By Jack Hockett
270 Iven Ave., 2-C.
St. David's PA 19087

The following marriages or marriage relation clues are drawn primarily from the Law Order Books (LOBS) of Russell Co. VA (RCV) and a few other sources, as indicated. I have used the excellent work of Ms. Mary D. Fugate, IMPLIED MARRIAGES OF RUSSELL COUNTY VIRGINIA to eliminate, insofar as I have observed, duplicates between this work and Ms. Fugate's publication. There are, however, instances in which partially duplicative information has been reiterated in cases where more or differing information exists.

The Marriage Register Number One of RCV has long since disappeared from the RCV courthouse. The tale generally put forth is that it was consumed in a fire during the Civil War; however, there are other researchers and historians who purport that it is possible that it may have been carried away and never returned.

The marriages or marriage clues listed below are generally from that period for which no marriage register exists or the few listed which occurred Nov 1853 or thereafter are not of record in RCV Marriage Register #2. The citations include the Law Order Book (LOB), number, page, and the date of the citation, or source other than the LOB> RCV DR/TC refers to the unpublished work of Mr. Thomas Colley, RUSSELL CO VA REGISTER OF DEATHS 1853-1866 (draft). Mr. Colley has kindly given permission for the citations from this soon-to-be-published work. RCV COB refers to Russell County Virginia Chancery Order Book. When neighboring Washington County VA is referenced, the abbreviation "WCV" has been employed. Standard a.=age; b.=born; d.=died; m.=married; s/o=son of; d/o=daughter of, etc. have been used in this work.

The reader is encouraged to investigate these marriage clues presented below on his/her own in order to make a personal judgment, necessary in the many cases where relationships are not entirely clear and expressly stated.

It is of great hope that readers will contribute to the author or to the Historical Society of Russell County Virginia, their own information concerning marriages of Russell County Virginia residents during the period 1786-1853 so that a more thorough Marriage REgister Number One can eventually be reconstructed.

ADAMS, Dennis; m. Polly WILLIAMS, d/o Rachel McCoy Foreman Williams (RCV LOB 9:9190, 03 Feb 1830) ("...Dennis Adams and Polly his wife...children and representatives of Rachel Williams, formerly Rachel McCoy...")
ADKINS, _____; m. Nancy HACKNEY, d/o Jane V. Hackney, Rev. War pensioner (RCV LOB 13:273, 06 Nov 1855)
ANDERSON, _____; m. Jane HACKNEY, d/o Jane V. Hackney, Rev. War pensioner (RCV LOB 13:273, 06 Nov 1855)
ASHBY, _____; m. Vaily HACKNEY, d/o Jane V. Hackney (RCV LOB 13:273, 06 Nov 1855) ("...Jane V. Hackney, Rev. War pensioner at rate of $88/yr died in RCV 06 Mar 1855 leaving children ... Vaily Ashby ...; 1850c RCV: ASHBY, Valia, 42; Sydney (f), 16; Martha, 12; Polly, 10; Elizabeth, 8; Logan, 6; Joseph, 3; dwelling next to HACKNEY, Jane B., 84, b. DE and Polly, 62, b. PA)
ASTON, Samuel; m. Mary Bailey, d/o Robert & Ellen Bailey (RCV DR/TC, p.1) (Mary Aston died 11 Jul 1862, a. 37y, born Ireland; consort of Samuel Aston, dec.; reported by son, Robert Aston; 1850c, RCV: ASTON, Mary, 45, born IR; James M., 17; Robert B., 13; Mary Ann, 11; Eliza, 8; children born in RCV)
BALL, Jessee; m. _____, heir of Neely McGlothlin (RCV LOB 15:157-8, 06 Mar 1866) (1850c, RCV: BALL, Jessee t., 23; Catharine, 22)
BALL, Martin; m. Elizabeth HURT, dau. & one of 10 heirs of Moses Hurt (RCV LOB 15, 157-8, 06 Mar 1866)
BALL, Robert S.; m. CYNTHIA, heir of Neely McGlothlin (RCV LOB 15:157-8, 06 Mar 1866) (1860c, RCV: BALL, Robert S., 23; Cyntha, 26; Martha J., 7/12; with them is McGlothlin, Neely, 13)
BARTY, Jessee; m. Mahala RING, d/o Stephen Ring (RCV LOB 7:233, 02 Nov 1824) ("[Stephen]... who died in the Army of the US in the late war with Great Britain...")
BOOTHE, Joseph; m. JANE, heir of Charles Cromwell (RCV COB #1, 1831-1872, 133, 29 May-01 Jun 1843) (Heir of Charles Cromwell dec. with Aaron H. Garrett & Mary, wife, Thomas J. & John J. Cromwell, Wm. Taylor & Mahala, John T. Fields & Margaret and those not in the Commonwealth, Hiram Cromwell, Joseph Robinson & Elizabeth, wife, Anthony & Andrew Cromwell, IBID., p. 158, 19 Sep 1844) ( IBID., p. 161, 22 Apr 1845, Joshua Redwine sued Cromwell heirs and at this time, John H. Jackson and Wm. Garrett are attached to the suit. -jh)
BREEDING, _____; m. Sally HACKNEY, d/o James V. Hackney, Rev. War pensioner (RCV LOB 13:273, 06 Nov 1855)
BROWN, Truelove; m. MARGARET, heir of Joseph McReynolds (there being 8 of them) (RCV COB #1, 1831-1872, p. 224, 1850) ("John Counts & others vs Isaac McReynolds & others...defts... Truelove Brown & Martha, wife...")
BROWNING, Vincent (s/o John Browning & Sarah Burk -jh); m. 23 Jun 1849, Isabel (also called Isabella) LITTON, d/o Solomon Litton, Jr. & Judith Shoemaker; Vincent Browning is an ancestor of the compiler; he d. in RCV on 18 Jun 1865. (C.E. Shepard as published in VAN, Jul 1978, p. 90; see Alexander Litton, below)
BROWNING, Francis, (Jr.); m. Sarah NASH, d/o William Nash & Margaret Hendricks (d/o Thomas) and widow of James Hendricks (see Fugate, pp. 8-9) (RCV LOB 9:354, 08 Mar 1832 & RCV LOB 10:84 & 101, 06 Nov 1833) (Quoting from the latter, "...Sarah his wife late Sarah Hendricks adminx. of James Hendricks, dec..."). Francis Browning, Jr. was the s/o Francis Browning Sr. & Elizabeth Vermillion who m. in Caswell Co., NC, 1775 or bef. -jh; children of Sarah Nash & James Hendricks: Rebecca, John Ralston, Margaret, Mary Ann, & Phebe Hendricks -see RCV LOB 10:102, 08 Jan 1834)
BOSWELL, Andrew; m. Elizabeth "Betsey" FIELDS, d/o John Fields and heir of Richard Fields (RCV LOB 8:421, 02 Jan 1828) ("...Andrew Boswell & Betsey his wife late Betsy Fields, Hannah Fields, daus. of John (s/o Richard, dec.) Fields...")
