Stafford County Family Group Sheets

Stafford County Family Group Sheets

John Mason

Contributed By: Karen Dale

Husband: John MASON
Born: Abt 1722 - Stafford Co , Virginia
Died: Abt 1796 - Stafford Co , Virginia
Father: William MASON (Abt 1692-Abt 1745)
Mother: Jane [MASON] ( - )
Married: 27 Nov 1747 Place: Stafford Co , Virginia,
Overwharton Parish
Wife: Mary NELSON
Born: Abt 1734 - Stafford Co , Virginia
Died: Abt 1802 - Culpeper Co., VA?
Father: Henry NELSON (1673- )
Mother: Sarah Ann [NELSON] (Abt 1702- )
1 M Rev. William MASON
Born: 30 Nov 1748 - Stafford Co , Virginia
Died: 26 Apr 1823 - Culpeper Co., VA
Spouse: Lucy BENSON ( - )
Marr. Date:
Marr. Date:
2 M John MASON
Born: 18 Feb 1750 - Stafford Co , Virginia
Died: Between 1804 and 1811
Spouse: Sally JEFFRIES ( -1831)
Marr. Date:
Marr. Date:
3 M Nelson MASON
Born: 6 Aug 1753 - Stafford Co , Virginia
Marr. Date:
4 M Lewis H. MASON
Born: 5 Feb 1757 - Stafford Co , Virginia
Died: Abt 1834 - Probably Stafford Co. VA
Spouse: Mary BETHEL (1756-1831)
Marr. Date: Stafford Co , Virginia
Marr. Date:
5 M Captain Henry MASON
Born: Between 1760 and 1770 - Culpeper Co., VA
Died: 5 Mar 1808
Spouse: Celia Or Cecelia MASON (Bet 1760-Abt 1817)
Marr. Date: Abt 1782
Marr. Date:
6 M Joel MASON
Born: 1761 - Stafford Co , Virginia
Died: 26 Nov 1813 - Stafford Co , Virginia
Spouse: Sarah BOURNE ( -1835)
Marr. Date: 12 Dec 1791 - Culpeper Co., VA
Marr. Date:
7 M Enoch MASON
Born: Abt 1766 - Stafford Co , Virginia
Died: 1828 - Stafford Co , Virginia
Spouse: Lucy Wiley ROY ( -1815)
Marr. Date: 1796 - Fauquier Co VA
Marr. Date:
8 F Sally MASON (?)
Born: 22 Apr 1771 - Probably Stafford Co. VA
Died: 27 Sep 1838 - Stafford Co , Virginia
Spouse: John JAMESON (1763-1842)
Marr. Date: 11 Dec 1791 - Probably Stafford Co. VA
Marr. Date:
9 F Letticia MASON ?
Born: Between 1770 and 1780 - Stafford Co , Virginia
Died: after 1840 census
Spouse: BARBER ( - )
Marr. Date:
Marr. Date:

Birth Notes (Husband)

John Mason testified in a 1792 court case concerning a disagreement in land
boundaries between Aquia and Accokeek Runs in Stafford Co. He testified that
some 30-35 years before he had talked to the grandfathers of both men about
boundary disputes. In that testimony he is said to be "about 70." This is
File 389, Capt. Thomas Peyton vs. Major George Brent. "Sworn to us at Aquia, 6
October 1792 (George Harrison King, "Mason Family of Stafford County VA" in VA
library, Richmond).

Death Notes (Husband)

John Mason's estate appears on Stafford tax record 179, 1799. On 1800, Mary
Mason appears on the tax record, her taxes taken the same day as Joel, Lewis,
Yelverton, Daniel Sr. and Margaret, widow of Richard.

General Notes (Husband)

George Harrison King argued in "Masons of Stafford Co.VA" that John Mason was
the son of George II of Aquia. However, Katherine Gottschalk includes him a son
of William, b. ca. 1690 and his wife Jane (see 1745 inventory proceeding
below). The fact that a John Mason is mentioned in William Mason's estate
settlement is hardly proof that he was a son of William; however it does
suggest it. Since the several known sons of George II of Aquia were in Prince
William Co (documented there in the tax list of 1747), it seems likely that
John, who remained in the Aquia area, is a son of the William who inherited 100
acres of land from William Wentworth Matheny, 1705. Those acres were south of
Aquia Creek, between Aquia and Accokeek Run. Deed and tax evidence (see below)
supports that.

In 1756, John Mason was living on property SOUTH OF AQUIA CREEK ADJACENT TO
MATHENYS. The 1768 rent rolls say his property was 100 acres.

Stafford Deed BK P, pp113-116 (Sparacio-Stafford Deed Abstracts 1722-1728;
1755-1765, pp. 102-103)

