Lost Marriage Records of Russell Co., Va. 1848-1853

Lost Marriage Records of Russell Co., Va. 1848-1853

Compiled by Michael Dye

While on a research trip to the courthouse in Lebanon, Va., I discovered the records for the following 157 marriages stuffed away in a box in the attic of the courthouse. These records consisted of 3 different types of small slips of paper: 1) permission slips from parents written to the clerk of courts, giving permission for minor children to marry, 2) records signed by the clerk indicating that a marriage license had been issued to a couple and 3) ministers returns for marriages performed giving the date that he married a couple. Some of the marriages were only referenced in one of the types of records, others in more than one. In those where more than one of the types of records were present, I used the latest dated record as that would be the one closest to the actual marriage date. The information inside of brackets () was not on the original records and has been added by me from other sources, mainly the 1850 & 1860 Russell County censuses as well as marriage records for parents from other counties, etc. Since the marriage book for marriages prior to 1853 has long since disappeared, it appears that these are the only surviving records for these marriages.

Note: P = Parental permission slip, L = Marriage License, M = Ministers return

Date         Name                       Age   POB               Parents                               Minister
03/Aug/1848  Isaac B. Fugate           (23)  (Russell Co.)     (Robert Fugate & Esther Seymour)       Christian Easterly (M)
             Sarah Virmillion          (21)  (Russell Co.)     (Jessee Vermillion & Nancy Burk)
22/Mar/1849  William Parmer                                                                           Christian Easterly (M)
             Sarah Jane Fields
12/Oct/1849  William Tate              (44)  (Russell Co.)     (Joseph Tate & Margaret Floyd)         Christian Easterly (M)
             Pheraba Fugate            (42)  (Russell Co.)
16/Dec/1849  Herman M. Baker           (44)  (New York)                                               Christian Easterly (M)
             Martha Price              (21)  (Washington Co.)  (Elisha & Rachel Price)
01/Jan/1850  Robert Mackey                                     (Poss Bromfield McCoy & Nancy Walker)  (P)
             Elizabeth Holbrook        (21)  (Russell Co.)     (Robert) & Mary (McCoy) Holbrook
06/Mar/1850  John Hamilton                                                                            Christian Easterly (M)
             Sarah B. Fugate
04/Jul/1850  James H. Hubbard          (22)  (North Carolina)  (Randolph Hubbard & Mary Fletcher)     (L)
             Lucy Belcher              (25)  (Russell Co.)     (John Belcher & Mary Monk)
08/Jul/1850  John Coleman              (38)  (Smyth Co.)                                              (L)
             Elizabeth Blankenship     (25)  (Unknown)
09/Jul/1850  Samuel Richardson         (26)  (Carroll Co.)                                            J. S. Edwards (P & L)
             Mary Ann Fletcher         (23)  (Russell Co.)     Eli Fletcher & (Agnes Johnson)
11/Jul/1850  John W. Chapman           (23)  (Russell Co.)                                            (L)
             Rebecca B. Price          (23)  (Russell Co.)
11/Jul/1850  Robert Stinson            (18)  (Russell Co.)     John Stinson Sr. & (Rachel Drake)      (P & L)
             Mary Boothe
12/Jul/1850  Charles Taylor            (18)  (N. Carolina)     William Taylor & (Dicy Hill)           (P)
             Mary Ann Rose             (17)  (N. Carolina)     Samuel Rose & (Margaret Cantrell)
16/Jul/1850  John Wesley Laforce       (23)  (RussellCo.)                                             (L)
             Polly Thomas              (26)  (Russell Co.)     (Andrew & Anna Thomas)
23/Jul/1850  James S. Edwards          (27)  (N. Carolina                                             Christian Easterly (P & M)
             Jane Hackney              (21)  (Russell Co.)     Joseph Hackney & (Amelia McElroy)
27/Jul/1850  Galin W. Roberts          (22)  (Grayson Co.)     (Lewis Roberts & Penelope Day)         (P)
             Esther Kilgore            (17)  (Scott Co.)       Ralph & (Millia Wheatley) Kilgore
01/Aug/1850  Hugh T. Kiser             (20)  (Russell Co.)     Noah & (Dicy Thompson) Kiser           (P & L)
             Louisey McKinney          (17)  (Russell Co.)     Charles & (Luvenia Ring) McKinney
02/Aug/1850  John Baker                (17)  (Russell Co.)     Richard Baker & (Abigail Beverly)      (P & L)
             Elizabeth Gordon          (15)  (Wythe Co.)