CALLAWAY, _____; m. MARGARET, heir of John Wells (RCV COB #1, 1831-1872, p. 83, 19 Apr 1839) ("John Litton ags. Solomon Litton, Sr., _____ Calloway & Margaret, wife, Betsy, Samuel, John, Sally, Polly, Jane & Thomas Wells, heirs of John Wells dec...".)
CARR, _____; m. Rachel WILLIAMS, d/o Rachel Williams, formerly Rachel McCoy (RCV LOB 9:190, 03 Feb 1830) (See also ADAMS, above)
CASEY, John; m. Barbara TILLER, one of six children of Rev. War pensioner, William Tiller (RCV LOB 11:487, 03 Feb 1846 and RCV LOB 12:11, 08 Dec 1846)
CASTLE, Ralph; m. Sarah SUIT, d/o Ralph & Nancy Suit (RCV DR/TC, p. 9) (They were probably married c1848; 1850c RCV: CASTle, Ralph, 27; Sarah, 20.)
CHAFIN, Brooks; m. Rebecca JESSEE, one of 10 heirs of John & Elizabeth Jessee (RCV COB #1, 1831-1872, pp. 302-3,1857) (1850c, RCV, James Chafin, 55, living with Archer Jessee Sr. and John Chafin, 22, living with Jefferson Jessee)
CHANEY, John; m. Elizabeth Blair, d/o Jacob Blair (RCV COB #1, 1831-1872, pp. 152-3, 1844) ("Elizabeth Chaney by Jacob Blair her father & next friend vs John Chaney...deft. Chaney has abandoned his wife and gone from the Commwealth to parts unknown leaving her and her children destitute...")
CHILDRIS (Childress), Abraham; m. LUCY, widow of Joseph Blair (RCV LOB 2:441) ("...Lucy Childris late Lucy Blair...") & (RCV LOB 2:451, Apr 1798) ("...admin. of estate of Joseph Blair...Abraham Childris & Lucy, wife...")
COOK, Joel; m. Elizabeth RING, d/o Stephen Ring (RCV LOB 7:233, 02 Nov 1824) ([Stephen]...who died in the Army of the US in the late war with Great Britain...")
COUCH, John; m. Fanny FAIRCHILDS, sibling of Jane, Isaiah, Peggy, Moses and Aaron, Jr. Fairchild, ch. of Aaron Fairchild, Sr. (RCV COB #1, 1831-1872, p. 11, 24 Apr 1834) (all siblings mentioned as "...infants under the age of 21 years" in 1834)
COUCH, Samuel; m. Peggy FAIRCHILD (RCV COB #1, 1831-1872, p. 52, 22 Sep 1839) ("...Peggy Fairchild...having intermarried with Samuel Couch..."; from John Couch et al. ags. Aaron Fairchild et al.)
COUCH, _____; m. Susan VICARS, one of 11 heirs and d/o Susan Vicars (RCV LOB 15:362, 08 Aug 1867)
COWAN, David; m. Rebecca Bowen, (RCV LOB 10:104, Feb 1834 (?) ("...late Rebecca Bowen, admns. of Rees Bowen, dec...")
COX, Isaac; m. Lydia FAIRCHILDS (Fairchild), d/o Aaron Fairchild, Sr. & Rebecca_____ (RCV COB #1, 1831-1872, p. 151, 18 Apr 1844) ("...that one of the children of Rebecca Fairchild has heretofore been omitted in the distribution made by the court namely Lydia ...8 shares instead of 7...")
DEHART, Elisha: m. SUSANNAH, heir (?) of Joseph Blair (RCV LOB 2:551, Apr 1798) (suit wherein Elisha Dehart and Susannah, wife sued Abraham Childers & Lucy (Blair), wife)
DICKENSON, Robert; m. Evelina SARGEANT on 18 Apr 1839 (RCV COB #1, 1831-1872, p. 87, 18 Sep 1839) Sargeant...her dau., Margaret Churchill Sargent, a. 12y legitimized and name changed to Sargeant)
DONOHUE, George L.; m. Luticia LITTON, d/o Solomon Litton, Jr. & Judith Shoemaker (C.E. Shepart as published in VAN, Jul 1978, p. 90...see Alxr. Litton below)
DORTON, John W.; m. Jemima OSBORNE (RCV COB #1, 1831-1872, pp. 353-4, 27 Sep 1860) (deft. in suit with Samuel, Wm., & David Osborne, Joseph Combs and Nicy, wife, Oscar F. Stair (?) & wife, Margaret, Polly Osborne & Squire Osborne; Fugate, p. 101 identifies Nicy Ann Combs as an heir and legatee of Solomon Osborne; 1860c, RCV: DORTON, John, 40; Jemima, 38; oldest child is Nancy, a. 15y )
DOSS, Moses: m. Eunic HINTON, heir of Sarah Hinton, late Hendricks, dec. (RCV LOB 10:100, 07 Jan 1834)
DOTSON, James; m. Elizabeth BUSH, legatee with Valentine, Susan, Rebecca, Thomas, et al. of Austin Bush & Nancy, wife (HPF:13:13:1, 1994, p. 24 as reprinted from THE DEMOCRAT 19 May 1855; also see appropriate RCV LOB; 1850c, RCV: DOTSON, James, 36; Elizabeth, 39; Patsey 1., 15; family also includes Austen, 10.)
DUTY, _____; m. Peggy ROMAN, widow of William Roman (RCV LOB 3:689, Mar 1808) ("...her dower right in lands of Wm. Roman her late husband died possessed..."; see also Fugate, p. 104)
ERVIN,_____; m. Mourning CHAPMAN, d/o Benjamin Chapman (RCV DR/TC, p. 18) ("Moning" died 02 Nov 1853, a. 73y; death reported by father; 1850c, RCV: living with CHAPMAN, Benjamin, 47, b. Bath Co., VA and family are: ERVING, Mourning, 70 born NC and her father Phillip, 97, born NC)
EWELL, Alfred; m. Jane STROTHER, heir of James Strother, dec., late of RCV (RCV LOB 6:151, 06 Oct 1819)
FALY (Fraley?), Caleb; m. BETSY, heir of Drury Puckett (RCV LOB 2:380, Jul 1797) (wherein the heirs of Drury Puckett Sr., dec. are named)
FERRELL, Elijah; m. Barbara NEELY, "...late Barbara Neely, extx. of the estate of Wm. Neely..." (RCV LOB 12:86, 05 Oct 1847) (Ms. M.E. Ferrell, Tucson, AZ, researcher, says she was the widow of William Neely whom she had m. in Pike Co., KY on 01 Oct 1829, and a d/o Richard Jackson, Sr. Elijah Ferrell had divorced his first wife, Sarah Justice, in Pike Co. KY in 1846.)
