1924 Russell County, Virginia Death Certificates

1924 Russell County, Virginia Death Certificates

CATHERINE YATES, b. unknown, Russell County, d. 1/19/1924 Lebanon, age about 70 years, of chronic Bright’s disease, housewife, spouse JOSEPH YATES, parents CREED THOMPSON & TEMPRA ARRINGTON, informant J. F. YATES.

WILLIAM KERMIT CRABTREE, b. 8/24/1923 Russell County, d. 1/25/1924 New Garden, age 5 months 1 day, parents J. T. CRABTREE & ETTA MOORE ANBERN, informant J. T. CRABTREE.

LUCINDA COMBS, b. 6/15/1842 Virginia, d. 1/19/1924 New Garden, age 81 years 7 months 4 days of mitral insufficiency, housewife, spouse WILLIAM F. COMBS, parents WILEY OQUIN & ELIZABETH LUNSFORD, informant L. A. WRIGHT.

MARY ELLEN PINIOU, b. 1/2/1924, Honaker, d. 1/15/1924, 10 days, premature birth, parents SILAS PINIOU & MINNIE SANDS, informant SILAS PINIOU.

PATTAIN G. BALL, b. unknown Russell County, d. 1/24/1924 New Garden, age unknown, of infirmities of old age & aortic stenosis, farmer, spouse NANCY BALL, parents MARY BALL Russell County, informant HARRY HOWARD.

REAN NEWBERRY, b. 4/21/1923 Russell, d. 1/20/1924, New Garden, age 8 months 29 days of bronchitis, parents ROBERT L. NEWBERRY & LAURY TURNER, informant J. T. TURNER.

JOSEPH BREEDING, b. 12/20/1842 Lebanon, d. 1/3/1924, Cleveland, age 81 years 14 days, dilations of heart, farmer, spouse JANE STINSON, parents ELIJAH BREEDING & SUSAN ARTRIP, informant G. T. BREEDING.

CURTIS ODEL DALTON, b. 5/23/1923, Clinchfield, d. 1/7/1924, 7 months 14 days, of intestinal indigestion, parents C. F. DALTON & VIRGINIA WILKINSON, No informant.

CUMMINGS THOMPSON, b. 11/17/1833 Russell, d. 1/19/1924, Cleveland, 90 years 1 month 22 days, arteriosclerosious, apoplexy & old age, farmer, spouse MARY WILLIS, parents JOHN THOMPSON & _?_ STINSON, informant M. A. THOMPSON.

GARNET BEAUTIES MINTON, b. 11/24/1923, Russell, d. 1/7/1924, Castlewood, 1 month 15 days, whooping cough, parents, ROBERT MINTON & DRUE CUTIE HAMILTON, informant ROBERT MINTON.

LUCINDA WILKERSON, b. unknown N. C., d. 1/22/1924 Castlewood, age 78, acute bronchitis, single, housework, parents DAVID WILKERSON & unknown, informant WILL WILKERSON.

ARCHER L. MEADE, b. unknown Russell County, d. 1/21/1924 Castlewood, about 81 years, dropsy, parents POLLY JESSEE, informant EMMITT MEADE (son).

CLEVO CARSON HAGY, b. 1/12/1907, Wythe, d. 1/30/1924, Castlewood, 17 years 18 days, of pneumonia, farmer, single, parents W. C. HAGY & IDA KING, informant W. C. HAGY (father).

NANCY A. KISER, b. 3/12/1844, Lebanon, d. 1/29/1924 Hansonville, 79 years 10 months, 17 days, of old age, housewife, spouse JOHN M. KISER, parents SHADE WILLIAMS & NANCY LEASE, informant W. T. FULLER.

JEMINIA THOMAS, b. 11/6/1849Russell, d. 1/22/1924 Lebanon, 74 years 2 months, 15 days, of chronic intrastitual nephritis, housewife, spouse, REMELY THOMAS, parents LEONARD & POLLY SHOEMAKER, informant SUSIE SLATE.

MAYDEEN DYE, b. 11/8/1922 Russell, d. 1/31/1924, Lebanon, 2 years 2 months, 23 days, of whooping cough, parents HENRY S. DYE & MOLLIE I. PUCKET, informant GEORGE M. HARRISON.

NANCY ELIZABETH LESTER, b. 10/24/1861, Russell, d. 1/30/1924, Elk Garden, 62 years, 3 months 5 days, of ??? Intestinal, housewife, spouse HART NUTEN LESTER, parents JOHN VINEIL , informant CATIE LESTER.

ESTELLE J. SKEENS, b. 3/1/1923Honaker, d. 1/29/1924, Honaker, 10 months 29 days, malnutrition, parents ROBEY SKEENS & BARBRA GROSS, informant ROBY SKEENS.

PAUL JESSEE, b. 7/18/1908 Russell, d. 1/3/1924 Castlewood, 15 years 3 months, 15 days, of diabetes mellitus, parents J. B. & MATTIE B. JESSEE, informant J. B. JESSEE.

MARIE FOWLER, colored, b. unknown Alabama, d. 1/22/1924 Castlewood, age 38, struck by passenger train, housework, spouse ALONZO FOWLER, parents Unknown, informant ALONZO FOWLER.

MARY R. ALBRIO FERGUSON, b. 2/4/1884 Russell, d. 2/4/1924 Lebanon, age 40, of pneumonia, housewife, spouse J. E. FERGUSON, parents GRANVILLE COFFEY & LORTES DONCY, informant J. E. Ferguson.

WILLIAM EDMONDSON WILLIAMS, b. 7/15/1854 Lebanon, d. 2/17/1924 Lebanon, 69 years 7 months 2 days, of bronchial pneumonia, blacksmith, spouse MARY ARWIN WILLIAMS, parents GEORGE WILLIAMS & CHARITY FARMER, informant GEORGE WILLIAMS.

MAHALA JANE FULLER MILLER, b. 9/28/1923 Honaker, d. 2/20/1924, Lebanon, 4 months 22 days. of pneumonia, parents KENT & MAHALA JANE MILLER, informant VISA M. HONAKER.

RALPH SWORD, 2/15/1924 Russell, d. 2/21/1924 Elk Garden, 6 days, premature birth, parents BROWN SWORD & ALTO JESSEE, informant ROBERT HOWARD.

WILLIAM ROBINETTE, b. 10/4/1881 VA, d. 2/12/1924, New Garden, 42 years, 3 months, 12 days, accidental instant death due to coal falling on him, coal miner, spouse ELIZABETH F. ROBINETTE, parents WILLIAM ROBINETTE & MARY E. BIRD, informant widow.

MARTHA JANE HESS, b. unknown Russell, d. 2/6/1924 New Garden, about 83, of carcinoma of stomach, domestic, widowed, spouse HARVEY HESS, parents JOHNSON WYATT, informant JAMES HESS.

