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Scott County, Virginia

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Chataigne's Gazetteer and Business Directory
1888- 89
Scott County, Virginia

Population 1880--White, 16,557; colored 676, total 13,223 [sic].
County seat: Estillville, Population, 155
Vote of County November 2d, 1886, Democrats 947, Repulicans 1,484
Value real estate, 1886: $780,395.07
Value personal property: $522,280.00
Tax on real estate: $3,125.33
Tax on personal property: $2.093.76
Captation Tax--White, 3,239, colored, 86

     This county was formed in 1814 from Washington, Russell and Lee, and is the middle one of the three Tennessee border counties. Wise county is on the north, Washington and Russell on the east and Lee on the west. The surface is for the most part mountainous, the Clinch, Moccasin and Copper mountain ridges stretch through the middle part, Powell's and Stone mountains are on its western confines, and Walker's range crossed its southeastern point.

     The county is well watered by the Clinch river and its branches and the North Fork of the Holston, which while they do not furnish facilities for transportation, are valuable for the operation of saw and other mills and machinery.

     Though the face of the country is as we have stated, mountainous and uneven, yet there is a vast deal of it very productive, and large crops of corn (half million bushels annually), wheat, rye, oats and buckwheat are raised. This section is celebrated for its fine cattle, sheep and other stock, and for the production of maple-sugar, fruit, butter and other dairy and garden articles. Inexhaustible beds of iron ore (red and brown hematite) are found in this county, and manganese, lead, coal, marble of various kinds, and limestone in abundance. There are several sulphur and chalybeate springs, the remedial properties of whose waters are considered fine. Estillville, the county seat--population 150--on a branch of the Holston river, is a thriving place. The extension of the Narrow-Guage road through this county from Bristol in Tennessee, will open up its mineral treasures, which now lie buried awaiting convenient and cheap transportation facilities. The Natural Tunnel, twelve miles west of Estillville, is one of the many curiosities that nature has bestowed on the Old Dominion. Scott has an area of 522 2/3 square miles, or 334,559 acres and the land has an average assessed value of $2.26 per acre.


Post Offices

Big Branch, D. S. Godsey
Clinch River - G. W. Ramsey
Craft - E. S. Craft
Early Grove - Francis E. Miller
Flag Pond - G. W. Robinett
Flat Rock - Thomas Letcher
Flat Woods - George H. Baker
Fort Blackmore - J. M. Harris
Fulkerson - Manuel H. Hilton, Jr.

Hale's Mill - N. Daugherty
Holston Bridge
Locust Lane - M. L. Harris
McConnell - H. M. McConnell
Nickelsville - O. P. Rand
Osborn's Ford - John G. Cox
Purchase - M. E. Jennings
Rye Cove
Speer's Ferry - G. W. Belt
Valley Creek
Wayland - M. J. McConnell
Welchburg - W. F. Welch
Whiteforge - Geo. B. White



The Circuit Court of the Seventeeth Circuit 
meets at Estillville on the third Monday in 
March, August and November.

Judge: H. S. K. Morrison
Clerk: Joseph H. Taylor

The County Court meets at Estillville on the 
first Tuesday after the second Monday in 
each month.

Judge: J. B. Richmond
Clerk: Charles M. Carter


County Officers

Sheriff: John J. Alley
Treasurer: Wm. M. Pendleton
Surveyor: J. P. Pierson
Commissioner of Revenue: I. F. Taylor, 
George W. Stallard
Commonwealth's Attorney: E. A. Hoge
Superintendent of Poor: David Shelton





Attorneys at Law

Ayers, R. A. - Estillville
Corn, J. P. - Cornsville
Dougherty, George L. - Big Branch
Ewing, G. W. - Estillville
Hagan, Patrick - Clinch
Hoge, E. A. - Estillville
Holdaway, H. W. - Estillville
Jackson, T. R. - Estillville
Maness, A. C. D. - Fairview
Richmond, J. B. - Estillville
Wood, M. B. - Estillville

Cattle Dealers

McConnell, M. J. - Wayland


Coach and Wagon Builders

Childress, Wingfield - Flat Woods
Culbertson, James - Nickelsville
Deane, Calvin S. - Welchburg
Grogan, Allen - Estillville
Grogan, Thomas - Estillville
Kilgore, Nathaniel D. - Cornsville
Rogers, J. & T. - Speers Ferry
Sprinkle, W. C. - Fairview
Wolfe, John - Estillville


Carter, John R. - Rye Cove
Morrison, J. W. - Estillville
White, E. H. - Flat Woods



Davidson, A. M. - Alley
Davidson, G. - Speer's Ferry
Kimbler & Harris - Alley
McConnell, George D. - McConnell's
Peters, John - Alley
Rand, W. W. - Nickelsville
Vinyard, W. J. - Speers' Ferry