This indenture made 31 of July 1756 between William Matheny and Ann his wife,
Job Sims and Ursula his wife and Thomas Matheny of County Stafford Overwharton
Parish of the one part and John Peyton of afsd of other part witnesseth for sum
of 150 pounds, current money of Virigina hath granted 300 acres in Stafford
County bounded...Beginning at a Pine standing in the back line of the Hope
Patent a corner of William Thomas' northwest along the Hope line...white oak
corner between Matheny and JOHN MASON thence NE to Aquia River [note it is
SOUTH of the creek] down said River to place called the Narrows to Poplar by
riverside line marked trees to first beginning which line of marked trees
divides this 300 ares from 200 acres sold to William Thomas the whole 500 being
part of the larger Tract containing 1600 acres Pattented by Robert Hubbard
bearing date 12 Decr 1654 and by Hubbard sold to Collo. Valentine Peyton and by
Peyton sold the 500 acres to his Brother Henry Peyton bearing date 22 September
1657 and afterwards sold said 500 acres to Richard Fossaker by deeds bearing
date 1663 which double sale caused a suit in Law between the son and heir of
Henry Peyton Father to the abovementioned John Peyton and John Fossaker
Grandson of said Richard Fossaker and after a tedious suit in Law the said
Peyton and Fossaker agreed to sell the said 500 acres to Solomon Day and Daniel
Matheny by deeds 6th March 1683 and sometimes after by deeds of Partition the
said Day and Matheny agreed to divide the 500 acres between them Solomon Day to
have 200 acres adjoining to Hope Creek and Daniel Matheny to have the uppermost
300...the Said Daniel Matheny dying left the 300 acres to his Wife and she
dying without Will the said land fell to Daniel Matheny's Eldest son Wm.
Matheny and the said Wm. dying left the said land to his Son Danl. Matheny to
him and his heirs and said Daniel Matheny dying Intestate the land fell to his
Eldest Son William Matheny Party to these presents and the said William Matheny
last mentioned sold 100 acres of the said 300 acres to Job Sims party to these
presents by deeds bearing date 9/10th of October 1752 and said William Matheny
leased 100 acres of said 300 acres unto Thomas Matheny party to these
presents...all these conveyances may be found in records of Stafford
Presence John Matthews, William Matheny
Geo. Waller Junr., Allen Walker Ann Matheny
Job Sims
Ursula Sims

At some point between the rent roll of 1776, when John is listed on 100 acres,
and the land taxes of 1782, he sold/leased the 100 acres to Raleigh Downman
(see 1783 property tax list) and acquired 120 acres NORTH of Aquia Creek in the
same area where Daniel, Richard and Lewis Mason lived. He continued to own that
property until 1790 when he apparently made a contract for sale with John
Murray who paid the taxes until John's death in 1796. John Murray is listed
with the 120 acres on the 1797 tax list.

Given the property John Mason lived on, south of Aquia Creek, adjacent to
Mathenys, there seems ample evidence to assume he was a son of William Mason
whose mother Frances married William Matheny. Moreover, mention of John Mason
in the property settlement of William Mason, d. ca 1745, strengthens that

1745 The Estate of William Mason deced. Dr - paid Mr. Ferhuson, William
Allen, Edward Waller, Mr. Nathl. Chapman, John Mason, Alexr. Doniphan, Mulrain
Bails, Chas. Harding, John Richards, Jas. Jones, George Waller, Saml. Newball,
Jas. Litterall, Mr. Rae.
Cr - By Brereton Jones, John Carter, Taylor Chapman, Chas. Harding, Richard
Young. 10 August 1746. Errors excepted.
Jane Mason

At Court held for Stafford Co. 12 Aug. 1746, Jane Mason Administratrix of
William Mason deced. made oath to an account agst. her deced. Husband's
Estate..admitted to record.

Both William Mason before 1745 and John Mason after 1745 appear in deed and
will books as witnesses or appraisers of their neighbor's estates. Without
exception, BOTH are associated with the same names in these records: Waller,
Matheny, Allen--clearly their neighbors in the area south of Aquia Creek.

Stafford County Deed Book P (1755-1763) (begins on p. 74):--p. 125. pp. 181-85
in original:
On pages 126 through 130 of this book, pages 181 through 185 have been
reproduced as found in the Stafford County records of a Poll for Electing
Burgesses for the said County Given 24th day July 1758.
--p. 126: (Among others) John Mason
--p. 127: (Among others) William Allen, Danl. Mason, John Peyton.

Stafford Co., VA Personal Property Tax Records

1783: Mason, John 8 2 1 1 5 14 4 Thos.Tyler's list. 1st col. is "white
1784: Mason, John 1 2 5 11 4 Chas. Carter's list
1785: Mason, John Sr. 2 1 1 1 5 13
1786: Mason, John 1 1 2 2 5 14 1sr col. white males>21; 2nd col. white
1787: Mason, John 1 2 2 6 13 1st col is wm 16-21; adl wm>21 Apr. 9

The consistency in household size here indicates it's all the same John
Mason--John Sr.

He is on the land tax list for 120 acres from 1782 until 1790 when John Murray
pays taxes for John Mason and contines to do so until 1797, when John Murray is
listed with 120 acres "from John Mason."

Also on Stafford Rolls 1792, 1793, 1794, 1795, 1796.
John Mason's estate first appears on tax rolls, 1797, continues 1798, 1799.
Mary Nelson Mason is on the rolls 1800, 1801; her estate in 1802.

It appears that John was something of a carpenter. Records from Accakeek
Ironworks, just a couple of miles southeast of Hope Patent, include two payment
to John (and Jno.) Mason for rounds. May 4, 1750 indicated a 7/16 payment of L
0.4.4. to John Mason for turning rounds.
May 14, 1751, Accakeek paid John Mason L1.1.8 for 69 rounds for a mill.
Rounds were similar to cogs and were used in wallower and pinion gears. [from
Jerrilyn Eby by email; however, later included in her 2003 book, "Laying the
Hoe: A Century of Iron Manufacturing in Stafford County, Virginia")

Some of John's children are named in the Overwharton Parish records; others are
not. However, there is a family bible belonging to the family of John Jr. that
names his brothers as William, Nelson, Lewis, Joel, Enoch and Henry. Joel's
will also names Enoch as his brother. The bible records were published: The
Virginia Genealogist
Volume 38, Number 1 January-March 1994
Contributed by Mary W. Steffens
Orlando, Florida

This Bible is owned by Mrs. Elizabeth Cornish George of Demopolis, Ala. The
family record consists of printed forms with space for name, place and date of
birth, marriage and death, parents and baptism and name and parents of spouse.
The title page reads: The / HOLY BIBLE / with a / Perpetual Genealogical /
Family Register / Entirely New and Original /New York and
Nashville / Richard Abbey / 1858 / sold by the Southern Methodist Publishing
House Nashville.

