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Volume 2, Number 4 - May 2000, page 3
James Atkins, Editor

The Marks, who also signed the letter, came to Virginia and patented land in Prince George County before 1714, and appear to have been instrumental in the spreading of the Baptist faith. Wherever the early Baptists appeared, so did the Marks. Were they sent here to prepare for the coming of the ministers?
Below is the letter asking for permission to preach in Surry homes, from a copy in the Virginia Historical Society. There is another for the house of Robert Clark. The Guildhall Museum in London has the original documents and has certified our copies as authentic.


These are to certifty whom it may concerne that the house of Thomas Sorby in the parish of Southwark in the county of Sury in Virginia being in the Northern part of America in the west Indiaes and in the Dioces of John Lord Bishope of London Is designed to be set Apart and Appointed for Aplace of Religeous Worshipe for prodistant desenters from the Church of England calling themselves Baptissess as wittness our hands this sixth day of May Anno Domoni: 1717

  • Robert Norden & {
  • Thomas Harrison {ministers
  • Mathew Marks
  • Israell Markes
  • John Averey
  • William Dredge
  • Richard Winckles
  • George Davenport

Regred Sept 20th 1717

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