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Rogers' Store at Carsley in Surry County, Virginia

These pictures were taken on 5 March 2000. The white two-story building fronting on the road is the latest part. It was built onto the earlier (red) store, now at the back.

RogStr6.gif RogStr5.gif RogStr4.gif

Mr. Mark Wenger, Architectural Historian for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, surveyed the buildings of the Rogers' Store in Carsley, Virginia, and prepared a preliminary report of his findings for the Society. It appears that a country store was operating in the oldest buildings in the 1820's, over 170 years ago. Undoubtedly, we will learn more as the buildings are cleaned out, giving access to areas now hidden. To put the age of this historical site in perspective, it appears likely from the initial survey that it was built in the same decade as the Old Clerk's Office at the Court House in Surry.

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In the spring of 1999, the title to Rogers' Store was transferred to the Society. Now comes work. We must trim and clean up the overgrown bushes and trees. We must clean the interior and sort records, fixtures and inventory. Some floorboards on porches must be replaced and other restoration work awaits us.

Clean-up had begun by August 1999. In September the property was appraised. The land and buildings were valued at $55,000.00 and the contents, including records were valued at $30.000.00, and insurance had been puchased by December. The Society, through the efforts of President James Atkins, has applied for a private grant to start restoration.

RogStr8.gif RogStr9.gif
Breezeway connecting "old store" and "new store" Detail of breezeway roof

Information for Volunteers

The Society needs your help! Opportunities abound!

If you live in the Surry area, you can be one of the first to work with the Rogers' Store original records! Who knows what will be discovered!

This is a rare and exciting opportunity! More information.


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