John Mason was born in Virginia, married Sally Jeffries in Stafford County,
Ellet Mason, son of John and Sally Mason, born in Virginia, died young
William Mason, John and Sally Mason, born in Virginia, died young
Sandy Mason, son of John and Sally Mason, born in Virginia, died young
John Mason, son of John and Sally Mason, born in Virginia, died young
Joel Mason, son of John and Sally Mason, born in Virginia, died young
Enoch Mason, son of John and Sally Mason was born in Virginia
Elizabeth Mason, daughter of John and Sally Mason, born in Virginia, married in
Virginia 10th of November, 1800 Abner Hudson, son of David Hudson
Mary Mason, daughter of John and Sally Mason born in Virginia married Ezekiel
Fanny Mason, daughter of John and Sally Mason born in Virginia married George
Towles in Virginia
Sarah Mason,, daughter of John and Sally Mason, born in Virginia married
Sally Mason, wife of John Mason and mother of Elizabeth Mason Hudson died May
14, 1831

Rev. William Mason, brother of John Mason, married Miss Benson
Henry Mason, brother of John Mason, married Ceilia Mason
Lewis Mason, brother of John Mason
Joel Mason, brother of John Mason married Miss Bourne
Enoch Mason, brother of John Mason, married Miss Roy

No daughters are listed in either the bible or Overwharton records. Lettice
comes from notes in family records, notably from the family of Joel Mason.
There may be another daughter, unnamed, since the will of Joel Mason refers to
John Jameson as his "brother-in-law" but Joel's wife was not a Jameson but a
Bourne. Therefore it is likely that John Jameson was married to Joel's sister.
John Jameson's wife was named Sally.

Stafford Publick Claims (compiled by Janice L. Abercrombie), p. 1 [page 2 on
original court records]:
"At a court held for Stafford Couty 8th April 1782 present Carles Carter, John
Pollard, Harris Hoe, Gerrard Banks, Thomas Montjoy, James Garrard, William
Hewitt, William Alexander, Gents.
The Cout proceeded agreeable to an act passed at the last session of assembly
intitled 'an act for adjusting claims for property impressed or taken for
public service' to receive the certificates following and to fix a price on the
segveral articles so impressed or taken."
p. 5 (p. 6 on original)
Mr. John Mason for waggon L30; 100# beef L1-13-4

p. 9 [14 on original]
John Mason cert. by R. Claiborne DQMV a saddle L5-4; cert by G. Burros, 50
barrels corn L25, 450 # beef, 675 beef.

General Notes (Wife)

Dates from Nelson researchers.

General Notes for Child Rev. William MASON

William is proven as a son of John Mason and Mary Nelson from the Overwharton
Parish Records.

The 1787 Census of VA
Mason, William Culpe A self 0 0 1 3 8 p 711

1810 Culpeper: MASON, WM 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 1 1 1 0
1820 Culpeper: 000021-0001

Will written 17 Sept 1821; one codicil 12 Oct 1822; probated 22 May 1823.
Names all of his children.

From Carolyn Britt Anderson's material:

William was baptized and became a member of Chappawamsick Baptist Church. Soon
after the Revoltuion he married Lucy Benson and settled in Culpeper Co VA.
Wiilliam Mason became a Baptist minister although "he was lacking in eloquence
as a speaker but possessed gfits that were incomparably more valuablel such as
beeing simple, grave, sincere, in doctrine Incorrupt and in Language and manner
plain." [VIRGINIA BAPTIST MINISTERS--Taylor]. Taylor goes on to say that Elder
Mason in his later years "was liable for driniking too much wine" without
realizing its effects on him .He was a Mt.. Poney Baptist for 35 years as well
as serving at the same time at F.T, Baptist and other churches nearby. He was
influential in uniting the Separate and Regular Baptists and promoting the
cause of missions.
Reference: CULPEPER FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH HISTORY and artlicles by Taylor on
early Virginia Bapt. ministers; Green and Scheel's history of Culpeper Co.

ELDER WILLIAM MASON ( Early Churches of Culpeper County, Virginia: Colonial
Ante-Bellum Congregations edited by Arthur Dicken Thomas, Jr., Ph.D. and
Angus McDonald Green

"With the dissolution of Mountain Run Church in 1782, Nathaniel Saunders and
most of the remaining members came to Mt. Poney. Included in this group were
two other ministers: John Price, who eventually moved to Kentucky, and William
Mason, who succeeded Pastor Saunders in 1788. The same year the "great
revival" reached Culpeper, and approximately 200 new members were
added to the Mt. Poney membership, chiefly through Pastor Mason's ministry.

In 1803, the Mt. Poney church was again the mother of another church.
Seventy-two members of the church were dismissed to form Bethel Church which
was constituted September 30, 1803. During the early 1800s William Mason
served as pastor of Bethel, Mt. Poney, Gourdvine, and Robinson River
churches. Robinson River, located in Madison County, was begun in 1790 by
Pastor Mason with 76 members.

Pastor Mason was described as "a warm advocate of the missionary cause from the
time it began to be discussed in Virginia." All the pastors in the Shiloh
Association, however, did not feel the same way. Luther Rice, though, helped
to change this attitude when he spoke to the Association at
its meeting in August 1816. Rice preached twice during the meeting and a
collection was taken for missionary purposes. The Association also
recommended Baptist missions to the churches.