FERRELL, William; m. Mahala TILLER, d/o Samuel Tiller (one of six children) and gdau. of Wm. Tiller, Rev. War pensioner) (RCV LB 11:487, 03 Feb 1846 and RCV LOB 12:11, 08 Dec 1846) (Ms. M.E. Ferell adds that Samuel Tiller was m. to Nancy _____ and they are found dwelling Logan Co. VA in 1850 and 1860c where this marriage likely occured).
FIELDS, John T.; m. MARGARET, heir of Charles Cromwell (RCV COB 1821-1830, p. 1833, 29 May & 01 Jun 1843)
FINNELLAN, George; m. PHEBE, heir of Drury Puckett (RCV LOB 2:380, Jul 1797) (wherein the heirs of Drury Puckett (Sr.) are named, including Rosannah Puckett who m. in WCV 20 Aug 1785, Ericus Smith, s/o Ericus Smyth (Smit) and Brita Anderson originally of New Castle Co., DE (SMIDT/SMITH/SMYTH FAMILY... Dorothy Tuttle. Mar 1993, pp. 7-10).
FITCH, John; m. Barbara WADDLE (RCV LOB 12:18, 02 Feb 1847) ("...Barbara, a. 74y... married by John Yancy, Esq. in Sullivan Co., TN...remained there until 01 Apr 1839 when John died in that county...came to RCV last March (March 1846)...")
FLEENOR, James; m. Lydia VICARS (RCV LOB 15:362, 08 Aug 1867) (not recorded in Mar. Reg. #2; Lydia appears to be related to Thomas Vicars, Susan Couch, Sarah Vicars, Jemima Vicars and Wm. Easterling).
FOGLEMAN, _____; m. Mary P. CUMBOW, heir of Isiah (Isaiah) Cumbow (RCV LOB 15:24-5, 03 May 1864) (not recorded in Mar. Reg. #2; Mary is lsted as Mary Ann, a. 17y, 1850c, RCV)
FOREMAN, _____; m. Rachel McCOY, d/o Robert McCoy, Sr. & Rachel _____ and sister of George, Robert, & James McCoy (RCV COB 1821-1830, p. 170-) ("...said Rachel m. _____Foreman about the year 1785...had two children, Isaac and one who died; Robert (bro.) died about the year 1791 or 1795; Robert McCoy Sr. Died 1827; Rachel m. (2) Wm. Williams and moved to GA; she was dead by 1817)
FRALEY, Ephraim, s/o Andrew & Barbara Fraley; m. Margaret PLOT, d/o George & Sarah Plot (RCV DR/TC, p. 21) (1850c, RCV lists Ephraim Fraley, a. 18y with his parents; not listed in RCV Mar. Reg. #2; likely m. before 1853)
FUGATE, Isaac; m. Fanny Carter, d/o Joseph & Mary Carter, m. before 1825 (RCV DR/TC, p. 22) (living in RCV, 1850c: FUGATE, Isaac B., 46; Fanny, 45, born Scott Co.; oldest child is Hannah M., 24, born RCV)
FUGATE, Joseph C.; m. Elisabeth E. SUTTON, d/o John Sutton & Mary Eakin (who were m. in WCV 11 Apr 1811) (RCV DR/TC, p. 22) (Elisabeth died at the age of 33y 11m 13d on 09 Aug 1853; they were m. between 1850-1853; Joseph C. Fugate is living in RCV, 1850c, a. 39y)
FULLER, N.R.; m. SINTHA (Cynthia), heir-at-law of Jefferson Jessee (RCV COB #1, 1831-1872, p. 405, 14 May 1868)
GARRETT, Aaron H.; m. MARY, heir of Charles Cromwell (RCV COB #1, 1831-1872, p. 133, 29 May & 01 Jun 1843) (1850c, RCV: GARRETT, Aaron, 49, tanner; Mary, 46, oldest child is Elizabeth, a. 21y)
GIBSON, Jesse; m. Peggy MONK: See MONK, Gibson & Peggy Monk
GILBERT, Joseph; m. Polly TILLER, in Oct or Nov 1836 (RCV LOB 10:352, 06 Dec 1836) ("...Polly Gilbert who within the last two months has intermarried with Joseph Gilbert is one of the children there being six of them of William Tiller, Rev. War pensioner..."; Polly Gilbert died in RCV on 26 Oct 1843; Samuel Tiller died 04 Aug 1839 --RCV LOB 12:11, 08 Dec 1846)
GILMER, Daughtry; m. Nancy C. DICKENSON, d/o Nathaniel & Mary Dickenson (RCV DR/TC, p. 25) (Nancy died 17 Jan 1826, a. 28 y; marriage likely occurred before 1853; not listed in Mar. Reg. #2; 1850c, RCV: GILMER, Daughtry, 20 living with Charles Gilmer, 36 and Frances, 38 & family)
GOFF, John; m. MARY, extx. with John, of Solomon Woolford (RCV LOB 3:466, Nov 1850)
GRACE, John; m. Susannah BAYS, d/o John Bays & Catherine _____ (See Fugate, pp. 30 & 76; RCV LOB 13:76, 04 Apr 1854 and 1850c, RCV: GRACE, John 49, b. Smyth Co.; Susannah, 40: oldest child is Rachel C., 18; John & Catherine Bays are next door.)
GRAY, Napoleon B.; m. Rebecca GOSE, d/o George Gose & Elizabeth Jessee (RCV DR/TC, p. 26) (Rebecca died at a. 39y 1m 25d on 22 Jul 1862; 1850c RCV: GRAY, Napoleon P., 35; Rebecca, 25; Caroline L., 15; George W.J., 7).
HARDEN, _____ (Harding); m. Susannah SKEEN, d/o Jonathan Skeen and sister of Peter Skeen (RCV LOB 12:144, 09 Aug 1848) (Susannah deposed in Aug 1848, aged 84 years; 1850c, RCV: HARDING, Abner, 46, SC; Susan, Sr., 87, PA; Susan, Jr., 46, SC: Phoebe, 41, RCV)
HARLIS, Abraham; m. CATY LINK, in RCV before 06 Apr 1820 (RCV LOB 8:207, 26 Aug 1826) (see further)
HARLIS, Abraham; m. Lucy DAVENPORT, in RCV on 06 Apr 1820 (RCV LOB 8:207, 26 Aug 1826) ("...charged with ...bigamy with having married on the 6th day of 1820 in RCV, Lucy Debenport, he having before that time married to a certain Caty Link who was living at the time of the marriage with the said Lucy Davenport... acquitted...")
