virginia Sports Hall of Fame; d. 1988 VMI Class of 1927

         John Marvin Luke, b. 1880, Portsmouth, VA; VMI Class of 1900; World War I veteran; teacher and clergyman; d. 1951.

         Emmett Masalon Morrison, b. 1841 Smithfield, VA; VMI Class of 1861; 15th Virginia Infantry Regiment, CSA; teacher; d. 1932 Smithfield, VA

         Kenneth Sinclair Purdie, b. 1892, Norfolk, Virginia; VMI Class of 1912; army officer; educator; VMI faculty member; d. 1983, Lexington, Virginia.

         Thomas Middleton Semmes, b. 1840, Caroline Co., VA; VMI Class of 1860; Lt. Arkansas regiment, CSA; VMI Faculty member, 1860-1904; d. 1904, Lexington, VA.

         Francis Williamson Smith, b. 1838, Norfolk, Virginia; graduate VMI Class of 1856; educator; Lt. Col. Confederate Artillery; wounded at Amelia Springs and died April 6, 1865.

         Edmund Clivious Waddill, b. 1883 Richmond, VA; VMI Class of 1903; United States Army officer and World War I veteran; d. 1964 Portsmouth, VA.

         John Robinson Waddy, b. 1834; graduate, VMI Class of 1853; officer, U.S. Army prior to 1861; officer, CSA; farmer, businessman, postmaster; d. 1903, Norfolk, VA

         Walter Wheeler Williams, b. 1834, Norfolk, VA; graduate, VMI Class of 1853; graduate University of Virginia and Theological Seminary in Virginia (Alexandria); Episcopal clergyman in Leesburg and Halifax VA, Washington DC, New York City, & Baltimore; d. 1891, Sudbrook Park, MD

         William Macon Jerdone, b. 1848, Charles City Co., VA; VMI Class of 1871; lawyer and Texas state legislator; d. 1900, Galveston, TX

         Richard Tuggle Goodwyn b. 1866, Nottoway VA; VMI Class of 1887; educator and real estate broker; d. 1952.

         William Augustus Moncure, b. 1863, Bowling Green, VA; VMI Class of 1884; lawyer and judge; died 1947, Richmond, VA

         Robert Edward Bruce Stewart, b. 1863 Norfolk Co., VA; VMI Class of 1886; state legislator; Clerk to Capt. of Norfolk Navy Yard; d. 1930, Portsmouth VA

         William Waller Vest, b. 1871 Williamsburg, Virginia; VMI Class of 1892; physician, Clarksville, Virginia; d. 1918, Clarksville, VA

         John Crump Parker, b. 1895, Franklin, VA; VMI Class of 1914; lawyer; d. 1986 Franklin, VA

         John Franklin East, Jr., b. 1901 Norfolk, VA; VMI Class of 1924; shipping business; d. 1979 Norfolk, VA

         George DeLancey Hanger, b. 1907, Portsmouth, VA; VMI Class of 1928; World War II veteran; businessman; d. 1992, Norfolk VA

         Andrew Lee Hannah, Jr., b. 1903, Portsmouth, VA ; VMI Class of 1924; United States Air Force officer; d. 1982

         Richard Rawles Woodward, b. 1905 Suffolk, VA; VMI Class of 1926; Marine Corps officer during World War II; businessman; d. 1982 Suffolk, VA

         William T. Hardy b. 1834, Norfolk, Virginia; VMI Class of 1855; during Civil War was Captain, Quartermaster, Confederate States Army; farmer; d. 1911.

         Lawrence Royster , b. 1841, New Kent Co., Virginia; Honorary graduate, VMI Class of 1866; New Market Cadet; farmer, accountant, Court Clerk; d. 1914, Richmond, Virginia

         James Henry Lane, b. July 28, 1833, Mathews Court House, Virginia. Parents: Henry Gardner Lane and Mary Ann Henry Barkwell . VMI Class of 1854; appointed Brigadier General Nov. 1862;. Marriage Charlotte Randolph Meade of Richmond, VA; (four daughters Lidie, Mary, Kate, Lottie). (Photograph available VMI)

         William Mahone, born 1826 December 1 at Fort Monroe, Southampton Co., Virginia. Parents: Fielding Jordan Mahone, a merchant in Southampton Co., and Martha Drew. Paternal Grandparents: William Mahone (b. Ireland) and Nancy Jordan. VMI Class of 1847; promoted to Major General on July 30;  Married Otelia Butler on February 8, 1855; daughter of Dr. Robert Butler of Smithfield, Isle of Wight Co., Virginia and Otelia Voinard of Petersburg, VA. William and Otelia had 13 children, 3 of whom lived into adulthood (William, Robert, and Otelia).; United States Senator, 1881-1887; died October 8, 1895; buried Blandford Cemetery, near Petersburg, VA. (Photograph available VMI)

 Submitted by Rod McDonald


2017 Tidewater Genealogical Society
Katherine Nice
Last updated:  06/13/2017