Mason continued to serve Mt. Poney until 1822, completing a pastorate that
lasted more than 33 years. He died the following year.

On April 13, 1822, Mt. Poney chose Elder John Churchill Gordon to succeed
William Mason as pastor.

Bethel Baptist Church:
On December 3, 1803, after opening with Divine Worship, some questions were
brought up concerning members who transgressed and how the church should deal
with such members. Brother William Mason was called by the church, and
without a dissenting vote, became Bethel's fist pastor, serving concurrently
Gourdvine Church and Robinson River Baptist Church until his resignation in

From Lynn Mason's website:
See the website for a portrait of William as well.

William Mason, was an early Baptist Minister and Captain in the Fairfax
(Culpeper County, VA) Militia during the Revolutionary War. He was born on his
father's farm in Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, VA on November 30, 1748.
He was the eldest son of John Mason and Mary Nelson Mason.He married Lucy
Benson, probably the daughter of Enoch Benson and Mary D'oail Benson. Together
they raised thirteen children on a 200 acre farm east of present day Culpeper,
VA and west of the Wilderness Tavern, site of the famous Civil War
battle.According to letters and historical accounts, William, was a small man
with a strong voice that "could be heard in the small Blue Ridge Valley
churches singing the praises of the Lord." Elder Mason, as preachers were known
in those times, was a man "plain in his ways and in his words", whose singular
mission was to save souls.Little is known of his Revolutionary War service,
although his service is authenticated by the Daughters of the American
Revolution and the Sons of the American Revolution.

In the name of God Amen I William Mason of the County of Culpeper and the
State of Virginia being in common health and of sound & disposing mind and
having a desire to dispose of What Wordly Goods it hath pleased the Almighty
God to bless me with I do make this my :ast Will and Testament in manner
and form as follows

1st My Will and desire is that all my Just debts & funeral expenses be first

2nd I give ot the Children of my Son James Mason decd Twelve pounds to be
equally divided between them all or their Representatives

3rd I give unto my Son John Mason one feather bed and furniture

4th My Will and desire is that my Executors hereafter named do sell all the
remainder of my personal property on a (creadel? maybe credit?) of twelve
months and my land on such (Creadel?/credit?) of the situation of the debtsI
may owe at my death And I do give my Executors full power of the situation if
my debts require it to sell my lands or such part for Cash as shall in
their opinion be required for the Interest of my Estate and after paying all my
Just debts & funeral expenses my Will & desire is that they do divide the
balance of my Estate Between all my children and their Representatives , Ann
Sims and the children of James Mason deceased Polly Graves the heirs of
Judith? Cornelious decd John Mason Benson Mason Nelson Mason
William Mason Lucy Wright Betsey Wilson Silious Mason & Philip T. Mason
& their heirs and it is my Will & desire that what debts I pay for my Son
Philip T. Mason before my death and those I may be bound for be deducted out of
his proportion of my Estate when a division takes place It is my
sincere wish that some one of my children purchase my negro man, Arch, as I do
not wish him to be sold out of the family unless it should be his choice to be
with or near his wife And lastly I do constitute and appoint my friends
Reuben Moore and Richard I. [or T.] Tutt Executors to this my Last
Will and Testament In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seale
this 17th day of September 1821
William Mason (seal)

Tho. Hall
James R M Conochee

Codocil I William Mason being of sound mind and disposing Memory and
Reflecting on a Clause of the Written Will I do make this codicil to alter and
change that part of my Estate that I gave to my Son Philip T. Mason after
paying the debts I am bound for him I do give the balance of his
proportion to his children for their support and Education and for that
purpose It is my Will and desire that my Executors do so secure of that my Son
Philip T. Mason do only have a support with his children and it is my Will and
desire he have no further controle their such support as that part of my Estate
will Justify and it is my desire that this be considered as a part of the
written Will in Witness whereof I do hereunto set my hand and
seale this 12th day of October 1822
William Mason (seal)
Acknowledged in presence of
xxxx? Broadus
Wm Boolen? (perhaps Jr. afterwards?)

At a Court held for Culpeper County the 19th day of May 1822
The Last Will and Testament of William Mason decd was
exhibited to the Court and proved by the Oath of Thomas Hall and James R M
Conochee the Witnesses thereto and the Codicil thereon endorsed was proved by
the Oath of Wm Boolen as one of the Witnesses thereto And the same together
with the said Codicol is Ordered to be Recorded And at a Court
held for said County the 21st day of May 1823 Reuben Moore one of the Executors
there in named came unto Court and in? his motion certificates? granted him for
obtaining probat thereof and given bond and security according to Law And at a
Court held for said County the 22nd day of May
1823 Richard I. or J. Tutt the other Executor there in named came unto Court
and on his motion certxxxxx? is granted him to join in the said probat he
having also made oath thereto and given bond and security according to Law
teste XXX? Lightfoot CC
[Transcription by Kathleen Bowen]

Death Notes for Child: John MASON

Probably died in Culpeper between 1804-1811.

General Notes for Child John MASON

John is named as child of John Sr. and Mary Nelson in Overwharton Parish
records and his family bible names his brothers.

Family of John Mason and Sally Jeffries taken from THE VIRGINIA GENEALOGIST,
Vol 38 #1 Jan-Mar 1994--information taken from MASON-HUDSON-CHAMBER BIBLE owned
by Mrs. Eliz. Cornish George of Demopolis, AL

Several John Masons appear in Culpeper personal property tax lists (1782--both
John Mason and John Mason Jr. appear), so it is not clear whether these are the
deeds of one man or several.