Collins, W. H. - Cornsville
Dingess, John L. - Nickelsville
Edmonds, W. F. - Estillville
Harris, J. M. - Osborn's Ford
Welch, W. F. - Welchburg



General Merchants

Alley, J. J. - Alley
Arnent, J. J. - Purchase
Barker & Smith - Early Grove
Bickley, J. H. - Clinch
Bowlin, W. H. - Fairview
Carter, John R. - Duncan's Mills
Carter, Peter - Duncan's Mills
Clayton, John - Speers' Ferry
Cowers & Stephenson - Speers' Ferry
Cox, J. G. - Craft
Davidson, A. M. - Alley
Davidson, R. L. - Alley
Dingus, J. L. - Nickelsville
Duff, C. C. - Pattonsville
Edmunds, J. A. & Co. - Estillville
Edmunds, Wm. F. - Estillville
Fletcher, R. E. - Cornsville
Fugate, James P. - Rye Cove
Fugate, J. E. - Rye Cove
Giles, A. F. - Pattonsville
Giles, W. C. - Fairview
Goble, O. H. & Bro. - Pattonsville
Guynor & Mofield - Estillville
Harris, J. M. - Osborn's Ford
Haynes, W. S. & Co. - Estillville
Henderson, A. P. - Holston Bridge
Hilton, T. M. - Big Branch

Hoge, J. M. - Osborn's Ford
Jackson, R. W. - Speers' Ferry
Johnson, C. C. - Fairview
Johnson, J. L. - Speers' Ferry
Johnson & Harris - Fairview
Kane, H. S. & Co. - Estillville
Kidd, W. E. - Speers' Ferry
King, James H. - Estillville
McConnell, H. M. - Locust Lane
McConnell, M. J. - Wayland
McConnell, S. P. - Estillville
Necessary, J. F. - Purchase
Pendleton, A. J. - Rye Cove
Pendleton, Ira N. - Rye Cove
Quillin, C. C. & Co. - Estillville
Quillin, John B. - Flat Rock
Quillin & Culbertson - Nickelsville
Ramey, G. W. - Clinch River
Rand, O. P. - Nickelsville
Rhodes, W. S. - Cameron
Richmond, D. J. - Nickelsville
Sloan, D. C. - Speers' Ferry
Stallard & Elam - Locust Lane
Welch & Bro. - Welchburg
Wolfe, A. J. - Speers' Ferry
Wood, H. C. - Estillville


Anderson, E. G. - Fairview
Culbertson House - 
W. J. Culbertson, 
proprietor - Nickelsville
Beverly Hotel -- William L. Beverly, 
proprietor - Estillville
Gilly, John - Fairview
Nickels, W. W. - Welchburg
Thomas House - W. J. Thomas, 
proprietor - Speers' Ferry

Insurance Companies

Virginia Fire and Marine - G. G. Savage, agent  Estillville


Iron Foundries and Machinists

Baker, George H. - Flatwoods
Banner, L. L. - Welchburg
Holston Springs Co. - Holston Bridge
White, J. P. - Whiteforge

Land Agents

Corn, J. P. - Cornsville
Hale, D. S. - Hale's Mills
Hagan, P. - Fort Blackmore
Harris, J. A. - McConnell
Moore, J. H. - Fort Blackmore
Thompson, C. P. - Flag Pond
Wood, M. B. - Estillville


Mills--Corn and Flour


Aldridge, F. K. - Alley
Blackwell, Martha J. - Osborn's Ford
Brickey, James - Osborn's Ford
Bush, William - Nickelsville
Craft, Miles - Rye Cove
Craft's Mill - Craft
Culbertson, Ira - Duncan's Mills
Darter, M. & Son - Holston Bridge
Dirting, E. - Fido
Ferguson, G. H. - Cornsville
Grogan's Mill - Estillville
Hagen, Patrick - Osborn's Ford
Hale, D. S. - Wayland
Harris, J. A. - Cornsville
Haynes, Samuel - Cameron
Heaton, William A. - Purchase
Hensley, W. H. - Early Grove
Jessee, David - Welchburg
Johnson, James D. - Duncan's Mills


McConnell, H. M. - McConnell
McConnell, W. G. - McConnell
McMullins, A. J. - Estillville
Mann, Isaiah - Flat Woods
Mann, John A. - Alley
Mann, James - Wayland
Morris, James - Fairview
Perry, L. R. - Big Branch
Peters, George - Alley
Peters, George W. - Wayland
Richmond, L. - Speers' Ferry
Robinett, Ira P. - Fairview
Robinett, S. R. T. - Fairview
Rogers, James - Pattonsville
Rogers, Jefferson - Fairview
Smiths, N. K. - Estillville
Stair, J. H. - Locust Grove
Stewart, James A. - Duncan's Mills
White, James P. - Whiteforge