OLLIE MARIE DYE, b. 11/15/1923, d. 2/10/1924, 2 months 23 days of pneumonia, parents MARSHALL DYE & CARIA ETHEL HESS, informant DORA DYE.

POLLY McNULTY, b. 11/13/1816, Russell, d. 2/22/1924 New Garden, 104 years 3 months 9 days, of old age, domestic, spouse JAMES McNULTY, parents HENRY & POLLY HESS, informant C. J. VANCE & P. H. MILLER.

BARBARA J. SMITH, b. 5/7/1862 Buchanan, d. 2/25/1924, New Garden, 62 years 9 months 18 days, of pneumonia, domestic, single, parents G. J. & JESSE SMITH, informant G. B. Smith.

JESSE HUBBARD, b. 4/4/1833 N. C., d. 2/15/1924, Honaker, 90 years 10 months, of arteriosclerosis, farmer, spouse MARY HUBBARD, parents MARY BELCHER, informant JAMES B. HUBBARD.

MARY JAMES, b. 1851 Lebanon, d. 2/20/1924, Elk Garden. Mitral insufficiency, spouse WILLIAM JAMES, parents HEZEKIAH PATRICK & RACHEL DENISTON, informant GEORGE HILTON.

CHARLIE J. SMITH, b. Artrip, Russell County, d. 2/6/1924 Honaker, age 65 years 5 months, Cardiac Dropsy, farmer, spouse MARY SMITH, parents GEORGE W. SMITH & VIRGINIA ARTRIP, informant STEPHEN SMITH.

CHARLIE PRICE, JR., b. 12/12/1923 Russell County, d. 2/8/1924, Honaker, 1 month 17 days, unknown cause of death, parents CHARLES PRICE & ADDIE VICTORIA DURHAM, informant CHARLES PRICE.

JUNIOR PLASTER, b. 2/8/1924 Russell, d. 2/21/1924, Sword Creek, 13 days, prematurity, parents R. L. PLASTER & JENNIE ROBINETTE, informant Andrew Cacy.

LOTTIE ROBINSON, b. 10/24/1898 Castlewood, d. 2/6/1924, Clinchfield, 25 years, 3 months, 11 days, heart failure after pneumonia, housewife, spouse A. F. ROBINSON, parents PETER AUSTIN & MANDA MINTON, informant A. F. ROBINSON.

NANCY E. MINTON, b. 1/3/1848, Russell, d. 2/27/1924, 76 years 29 days, old age, housewife, parents FRANK MINTON & CLARRENY MINTON, informant BETTIE ROBINSON.

EUGINE SCABBERY, b. 9/11/1912, Russell, d. 2/24/1924, Castlewood, 11 years 5 months, 14 days, pneumonia fever, parents, ALLEN MULLINS & JENNIE SCABBERY, informant T. B. JESSEE.

HENRY LASSLEY, colored, b. 4/2/1882, Virginia, d. 2/10/1924, Castlewood, 41 years 10 months 8 days, acute appendicitis, boarding house, spouse LISSIE LASSLEY, parents MARTHA LASSLEY, informant ROBERT HALE.

UNNAMED BOY, b. 2/9/1924 Dante, d. 2/ 10/ 1924 Dante, 1 day, congenital heart disease, parents, ED & GEORGIE LEE HALL, informant ED HALL.

GEORGIE LEE HALL, b. unknown, Virginia, d. 2/12/1924, Dante, age 24 years, childbirth & intestinal obstruction, housewife, spouse ED HALL, parents, J. H. BAKER & HANNAH PORTER, informant ED HALL.

LUSTER GREEN DAVIDSON, colored infant b. Dante, d. 2/26/1924 Dante, 1 year 11 days, pernicious anemia, parents JOE DAVIDSON & EDNA D. RUDD, informant JOE DAVIDSON.

THOMAS G. CUTHBERTSON, b. unknown Russell, d. 2/7/1924 Castlewood, about 89 years, Lobar pneumonia, widowed, farmer, parents TYRE CUTHBERTSON & MATTIE VICARO, informant

W. G. Cuthbertson.

WILLIAM A. MEADE, b. 11/10/1866, Russell, d. 2/24/1924, Castlewood, 57 years 3 months 15 days, chronic nephritis, farmer, spouse BETTIE MEADE, parents THOMAS G. MEADE & MARY ELIZABETH HARVEY, informant CON MEADE.

CHARLES WESLEY POWERS, b. Russell, d. 2/2/1924, Hansonville, 65 years 8 months 11 days, pulmonary tuberculosis, farmer, spouse LUCINDA D. POWERS, parents JOHN POWERS & REBECCA WYATT, informant H. H. POWERS.

RACHEL HOLLAND, b. unknown, d. 2/14/1924 Lebanon, about 41, child birth infection, housewife, spouse DALE HOLLAND, parents BILLY HESS & MAHALA GRIFFITH, informant DALE HOLLAND.

ALINA WHITBY, b. 10/14/1902 Russell, d. 2/23/1924 Lebanon, 21 years, 4 months, 9 days, pulmonary tuberculosis, housewife, spouse EARNEST WHITBY, parents W. C. RASNAKE & EMILY BARTON, informant EARNEST WHITBY.

FRANK DAVIS, JR., b. 2/27/1924 Clinchfield, d. 2/27/1924, Cleveland, premature birth, parents ROBERT F. DAVIS & MYRTLE RUSS, informant ROBERT F. DAVIS.

UNNAMED FEMALE, b. 2/7/1924, Clinchfield, d. 2/7/1924, Clinchfield, premature birth, parents WILLIAM HAIRE & MONIE WOODBY, informant WILLIAM HAIRE.

DALLIE MAGGIE DYE, b. 7/12/1923, Swords Creek, d. 3/19/1924, Swords Creek, 8 months 9 days, menningitis, parents JOHN DYE & ROSIE CASSEY (?), informant JOHN REEDY.

GEORGE B. CACY, b. 8/3/1923, Russell, d. 3/28/1924, New Garden, 7 months 25 days, whooping cough, parents J. A. CACY & MARTHA BOYD, informant J. H. REEDY.

ALVIN ASHBROOKE, b. 1850 Lebanon, d. 3/8/1924 Honaker, 74 years, broncho pneumonia laborer, spouse MARY ASHBROOKE, parents M. ASHBROOKE, informant S. P. SUSTERLAND.

ELIZABETH HESS, b. Russell, d. 3/9/1924, Honaker, 34 years, chronic Bright’s disease, domestic, spouse CHARLES HESS, parents BILLIE & MINNA PECK, informant CHARLES HESS.

VIRGINIA ADDIN JACKSON, b. 2/20/1924 Russell, d. 3/29/1924, 1 month 0 days broncho pneumonia, parents WALTER JACKSON & ADA HESS.

