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Arthur Allen's brick house, "Bacon's Castle," in Surry County, Virginia

These pictures were taken by Debbie Hogue in summer 2000. She also provided the comments.
Thank you, Debbie!

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Front view of original structure, taken from garden path. The lower center window was the front door and will be redone by the APVA at a later date to match the original. The house is known for its 6 chimneys, three on each side. Some of the bricks have been replaced. The kitchen of the house was in the basement.
bc3 bc4
The left side of the original structure showing 3 of the chimneys. The rear view, the right side is the original structure.
Bacon's Castle's Garden

The APVA has uncovered under 2 feet of dirt the site of the original 1600s garden, made like the English gardens of the day, showing the wealth of the owner of the house, Arthur Allen. The garden plaque reads:

This garden is a reconstruction of a seventeenth century garden located on this site. The present garden mirrors as closely as possible its historical counterpart constructed between 1680 and 1690. The beds, walks, and locations of structures are based on evidence revealed through extensive archaeological investigation. The garden is arranged in a formal manner with a grid of six central planting beds (A) enclosed by tamped sand walkways. Also present are starting beds (B), which are warmed and protected by the forcing wall (C), defining the northern edge of the garden. Cold frames (D) are located within the starting beds to provide additional protection for tender plants and to extend the growing season. Surrounding the garden on three sides are border beds (E), which typically contained perennial plants, including small fruits, herbs, and ornamentals.

Archaeology uncovered the evidence of structures (F) at the ends of the crosswalks, at least one of which may have been a garden service building (G). Because no evidence of a seventeenth-century fence was discovered, it is believed that the remaining three sides of the garden were enclosed by a Hedge (H).

Smith's Fort Plantation in Surry County, Virginia

sf1 sf2
The front of the Smith's Fort Plantation House (also called the Rolfe-Warren House). The back of the house, which has an English fenced yard and garden.
sf3 The fence and dirt road which lead back to where Smith's Fort was located closer to the river. Nothing remains of the fort. This fort was started by John Smith, but abandoned when he received word that the supplies had not come into Jamestown. He left and went back to Jamestown. It was used later, however.

Lawns Creek Parish Church in Surry County, Virginia

lc1 lc2
Lawns Creek Parish Church,
just up the road from Bacon's Castle.

Lawne's Creek Parish Map
The Plaque reads:

Lower Surry Church
Lawns Creek Parish
Burned in 1868.
Graves of the Warren Family at Lawns Creek Parish Church
in Surry County, Virginia


wg2 wg3
Sacred to the Memory of
My Wife
Sarah Elizabeth Warren
Sept. 16, 1833
Jan, 15, 1901
William Allen Warren
April 25, 1820
July 2, 1914
Jesse Warren
1751 - June 1832
Martha Philips Warren
1788 - Dec 15 1863

James Dashiell
Jan 12 1803 - Oct 7, 1848
Sarah Davis Dashiell
June 3, 1809 - Oct 13, 1835
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