Mills - Saw

Aldridge, F. K. - Alley
Bounds, B. - Flag Pond
Darter, M. & Sons - Holston Bridge
Godsey, D. S. - Big Branch
Hale, D. S. - Wayland
Harris, J. A. - Cornsville
McConnells, W. G. - McConnell
McMullins, ________ - Estillville
Mann, John A. - Alley
Peters, George - Alley
Robinett, S. R. T. - Fairview
Snapps, ____ - Estillville
Stewart & Stanley - Duncan's Mills
White, J. P. - Whiteforge



Lyon, Harrison - Speers' Ferry
Vicar, William - Nickelsville


Blankenbeckler, W. A. - McConnells
Carter, C. P. - Osborn's Ford
Carter, W. H. - Craft
Dean, C. S. - Welchburg
Kilgore, R. C. - Cornsville
Peters, George - Alley
Peters, George W. - Wayland
Rogers, James & Thomas - Speers' Ferry
Smith, A. H. - Estillville
Stewart, J. A. - Duncan's Mills
White, J. P. - Whiteforge


Mines - Coal

Boatwright, J. D. - Fort Blackmore
Carter, C. P. - Fort Blackmore
Dickenson, L. R. - Nickelsville
Kilgore, R. C. - Nickelsville

Mines - Iron

White's Mines - Estillville




Music Dealers

Alley, J. J. - Estillville


Progessive Age (Republican), J. B. Adams, Thursdays - Estillville

Scott Banner (Democratic), Wednesdays - Estillville




Banner, L. L. - Osborn's Ford
Barker, C. T. - Early Grove
Bell, A. - Flag Pond
Carter, John R. - Duncan's Mills
Collins, WIlliam H. - Cornsville
Cox, J. R. - Welchburg
Drake, A. T. - Estillville
Harris, James A. - Cornsville
Herron, E. K. - Estillville
Hilton, E. B. - Fulkerson
Horton, J. H. - Rye Cove
Kelley, J. W. - Estillville
Lane, J. O. - Craft
McConnell, T. J. - Hale's Mill


McCrackens, A. - Clinch River
Madison, J. W. - Fairview
Mendenhall, George - Fairview
Morison, H. R. - Estillville
Perkins, W. O. - Fairview
Quillin, George W. - Alley
Smith, R. A. - McConnell
Stout, G. D. - Fairview
Taylor, Henry - Craft
Wallace, James - Nickelsville
Wallace, J. W. - Fairview
Welch, J. J. - Welchburg
Wolfe, J. B. - Osborne's Ford



Real Estate Agents

Haynes & Jackson - Estillville

Saddlers and Harnessmakers

Bond, A. J. - Nickelsville
Dickerson, R. H. - Cornsville
Gross, D. V. - Estillville
Porter, M. F. - Nickelsville

Schools and Colleges

Addington, J. M. - Cornsville
Enterprise School - Fairview
Estillville Academy - Estillville
Valley High School - 
Prof. A. Alley, Principal - Alley

There are 92 white and 4 colored public 
schools in this county. Superintendent--
W. D. Smith, Estillville

Slate Quarries

Kilgore, George L. - Nickelsville



Boatright, J. D. - Osborn's Ford
Bond, C. W. - Nickelsville
Dean, C. - Nickelsville
Eaton, John - Flat Woods
Hammonds, A. - Craft
Hickan, Wm. F. - Estillville
Nottingham, G. H. - Estillville
Quillin, James - Hale's Mill
Rogers, Jefferson - Fairview
Gott, David - Estillville


Brickley, James - Big Branch
Hartsook, D. C. - Nickelsville
Perry, L. R. - Big Branch
Quillen, R. B. - Nickelsville

Wines and Liquors

Isom, S. C. - Estillville

Wool Dealers

Lyon & Harrison - Speers' Ferry
King, John S. - Estillville


Principal Farmers

Big Branch -- A. F. Goodsey, C. L. Quillin, W. P. Horton, R. R. Rollins, Geo. Fuller, Geo. F. Lawson, W. F. Francisco, W. H. Lawson, M. L. Smith, D. S. Francisco, J. L. Francisco, A. G. Meadley

Craft--E. S. Starnes, J. A. Taylor, Ira W. Hill, Miles Craft, J. H. Jones, J. E. Pendleton, J. B. Craft, H. M. Blalock, Craig Flanery, Solomon Hill, W. F. Starnes

Clinch River--Joseph Epperson, Levi Head, James Alley, John Faber, John Palmer, William Hunley, George Towers, Haburn Neely, Claburn Neeley, Isaac Wolfe, Peter Gilliam