JOHN ANDREW WHITE, b. 3/3/1924 Russell, d. 3/3/1924 Raven, 4 hours, prematurity, parents JOHN L. WHITE & GRACE STEELE, informant JOHN L. WHITE.

INEZ RILEY, b. 7/12/1923, Wilder, d. 3/17/1924, Wilder, 9 months 5 days, broncho pneumonia, parents JOHN RILEY & BERTHA BLACKBURN, informant A. M. LAW.

HELEN HILBRIAND, b. 2/15/1924 Wilder, d. 3/16/1924, Wilder, 2 months 1 day, accidently smothered, parents WILL HILBRIAND & ETHEL SAYLOR, informant WILL HILBRIAND.

AARON SKEEN, b. 12/23/1855, Russell County, d. 3/3/1924, 68 years 2 months 9 days, Castlewood, paralysis, married, no spouse listed, postmaster, parents JONATHA SKEEN & JANE CHAFIN, informant ARTHUR SKEEN.

MARION COWAN SEXTON, colored, b. unknown Russell County, d. 3/8/1924 Castlewood, about 64, paralysis, farmer, married, no spouse listed, parents JAMES BLACK & NANCY SEXTON, informant CLARK SEXTON.

DOROTHY BERNICE ADAMS, b. 3/30/1924 Russell County, d. 3/31/1924, Castlewood, 1 day, umbilical hemorrhage, Parents SIDNEY ADAMS & ONEDIA MEADE, no informant listed.

DONALD CONLEY, b. 3/18/1915, Dante, d. 3/1/1924, Dante, 8 years 11 months 14 days, pneumonia, endocarditis, parents FANNIE CONLEY, informant MILLARD RUDDER>

LIZZIE TAYLOR, b. 7/21/1884 Dickenson County, d. 3/30/1924, Dante, 39 years 10 months, pneumonia, "la grippe" + 6 months pregnant, housewife, spouse BONE TAYLOR, father GEORGE LIFTET, informant BARNEY MILLER.

DANTE PARQUINO, b. 12/21/1923 Dante, d. 3/31/1924 Dante, 3 months 10 days, bronchi-pneumonia,


JOSEPH H. WILLIAMS, b. unknown Russell, d. 3/1/1924, Castlewood, about 86, ruptured intestines for 15 years – causing them to be much swollen and protruding, doctor put them back several times but could not keep them in position, single, farmer, mother CHERRITT WILLIAMS, informant S. C. ROBINSON.

BIRDIE CASTLE, b. 5/1897 Russell County, d. 3/24/1924, Castlewood, 28 years 7 days, pulmonary tuberculosis, housewife, spouse LEE CASTLE, parents ANDREW DEAN & MARY BAKER, informant R. C. DORTON.

MOLLY CARTY, b. unknown Russell County, d. 3/16/1924, Castlewood, about 41, lobar pneumonia, pleurisy, unmarried, parents JOHN M. CARTY & AMANDA DUNFORD, informant AMANDA CARTY.

JOSEPH BAUSELL, b. 3/16/__, Russell County, d. 3/27/1924, Hansonville, 61 years 11 days, acute chronic cystitis, farmer, spouse EMMA BAUSELL, parents JOE BAUSELL & SINA WYATT, informant JOHN BAUSELL, son.

BRACKEN FUGATE McFARLANE, b. 10/17/1847, Fugate Hill, VA, d. 3/7/1924, 76 years 4 months 19days, lobar pneumonia, farmer, spouse ELIZA JANE OWENS, parents JOSEPH CHRISTOPHER McFARLANE & SARAH ANN FUGATE, informant MRS. ELIZABETH BAKER.

RACHEL HARMON, b. unknown, d. 1/1/1924 Elk Garden, 32 years 3 months 21 days, sudden death – probably cardiac thrombosis from advanced hyperthyroidism, housewife, spouse JAMES HARMON, parents WILLIAM RAY & MARY WHITED.

SIDNEY BAXTER HAMMOND, b. unknown, d. 2/22/1924 Elk Garden, 66 years, embolus of coronary artery following mitral fibrillation, married farmer, spouse unknown, parents unknown, informant E. J. SARGENT.

DORTHULA M. JESSEE, b. 6/3/1866 VA, d. 3/23/1924 Russell County, 57 years, 9 months, 22 days, pulmonary tuberculosis, housewife, spouse GEORGE L. JESSEE, parents THOMAS DICKENSON & ELIZA GILMER, informant MARY JESSEE.

ROBERT LEE SNEED, b. 5/16/1868 Russell County, d. 3/20/1924 Lebanon, 55 years, 10 months, 25 days, congestion of lung, contractor to roads, spouse THENCIA SNEED, parents OLIVER & LOUISA SNEED, informant FULL SNEED.

MARGRETTE RASNAKE, b. 3/14/1841, Cleveland, VA, d. 3/4/1924 Cleveland, 82 years 2 months 10 days, chronic Bright’s disease, widowed housewife, no spouse named, parents JONAS RASNAKE & RACHEL LAFARCE, informant ROBERT RASNAKE.

ELIZABETH LAFORCE, b. 10/17/1862 VA, d. 3/17/1924, Cleveland, 62 years 6 months, sudden unknown death, single housewife, parents ELIGA & FEBA LAFORCE, informant ED LAFORCE.

HIRDEN HOWARD FLETCHER, b. 6/15/1874 VA, d. 4/25/1924, Elk Garden, 49 years 10 months 10 days, sudden cerebral hemorrhage, farmer, spouse NANCIE FLETCHER, parents MAYS FLETCHER & VIRGINIA HOWARD, informant WILL FLETCHER.

FRANK BOWEN, b. unknown Russell County, d. 4/4/1924 New Garden, about 53, pneumonia, married, spouse unnamed, parents, ABRAHAM BOWEN & VICIE COOK, informant BEVERLY BALL.

BERT WILSON of Cincinatti, Ohio, b. 3/23/1901 Russell County, d. 4/27/1924, Castlewood, shot & killed instantly by county sheriff & deputies, laborer, spouse BESSIE WILSON, parents GEORGE WILSON & RACHEL HONAKER of Finney, Russell County, informant JOHN COMPTON.

CHARLES DYE, b. 7/30/1904 Russell County, d. 4/27/1924 Castlewood, 19years, 8 months, 27 days, shot & killed instantly by county sheriff & deputies, single, farmer, parents ELBERT DYE & ALLIS HONAKER, informant ROBERT HONAKER.

DANIEL KENT WHITT, b. 3/14/1924, Russell County, d. 4/3/1924, New Garden, 20 days, croup, parents ED WHITT & ROSE JACKSON, no informant.

GLADIS ARIA WELLS, b. 8/11/1923 Swords Creek, d. 4/4/1924, 7 months 24 days, lobar pneumonia, parents W. E. WELLS & CLERCY RICHARDSON, informant W. E. WELLS.