Culpeper Deed Book M 1783-1785 pp287-288
John Mason acquired 200 acres of land. This Indenture made this 29th day of Aug
1784 between Samuel Orr and Charlotte his wife of County of Culpeper of one
part and John Mason of County aforesaid of the other part... .In witness
whereof of the parties to these present have hereunto set their hands and Seals
in presence of us John Jameson, John Walker Thomas Fletcher R Y Wigginton
Samuel Orr

At a court held for Culpeper Co 15th Novr 1784
This indenture was proved by Oaths of John Jameson, John Walker (?) and Richd
Young Wigginton witness therto and ordered to be recorded.

[The names in the following deed are all closely associated with Joel Mason in
Stafford Co. In his will he names John Jamison his brother-in-law; Lathams
attended his estate sale 1817.]

400 acres of land from Robert Latham Jr, Culpeper, Dec. 1790
This Indenture this 30th day of August 1790 between Robert Latham Junr and
Peggy his wife of County of Culpeper of one part and John Mason of the County
aforesaid of other part...At a court help for Culpeper County the 20th day of
December 1790...Wheeras Robert Latham Jr. & Peggy his wife by their certain
indenture of Bargain and Sale bearing date of 30th day of August 1790 have sold
and conveyed unto John Mason the fee simple Estate of Four hundred acres of
Land & whereas the said Peggy cannot conveniently travel to our County Court of
Culpper ...therefore command you or any two of you that you personally go to
Peggy and examine her privily apart from said Robert her husband whether she be
willing the same shall be recorded in our said County Court of Cupeper and when
you have received her acknowledgement...the said Indenture & writ; Witness John
Jameson, Clerk of our said Court 20th day of November 1793 in the 18th year of
the Commonwealth.
John Jameson
This Indenture of Bargain and Sale from Robert Latham Junr & Peggy his wife to
John Mason was acknowledged by the said Robert and ordered to be recorded: And
on the motion of the said Mason it is ordered that a Dedimus issue to take the
privy examination of the said Peggy which when returned into Court together
with the Certificate thereon, is also ordered to be recorded.
Teste John Jameson, Cl Cur
Culpeper County Deed Book O, 1790

167 acres of land from John Lightfoot, Culpeper, August 1794
This indenture made this 22nd day of August 1794 between John Lightfoot and
Levina his wife of County of Culpeper of one part and John Mason of County
aforesaid of other part... . And at a Court continued and held for said County
the 16th day of September 1794. This said Indenture was fully proved by the
oath of John Routt a winess therein which together with the Comission therein
annexed and Certificate thereon endoresed are ordered to be recorded.
Teste John Jameson Cl Cur
Culpeper County Deed Book S 1794-1796 pp 80-82

On personal property tax lists in Culpeper: John Mason begins in Daniel Brown's
District with the year 1795. On 1803, 1804. In 1803: 3 3 2 6 In 1804: John
Mason Sr. 2 2 2 5 This older John Mason does not apper on Culpeper lists after
they resume in 1811 (none from 1804-1811). One John Mason does, but it is
apparent that he is John Jr. (who also appeared on 1804, 1 - - 1). In 1811,
John Mason is listed with 1 poll, 3 livestock.

General Notes for Child Nelson MASON

Nelson is proven as son of John and Mary Mason, named as such in Overwharton
Parish records--births, and in the Chambers Hudson family bible.

Katherine Gottschalk says he died in the Revolutionary War--no primary

There is a Nelson Mason in post-war tax lists in Stafford--and a younger Nelson
Mason (son of Daniel? Reverend William Mason???) in the 1810 Stafford census
(age 26-45). An even younger Nelson Mason (age 20-30) is still in the Stafford
census, 1830. Possible descendants of Nelson? Of Daniel, who also married a

Death Notes for Child: Lewis H. MASON

Estate on tax rolls 1835.

General Notes for Child Lewis H. MASON

Lewis's birth is recorded in Overwharton Parish records where he is named "son
of John Mason." Also in Mason-Hudson-Chambers bible.

Married Mary Bethel ? Not in Mason-Hudson-Chambers bible.

Children of Lewis and Mary Bethel Mason from court record, Frederickburg VA,
chancery court, decree handed down 14 Mar 1856.
Court Record Data
Context Extract
Death Mary Mason died in the latter part of 1831
Deed John H. Elkins to Elijah Bowling - Fredericksburg - 1848 @
Defendant James Mason; Lydia Crawford; Nimrod Mason; Jane Johnson; Jane
Mason; Lucy Mason; Sophia Mason; Clarissa Mason; Enfield Mason; Jane Mason;
Robert Mason; William Mason
Family Lucy Mason, Sophia Mason & Clarissa Mason, chilidren of Bartlett
Family Enfield Mason, Jane Mason, Robert Mason & William Mason, children of
Nelson Mason
Family Nimrod Mason, Bartlett Mason, Nelson Mason & James Mason, children of
Lewis Mason
Family Mary Mason, wife of Lewis Mason
Family John H. Elkins, father of Mary F.M. Elkins
Family Raleigh Lewis Cooper, only child of Richard Cooper
Locality Fredericksburg
Marriage John Beach -mr- Polly Mason, daughter of Mary Mason
Marriage John Elkins -mr- Hethy Mason, daughter of Mary Mason
Marriage Richard Cooper -mr- Scithi Mason, daughter of Mary Mason
Marriage FNU Johnson -mr- Jane Mason, daughter of Nimrod Mason
Plaintiff Elijah Bowling; Richard Cooper; Raleigh Lewis Cooper
Tract Liberty Town lots
Administrative Information
Record title Bowling vs Mason
Year recorded 1856
Collection CR-HU-H
Record ID 472-39
End Notes
Preserved by Virginia Circuit Court Records Preservation Program
Processed by Margaret Anne Crickman
Extracted by Barry L. McGhee
Extracted on 3/20/2003

On list of voters in Stafford Co. April; 1786--very near Dan'l Mason and
Richard Mason. next to Peter Hansborough (see below) and John Browne.