12/Sep/1850  John Rose                 (19)  (Russell Co.)     Samuel Rose & (Margaret Cantrell)      (P)
             Elizabeth Hale            (19)  (Russell Co.)     (James D. & Jane Hale)
30/Sep/1850  James Hamilton            (21)  (Russell Co.)     Schuyler Hamilton & (Susannah Dotson)  (P)
             Mary Wheatley             (17)  (Scott Co.)       John Wheatley & (Lucy Dean)
08/Oct/1850  James Smith               (18)  (Russell Co.)     (John Smith & Rebecca Finney)          Shadrack Williams (M)
             (This was actually George Washington "Scribe" Smith)
             Jane Artrip               (19)  (Russell Co.)     (James Artrip & Mary Kiser)
28/Oct/1850  William Price             (52)  (Russell Co.)     (Thomas Jr. & Mary Price)              (L)
             Nancy Webb                (36)  (Russell Co.)
29/Oct/1850  John Sykes                (17)  (Russell Co.)     (John Sykes & Lydia Hargis)            (P)
             Cosby Wallis              (18)  (Russell Co.)     William Wallis
31/Oct/1850  Enoch Mitchel             (20)  (Russell Co.)     (Layton & Rebecca Mitchel)             (P & L)
             Emily Adams                                       James Adams
11/Nov/1850  Samuel P. Cox             (21)  (North Carolina)  (William A. Cox)                       (P)
             Polly Collins             (20)  (Tennessee)       Griffin  & (Matilda) Collins
14/Nov/1850  John V. Bailey            (21)  (Russell Co.)     (John Bailey & Polly Stinson)          (P & L)
             Martha Jane Taylor        (19)  (Russell Co.)     Isaac Taylor & (Catherine Bishop)
05/Dec/1850  James H. Dickenson        (28)  (Russell Co.)                                            Christian Easterly (M)
             Nancy G. Bickley          (21)  (Russell Co.)     (John Bickley & Elizabeth Brown)
12/Dec/1850  Armstrong Skeen           (23)  (Russell Co.)     (Jonathan Skeen & Sarah Monk)          James P. Carroll (L)
             Rebecca Isaacs            (26)  (Russell Co.)     (Fielding & Sarah Isaacs)
19/Dec/1850  Andrew Mitchell           (21)  (Grayson Co.)     (Layton & Rebecca Mitchel)             (L)
             Arena Peck                (18)  (Russell Co.)     (Christopher Peck & Isabella Roman)
20/Dec/1850  Alexander Aker            (23)  (Wash. Co. VA)                                           Samuel Gibson (M)
             Lucy J. Horton            (16)  (Russell Co.)