WILLIAM LUNDY SUTHERLAND, b. 7/28/1874, VA, d. 4/4/1924 Cleveland, 49 years, 6 months 7 days, gun shot wound, homicide, single farmer, parents J. H. SUTHERLAND & RACHEL M. LAFAVIOR, informant J. H. SUTHERLAND.

LENARD SUIT, b. unknown Hansonville, d. 4/6/1924, Dante, 25 years, accident coal mine – struck head on mine timber, knocked on track, motor ran over him, married coal mining motorman, spouse ANNIE SUIT, parents __?__ & SARAH SUIT, informant CLINT DICKENSON.

MALISSA THOMPSON, b. unknown Russell County, d. 4/11/1924, Dante, 29 years, pulmonary tuberculosis, housewife spouse BENNY THOMPSON, parents CHARLES DICKENSON & EVA GILMER, informant CHARLES DICKENSON.

EDDISON G. CAMPBELL, b. 11/3/1923, Russell County, d. 4/18/1924, Castlewood, 5 months 15 days, always weak child, premature at birth, parents McKINLEY CAMPBELL & MARGARET HUBBARD, informant McKINLEY CAMPBELL.

JONAH COOK, b. 4/22/1924, Russell County, d. 4/24/1924 Castlewood, 2 days, sudden death, parents JEFF. COOK & LILLY ADDISON, informant JEFF COOK, father.

MAHALY J. BAKER, b. 6/13/1871, Russell County, d. 4/21/1924, Hansonville, 52 years 9 months, 2 days, pulmonary tuberculosis, housewife, spouse B. J. BAKER, parents WILLIAM W. MEADE & CYNTHIA LONG, informant B. J. BAKER.

BERTY PROFIT, (male) b. 1/21/1924 Russell County, d. 1/22/1924, New Garden, 8 hours, no cause – guess poor health of mother, parents WILLIAM PROFIT & BELLE BREEDLOVE, informant MARY BREEDLOVE DYE.

BIRTHY PROFIT, (female) b. 1/21/1924 Russell County, d. 1/26/1924, New Garden, 5 days, no cause – suppose bad health of mother, parents WILLIAM PROFIT & BELLE BREEDLOVE, informant MARY BREEDLOVE DYE.

STELLA AGNES COUNTS, b. 9/13/1896 Russell County, d. 2/16/1924, Hansonville, 27 years 5 months 3 days, post partum hemorrhage from abortion at 3 ½ months, housewife, spouse unnamed, parents JOHN MEADE & MOLLIE PERY, informant EARL C. COUNTS.

IDA MEADE, b. unknown Russell County, d. 2/4/1924 Russell, 47 years, dropsy, housewife spouse unnamed, parents HARVY HICKS & JANE WHITE, informant STUART MEADE.

SUSIE EDNA RASNAKE, b. 2/27/1924 Drill, d. 4/15/1924, Russell, 1 month 17 days, bronchial pneumonia, parents JAMES RASNAKE & LAURA FULLER, informant JAMES RASNAKE.

MARY MAGDALINA HONAKER, b. 11/30/1922 Drill, d. 4/21/1924, 1 year, 4 months, 22 days, tubercular menningitis, parents DAN HONAKER & ADA SIMS, informant DAN HONAKER.

DELALUS MADELINE RASNAKE, b. 2/27/1924, Drill, d. 4/16/1924, 1 month 18 days, bronchi pneumonia, parents JAMES RASNAKE & LAURA FULLER, informant JAMES RASNAKR.

MARION E. JACKSON, b. 2/20/1924, Russell County, d. 4/5/1924, 1 month 16 days, bronchial pneumonia,


ANDY THOMPSON HENDRICKS, b. 12/15/1863, Russell County, d. 5/29/1924, Lebanon, 60 years 5 months 14 days, Hodgkin’s Disease and tuberculosis, farmer, spouse EMILY HENDRICKS, parents CHARLES & CYNTHIA HENDRICKS, informant A. T. HENDRICKS, JR.

FLETCHER MUTTER, b. 4/11/1844, Russell County, d. 5/3/1924, Elk Garden, 80 years 22 days, bronchial pneumonia and influenza, farmer, spouse NANCY MUTTER, mother LUCINDA MEADOWS, informant BEN MUTTER.

HAZEL VIRGINIA VANCE, b. 3/5/1924 Russell, d. 5/30/1924, New Garden, 2 months 24 days, whooping cough, parents W. A. VANCE & MAGGIE SAMPLES, informant C. J. VANCE.

MRS. GEORGE W. PEMBERTON, b. 8/1859 Newbury Port, Mass., d. 5/14/1924, 64 years 9 months, cerebral hemorrhage, spouse GEORGE W. PEMBERTON, parents Unknown informant H. S. PEMBERTON.

BLANCHE SOPHORA KISER, b. 5/4/1924 Russell, d. 5/12/1924, Castlewood, 7 days, premature birth 7-8 months, parents TED CARTER & ADA KISER, informant ADA KISER.

UNNAMED FEMALE INFANT, b. & d. 5/19/1924, Wilder, prematuity - 6 months, parents EZRA CASSELL & CARA MORRIS, informant EZRA CASSELL.

DOROTHY LEWIS, b. 11/19/1923 Dante, d. 5/18/1924, Dante, 6 months, bronchial pneumonia, mennengitis, & tuberculosis, parents SAMUEL LEWIS & HETTIE McNEER, informant JAMES LEWIS.

CYNTHIA PATRICK, b. unknown Russell, d. 5/31/1924, Castlewood, about 47, apoplexy, housewife, spouse R. S. PATRICK, parents PATTON HONAKER & CAROLYN RAY, informant R. S. PATRICK.

CHARLES RUSSELL CROSS, b. 5/27/1901, Russell County, d. 5/2/1924, Hansonville, 20 years 11 months 5 days, shot himself accidentally, farm hand, parents CHARLES H. CROSS & LILLIE CANDLER, informant N. C. CROSS.

JOHN WESLEY PUCKETT, b. 4/9/1846, VA, d. 4/21/1924, Lebanon, 78 years 13 days, arteriosclerosis, old age & prob. rupture of blood vessel in brain, farmer, spouse ELIZABETH PUCKETT, parents DAVID PUCKETT & SIDNEY WYATT, informant IKE PUCKETT.

OMAR HESS, b. 10/5/1901, Russell, d. 4/16/1924, Russell, 22 years, 6 months 11 days, instant death caused by falling slate in mine, neck & back broken, miner, spouse JAMMIE HESS, parents JOSHUA HESS & RACHEL DYE, informant JAMMIE HESS.

CECIL HATTON, b. 8/2/1921 Drill, d. 5/30/1924, 2 years, 9 months, 28 days, diphtheria, parents HENRY HATTON & LILLIE BAILEY, informant HENRY HATTON.