HARRISON, Samuel; m. Elizabeth HALE, d/o James & Susan Hale (RCV DR/TC, p. 29) (Elizabeth died 24 Mar 1853 at a. 50y; living in RCV, 1850c: HARRISON, Samuel H., 45, b. Franklin Co.; Elizabeth, 47; oldest child at home is Axly G., 19)
HAWKINS, T.T.; m. Jane CUMBOW, d/o Isaiah & Mary Cumbow (RCV DR/TC, p. 30) (Jane died 23 Jul 1866, a. 35y; not listed in RCV Mar Reg #2; see also RCV COB #1 1831-1872, pp. 395-6, 02 Oct 1867, "...Mariah E., Lafayette J., Thomas J., Charles M., Mary J., Jasper N. & Geo. W. Hawkins, heirs of Jane Hawkins dec., formerly Jane Cumbow...")
HAWKINS, _____; m. Milly CUMBOW, heir of Isaiah Cumbow (RCV LOB 15:24-5,03 may 1864) (not listed in RCV Mar Reg #2; 1850c, RCV: CUMBOW, Isaiah, 45, born NC; Mary A., 43; among children are Jane, 19 and "Melia", 13)
HAY, John; m. Celia SELF (B. c1795 Pittsylvania Co., VA), d/o Thomas & Ona "Oney" Self and sister of Burnett Self (RCV LOB 12:355, 07 May 1851; 1850c, RCV; HAY, John 57, b. Charlotte Co. VA; Celia, 55; Sally, 21; Ambrose, 19; John, 18; with them is Ona Self, 90, b. Amelia Co. VA)
HAYWOOD, _____; m. Patsey TILLER, d/o William Tiller, Rev. War pensioner (RCV LOB 11:487, 03 Feb 1846) (Patsey still living at that date)
HELTON, _____; m. ELIZABETH, d/o Patsey Campbell (WCV MARS. T. Colley; information from her second marriage to Austin Haynes on 10 Mar 1861) (Note: There was a Patsey Helton in RCV who was almost surely married to Samuel Helton who disappears from the RCV Personal Property Tax List after 1830; Patsey appears in 1831. -jh)
HENDRICKS, George W.; m. Helen BICKLEY, d/o John & Elizabeth Bickley (RCV DR/TC, p. 31) (Helen died at a. 30y on 01 Sep 1861; marriage occurred after 1850 at which time George Hendricks, a. 21, blacksmith, is living with Aaron Hendricks, a. 69 (who had m. Rachel Isobel Fullen in WCV -jh)
HOWARD, Hiram; m. ELLEN, heir (?) of Wm. Nash, Sr. (RCV COB #1, 1831-1872, 142, 21 Sep 1843) (wherein Hiram Howard & Ellen, wife brought suit against Wm. Nash (Jr.), admr. of Wm. Nash (Sr.) & of Margaret Nash; seems to imply Ellen an heir of Wm. Nash -jh; 1850c, RCV: HOWARD, Hiram, 30; Ellen, 28; oldest child is Franklin, 7; dwelling near Samuel Nash & family).
HOWARD, John G. (or T.); m. Jane FLETCHER (RCV LOB 11:197, 07 Dec 1841) ("...devisee of William Fletcher, dec..."; see also RCV COB #1, 1831-1872, p. 100,21 Apr 1840, "Wm. Nelly vs. Patsey May, et al."; and IBID., p. 110, 26 Sep 1840, Wm. Neely vs. Mays heirs [Patsey Mays, widow of David Mays])
HUFFMAN, John; m. POLLY, "...late widow of Joseph Yates, dec..." (RCV LOB 14:140, 05 Jan 1859) (suit of Courtney (Yates?) Compton vs John E. Howard & Emory Thompson, amdrs. of Joseph Yates, dec.; 1850c, RCV: HUFFMAN, John A. G., 48; Polly, 49; Isobel, 19; Catherine, 19, all b. in WCV)
HUNT, Thomas; m. Elizabeth COCKRELL in RCV on 06 Sep 1791 (RCV LOB 6:347, 01 May 1821) (see below)
HUNT, Thomas; m. Nancy JACKSON, in RCV on 25 May 1806 (RCV LOB 6:347, 01 May 1821) ("At Court 20 Apr 1821...examination of Thomas Hunt charged with the crime of bigamy by marrying Nancy Jackson...he having before that time...married Elizabeth Cockrell who was living at the time of his marriage with the said Nancy Jackson... acquitted...discharged...")
HURT, Absalom; m. Catherine SAMPLES (RCV LOB 13:205, 06 Sep 1859) (Catherine a sister of Larkin J., Celia L., Stephen e., Nancy J., Sarah E., & Elvery S. Samples, all of whom were under 21 years in 1859) (Fugate, p. 39 says Absalom married AnnaSamples, d/o William. The cited LOB states that Anna Samples was the wife of Charles Hurt)
HURT, _____; m. Ellen HORTON (RCV COB #1, 1831-1872, pp. 252-3, 21 Sep 1853) (Ellen Hurt et al. vs. John B. to be divided in 9 equal parts between Nancy Horton & her 8 children...ordered Meshack White pay to Ellen Hurt, formerly Ellen Horton...")
JACKSON, James; m. Susannah SWORD, d/o Michael Sword, Sr. (RCV LOB 12:26, 03 Mar 1847) ("...Michael Sword, Sr...departed this life 07 Apr 1846...left children...Susannah Jackson, w/o James Jackson...from the deposition of Thomas Dye in RCV court.)
JACKSON, _____; m. Elizabeth HUNT, d/o Priscilla Hunt (RCV LOB 6:510, 02 Jul 1822) ("lll& that Thomas Hunt, Wm. Hunt & Elizabeth Jackson, sons & dau. of the said Priscilla Hunt being her next of kin and those only who are within this commonwealth...") (Eli Jackson m. Elizabeth Hunt, d/o Priscilla... see RCV LOB 7:193, 01 Jun 1824: On the motion of Eli Jackson one of the distributees of the estate of Priscilla Hunt, dec'd...)
JESSEE, Fleming B.; m. _____BROWNING, d/o Francis Browning (RCV COB 1821-1830, 141, 21 Sep 1843) (Fleming B. Jessee m. Mary "Polly", d/o Francis Browning, Jr. & Sarah Nash -jh; see also Fugate, p. 39, "...Polly, niece of Wm. Browning...")