24/Dec/1850  John Whited                                       Moses Whited & (Amelia Patrick)        James P. Carrell (P & L)
             Susan Lyon                                        Lucinda "Lyon" Mutter
24/Dec/1850  Joseph Mead                                                                              Samuel Gibson (M)
             Elizabeth King
01/Jan/1851  Junior Sullivan                                                                          (P)
             Agga Blevins               (22)                   Lucy Blevins
01/Jan/1851  Philip J. Reynolds                                (Bernard Reynolds & Lucy Cottrell)     Samuel Gibson (M)
             Elizabeth Jane Gilmore
02/Jan/1851  Samuel Hartsock                  Scott Co.                                               Samuel Gibson (M)
             Sarah Ann Elizabeth Gibson (19)  Russell Co.      (Charles C. Gibson)
06/Jan/1851  Thomas J. Hunt             (19)                   (Simeon Hunt & Delilah Samples)        (P)
             Lucinda Smith              (20)                   Joseph Smith & (Sarah Lockhart)
09/Jan/1851  Thomas Hawkins             (24)                                                          William G. Hale (M)
             Jane Cumbow                (20)                   (Isaiah Cumbow & Mary Campbell)
09/Jan/1851  John Helton                                                                              (L)
             Martha Jane Bartley        (16)                   (Pleasant & Nancy Bartley)
23/Jan/1851  John M. C. Mitchell        (23)                   (James & Chili Mitchell)               James P. Carrell (L)
             Lucinda Fogleman           (23)                   (Barbary Fogleman)
30/Jan/1851  Jesse Browning             (25)                   (James S. Browning & Sarah Price)      William Gilmore, Sr. (M)
             Rebecca Ball               (25)
30/Jan/1851  Jesse Hicks                (21)                                                          Christian Easterly (M)
             Sarah Ann White            (18)
30/Jan/1851  Stephen Jessee             (24)                   (David Jessee & Catherine Banner)      William G. Hale (M)
             Rebecca Vermillion         (23)                   (Jessee Vermillion & Nancy Burk)
06/Feb/1851  Patton G. Keen                                                                           William Gilmore, Sr. (M)
             Mary Hunt
06/Feb/1851  Hammon Evans                                                                             Andrew Kiser (M)
             Phebe Keeley
11/Feb/1851  James M. Munsey                                                                          Samuel Gibson (M)
             Mary Mason
12/Feb/1851  Alexander M. Miller                                                                      (L)
             Polly Sanders
12/Feb/1851  James H. Campbell                                                                        William Gilmore, Sr. (M)
             Mary W. Fields
20/Feb/1851  James Honaker                                                                            (P & L)
             Polly Hess                                        William Hess
21/Feb/1851  Giles Cavander                                                                           (L)
             Naomi Phipps               (21)  (North Carolina)
25/Feb/1851  William Price                                                                            Christian Easterly (M)
             Francis A. Richardson
27/Feb/1851  James Madison Grace                                                                      William Gilmore, Sr. (M)
             Rosanna Wright
03/Mar/1851  Solomon H. Wright          (18)  (North Carolina) (Jonathon W. & Polly Wright)           (L)
             Elizabeth Colley
04/Mar/1851  Robert Helton              (25)  (Floyd Co.)      (Jessee & Martha Helton)               (P)
             Margaret Wells             (20)  (Grayson Co.)    George & (Polly) Wells
05/Mar/1851  James H. Campbell                                                                        William Gilmore, Sr. (M)
             Mahala J. Fields
06/Mar/1851  David Alexander                                                                          William Gilmore, Sr. (M)
             Elizabeth Jane Campbell
10/Mar/1851  John Fountain Warrick      (19)  (Grayson Co.)    Robert & (Polly) Warrick               (P)
             Susannah Elizabeth Porter  (22)  (Grayson Co.)    James & (Rachel) Porter
13/Mar/1851  Robert L. Williams                                                                       (L)
             Elizabeth Hackney          (21)  (Russell Co.)    (Joseph & Amelia Hackney)
13/Mar/1851  Fielden Porter                                                                           (P & L)
             Delilah Bartee                                    Jessee Bartee
15/Mar/1851  Reuben R.Fraley                                                                          Andrew Kiser (M)
             Lucy Evans
27/Mar/1851  Charles Luster?                                                                          (L)
             Louisa Jackson
03/Apr/1851  Henderson C. McLaughlin                                                                  (L)
             Lilly Chambers
07/Apr/1851  John Tivis Belcher                                                                       (P & L)
             Elvira Hubbard             (15)  (North Carolina) Randolph & (Mary) Hubbard
10/Apr/1851  William Roberts            (17)  (Lee Co.)        Lewis & (Penelope) Roberts             Charles W. Ca?? (P & M)
             Susannah Kilgore           (21)  (Scott Co.)      William Kilgore
17/Apr/1851  George Gose                                                                              No Name Listed (M)
