Vital Statistics

Vital Statistics

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Virginia Personal Property Taxes online.  Print down a form to record your information on.  This is one of the most ambitious projects I have ever seen taken on.  It contains photos of the actual PPT plus has indexes by name and/or county.  There is a wealth of information and more coming soon!  Thank you Bunny & Steve.  You can email them at [email protected] 


Links to USGENWEB Census project for Virginia by county.

Links to James City County Lists

1782 James City County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List
1788 James City County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List
James City Co. VA 1850 Federal Census

Links to Jamestown Census

Occupations in the new World
Jamestown Original Settlers May 14,1607
Jamestown First Supply (January 1608)
Jamestown Second Supply Sept, 1608
Jamestown (1624-1625)


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Katherine Nice
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