Nansemond County Cemeteries
The following listings are an outgrowth of the Southampton County Historical Society's project. They are the property of the Southampton County Historical Society and may not be copied for any commercial purpose. In most cases, these files are incomplete but may provide useful information. Please help us add to them. They may be copied for personal use and may be linked to. We will be adding to these listings.
Cedar Hill
Cypress Chapel Christian Church
Holy Neck Christian Church
Liberty Springs Christian Church
South Quay Baptist Church
Bethlehem Christian Church
Nansemond Cemeteries Vol. 1
Nansemond Cemeteries Vol. 2
Nansemond Cemeteries Vol. 3
Holland Cemetery
Holland Baptist Church
Somerton Friends Meetinghouse
Somerton Methodist Church
Whaleyville Methodist Church
Great Fork Baptist Church (Whaleyville)
Western Branch Baptist Church
St. John's (Chuckatuck)
Wesley Chapel (Chuckatuck)
Glebe Church (Driver)
Mt. Zion (Crittenden)
Holly Lawn Cemetery, Suffolk, VA
Skeetertown Cemetery
Nansemond County Confederates
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