Court records, Jan court in Stafford, 16 Jan 1791:
"Ordered that it be certified to his Excellency the Governor that LEWIS MASON
is a proper person to be commissioned as a Captain of the Militial of this
county, that Peter Hansbrough Junr., is a proper person to be commissioned as
an Ensign of the Militia; that Kenaz Ralls is a proper person to be
commissioned a Lieutenant of Militia." (p. 89)

1783 personal tax rolls:
Lewis Mason is on the list of Col. Jas. Garrard: 7 "white souls" in household,
1 male over 21; i male 16+ 2 horses; 15 cattle. The male between 16-21 is
unknown. It is not a son (the oldes of whom would have been born ca. 1778), nor
is it one of his younger brothers, since both Joel and Enoch are apparently in
John's household, 1783, and Henry was listed separately in his own household.

1810 Falmouth, Stafford Co. census (p. 131): Lewis Mason 00101-12310-00
1830 VA, Stafford: #58 0000000001-0000010001

Lewis lived in the same area of Stafford--the Aquia Creek/Cannon Run
area--where John, Daniel and Richard also lived. Their taxes were often taken
on the same day.

Tax records (late)--listed as Lewis H. on these
1811--100 a., lease for life, for Carter, part Parke
1817--100 a. lease for life, $100
1835--Lewis Mason's estate--100 acres, no $

1820 Stafford Co. VA p. 179
Lewis Mason 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 2 0 1

1830. Stafford Co. VA p. 58
Lewis Mason 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1

The following deeds of land to Lewis' wife and daughters from Enoch Mason, his
brother. Not clear the reason for the deeds:

Mason Enock Mason Mary H 182 Jne 14, 1824 Jne 17, 1824 B&S 2 Lots Liberty
Mason Enock Beach Polly H 182 Jne 14, 1824 Jne 17, 1824 B&S 2 Lots Liberty
Mason Enock Elkins Heatley H 182 Jne 14, 1824 Jne 17, 1824 B&S 2 Lots Liberty
Mason Enock Mason Scithey H 182 Jne 14, 1824 Jne 17, 1824
Fredericksburg, VA General Index A-Z Inclusive Grantor to Grantee, Deeds,
Trusts, Releases, Wills, Etc., to Jan. 2, 1920, through Deed Book 52, page 257,
and Will Book J, Page 404.

Death Notes for Child: Captain Henry MASON

Celia Mason is alone in the 1810 census for Culpeper. There is an inventory for
a Henry Mason in STAFFORD records, will bk 2A, p. 142. It was filed 21 Mar
1809, suggesting Henry died in late 1808 or early 1809.

Virginia Herald, Mar. 8, 1808--"Departed this life, in Stafford county, on
Saturday last, Capt. Henry Mason--a gentleman much esteemed by all his

General Notes for Child Captain Henry MASON

Henry is not named as son of John in Overwharton Parish records, but he is
named in the bible records of his brother John (Va Genealogist, 1994-Jan-Mar).
His wife's name is given as Cecelia Mason.


Contributed by Mary W. Steffens
Orlando, Florida

This Bible is owned by Mrs. Elizabeth Cornish George of Demopolis, Ala. The
family record consists of printed forms with space for name, place and date of
birth, marriage and death, parents and baptism and name and parents of spouse.

William Mason, brother of John Mason, married Miss Benson
Henry Mason, brother of John Mason, married Ceceilia Mason
Lewis Mason, brother of John Mason,
Joel Mason, brother of John Mason married Miss Bourne
Enoch Mason, brother of John Mason, married Miss Roy.
Reference: Virginia Genealogist Vol 30 #1 jan-Mar 1994, p. 25
Hudson-Mason-Chambers Bible owned by Mrs. Eliz. Cornish George of Demopolis,

From Publick Claim, stafford (compiled by Janet L. Abercrombie), p. 1 (page 2
in the original)
"At a court held for Stafford Couty 8th April 1782 present Carles Carter, John
Pollard, Harris Hoe, Gerrard Banks, Thomas Montjoy, James Garrard, William
Hewitt, William Alexander, Gents.
The Cout proceeded agreeable to an act passed at the last session of assembly
intitled 'an act for adjusting claims for property impressed or taken for
puhlic service' to receive the certificates following and to fix a price on the
segveral articles so impressed or taken."
Harris Hooe... [a long list of good certified by various
people]...certified by
Henry Mason QM Stafford Militia 100# fodder...

Henry also appears in Personal Property Tax Records of Stafford Co. From
1794-1807 he is listed as Overseer for J. Downman in Stafford.

1784: Mason Henry 0 0 3 0
1785: 0 0 0 0 1 0
1786: 1 0 0 0 2 0

Culpeper Co. tax lists are spotty, but Henry also appears in1796, 1802 in
Culpeper Henry ( 0 3 1 2) and John Mason appear in Daniel Brown's District
through the end of the record in 1802, and in 1812, Celia Mason is listed with
3 slaves. In 1803 he is listed with 1 white poll, 3 slaves. His estate is
listed in 1811, and Celia is on 1812-1816. Given the name of his wife, Cecelia
in the Hudson-Mason-Chambers Bible, the Henry in Culpeper from 1796 is probably
the son of John Mason, based on the following census record from 1810,
MASON, CELIA 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0

The following (in 1810 Culpeper) may also be a son:
MASON, HENRY 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

The names of Henry Mason's children are assumed from the following material.