             Maria S. Fuller
17/Apr/1851  Jeremiah T. Chase                                                                        Charles W. Ca?? (P & M)
             Sarah Bond William Bond
18/Apr/1851  Andrew J. Mutter                                  Eldridge Mutter                        (P & L)
             Anna Honaker               (27)  (Russell Co.)    (Martin Honaker & Nancy Honaker)
22/Apr/1851  Henry M. Honaker                                                                         Christian Easterly (M)
             Virginia E. Snodgrass
27/Apr/1851  Greenberry McKinney                                                                      William G. Hale (M)
             Catherine Cantrell         (20)  (Tennessee)      (Isaac & America Cantrell)
29/Apr/1851  Isaac Collins                                                                            Andrew Kiser (M)
             Martha Jane Ramsey
05/Jun/1851  James Dickenson                                                                          Samuel Gibson (M)
             Sarah Browning
17/Jun/1851  Perry-Green B. Richardson  (26)  (Pulaski Co.)    (Jacob Richardson)                     Christian Easterly (M)
             Elizabeth M. Owen
19/Jun/1851  Henry Fogleman                                                                           David Jessee (M)
             Mary Ann Cumbow
17/Jul/1851  Richard T. Fields, Jr.                            Richard Fields, Sr.                    (P & L)
             Mary Jane Garrett          (18)  (Russell Co.     Aaron H. & (Mary) Garrett
18/Jul/1851  James Blevins, Jr.                                James Blevens                          Alexander Vance (P & M)
             Matilda Jane Porter                               James Porter
23/Jul/1851  John Cromwell              (22)  (Russell Co.)    (Thomas J. & Margaret Cromwell)        William Gilmore (M)
             Nancy Elizabeth Vanhook    (19)  (Russell Co.)    (Archibald & Jane Vanhook)
07/Aug/1851  David Barker                                                                             (L)
             Nancy Powers
18/Aug/1851  Harvey Artrip                                                                            James Artrip (P)
             Rachel Breeding                                   George Breeding
28/Aug/1851  Whitley Thomas                                    Abraham Thomas                         (P)
             Nancy Hargis                                      William Hargis
01/Sep/1851  Robert Gose?                                                                             William Robinson (M)
             Elizabeth Powers
04/Sep/1851  Abraham Beson?                                                                           Shadrack Williams (M)
             Mary Counts
04/Sep/1851  Isaiah Burk                                                                              David Jessee (M)
             Martha Ann Wilson
04/Sep/1851  George W. Vermillion                                                                     William Gilmore (M)
             Martha Burk
04/Sep/1851  Jasper Artrip              (23)  (Russell Co.)    (James & Polly Artrip)                 Shadrack Williams (M)
             Mary Smith
16/Sep/1851  Jesse Sutherland                                                                         (L)
             Mahala Kiser
18/Sep/1851  William Chapman                                                                          William Gilmore (M)
             Manerva Chapman
20/Sep/1851  John D. Lambert            (17)  (Russell Co.)    William & (Matilda) Lambert            Shadrack Williams (P & M)
             Alice Breeding                                    George Breeding
23/Sep/1851  David Blair                (21)  (Russell Co.)                                           William G. Hale (M)
             Mary Ann Philips           (22)  (Russell Co.)    (Labourn & Maria Philips)
25/Sep/1851  Abraham Crabtree                                                                         John Wallis (M)
             Sarah Jessee
16/Oct/1851  John Dyer                                                                                No Name Listed (P & M)
             Martha Kennedy              23                    John Kennedy
16/Oct/1851  James Smith                                       George W. Smith                        William G. Hale (P & M)
             Jane Mullins                                      David Mullins
30/Oct/1851  Jess Skeen                                                                               No Name Listed (M)
             Mary Elizabeth Isaacs
04/Nov/1851  Greenberry Patrick                                                                       (L)
             Nancy Boothe
10/Nov/1851  Green B. Jones                                                                           William Gilmore (M)
             Parthena Lawson
13/Nov/1851  James J. Fields                                                                          William Gilmore (M)
             Biddy Jane Campbell
15/Nov/1851  Martin C. Jessee           (21)                                                          (P & M)
             (Mary) Catherine Goodwin   (18)  (Russell Co.)    Sarah (Sally) Goodwin
19/Nov/1851  James Calvin Blankenship   (17)  (Kentucky)       Zachariah Blankenship                  (P & L)
             Polly Spence                                      John Spence
20/Nov/1851  Benjamim Stanley           (19)  (Russell Co.)    (John Stanley)                         William G. Hale (P & M)
             Nancy Moore                                       Isaac Moore
21/Nov/1851  Michael Lark               (26   (Russell Co.)    (Michael & Nancy Lark)                 Samuel Gibson (M)
             Sarah Powers               (18)  (Russell Co.)