RHENDY COMPTON, b. 4/17/1924 Sword Creek, d. 5/15/1924, Sword Creek, 28 days, pneumonia, parents JOHN COMPTON & DELLA TOLIVER, informant WILLIAM BOYD.

CHARLES EVERT CLARK, b. unknown W.VA., d. 6/19/1924, 25 years 11 months 5 days, killed instantly by high voltage, electrician, spouse LOUISE F. CLARK, parents JOHN W. CLARK & KATE HARRIS, informant LOUISE CLARK.

ISSAC R. MUNSEY, b. 8/4/1849 Russell, d. 6/22/1924, Lebanon, 74 years 10 months 13 days, apoplexy & paralysis, farmer, no spouse named, parents DAVID MUNSEY & VICCIE ANN MILLER, informant T. A. MUNSEY.

CELIA EMMALINE BALL, b. 12/27/1846 Russell, d. 6/17/1924, Honaker, 76 years 5 months 21 days, appendicitis & peritonitis, housewife, married, no spouse listed, parents WILLIAM BALL & SYDNEY JANE FLETCHER, informant J. F. WYATT.

PHILIP GREGORY, JR., b. 11/23/1914, Russell, d. 6/13/1924, Honaker, 9 years 6 months 13 days, accidentally drowned, parents PHILIP J. GREGORY & MARRY A. HARRISON, informant PHILIP J. GREGORY.

JOHN MAXFIELD, b. unknown Mass. D. 6/7/1924, 88 years, arteriosclerosis, farmer, spouse MARTHA MAXFIELD, parents unknown, informant SAM MAXFIELD.

ALLIS HONAKER, b. unknown Honaker, d. 6/6/1924, Honaker, 6 years, "general state of health" entirely accidental, parents G. W. HONAKER & ELLA RAY, informant TAYLOR RAY.

JOHN C. JESSEE, b. 12/8/1838, Russell, d. 6/1/1924, Castlewood, 86 years 6 months 2 days, cystitis & pyelitis, widowed farmer, parents GEORGE L. JESSEE & MISS COUNTS, informant W. R. JESSEE

ERMA LOUISE YARBRO, b. unknown Covington, d. 6/12/1924, 8 years, pulmonary tuberculosis, parents GOLD YARBRO & JULIA ROBERTS, informant CHARLES THOMAS.

UNNAMED MALE, b. & d. 6/9/1924, Clinchfield, 6 ½ months premature, parents HADLEY ARRINGTON & LEONA CASTLE, informant HADLEY ARRINGTON.

ROSIE ACHILLOCI, b. & d. 6/12/1924, asphyxia, breech birth, parents MIKE ACHILLOCI & BIAGRA COSINTA, informant MIKE ACHILLOCI.

HARRIETT LOVE GIBSON, b. 2/5/1833 Russell, d. 6/3/1924, Castlewood, 91 years 3 months 28 days, old age, widowed, no spouse named, parents JOHN BICKLEY & ELIZABETH BROWN, informant S. C. GIBSON.

MRS. S. F. ELLINGTON, b. 10/25/1897, Tennessee, d. 6/18/1924, Dante, 27 years, pregnancy followed by acute cardiac renam disease, domestic, married spouse unnamed, parents W. H. BURTON & FLORENCE BONDURANT, informant T. R. ELLINGTON.

MINOR HONAKER, b. 5/28/1906 Castlewood, d. 6/9/1924, Castlewood, 18 years, 12 days, tuberculous asthma following bronchial pneumonia, farmer, parents R. C. HONAKER & MOLLIE C. GIBSON, informant MOLLIE HONAKER.

ROBERT BOYD FUGATE, b. 9/9/1840, VA, d. 6/1/1924, Hansonville, 83 years, 8 months, 22 days, interstitial nephritis, farmer, spouse MARY WOOD FUGATE, parents SAMUEL B. FUGATE & ELIZABETH BOYD, informant W. W. FUGATE.

EDITH BEATRICE KEITH, b. June 10, 1921, VA, d. July 9, 1924, Russell, 3 years 29 days, diphtheria, parents CLARENCE KEITH & LENA G. SUTHERLAND, informant E. B. SUTHERLAND.

GARFIELD CAMPTON, b. June 29, 1905, Dickenson County, d. July 15, 1924, Clinchfield, 19 years 16 days, suicide, lumber worker, parents W. J. CAMPTON & N. QUINN.

MARY McPHERON, b. December 24, 1922, Wilder, d. July 7, 1924, Dante, 1 year 7 months, colitis, parents SAMUEL McPHERON & EMMA LOUVIN.

MRS. RACHEL JONES, b. KY, d. July 16, 1924, Dante, 24 years, operative obstetric delivery shock, housewife, parents HIRAM TECKETT & NANCY DAMRON.

NANCY JANE BARTEE, b. 1858 VA, d. July 25, 1924, Dante, 66 years, nephritis, spouse W. T. BARTEE.

WILLIAM WESLEY WRENCH, b. Feb. 17, 1924, Clinchfield, d. Feb. 17, 1924, Clinchfield, 12 hours, blue baby, parents HOMER E WRENCH & RUBY BUCHANON.

AMANDA ELLEN MILLER, b. Lebanon, d. June 6, 1924, Honaker, 2 months, pneumonia, parents SHADE MILLER & AMANDA POWERS.

GOLDEN BREEDLOVE, b. June 22, 1924, Russell, d. June 22, 1924, 11 hours, infection of bowels, parents BAILEY BREEDLOVE & FLORENCE DYE, informant BAILEY BREEDLOVE.

ODEN JOHN HARRIS, b. January 7, 1921, Honaker, d. July 21, 1924, 3 years 6 months 14 days, meningitis not confirmed, parents GEORGE HARRIS & JULIE HONAKER, informant O. HONAKER.

VALENTINE MARION CAMPBELL, b. August 1843, W.VA., d. July 14, 1924, Cleveland, 81 years 1 month 24 days, chronic diarrhea, parents ANDY CONIFERE & BETSY CAMPBELL, informant DARVIN CAMPBELL.

EMMET NATHAN ELON, b. April 2, 1924, VA, d. July 5, 1924, Castlewood, 3 months 3 days, meningitis, parents R. H. ELON & OLLIE BYINGTON.

RYLAND C. MUSICK, b. December 25, 1884, Russell, d. August 22, 1924, Lebanon, 39 years 7 months 27 days, trauma received in automobile accident, parents E. F. MUSICK & REBECCA JESSEE.

GEORGE W. HAWKINS, b. Russell County, d. August 21, 1924, Lebanon, about 71 years, cancer of sigmoid, spouse MAHALA HAWKINS, parents THOMAS HAWKINS & CUMBO informant F. W. HAWKINS.

