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Volume 2, Number 4 - May 2000, page 4
James Atkins, Editor

More Hidden History: John Cornelius Hart was a mullatoe born in Surry County in 1846. He learned to read and write at a very young age. On August 15, 1862 he made his way to Jamestown Island, and was picked up by the Union gunboat Aroonstock. He enlisted in the Union Navy and served on the warships USS Onieda, Hartford, Mongahhela, Tennessee and Richmond. In the battle of Mobile Bay he was on lookout at the top of the mast of the USS Richmond and the first to see and report the white flag of surrender. His commander, Captain Thornton A. Jenkins, took a shine to this young recruit, and they served together throughout the war and beyond.

Of utmost importance, Hart kept a private diary of his experiences in the war. After the war he did not return to Surry, but lived in Washington, D.C. Thus we have not seen the great amount of documentation his grandson, David C. Hart of Detroit, Michigan has collected. Ten other blacks joined the Union Navy with Hart at Jamestown Island.. We expect some were from Surry, and we will collect this information.

David C. Hart has joined our society, and we expect him to attend this meeting. He will have some comments on the well documented history of his grandfather. Welcome back to Surry County!

Heads and Horns: The following was e-mailed us from Dr. Jim Horne concerning his ancestors:

My great grandmother, Rebecca Elizabeth Thorn Head Horn's first husband, Earl Head, was killed in the Civil War. She had six of his children [Heads] and later married my great Grandfather John Micager Ananias Horn, and had six of his children [Horns]. She was once written up in Ripley's Believe It or Not, as the woman who had six heads and six horns. p>Ananias was also in the Civil War and best friend to Earl Head.

Dr. Horne is presently working on a family history "Horns-A-Plenty-The saga of the John Micager Horn Clan in the Southern United States". His ancestors James and Jean Horn were from Surry/Sussex County in the early 1700s.

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