Duncan's Mill--John Pendleton, Peter Carter, R. H. Cowden, W. L. Johnson, J. A. Taylor

Early Grove--Amos Miller, Jos. Munich, Joseph Howsee, Lewis Fleenor, John Balthis, J. R. Smith, W. D. Ridgway, J. M. Fleenor, F. M. Barker, J. W. Barker, Wash Barker, G. J. Darnell, Wilson Fleenor, W. A. Feltry

Flag Pond --A. F. Gilliam, M. L. Fannon, Jackson Stuart, Solomon Robinett, E. Johnston, James Stuart, David Noell, Wm. Noell, E. Noell, Ro. Gilliam, Elijah Bledsoe, Tilman Bledsoe, Bishop Bledsoe, Nathan Collinsworth, H. Burchett, John Burchett, Thomas Burchett, Jos. Eastridge, Jno. Eastridge, David Osborn, Robert A. Gilliam, John Legg, L. A. Joyner, David Robbins, William Gilliam

Flat Rock--E. D. Redwine, Whitley Tuller, William Hilton, Backson Dean, A. J. Dean, William Francisco, James Quillen, Robert Fugate, Thos. Smith, Wm. Smith, R. R. Redwine

Fort Blackmore--R. F. Boatright, C. P. Carter, Jas. Buckley, R. M. Frayser, E. M. Cox, J. W. McConnell, W. P. Ramey, S. R. Maurs, J. H. Cox, J. N. Cocke, L. F. Cocke, Jas. Gillenwaters, N. P. Gillenwaters, S. H. Gillenwaters

Fulkerson--Jas. C. Larkey, M. H. Hilton, W. L. Hilton, John H. Thilton, Edmond N. Hart, Henry L. Wood, Reuben Wyatt, G. W. Ramey, Will Larkey, Alexander Larkey, Jr., James Carter, H. E. Addinton, Wm. Bevens, F. L. Hilton

Hale's Mill--Wm. Wampler, Sr., Wm. A. Wampler, H. W. Dougherty, S. Dougherty, H. C. Killgard, D. S. Hale, Wm. Elliott, C. D. Vermillion, W. H. Ennis, Wm. Elam, T. M. Smith, J. L. Hilton

Locust Lane-M. Ramy, J. F. Horn, N. L. Stair, S. C. Stair, R. Banner, T. M. Moore, W. M. Greear, J. F. Greear, J. M. Collier

McConnell--H. M. McConnell, Wm. H. Daugherty, David J. Addington, Geo. W. Addington, John A. Killgore, A. B. Smith, John Martin, S. P. McConnell, Wm. H. Davidson, Geo. B. McClellan, J. C. Daugherty, William A. Wampler, Nathan B. Wampler

Osborn's Ford--James M. Markrum, F. M. Stapleton, Isacc Osborn, M. S. Rhoton, H. V. Stallard, J. M. Wolfe, M. V. Wolfe, L. S. Powers, H. J. Moore, Reuben Banner, E. B. Richmond, W. W. Banner

Nickelsville--S. A. Combs, J. G. Nickels, George A. Shoemaker, H. R. Wood, Jas. H. Wood, Jas. H. Shoemaker, Thos. Smith, Green Kilgore, Jacob Mead, Wm. S. McConnell, John H. McConnell, Stephen Bush, Wm. Culbertson, A. H. Broadwater, C. R. Broadwater

Purchase--A. W. Jennings, H. D. Pridemore, T. E. Reynolds, J. F. Necessary

Speer's Ferry--R. H. Horton, Jno. M. Horton, John Horton, Hiram Horton, T. J. Powers, John W. Stephenson, A. L. G. Stephenson, R. B. Dills, John M. Lowe, J. M. Robinett, John Venable, Isaac W. Wolfe, Isaac Wolfe, Gideon Davidson, Patrick Pierson, William Morell, Radford Thomas, W. A. Falin, R. C. Speer, W. T. Richmond, A. J. Bray

Wayland --- J. H. McConnell, G. W. McConnell, J. T. McConnell, T. J. McConnell, C. W. Halls, M. J. McConnell, W. W. Peters, A. J. McClelland, J. L. Greer, C. C. Quillen, James Carico, J. C. Quillin, W. C. R. Strong, H. M. Strong

Whiteforge--J. P. Wolfe, I. C. Bevins, J. T. Wood, J. D. Quillin, Wm. F. Francisco, Lafayette Mead, H. W. Lawson, G. F. Lawson

Welchburg--Elias Dean, Geo. H. Cox, I. H. Welch, John W. Welch, F. L. Hartsook, Gus Powers, Jno. A. Moore


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