JESSEE, Joseph H.; m. Mary E. Dickenson, d/o Catherine Dickenson (RCV LOB 15:265, 08 Jan 1867) (1860c, RCV: JESSEE, Joseph H., 25; Mary C., 24; Eliza C., 3; Catherine J., 2)
JESSEE, Stephen; m. _____LEE, heir of James Lee (RCV LOB 13:161, 05 Jan 1855) (1860c, RCV: JESSEE, Stephen B., 36; Rebecca, 36; oldest child is Lafayette M., 6) (RCV LOB 15:11-12, 08 Mar 1864 mentions "Sally Jessee" as heir of James M. Lee)
JESSEE, _____; m. SALLY, "...heir of the half blood of James M. Lee (RCV LOB 15:11-12-08 Mar 1864) (see also; RCV LOB 14:498, Oct 1863: Alexr. M. Lee vs. known heirs of Sally Jessee...not of James M. Lee; Mary Lee, wid. of James M. Lee...)
KEITH, William; m. Delilah RING, d/o Stephen Ring, "...who died in the Army of the US in the late war with Great Britain..." (RCV LOB 7:233, 02 Nov 1824)
KELLY, William; m. Dorothy CRANK, heir of John Crank and sibling of John, James, Robert & Wm. Crank, Elizabeth Bundy and Mary Hall (RCV COB 1821-1830, p. 62, 07 Jun 1825 quoting the LWT of John Crank made 04 Feb 1803) (see also Fugate, p. 43 who states Wm. Kelley m. Cristeeney, d/o Abram Crank, s/o John.)
KINDER, _____; m. REBECCA, heir of Joseph McReynolds (RCV COB #1, 1831-1872, pp. 224, 1850) (Rebecca Kinder named with Isaac McReynolds, Marthan, w/o Truelove Brown, Joseph McReynolds, Wilson McReynolds, Mary, s/o Wm. Alexander and Rebecca, widow of Joseph McReynolds...there were 8 heirs of Joseph McReynolds, dec.)
LAFORCE, James; m. Dicy KISER, d/o Joseph & Mary Kiser (RCV DR/TC, p. 40) (Dicey died at a. 486 on 02 Jun 1862; 1850c, RCV: LAFORCE, James, 38; Dicy, 36 with 10 children, the oldest of whom is Elijah, 15 (i.e., prob. married about 1834 or before.)
LEE, Giles; m. _____, legatee of John Smyth (RCV LOB 9;184, 05 Jan 1830)
LITTLE, _____: m. Polly MARTIN, d/o Andrew Martin (RCV COB #1, 1831-1872, pp. 73-4, 1838) (Answer of Samuel & Polly Little, infants under 21 years...only children of Polly Little, etc, d/o Andrew Martin, de.) (A Samuel R. Little, 26, B. VA is living in E. TN, Green Co., 1850c...?) (Author's note: Andrew R. Martin, 60; Mary E., 62, are dwelling with LINTECUM (Linthicum), John C., 35, b. WCV and Ellen (referred to in deeds as "Helen"), 28, b. WCV: a child, " Andrew W. Lintecum:, a. 2 years is in this household, RCV 1850c)
LITTON, Alexander, s/ Solomon Litton, Sr. & Martha (Duncan); m. 25 Dec 1817, Mary "Polly" VERMILLION, d/o Jessee Vermillion (Bible Records of the Litton Family of SW VA contributed by C.E. Shepard, as published in VIRGINIA APPALACHIAN NOTES [VAN], Jul 1978, p. 90; see also Fugate, p. 46)
LITTON, Caleb, s/o Solomon Litton Sr. & Martha; m. Elizabeth Dickenson on 09 Apr 1818 (IBID.)
LITTON, Burton, s/o Solomon Litton, Sr. & Martha; m. A_____ Smith on 15 Aug 1802 (IBID.)
LITTON, George W., s/o Solomon Litton, Jr. & JUdith Shoemaker; m. Obedience ann B. Elliott on 14 May 1853 (IBID.)
LITTON, Hiram, s/o Solomon Litton, Sr. & Martha; m. Patsey COX on 22 Oct 1812 (IBID.)
LITTON, James, s/o Solomon Litton, Sr. & Martha; m. Becky VANHOOK on 25 Sep 1809 (IBID.)
LITTON, James F., s/o John; m. Margaret (also LITTON, d/o Solomon Litton, Jr. & JUdith Shoemaker (IBID.) (Living in RCV, 1850c: LITTON, James F., 32; Margaret, 31; oldest child is Josephine, 10; hence they were probably married about 1838).
LITTON, John, s/o Solomon Litton, Sr. & Martha; m. Sally FULLER on 27 Sep 1802 (IBID.)
LITTON Solomon Jr., s/o Solomon Litton, Sr. & Martha; m. Judith SHOEMAKER on 24 Sep 1806 (IBID.; see also Fugate, p. 45; Judith a d/o James Shoemaker)
LONG, Andrew; m. Mary"Polly" LITTON , d/o Solomon Litton Sr. Martha on 20 Nov 1809 (IBID.)
McFADDEN, George W.; m. KATHERINE, heir-at-law of Jefferson Jessee (RCV COB #1, 1831-1872, p. 405, 14 May 1868) (Nancy B. Gray vs N.B. Gray...Jefferson Jessee deft. having departed this life intestate...ordered suit revived against heirs-at-law viz, James M. Jessee, Geo McFadden & Katherine, wife, Joseph Jessee, N.R. Fuller & Sintha, wife, Abednigo Kiser & Margaret, wife, Elihu K. Jessee, Noah K. Jessee & George Cowan Jessee, and Nancy, Jefferson, Noah & John R. Jessee, children of Stanford L. Jessee, dec.; see also IBID., pp. 488-9, 29 Apr 1872, James M. Jessee vx Robert Boyd...answer of Geo. W. McFaddin & Catherine, wife...; 1860c, RCV; McFadden, George, 25; Catherine, 38; Nancy J., 5; Margaret E., 1; Fugate, p. 48, Margaret, widow of Simon Kiser; three Kiser children living with them in 1860c: Jefferson, 9; Samuel H., 7; Simeon (Simon), 5)
McKINNEY, William; m. Fanny BROWN, legatee of Jonathan Brown (RCV WB 3:98-100, 06 Sep 1814, " Wm. Kinney who married Fanny Brown...")
McKinney, _____; m. Peggy LEE, heir of James Lee (RCV LOB 12:540-1, 09 Jun 1853) (Peggy not listed in 1850c, RCV)
MONK, Gibson; m. Peggy (also) MONK (RCV LOB 9:218-9, 05 May 1830) ([Peggy]"...children and heirs-at-law of Polly Monk, formerly Polly Roberts, dec...") Note: Law Order Book entry may be incorrect. Per a deed, grooms name was Jesse Gibson.