Posted by Lonny Watro--this led to further information from Bruce family
files--see below.

"Mss1B8306b, Bruce Family Papers, 1665-1926,Charlotte and Halifax Counties,
Virginia Section 5 consists of two items, a deed (copy made by Warren E.
Coons),1791, of Charles Bruce to Samuel Cole for eleven acres in Culpeper
County,Virginia (witnessed by John Hackley, Hugh McKellup, and Reuben Zimmerman
and bears affidavit of James Jameson); and a deed (copy made by Warren
E.Coons), 1819, of Charles Carey Bruce, Sarah J. (Mason) Bruce, Jameson Corbin,
Mary N. (Mason) Corbin, Elizabeth (Mason) Hudson, Waller Hudson,Mrs. Elizabeth
Mason, and Valentine M. Mason to Henry Sims for 257.5 acres(i.e., Stone House
Mountain) in Culpeper County, Virginia (bears affidavits of David Jameson,
Thomas Walker Lightfoot, John McNeale, Richard J. Tutt, and William Wallis).

From Jean Rigney, whose uncle, John Goodall Bruce, wrote a book about the
Virginia Bruce family:

"Charles Bruce married Sarah Jane Mason, daughter of Capt. Henry Mason of
Stafford County , Va. The obituary of Capt. Henry Mason appeared in Virginia
Herald 8 March 1808. A directive re. his estate in Virginia Herald 17, 1818
in which Charles Bruce and Sarah J.., his wife are named.

Charles Cary Bruce and Sarah had 12 children. Henry, Harriet Mason, Sarah M.,
Mary, Martha , Susanna, Eliza, Marion Wallace, Mildred, William, Frances
Eleanor and Margaret L."

General Notes for Child Joel MASON

Joel is not listed in Overwharton Parish records--link to John is proven
through the Mason-Hudson-Chambers bible which lists the brothers of John Jr.

The names and dates for the children of Joel Mason and Susan Bourne were "found
in the back of a bank book which belonged to Susan F. Mason Dunbar. The bank,
Second National Bank, was located in Charleston, Illinois, where she lived."
(Marcia Ernst)

1810: Falmouth, Stafford Co. VA, p. 132
1 0 1 1 2 3 0 1 2

Died testate in Stafford Co. VA Will dated 1 Nov 1812. Brother Enoch Mason
served as his administrator, estate sale in Stafford in 1817. The will was
recorded in Stafford Co. 16 May 1824 and re-recorded in Bourbon Co. KY in
1824, (probably when Sarah moved to KY). Reapproails 1835 with Sarah Mason's

In the name of God, I, Joel Mason make this my last will in manner & form
following, to wit: It is my will that my Executor hereafter named sell any
part of my estate real or personal for the payment of my just debts, which they
think can be best spared for that purpose.
Secondly, it is my will that after an inventory of my estate is taken, no sale
of the perishable part thereof shall be made except such articles as my
Executors may think can be spared from the support of my family. Thirdly, it
is my will that my whole estate except what may be necessary for the payment of
my debts be kept together for the joint support of my wife and children and the
education of my young children (which I injoin on my Executors shall be equal
to that of my elder children) till the death or marriage of my wife, except my
executors may see proper to advance to anyone of my children who may not reside
with my wife, any part of my estate not exceeding the proportion to which he or
she may be entitled at the death or marriage of my wife. At the death or
marriage of my wife my will is that my whole estate be equally divided amongst
all my children having due regard to advances which may previously have been
made to anyone of them-Lastly, I appoint my wife Executrix and my brother Enoch
Mason, my brother-in-law John Jamison, and my sons Enoch and George my
Executors to this my last will. In testimony of which, I have on this first
day of November 1812, affixed my seal , I subscribe my name.
Joel Mason (Seal)
Acknowledged in presence of Lewis Ficklin, William Barber, Aaron Holloway.
At a court holden for Stafford County on the 13th day of January 1817, the
aforegoing last will and testament of Joel Mason dec'd was proved by the oaths
of Lewis Ficklin & William Barber two of the witnesses thereto and ordered to
be recorded. Enoch Mason, one of the Executors named in said will came into
Court and relinquishes his right to qualify as such and John Jameson and Sarah
Mason two other Executors therein named certified to this Court that they had
also relinquished their right to qualify as such and on motion of John Tackett
and on his performing what the law is in such cases, a certificate is granted
him for obtaining letters of administration of said estate with the will
aforesaid annexed in due form.

"Some Prominent Va Families" pp 606 ff. states Joel Mason is son of John and
Mary Nelson Mason. Also states.."among some old letters of date 1833, from
Eliza Mason Kendall, dau of Joel Mason, she speaks of "Uncle Lewis," "Uncle and
Aunt Barber,: "Aunt Jameson," and claims connection with the Bushrods and
Henrys of Virginia."

Tax lists: Joel is listed in Stafford personal property taxes from 1794-1799 as
overseer/agent for Robert Wormley Carter. In 1798, he is also listed "for
self": 1 4 - 1. In 1800, Joel is no longer listed as overseer for Carter, and
has apparently moved back to the Aquia home area (his father died the previous
year). His taxes (2 6 - 6) were taken on May 8, the same day as those of Lewis
Mason, Yelverton Mason, Daniel Sr. Mason, and Mary Mason (widow of John). He
contines in that location in Stafford through 1812 (died 1813).