24/Nov/1851  Charles C. Mead                                   Henry G. Mead                          (P)
             Mary E. Heaberlin
04/Dec/1851  Benjamin Whetsell                                                                        Shadrack Williams (M)
             Elizabeth Leece
04/Dec/1851  Morgan Gilmore             (20)  (Russell Co.)    (Samuel & Anna Gilmer)                 William Gilmore (M)
             Mary Ann Frances Gilmer    (16)  (Russell Co.)    (Cummings & Polly Gilmer)
10/Dec/1851  Noah R. Fuller                                                                           No Name Listed (M)
             Cynthia Jessee
11/Dec/1851  James F. Yates             (20)  (Russell Co.)    Joseph Yates                           (P & L)
             Mary May                   (21)  (Scott Co.)      John & (Elizabeth) May
12/Dec/1851  Robert Stanley                                                                           (P)
             Margaret Rose                                     Wilson Rose
13/Dec/1851  Charles Boyd                                                                             David Munsey (M)
             Martha Munsey              (21)  (Russell Co.)    Isaac & (Patsy) Munsey
24/Dec/1851  Samuel Collins                                                                           (P & L)
             Sena  Cassell                                     William Cassell
29/Dec/1851  Elias Owen                                        David Owen                             John Wallis (P & M)
             Sarah Fletcher
30/Dec/1851  Lewis Horton                                                                             John Wallis (P & M)
             Lucinda Fletcher                                  John Fletcher
05/Jan/1852  James Fullen               (34)  (Russell Co.)    (James Fullen & Elizabeth Grace)       (L)
             Sarah Price                (35)  (Russell Co.)    (Richard Price & Frances Johnson)
20/Jan/1852  David Smith                                       George W. Smith                        William G. Hale (P & M)
             Priscilla  Philips                                Labon Phillips
22/Jan/1852  Patton Hess                                                                              John Wallis (M)
             Sally Miller
29/Jan/1852  William Huff                                      John Huff                              John Huff (P & M)
             Susanah Hamilton
31/Jan/1852  Noah Jessee                                                                              No Name Listed (M)
             Elizabeth Kiser
17/Feb/1852  James Williams                                                                           Samuel Gibson (M)
             Elizabeth Bartee
02/Mar/1852  Simson Mullens                                                                           (P)
             Haly Reed                                         Humphrey Reed
11/Mar/1852  Lilbern H. Skeens                                                                        No Name Listed (P & M)
             Susannah Murphy                                   James Murphy
11/Mar/1852  Swinfield Hill             (15)  (North Carolina) (William & Elisabeth Hill)             William G. Hale (M)
             Cindesta Blair
13/Mar/1852  Robert Hall                                                                              No Name Listed (P & M)
             Mary Willey                                       Andrew Willey
15/Mar/1852  William Scarbury                                                                         Alexander Vance (P & M)
             Mary "Polly" Rose                                 Wilson Rose
15/Mar/1852  James Painter                                                                            Samuel Gibson (M)
             Sarah Young
16/Mar/1852  Lindsey H. Martin                                                                        (L)
             Nancy Jane Ward
17/Mar/1852  Mitchell Crabtree                                 (Jacob Crabtree & Leah Harris)         John Wallis (P & M)
             Malissa Catherine Fuller                          Isaac & (Susannah Wallis) Fuller
18/Mar/1852  William Osborn                                    Solomon Osborn                         No Name Listed (P & M)
             Nelly Lee
18/Mar/1852  William A. Powers                                 John Powers                            Morgan T. Lipps (P & M)
             Susanah Powers
18/Mar/1852  Simpson Mullins                                                                          William G. Hale (M)
             Mahala Reed
18/Mar/1852  John A. Peck                                                                             (P & L)
             Rachel Short                                      John Short
24/Mar/1852  James Collins                                                                            No Name Listed (P & M)
             Sena Evans                                        Nancy Evans
25/Mar/1852  Jackson Lane                                                                             Morgan T. Lipps (M)