MOORE, William; m. Willmirth TETER, d/o John & Elizabeth Teter (RCV DR/TC, p. 47) (Willmirth died at a. 26y 11m, on 04 Mar 1853; marriage likely occurred 1844 or before; 1850c, RCV: MOORE, William, 29, b. NC; Wilmirth, 27; oldest child is John, a. 5y, born KY)
MULLINS, Samuel; m. PARMETTY, heir of John & Elizabeth Justice (RCV COB #1, 1831-1872, pp. 258-9, 19 Apr 1854) (LWT of John Justice referenced; Elizabeth Justice, widow...)
MULLINS, Solomon; m. PRATY (Piety?), heir of John & Elizabeth Justice (RCV COB #1, 1832-1872, pp. 258-9, 19 Apr 1854)
MUSICK, Russell; m. Elizabeth DOWELL, "...orphan of Fanny Dowell..." (RCV LOB 10:186, 02 Dec 1834)
OSBORNE, _____; m. Chloe LEE, widow of James Lee (RCV LOB 12:540-1, 09 Jun 1853) (marriage occurred between 1850-53; see also RCV LOB 13:161, 05 Jan 1855: Oliver H. Price, et al. vs Solomon Osborn)
OSBORNE, William; m. Nelly LEE, "...heir of the whole blood of James M. Lee..." (RCV LOB 15: 11-12, 08 Mar 1864) ("...heirs of Wm. Osborne dec. of the whole blook... (following), heirs of whle blood: Nelly Osborn...")
PINSON, Thomas S.; m. Sarah SAMPLES (RCV LOB 13:205, 06 Sep 1859)
PORTER, L.G. W.; m. Mary DORTON, d/o James & Jemima Dorton (RCV DR/TC, p. 51) (Mary died at a 32y 8m 8d on 05 Dec 1866; not listed in RCV Mar Reg #2)
PORTER, William; m. _____LEE, heir of James Lee (RCV LOB 12:540-1,09 Jun 1853) (1850c, RCV: Porter, Wm. R., 29; Eunice, 24; oldest child is Phoebe E., 7; living very near James Lee, 85 , born GA and Cloe, 35, et al.) (RCV LOB 15:11-12, 08 Mar 1864 lists "Nicy Porter" as "heir of the half blook of James M> Lee".)
PRICE, Elisha; m. Martha "Patsey" P., relation (?) of Catherine Leonard (RCV WB 2:200-2, 1809 [deed of gift])
PRICE, Oliver H.; m. Phoebe H. LEE, d/o James & Rachel Lee (RCV DR/TC, p. 52) (Phoebe H. Price died at a. 32y 7m 2d on 02 Jul 1853; Fugate, p. 55 quoting the RCV DR 2:26 (Colley quotes line 24)s says she is the d/o Jeremiah & Amy Fields; 1850c, RCV: PRICE, Oliver H., 38; Phoebe, 29; Daniel, 87; Thomas, 20)
PRICE, _____; m. Elizabeth JAMES, d/o William James (RCV COB 1821-1830, pp. 55-56, 05 Feb 1822) (Elizabeth mentioned with Thomas James, dec., Nancy Anderson, Wm. James, Winny Hobbs & Nancy Anderson as ch. of Wm. James, dec.) RAINES, John; m. SALLY, heir of John Justice (RCV COB #1, 1831-1872, pp. 258-9, 19 Apr 1854) (suit of Hiram Justice vs Daniel Dotson, Exr. of John Justice; Elizabeth mentioned as widow of John Justice; John & Sally were non residents of the commonwealth in 1854; also not listed in 1850c, RCV)
RAMSEY, William; m. SUSAN(NA), legatee of Austin Bush, dec. (HPF:13:1, 1994, p. 24 as reprinted from THE DEMOCRAT 19 May 1855; also see appropriate RCV LOB; 1850c, RCV: RAMSEY, Wm., 55; Susannah, 50; oldest child is Jane, 21; hence m. c1837)
RASNICK, Elijah (Sr.); m. Elizabeth LITTON, d/o Solomon Litton, Jr. & Judith Shoemaker (C.E. Shepart as published in VAN, Jul 1978, p. 90) (1850c, RCV: RASNICK, Elijah, 62; Elizabeth, 39; 12 children living with them, including Vincent, 4 and Isabelle, 7; Elizabeth is perhaps his second wife.)
RATLIFF (Ratcliffe; Radcliff), John; m. Charlotte "Lottie" WHITE, d/o Abednego and Elizabeth White (TAZEWELL CO VA DB 1:42) ("...unto the said John Ratliff and his bodily heirs begotten by my dau. Lotty..."; see also Fugate, p. 56, "Radcliff, Charlotte, heir of Abednego and Nancy White...' Nancy was her stepmother, Abednego White having married (2) in Tazewell Co. VA on 27 Jul 1815, Nancy Blackwell. The marriage of John Ratcliff and Charlotte White likely occurred in the Maiden Springs area of (then) Russell Co. VA, probably between 1796-8.0
RAY (Wray?), Benjamin; m. Nancy WILSON in RCV about 1831 (RCV LOB 12:`134, 04 Jul 1848) ('...proven to satisfaction of the court on the oath of Nancy Rasnick that she was present at the time Benjamin Ray, late Rev. War pensioner married Nancy Wilson which she believes was about 17 years ago; Ray died in the month of Jan about 8 years ago previous to last Jan (i.e., about 1840)...Nancy, a widow...")
REDWINE, Rolling (Roland) R.; m. Leah ALDERSON (RCV DR/TC, p. 54 in which she is call "Priscilla, d/o Aldersons'" and wife of Rolling Redwine.) ("Priscilla" died in RCV on 31 May 1862 at a. 45y; 1850c, RCV: REDWINE, Rolling, R., 45; Leah, 34, b Monroe Co., VA; oldest child is Joseph, a. 12y, signifying a marriage probably 1837 or before.)
ROBINSON, John; m. Polly RASNICK, heir of Jacob Rasnick (RCV LOB 8:252, 02 Jan 1827) (Polly & John were not inhabitants of the commonwealth in 1827.)
ROBINSON, Joseph P.; m. ELIZABETH, heir of Charles Cromwell (RCV COB #1, 1831-1872, p. 158, 19 Sep 1844) (See Joseph Boothe above; defts. Hiram, Anthony, & Andrew Cromwell and Joseph P. Robinson & Elizabeth wife were not inhabitants of the commonwealth in 1844.)
ROUTH, Asa; m. Catherine KITTS, b. Grainger Co., TN, d/o Peter & Amy Kitts (RCV DR/TC, p. 57) (Catherine died at a. 42y on 03 Jun 1862; not listed in RCV 1850 or 1860c, so this marriage likely did not occur in RCV.)