Birth Notes for Child: Enoch MASON

Listed in the 21+ column (home of Thomas and Mary Lee) in 1787 personal
property tax lists.

General Notes for Child Enoch MASON

Enoch is not named as son of James Mason in Overwharton Parish records, but he
is listed in the Mason-Hudson-Chambers bible as a son, and Joel Mason's will
refers to Enoch Mason as his brother.

Col. Enoch Mason lilved at "Clover Hill" in Stafford Co. VA. He acquired over
2000 acres of land. He was prominent as a lawyer and a Justice of the Stafford
Co. Court. As an attorney, he appears in a number of court cases in Stafford,
often as witness or agent of very large landholders.

A broadside posted at
e18400900)) perhaps gives some insight into Enoch Mason's politics:

"To Colonel Enoch Mason.

Duty obliges us to watch with a Lynx eye, the man whose principles we suspect,
though he should aver his upright and patriotic intent.--There are other
methods by which we may determine whether you be the proper subject in whom to
repose an important trust, without appealing to your own asseveration: Records
sufficiently demonstrate the degree of credibility attached to your
declarations. They shew that, with you, truth is a nonentity. But it is
incumbent upon me to abstain from expressions of acrimony; my object is simply
to promulgate the truth. How you will, consistently with your very many
declarations preceding the last election, reconcile your votes on the
legislature, I leave to yourself and sophistical friends to explain. The time
has arrived when the surbelow of delusion shall be raised, and its mock
qualities exposed. Those who govern the spring of deception, shall stand forth
before the people stripped of their mask of concealment, to receive the
sentence of public indignation, that will frown them with contempt into
obscurity.--The critical posture of our country imperiously demands, that the
political character of every candidate should be analyzed, and pass in its
decomposed state before the people; and if the pestiferous retriment of deceit
be a component, then let him be consigned to his well-deserved anathema. The
Voters of Stafford shall know the true promoters of public good from
pretenders. Your subtilty, low cunning and falsehood, can no longer bewilder,
when brought into contact with truth, reason and argument.--Do you feel no
compunction at the thought of opposing measures calculated to ensure confidence
at home, and respect abroad?--Can you reconcile it to your mind, that, for a
short-lived gratification of sordid ambition, you should be active in stifling
republicanism, and strangling the new-born happiness of mankind?--Is it
desirable to see us humble minions and British dependants?--If not, why have
you invariably opposed the Jeffersonian administration?--Were your intentions
honest, would you not give a categorical answer to the questions stated in the
Political Catechism for Stafford?--I beg pardon for my small digression; I
meant not to question, but to state facts.--I do assert that you have
prostrated honor, and laid truth low, in furthering sinister motives. That when
you have been questioned respecting your political creed, you have descended to
prevarication and shifts, which alone should stamp you as a political
impostor.--Sir, those charges are serious, but no less true. --I dare you to a
denial.--With such damning evidence before us, what can you promise yourself
but detection and disgrace.--In a subsequent number, I shall proceed to
substantiate my assertions--in the interim, I hold myself amenable to you, and
you alone.


1810: Falmouth, Stafford Co. VA, p. 132
4 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 1

General Notes for Child Sally MASON (?)

Married to John Jameson--see will of Joel Mason that names John Jameson as his

Name given as Sallie M. Jameson in marriage record of daughter Sally.

John Jameson in Stafford and his wife Sally had the following children. Note

JOHN2 JAMESON (DAVID D.1) was born October 18, 1763 in Prince William Co, VA1,
and died July 28, 1842 in Stafford Co, Va.1. He married SALLY December 11,
1791. She was born April 22, 1771, and died September 27, 1838 in Stafford

Children of JOHN JAMESON and SALLY are:

2. i. LUCINDA3 JAMESON, b. December 3, 1792.

ii. ULVA URSULA JAMESON, b. January 26, 1795; d. Unwed in 1842.

iii. LETTICE SUTTLE JAMESON, b. January 31, 1797; d. Pos dead by 1842.

3. iv. ELIZABETH W. JAMESON, b. January 24, 1799, Prince William Co, VA; d.
November 15, 1875, Greenfield, Greene Co, Il.

v. JOEL J. JAMESON, b. March 15, 1801; d. 2-Childern in 1867; m. ANN.

vi. WILLIAM JAMESON, b. March 26, 1803.

vii. MARY N. JAMESON, b. March 8, 1805; m. DUVAL.

viii. JOHN M. JAMESON, b. January 21, 1807; m. (1) ELIZA 1; m. (2) ELIZA 2,
1863; b. 1835.

ix. JANE S. JAMESON, b. January 5, 1809; m. SQUIRE B MILLION, Stafford Co,

x. ENOCH G. JAMESON, b. November 21, 1810; d. m Virginia Erlmery
Eakin-5-1-1847; m. (1) MARY S. EAKIN, July 1, 1845, Botetourt Co,Va2; m. (2)
VIRGINIA, May 1, 1847, Botetourt Co,Va2.

xi. SARAH JAMESON, b. January 7, 1813; d. Called Sally.
[This file from Don Hayes]

General Notes for Child Letticia MASON ?

Not named in Overwharton Parish records as daughter of John, or mentioned in
the Mason-Hudson-Chambers bible, but has traditionally been included as a
member of this family. Letters of Eliza Mason, d/o Joel, refer to Aunt and
Uncle Barber.(Some Prominent Virginia Families).

1840 Stafford VA p. 197
Lettitia Barber no males females: 1 age 20 30, 1 age 50-60

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