             Sarah J. Ritchie
06/Apr/1852  Moses Ball                                                                               William Gilmore (M)
             Mary A. Smith
15/Apr/1852  John B. Wright                                                                           William G. Hale (P & M)
             Nancy Deel                 (16)  (Russell Co.)    David & (Mary) Deel
23/Apr/1852  Robert Burgess                                    William Burgess                        (P & L)
             Sarah Hall
18/May/1852  Solomon Osborn                                                                           No Name Listed (M)
             Chloe Lee
20/May/1852  Daniel Jessee                                                                            No Name Listed (M)
             Elenor Jessee
05/Jun/1852  James Rasnake              (33)  (Russell Co.)    Jacob Rasnake & Judith Finney          William Gilmore (M)
             Elizabeth Davis
10/Jun/1852  Simeon J. Samples          (19)  (Russell Co.)    Simeon Hunt & (Polly Samples)          John Wallis (P & M)
             Nancy Boyd                                        Jonathon Boyd
21/Jun/1852  William B. Goodwin                                                                       (P & L)
             Mary Jane Hunt                                    Susan A. Hunt
22/Jul/1852  Hanson Mead                                       Thomas Mead                            William Gilmore (P & M)
             Leah R. Elliott                                   Wilson Elliott
22/Jul/1852  Nelson Kilgore                                    Ralph Kilgore                          C. W. Carter (P & M)
             Katherine Roberts                                 Lewis Roberts
10/Aug/1852  Harvey G. Kiser                                                                          Andrew Kiser (M)
             Nancy Russell Ramsey
18/Aug/1852  David G. Martin                                                                          Samuel Gibson (M)
             Anne Honaker
27/Aug/1852  Benjamin McClanahan                                                                      William G. Hale (P & M)
             Candis Blevins                                    Mary Blevins
05/Sep/1852  Creed Thompson                                                                           Shadrack Williams (M)
             Temperence Arrington
09/Sep/1852  Jacob Yates                                                                              William G. Hale (P & M)
             Hazel Mullins                                     John Mullins
13/Sep/1852  Ezekiel Boling                                                                           William G. Hale (M)
             Nancy Davis
13/Sep/1852  Berry Banner                                                                             Samuel Gibson (M)
             Martha P. Da?
23/Sep/1852  Isaiah Stephens                                                                          (P)
             Susanah Baldwin                                   Elisha Baldwin
28/Sep/1852  John Smith                                                                               Andrew Kiser (M)
             Nancy Sutherland
29/Sep/1852  John McKinney                                                                            William Gilmore (M)
             Sally Hess
19/Oct/1852  Samuel Musick                                                                            William Gilmore (M)
             Rachel Jane Gilbert
28/Oct/1852  Robert Holbrook                                                                          William G. Hale (M)
             Mary Hale
31/Oct/1852  Manchel? Kelly                                                                           (P)
             Lavina Fleming             (15)  (Kentucky)       John & (Mary) Fleming
22/Nov/1852  William Vincell                                   William Vincell, Sr.                   (P)
             Margaret Ann Keen                                 Polly Keen
30/Nov/1852  David C. Ferguson                                                                        (P)
             Melissa Browning                                  Sarah Browning
04/Dec/1852  William May                                                                              (P)
             Sarah Stephens                                    Thomas Stephens
04/Dec/1852  James Farmer                                      John Farmer                            (P)
             Polly Artrip
20/Dec/1852  Harry Skeen                                                                              (P)
             Nancy Evans                                       Meredith Evans
11/Jan/1853  Samuel Johnson                                    William Johnson                        (P)
             Camiley Porter             (18)  (Russell Co.)    John & (Sally) Porter
22/Jan/1853  Harvey Jackson                                    Smith Jackson                          (P)
             Nancy McGlothlin                                  Jacob McGlothlin

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