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Society History

Society History

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The Hugh S. Watson Jr. Genealogical Society of  Tidewater, Virginia, or in short form, The Tidewater Genealogical Society, was formally organized in 1969.  Mr. Watson in whose honor the Society is named, authored a weekly genealogical feature from 1935, first for the VIRGINIA GAZETTE of Williamsburg, Virginia, and then for the DAILY PRESS of Newport News, Virginia until 1988.

Our primary geographical area of interest is Virginia, with emphasis on that part east of the Fall Line.  The Society is  dedicated to encouraging and sustaining interest in genealogical affairs through education and research programs designed to assist members in their search for ancestors.


  1. To instruct in methods of research, documentation and recording of genealogies.
  2. To procure and maintain genealogical resources and facilities.
  3. To collect, index and file family records of members.
  4. To collect, develop, publish and disseminate genealogical information of interest to the membership and to the general public.


  1. Informative bi-monthly meetings.
  2. An annual day-long genealogical seminar.
  3. An annual "How To" workshop
  4. Publication of a quarterly, VIRGINIA TIDEWATER GENEALOGY, in March, June, September and December.
  5. Publication of books of genealogical source materials.
  6. Inexpensive bus trips to research sites, typically Washington, D.C., Richmond, VA, and Raleigh, NC.
  7. Free publication of a surname list and your genealogical queries.


2017 Tidewater Genealogical Society
Katherine Nice
Last updated:  06/13/2017