RYLIE (Riley), Daniel; m. Susan JACKSON (RCV LOB 13:194, 04 Apr 1855) ("...William Jackson aged about 55y and Andrew L. Jackson about 47 years of age...appeared...well acquainted with Susan Rylie, widow of Daniel Rylie, dec. and know she died 07 Oct 1853, leaving as her only heirs Thomas & Jackson Rylie..." (IBID., p. 215: 06 Jun 1855... Richard Ferrell & Wm. Horton appeared...well acquainted with Susan Rylie...and that her maiden name was Susan Jackson...Bible produced...death of Daniel Rylie recorded in it as 05 Mar 1837..."; Ms. M. E. Ferrell provides the additional information that Susannah Jackson was apparently Susannah Roman, daughter and oldes child of William Roman, who married (1) _____(John?) Jackson)
SHOEMAKER, Joseph; m. Elizabeth "Betsey" LITTON, d/o Solomon Litton Sr. & Martha on 26 Nov 1807 (C.E. Shepart as published in VAN, Jul 1978, p. 90)
SHOEMAKER, Leonard; m. Mary Litton, d/o Solomon Litton & Judith Shoemaker (IBID.) (1850c, RCV: SHOEMAKER, Leonard, 50; Mary, 33, born Whitley Co., KY; oldest child is Alexander, a. 19y; hence, they were probably married about 1838.)
SKEEN, Jonathan; m. FRANCES, heir (?) of Jonathan Hardin (Harding) (RCV COB #1, 1831-1872, pp. 293-4, 26 Sep 1856) (Jonathan Skeen & wife vs. Wm. Hardin & others...heirs-at-law of Jonathan Hardin, dec. [see Wm. Wms. below]; 1850c, RCV: SKEENE, Jonathan, 57, born SC: Frances, 54, born SC; oldest child with them is Sally, 27, born RCV)
SMITH, Joseph; m. Peggy (also SMITH, heir of Henry Smith, dec. (RCV LOB 3:576 & 620, Nov 1806 & Jun 1807 ("...Peggy Smith and her husband Joseph Smith have lived separate & apart (Jun 1807)..."; p. 576 entry mentions, "...Harry Smith and Mary McCauless (Taylor) his wife..." also as heirs of Henry Smith, dec.)
SNEAD, _____; m. Nancy McREYNOLDS, relative of Polly McReynolds, legatee of Austin Bush, Fanny, and Robert McReynolds (HPF:13:1, 194, p. 24 citing case published in THE DEMOCRAT, 19 May 1855; see 1850c, Scott Co., VA: SNEAD, Spencer, b. c1826; Nancy, b. c1830...?; Spencer a s/o Henry Snead & Jane Kestner )
SOWARDS, Thomas J.; m. STILLER (Stilly), heir of John &Elizabeth Justice (RCV COB #1, 1831-1872, pp. 258-9, 19 Apr 1854) (living in Rcv 1850c: SOWARDS, Thomas G., 50, born KY; Stilly, 45, born KY; oldest child in Wesley, a. 21, born KY; first child born in Virginia is Letitia, a. 15y; couple likely married in KY -jh)
SPOTTS,_____; m. Marth SAMPLES (RCV LOB 13:205, 06 Sep 1859) (Martha not an inhabitant of the commonwealth in 1859)
SPURGEON, Samuel; m. Catherine LARK, d/ Christopher Lark & Eliza _____ (RCV DR/TC, p. 65) (Catherine died 23 Feb 1853 at a. 59 y; Fugate, p. 65, states, "Catherine, d/o Joseph C.J. & Elizabeth E. Fugate>>>", quoting from RCV DR2:43; Colley says line 41; 1850c, RCV: SPURGEON, Catherine, 56, b. PA)
STAIN (Stean?), Oscar; m. Margaret OSBORNE (RCV COB #1, 1831-1872, pp. 353-4, 27 Sep 1860) (see entry for John W. Dorton, above; Margaret likely an heir and legatee of Solomon Osborne; 1850c, RCV: OSBOURN, Solomon, 53; Elisabeth, 52; Squire, 21; Wm., 19; David, 15; Eunice A., 13; Margaret #., 11)
STEPHENS, _____; m. Dorothy Jane JECESSARY, d/o William & Martha Necessary (WCV MARS. T. Colley) (Her second marriage occurred on 09 Feb 1869 to Joel Kaylor; she was 41y old at that time; 1850c RCV: NECESSARY, Wm., 49; Patsey, 45; Dorothy Jane, 21 + other children)
SUTHERLAND, Henry; m. CAROLINNE, heir of Henry Sutherland (RCV COB #1, 1831-1872, pp. 208-9, 19 Sep 1849) ("...Deft. Caroline Breeding, w/o George Breeding has since departed this life leaving children who are infants, names unknown...", suit of Charles Kizer ags. heirs of Henry Sutherland dec.)
SUTHERLAND, James; m. Nancy SMITH (RCV LOB 8:86, 02 Nov 1825) ("...insolvent debtor...she having since rendition of said judgement intermarried with James Sutherland who has departed this life...")
TALBERT, Joseph T.; m. _____, legatee of Austin Bush (HPF:13:1, 1944, p. 24 as quoted from THE DEMOCRAT 19 May 1855; also see appropriate RCV LOB; not listed in RCV, 1850c)
TAYLOR, Emby; m. Nancy KINDRICK, d/o James & Clersy Kindrick (RCV DR/TC, p. 670 (may be s/o James Kindrick & Clarissa McFarland -jh) (living in RCV, 1860c: TAYLOR, Emby, 36; Nancy P., 36 and family).
TAYLOR, James; m. SALLY, heir of Henry Smith, dec. (RCV LOB 3:576, Nov 1806) (Sally is very likely the sibling of Harry Smith and Peggy Smith mentioned in the indenture of Nov 1806 wherein the heirs of Henry Smith, dec. sold land to John Wilson.)
TAYLOR, William; m. Polly SWORD, d/o Michael Sword, Sr., Rev. War pensioner (RCV LOB 12:26, 03 Mar 1847) ("....Michael Sword, SR...departed this life 07 Apr 1846...left children...Polly Taylor, wife of William Taylor...")
TAYLOR, William (Jr.); m. MAHALA, heir of Charles Cromwell (RCV COB #1, 1831-1872, 133, 29 May & 01 Jun 1843) (1850c, RCV: TAYLOR, Wm., Jr.; 39 Mahala, 41; oldest child is Cosby C., 18; living near William Taylor, Sr., 65, b. PA and Polly, 57, b. Washington Co., VA)
TAYLOR,_____; m. Margaret WILLIAMS, d/o Charity Williams (RCV Dr/TC, p.66) (Margaret died at a. 21y 5m on 11 Nov 1853, reported by grandfather, James Williams)
TAYLOR, _____; m. Sally PIPPIN, b. 1812, RCV, d/o Henry & Ann Pippin (WCV MARS., Vol. I, Thomas Colley) (information given on occasion of second marriage of Sallie on 29 Dec 1868 in WCV to Wesley Gilmer, a. 61y, born RCV, s/o William Gilmer; first marriage may have also occurred in WCV -jh)
THOMAS, Abraham; m. Martha LITTON, d/o Solomon Litton, Jr. & Judith Shoemaker (C.E. Shepard as published in VAN, Jul 1978, p. 90) (living in RCV 1850c: THOMAS, Abraham, 41; Martha, 42; oldest child is Whitley, a 17y; hence, the marriage probably occurred about 1831; Bible records refer to him as "Abrah" Thomas.)
