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Adventures in Genealogy: Site of the Month Award April 2000

The Site that leapt out of my research this month and chased me around the computer is the Tidewater Genealogical Society WebPage.

This site is not only pleasing to the eye but it contains a boatload of helpful links.  (A Boatload is a specific measurement, more than a lot but less than the number of in-laws I got named Buford)  This site also contains a link that I personally wish was on ever Gen Society web page.  This Link
tells you how to join the society and its dues.

Ok, enough babbling on my part, Lets separate the peppers from the wannabes, time to ask those seven key questions.

1) What kind of site is it?  It's a Genealogical Society Page.  It brings together real good links for anyone with ancestors from the Tidewater area  of Virginia.
2) Is the Page Current?  Yes, I checked the site several times in the last month or so and it is consistently updated.
3) Does the Page Offer a wide selection?  Yes, it offers links for counties, cities, military info, Gedcoms as well as a "How-To" section.  Personally I consider the How-To info a valuable asset, you never know when you have overlooked a good method or tool for your research.
4) Does it have an easily understood format?  Yes, pretty straight forward and simply.
5) How Fast does it load?  I was amazed at its speed in loading, considering the graphics on it.  It was faster than Cousin Tyrell snatching that last french fry.
6) What sets this site apart from all the others?  Organization, basic beauty and a wealth of information.
7) Is the site pure genealogy?  Yes, sorta.  It does contain a "Books For Sale" section but they are genealogical books.

Overall I think this site is superb and would strongly recommend it.  In Closing I would like to invite everyone to submit pages they would like to see considered for this award at   Please drop by the Tidewater Genealogical Society page and check it out.


2017 Tidewater Genealogical Society
Katherine Nice
Last updated:  06/13/2017