OVELLA RAY, b. August 4, 1924, Russell, d. August 4, 1924, Swords Creek, immature, parents LEONARD RAY & CARRIE VANCE

ISAIAH MONTRAVILLE BALL, b. August 20, 1860, Russell, d. August 19, 1924, New Garden, 63 years 11 months 19 days, gall stones & heart failure, parents, WILLIAM L. BALL & SIDNEY JANE FLETCHER, informant M. F. BALL.

ARCHIE HESS, b. November 4, 1922, Russell, d. August 21, 1924, Raven, 21 months 19 days, pertussis & bronchial pneumonia, parents LUTHER HESS & BERTHA RAY, informant CASSELL HESS.

JUNIE ANDREW CHURCH, b. August 17, 1924, Russell County, d. August 31, 1924, Raven, 14 days, circulatory condition, parents WALTER CHURCH & ELSIE NEWBERRY.

WALTER E. CALLEY, b. Feb. 11, 1903, Russell, d. August 22, 1924, Castlewood, 21 years, 6 months 11 days, pneumonia, parents P. K. CALLEY & KATY FIELD.

CLYDE LITTON, b. Russell County, d. August 13, 1924, Dante, 29 years, typhoid fever, miner, parents W. M. LITTON & MARTHA SHORN, informant MILLARD LITTON.

LOU BROWNING GILMER, b. May 17, 1873, Elk Garden, d. August 20, 1924, Lebanon, 51 years 3 months 3 days, breast cancer, housewife, spouse JOSEPH GILMER, parents HARVEY BROWNING & MARTHA GILMER.

Reel 132 # 21672

ALFRED PEERY BROWNING, b. 1843 Russell County, d. July 23, 1924, Lebanon, 81 years 3 months 7 days, valvular heart, farmer, divorced, spouse ELIZA WHITE, parents JAMES S BROWNING & SALLIE PRICE, informant G. H. DICKENSON.

ROBERT WARREN CLAY, b. Jan. 16, 1921 Russell, d. Aug. 27, 1924, Castlewood, 3 years 7 months 21 days, matches set his clothes on fire, no one was present, parents C. C. CLAY & MAMIE JESSEE.

ROBERT FRANKLIN WORSHAM, b. June 21, 1851, Washington County, Virginia, d. Sept. 23, 1924, Lebanon, 73 years 3 months 2 days, heart failure, farmer, spouse ELIZA WORSHAM, parents WILLIAM & MARY WORSHAM , informant TENAFERSON WORSHAM.

NANCY ARTRIP, b. Dec. 6, 1847, Russell County, d. Sept 10, 1924, Castlewood, 76 years 4 months 4 days, dropped dead, housekeeper, parents MIKE KELLEY & SIDNEY COUNTS, informant C. E. GOSE.

MARY ANN HOLBROOK, b. 1843 Russell, d. Sept 23, 1924, Dante, 81 years, fell out of bed & fractured hip, house keeper, parents CHARLES & BETSY TURNER, informant GEORGE PHILLIPS.

ALTA CLARK, b. Dec. 24, 1893, Russell, d. Sept. 1, 1924, New Garden, 30 years 9 months 7 days, pneumonia fever & childbirth, housewife, spouse HARVE J. CLARK, parents G. W. FULLER & NEOVIE HUBBARD, informant Harve J. CLARKE.

GARLAND BUCK HOLLIN, b. Russell, d. Sept. 12, 1924, Honaker, 9 years, acute gastritis, parents DALE HOLLIN & RACHEL HESS, informant DALE HOLLIN.

LAWSON C. RINER, JR, b. Sept. 7, 1924, Castlewood, d. Sept. 7, 1924, Castlewood, 1 day, premature, parents LAWSON C. RINER & ALMA EVANS.

WILLIAM HENRY JACKSON, b. Russell, d. October 29, 1924, Elk Garden, 66 years, cancer of rectum, farmer, parents ELY JACKSON & AMANDA STINSON. Informant WILLIAM NASH.

CHARLIE FIELDS, b. July 4, 1881 Russell, d. October 31 1924, Elk Garden, 43 years 3 months 27 days, TB, farmer, parents CUMMINGS FIELDS & BETTIE JOHNSON, informant MRS. WILL BROWNING.

LEE TAYLOR, b. Aug. 9, 1900 Russell, d. Oct. 18, 1924, Elk Garden, 24 years 2 months, fractured skull - automobile accident, parents WALTER TAYLOR & VIRGINIA BARNETT.

ROBERT RUNYAN, b. June 16, 1867, Kentucky, d. Oct. 31, 1924, Swords Creek, 57 years 4 months 15 days, heart failure, parents LOUIS RUNYON, informant LUTHER RUNYON.

THOMAS COMPTON, b. Russell, d. Oct. 22, 1924, New Garden, 50 years 2 months, diabetes, parents HENDERSON COMPTON & PHOEBE YATES, informant JOHN COMPTON.

EVYLINE EILEEN EARLS, b. Oct. 8, 1924, Castlewood, d. Oct. 19, 1924, Castlewood, 11 days, pressure due to forceps use during childbirth, parents JOSEPH EARLS & OILY SUTHERLAND.

VIRGINIA CARR, b. Sept. 15, 1924, Drill, d. Oct. 1, 1924, Drill, 16 days, pneumonia & whooping cough, parents ARTHUR C. CARR & LEAH JACKSON.

TEMPA HESS, b. Russell, d. Oct. 20, 1924, Honaker, 4 months 10 days, gastro enteric infection, parents LUTHER HESS & MYRTLE HARRIS, informant JOHN HESS.

ROBERT ALFRED SMITH, b. Oct. 20, 1924, Honaker, d. Oct. 20, 1924, 1 hour, premature birth, parents JOHN SMITH & ALBA MUTTER, informant H. C. DAVIS.

MARY JANE WELLS, b. Patrick County, d. Oct. 4, 1924, Russell, 71 years, softening of brain, housewife, spouse M. O. WELLS, parents WILLIAM ISREL & ___ GRIFFIN, informant V. M. WELLS.

GLADDIS IDA BELL DAVIS, b. Sept. 5, 1924, Russell, d. Oct. 2, 1924, Swords Creek, 27 days, unknown cause of death, parents JAMES DAVIS & ROSA JANE ROBINETTE, informant JOHN ROBINETTE.

HARVEY JOHN HESS, b. March 25, 1909 Russell, d. Oct. 23, 1924, Raven, 15 years 6 months 28 days, sarcoma od some part of the intestines, working on farm, parents L. F. HESS & BERTHA A. RAY.

LEE EDITH PUCKETT, b. Oct. 21, 1924, Russell, d. Oct. 30, 1924, Castlewood, 9 days, Hemmorhage of cord, jaundice, parents CLARENCE B. PUCKETT & LEONA SUTHERLAND.

GEORGE W. CHAFFIN, b. Oct., 1848, VA, d. Oct. 31, 1924, Clinchfield, 76 years 20 days, lumberman, died suddenly, heart failure, spouse MARY CHAFFIN, parents JIM CHAFFIN & PEGGY EVANS, informant JOHN CHAFFIN.