THOMAS, Jacob; m. _____HARMON, d/o Elizabeth Harmon (RCV COB 1821-1830. p. 167, 01 Oct 1827) ("Jacob Thomas deposes...Wm. Thomas purchased of Alexander Porter and his [Jacob's] mother-in-law, Elizabeth Harmon, two pieces of land...")
THOMPSON, Jacob; m. Joannah OWENS, d/o Abran & Jemimah Owens (RCV DR/TC, p. 68) (Joannah died at a. 40y on 13 Mar 1862; 1850c, RCV: THOMPSON, Jacob, 27; Joanna, 26; oldest child is William A., 7; marriage likely occurred 1842 or before)
THOMPSON, Patton; m. Mary Fuller, d/o Isaac & Lusa Fuller (RCV DR/TC, p. 680 (Mary died at a. 37y 5m 10d on 15 Aug 1861; 1850c: THOMPSON, Patton, 30; Mary, 24; oldest child is Isaac, a. 3y, signifying a marriage probably 1846 or before)
VERMILLION, Jessee, m. Mary SCOTT, Oct 1783 (RCV LOB 11:494, 07 Apr 1846) ("...Jesse Vermillion, Rev. War Pensioner and the said Mary now his widow [whose name was formerly Scott] were joined together in matrimony by Simon Cockerell a Baptist minister of the Gospel in RCV, then Washington Co. VA in the month of Oct 1783...Jessee died 2nd day of Nov 1840..."0
VERMILLION, Thomas; m. Elizabeth STROTHER, "...late Elizabeth Strother, heir of James Strother, dec, late of RCV...:" (RCV LOB 6:151, 06 Oct 1819)
WHITELEY, Joseph; m. Frances "Franky" LEE, d/o Wm. Lee (See Fugate, p. 71 quoting RCV WB 2:209 and RCV LOB 3:345: Oct 1804 wherein Joseph Whiteley & Frances, wife, sell land to Thos. Easterling...)
WHITT, ______; m. POLLY, widow of Neely McGlocklin (RCV LOB 15:156-7, 06 Mar 1866) (1860c, RCV, there is a listing, WHITT, Polly, 56; Fullen H., 17; Ann Eliza, 11 and John T., 9, relationship???)
WHITAKER, Mark R.; m. Nancy, legatee of John Smyth (RCV LOB 9:184, 05 Jan 1830... Mark Whitaker, Giles Lee, John Ervin, Jane Smyth, Henry Smyth, & Jane Smyth restrained from paying out estate funds; see also RCV LOB 10:101, 08 Jan 1834..."..from Castle Woods Road at Jane Smyths via Nancy Whitakers to KY Road..."; RCV LOB 8:265, 07 Feb 1827, Henry Smyth ags. Mark M. Whitaker...)
WILLIAMS, William; m. Rachel McCOY (Foreman), d/o Robert McCoy, Sr. (see above) (RCV COB 1821-1830, p. 171) ("...Rachel married (2) William Williams about the year 1800... Rachel and husband died in GA by 1817...)
WILLIAMS, William; m. _____HARDIN (Harding), heir-at-law of Jonathan Hardin, dec. (RCV COB #1, 1831-1872, pp. 293-4, 26 Sep 1856) (suit of Jonathan Skeen & wife vs. Wm. Hardin & others... Wm. Hardin, Wm. Wms. & wife, Susannah, Phoebe, & Abner Hardin, heirs-at-law of Jonathan Hardin, dec...some in TX; 1850c, RCV: HARDING, Abner, 46, born SC; Susan, Sr., 87, born PA; Susan, Jr., born SC; Phoebe, 41, born SC; William Skeen, 24, living with them)
WILLIAMS, _____; m. Nancy TILLER, one of six children of Wm. Tiller, late Rev. War pensioner (RCV LOB 11:487, 03 Feb 1846) (Fugate, p. 109 says "Wilburn")
WILLIN, Thomas; m. Nancy STROTHER, heir of James Strother, dec., late of RCV (RCV LOB 6:151, 06 Oct 1819)


Taken from family Bibles
by Larry & Pat Taylor

WILLIAM GIBSON Parents unknown mar Tabitha (Dickenson) d/o James Dickenson and Margaret mar by Rev. E. Burdine on 6 Jul 1820.
ELIZABETH PORTER GIBSON - d/o William Gibson and Tabitha (Dickenson) Gibson mar Andrew J. Long parents Andrew Long & Polly Litton mar 11 Feb 1840.
CYNTHIA DUNCAN GIBSON - parents William Gibson & Tabitha Dickenson mar Harvey Gray Long s/o Andrew Long & Polly Litton mar 31 Jan 1850.
JAMES M. GIBSON - s/o William Gibson and Tabitha Dickenson mar Nancy Gibson d/o Samuel & Catherin Gratner mar Dec 1844 per. divorce records.
ELIZABETH DICKENSON - d/o James Dickenson & Margaret Porter mar Caleb Litten parents unknow mar Dec 1817.
NATHANIEL DICKENSON - s/o James Dickenson & Margaret Porter mar Mary Dickenson d/o Henry Dickenson & Priscilla Carroll mar 19 Dec 1822.
MARGARET E. DICKENSON - d/o Nathan Dickenson & Polly (Dickenson) Dickenson mar George H. Gray parents unknown mar 9 Jul 1839.
PRISCILLA M. DICKENSON - d/o Nathaniel & Mary (Dickenson) Dickenson mar George H. Gray parents unknown mar 9 Jul 1839.
NANCY C. (DICKENSON) - d/o Nathaniel & Mary (Dickenson) Dickenson mar Daughtry Gilmer parents unknown mar 24 Dec 1851.
MARGARET L. (DICKENSON) - d/o Maj. James Dickenson & Polly (Gray) Dickenson mar James Hanson parents unknown mar 25 Dec 1838.
MAJ. JAMES DICKENSON - s/o Henry & Mary (Powell) Dickenson mar Polly (Gray) d/o James & Polly Gray mar 3 May 1810.
JAMES DICKENSON - s/o Henry & Agnes (Jennings) Dickenson mar Rosamond (Carter) d/o Thomas Carter & Mary Elizabeth Morgan mar 31 Aug 1803.

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