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Tidewater Genealogical Society Officers 2014 

President   Merle Kimball [email protected]
First Vice President  James R. Sample [email protected]
Second Vice President  Elizabeth Pierce [email protected]
Recording Secretary Diana Doren [email protected]
Treasurer  Emily McDonald [email protected]
Historian  Shannon Redmond [email protected]
Director at Large Madeline Conway [email protected]
Director at Large Nancy Setty [email protected]
Director at Large Barbara Boles [email protected]


Standing Committees 2016

Librarian  Merle Kimball [email protected]
Quarterly Editor Cindy L. Frie [email protected]
Publicity Sharon Minter [email protected]
Membership Peggy Lutton Peggy [email protected]
Programs   Elizabeth Pierce [email protected]
Publications   Sue Welch

[email protected]

Research Trip Peggy Lutton Peggy [email protected]
Special Projects Merle Kimball [email protected]
Fundraising Rod McDonald [email protected]
Financial Jim Sample  [email protected]
Jeanette Fletcher 
Diana Doran

[email protected]
Library Committee Merle Kimball
Sue Welch
[email protected]
[email protected]


Appointed Officers for 2016

Corresponding Secretary Joan Edmonds [email protected]
Parliamentarian  Yvonne Edwards [email protected]
Volunteer Coordinator Linda Miller [email protected]

2017 Tidewater Genealogical Society
Katherine Nice
Last updated:  06/13/2017