JOHN COMBS, b. July 24, 1924, Russell, d. Oct. 25, 1924, Cleveland, 3 months 2 days, died very suddenly, parents SAM & BONNIE COMBS.

MARY PORTER, b. March 10, 1836, Wythe County, d. Oct. 4, 1924, Castlewood, 88 years 6 months 24 days, arteriosclerosis, spouse JOHN PORTER, parents JAMES PERMAN, informant R. M. WILKINSON.

S. C. CASSELL, b. June 1848, Scott County, d. Oct. 12, 1924, Wilder, 76 years 4 months 4 days, carcinoma of penis with metastasis to inguinal glands & internal organs, spouse MARY BEVINS, parents ISAAC CASSELL & PHOEBE PORTER.

MEMORY BRADLEY, b. Sept. 1897, Russell, d. Oct. 9, 1924, 47 years 1 month 7 days, shock, housekeeper, parents JOHN MINTOR & ELLEN JESSEE, informant C. A. BRADLEY.

KATE BURLSON, b. N.C., d. Oct. 5, 1924, Copper Creek, 78 years, found dead sitting in her chair, spouse, ELEX BURLSON, parents JOHN SINGLETON, informant ROBERT BISE.

DANUAL C. MILLER, b. April 9, 1855, Abingdon, d. October 1, 1924, 69 years 5 months 21 days, suicide, “he cut himself”, mechanic, parents WILLIAM S. & REBECCA MILLER, informant E. W. MILLER.

REEL # 134

BETTIE B GOSE, b. 1/3/1867, Virginia, d. 8/6/1924 Castlewood, 67 years 7 months 3 days, cardio-renal disease with probable cirrhosis of the liver and portal obstruction, housewife, husband S. C. GOSE, parents S. W. GIBSON & HARRIETT L. BICKLEY, informant S. C. GOSE.

PRESTON JONES, b. Russell County, d. 10/26/1924, Elk Garden, 83 years, Bronchial pneumonia, influenza, farmer, wife HELEN C. JONES, parents WILEY JONES, informant W. M. JONES.

MARY HENDERSON WOODS FUGATE, b. 12/5/1845, Scott County, d. 10/13/1924, Hansonville, 78 years, 10 months, 8 days, chronic institis, housewife, husband ROBERT BOYD FUGATE, parents JAMES H. WOODS & HENERETTA JETT, informant H. W. FUGATE.

MARTHA MAXFIELD, b. 1836, Virginia, d. 11/16/1924, Poor Farm, Lebanon, 88 years, old age - no doctor, husband J. R. MAXFIELD, parents WILLIAM JOHNSON & PEGGY FULLER, informant S. W. MAXFIELD.

THOMAS D. FUGATE, b. 7/7/1877, Russell County, d. 11/15/1924, Castlewood, 47 years, 4 months, 18 days, killed by automobile, mechanic, widower, parents Dr. ELBERT S. FUGATE & MARY P. DICKENSON, informant E. M. IVERSON.

CHARLES LOWE, b. Russell County, d. 11/9/1924, Elk Garden, 20 years, gunshot wound - accidental shooting, no occupation, parents TUCKER LOWE & MALINDA LESTER of Tazewell County.

ARCHIBALD GRAHAM, b. 6/16/1852, Cedar Bluff, Tazewell County, d. 11/19/1924, Belfast Mills, Elk Garden, 72 years 5 months 2 days, pneumonia fever, medical doctor, wife MARY ALICE WHITLEY, parents COL. WILLIAM R. GRAHAM & LOUISA THOMPSON, informant J. W. GRAHAM.

GEORGE H. FOGLEMAN, b. 4/3/1852, Russell, d. 11/5/1924, Elk Garden, 72 years, 8 months, 2 days, acute uremia, farmer, wife SARAH E. STALLARD, parents HENRY FOGLEMAN & MARY CUMBO, informant W. H. FOGLEMAN.

RICHARD SWORD, b. Russell County, d. 11/20/1924, Elk Garden, 45 years, cerebral apoplexy, farmer, wife EMMA SWORD, mother FANNY SWORD, informant EMMA SWORD.

SAMUEL M. CALL, b. 3/11/1894, Russell, d. 11/19/1924, New Garden, 30 years, 8 months 8 days, killed instantly by falling rock in coal mine, miner, wife PEARL CALL, parents THOMAS M. CALL & MARY C. BOYD, informant D. W. CALL.

JESSEE LEE CALL, b. 10/20/1924, Russell, d. 11/13/1924, New Garden, 21 days old, cellulitis - infected navel, parents RUSSELL LEE CALL & RUBY HURT HONAKER.

ORAVILLE ARTRIP, b. Russell, d. 11/26/1924, New Garden, 1 year, accidental burning, caught on fire by another child burning paper and noone in the house but the children, parents BURT ARTRIP & ZULA FLETCHER, informant J. B. CONCH.

EULA WILSON, b. 8/29/1923, Russell, d. 11/15/1924, New Garden, 15 months, 15 days, probably pneumonis - no doctor attended, parents WILLIE J. WILSON & MANDIE HORTON, informant J. B. ELSWICK.

CAN MOCK, (colored male), b. 10/28/1923, Wilder, VA., d. 11/22/1924, Wilder, 1 year 22 days, acute indigestion, no doctor attended, parents CAN MOCK & LENA PENNINGTON, informant KENER MOCK.

JAMES H. NEESE, b. Dickenson County, d. 11/1/1924, Castlewood, 83 years, old age, jaundice, farmer, wife SARAH NEESE, parents JAMES HENRY NEESE & ___?___ EARVIN, informant CHARLES L. NEESE.

MONK VERNON CLARK, b. 10/19/1924, Lebanon, d. 11/14/1924, 25 days, died suddenly due to heart complications, parents CARL CLARK & GORDA MAXWELL, informant CARL CLARKE.

J. CONCH, b. 1863, Russell, d. 11/16/1924, Castlewood, 61 years, 5 months, 13 days, cerebral hemorrhage, farmer, parents JERYAMYRAH CONCH & PIXIE FAIRCHILDS, informant JERRY CONCH.

MARY E. PERRY, b. Russell, d. 11/7/1924, Castlewood, 75 years, chronic nephritis, husband, SAMUEL A. PERRY, parents ABEL ALDERSON & BETTY DICKENSON, informant WALTER ALDERSON.

MARY C. JOHNSON, b. 2/9/1850, Pennsylvania, d. 11/15/1924, Dante, 74 years, 9 months, 8 days, cerebral hemorrhage, housewife, husband HENRY JOHNSON, parents JOHN HANEY & JANE SARWALD, informant ANDY FRAZIER.

JOSEPH CHRISTOPHER JOHNSON, b. 9/29/1879, Dickenson County, d. 11/1/1924, Castlewood, 45 years, 1 month, 2 days, automobile accident, farmer, wife MILLIE JOHNSON, parents CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS JOHNSON & SARAH IRVINS, informant R. L. JOHNSON, brother.

THOMAS JEFFERSON MEADE, b. 1838, Russell, d. 11/23/1924, Copper Creek, 86 years, supposed to be cerebral hemorrhage - no doctor, farmer, wife SAPHRONIA MEADE, mother ELIZABETH PORTER, informant R. M. MEADE, half brother.

ROSA MARGARETTE WHITED, b. 9/3/1922, Russell, d. 6/16/1924, New Garden, 1 year, 9 months, 13 days, brochopneumonia, fever, whooping cough, parents JEROME B. WHITED & RUBY RAY., informant JEROME B. WHITED.

MRS. W. H. BUCKLES, b. 1/14/1849, Sullivan County, Tennessee, d. 12/13/1924, Lebanon, 75 years, 11 months 29 days, apoplexy, housewife, husband REV. W. H. BUCKLES, parents JOHN PILE & ELIZABETH CAYWOOD.

JOHN A. GARRETT, b. 1/9/1841, Russell, d. 12/18/1924, Lebanon, 83 years, 11 months, 9 days, old age - no doctor, farmer, wife MINNIE GARRETT, parents ESSICIAE GARRETT & MARTHA J. __?__, informant MRS. JOHN A. GARRETT.

LUCINDA E. FOGLEMAN GARRETT, b. 9/9/1871, Russell, d. 12/18/1924, Lebanon, 53 years, 3 months, 9 days, kidney failure following removal of stone from ureter, divorced from GEORGE M. GARRETT, parents D. A. FOGLEMAN & LUCY DICKENSON, informant W. H. FOGLEMAN.

ELIZA MAY HICKS, b. Russell, d. 12/6/1924, Lebanon, 9 years, aortic insufficiency, parents MANUEL HICKS & BESSIE STEEL, informant J. D. FULLEN, SR.

ELIZA ALICE CAMPBELL, b. 4/5/1860, Elk Garden, d. 12/6/1924, 64 years, 8 months, 1 day, carcinoma of breast, post mistress, parents WILLIAM CAMPBELL & SUSAN WILLIAMS, informant GEORGE GARRETT.

MALISSA ELLEN HERNDON, b. Sword’s Creek, d. 12/2/1924, Sword’s Creek, 62 years, pneumonia and old age, parents JOHN HERNDON & ANNIE ETTANDS.

MATT THOMPSON, b. Russell, d. 12/12/1924, Sword’s Creek, 66 years, diabetic gangrene, farmer, wife SARAH THOMPSON, parents CREED THOMPSON & MARY COMBS, informant SARAH THOMPSON.

STEPHEN NUNLEY PRIEST, b. 1/14/1862, Tazewell County, d. 12/24/1924, New Garden, 62 years 11 months, 24 days, mitral stenosis, farmer, wife EMMA PRIEST, parents ARCH PRIEST & PATTIE MITCHELL, informant MRS. S. N. PRIEST.

SALLIE SHOEMAKER, b. Russell, d. 12/3/1924, New Garden, 76 years, abdominal tumor of 50-100 pounds, domestic, husband JOHN SHOEMAKER, parents SOLOMON MUSICK & SALLY ___?___, informant JOHN MUSICK.

WILLIAM F. COMBS, b. 1/5/1840, Virginia, d. 12/4/1924, New Garden, 81 years, 10 months 30 days, aortic stenosis, hardening of liver, farmer, wife LUCINDA COMBS, parents THOMPSON COMBS & JANE FRANCIS, informant L. A. WRIGHT.

FANNIE BELCHER, b. Russell, d. 12/3/1924, Honaker, 25 years, pulmonalisses, indeterminate cause, homemaker, husband DEWEY BELCHER, parents OSCAR HONAKER & MARY THOMPSON, informant IVA HONAKER.

ROSE HONAKER, b. Russell, d. 12/8/1924, Honaker, 48 years, Enysipelus, husband HENRY HONAKER, parents JOHN D. HESS & MARY __?__, informant HART FOGLEMAN.

JULIA IRENE GROSS, b. Russell, d. before 1/1/1925 Honaker, 6 months, weak from birth, parents EARL GROSS & ALEMEDIA BOYD.

RUBEN PRICE, b. 9/12/1839, Russell, d. 12/13/1924, Raven, VA., 85 years 3 months 1 day, senility, farmer, wife BARBARY PRICE, parents THOMAS PRICE & LOUISA HELTON, informant BARBARY PRICE.

WILLIAM RASNAKE, b. 5/6/1843, Cleveland, VA., d. 12/15/1924, 81 years 7 months 19 days, influenza, farmer, wife MARY RASNAKE, parents ELIGE RASNAKE & BETTIE LITTON, informant TOLL RASNAKE.

UNNAMED MALE INFANT, b. 12/3/1924, Russell, d. 12/7/1924, Castlewood, 4 days, newborn jaundice, probably congenital syphilis, parents V. C. KISER & ALTISA KISER, informant V. C. KISER.

PAUL DOUGLAS MULLINS, b. 5/31/1922 Tandy, VA., d. 12/25/1924, Dante, 2 years 6 months, 25 days, accidental severe burns to body from open fire, parents CHARLES & JULIE MULLINS, informant CHARLES F. MULLINS.

CHARLES WILLIAM BAUSELL, b. 1/3/1862, Russell County, d. 12/6/1924, Castlewood, 62 years 11 months 3 days, diabetes, mechanis, wife MOLLIE BAUSELL, parents THOMAS BAUSELL & HANNAH PRICE, informant HOMER C. DORTON.

WILL STAPLETON, b. VA., d. 12/18/1924, Moccasin, 51 years, intestinal tuberculosis, farmer, wife MOLLIE STAPLETON, parents ELIZABETH EASLEM, informant GROVER STAPLETON.

CHARLIE HALE, b. Kentucky, d. 4/23/1924, New Garden, 59 years, mitral lesion of heart, barber, parents unknown, informant AYERS FRIEND.

FRANK WHITE, b. Pike County, KY, d. 12/2/1924, Lebanon, 53 years 9 months 2 days, myocarditis, farmer, wife GENLEE WHITE, parents JIM WHITE & SHRINDY ANN SNOW, informant MRS. FRANK WHITE.

CLARENCE ROBERT TAYLOR, b. 12/21/1924, New Garden, d. 12/23. 1924, New Garden, congentital debility, parents ALDY TAYLOR & MARY E. NIPPER, informant ALDY TAYLOR.

AUDRY FRANCIS McFADDEN, b. 4/8/1922, Russell, d. 12/11/1924, 2 years 8 months 3 days, menningitis, parents KEMPER McFADDEN & MABEL KEGLEY, informant KEMPER McFADDEN.

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