1923 Russell County, Virginia Death Certificates

1923 Russell County, Virginia Death Certificates

Note: Original Records should be checked for accuracy. Handwriting and speeling on many of these made them difficult to interpret.

VINCENT BROWNING GILMER, b. 11/4/1852, Lebanon, d. 1/26/1923, Lebanon, 70 years 2 months 22 days, chronic Bright’s Disease, diabetes insipitus, banker, spouse, ELLEN J. GILMER, parents, CUMMINGS GILMER & MARY BROWNING, informant H. G. GILMER.

G. W. SHOEMAKER, b. 7/12/1847, Lebanon, d. 1/16/1923, Lebanon, 75 years 6 months 4 days, senile, bronchitis, probably pneumonia, old age, natural causes, farmer, parents, LINOUS SHOEMAKER & MARY LITON, informant, MRS. JANE SHOEMAKER.

J. H. WARD (may be WORD), b. Russell, d. 1/2/1923, Lebanon, about 65 years, influenza, pneumonia, farmer, spouse SARAH WARD, parents BILLY & POLLY WARD, informant OTIS GILBERT.

VIVIAN GRAY CAMPBELL, b. 12/30/1920, Russell, d. 1/16/1923 Lebanon, 2 years 1 month 16 days, burned, clothes caught fire accidentally from stove, found by another child mother called and put out fire, wounds dressed, died 5 hours later, parents J. S. & LENA CAMPBELL, informant J. S. CAMPBELL.

ISAAC LEONARD, b. 1858 Russell, d. 1/13/1923, Lebanon, 65 years, brochial-pneumonia following flux, farmer, widowed, parents DANIEL LEONARD & CATHERINE NUNNALY, informant RANSOM LEONARD.

CLEO SWORD, b. 11/21/1921, Belfast Mills, VA, d. 1/6/1923, Elk Garden, 1 year 1 month 14 days, bronchial-pneumonia, parents MARION & CORA M. SWORD, informant R. PAYNE.

ERVIN PAYTON FERRELL, b. 10/24/1921, VA, d. 1/11/1923, Belfast Mills, 1 year 2 months 16 days, bronchial- pneumonia, spinal meningitis, parents WILLIAM HENRY FERRELL & ELIZABETH JANE PEERY.

LUTHER GLENFORD SWORD, b. 7/24/1919, Rockdell, d. 1/31/1923, Rockdell, 3 years 6 months 6 days, diphtheria, parents H. W. SWORD & PINK KING, informant H. W. SWORD.

JESSE GRIFFITH, b. 1/3/1923, Russell, d. 1/6/1923, New Garden, 3 days, influenza, MARION GRIFFITH & GEORGIA RAYS, informant KING PLASTER.

TEDY JAMES STILLWELL, b. 8/11/1922, Russell, d. 1/3/1923, Swords Creek, 4 months 22 days, bronchial-pneumonia, parents CHARLES STILLWELL & LAURA BREEDLOWE, informant CHARLES STILLWELL.

ETHEL IRENE MUTTER, b. 5/19/1921, Swords Creek, d. 1/6/1923, Swords Creek, 1 year 7 months 18 days, influenza, parents WILLIAM MUTTER & ___?___ NANCE, informant BALL NANCE.

VIRGIE RACHEL MILLER, b. 5/26/1903, Russell, d. 1/6/1923, New Garden, 19 years 7 months 10 days, influenza, housewife, spouse WILLIE MILLER, parents W. E. WELLS & CLERCEY RICHARDSON, informant W. E. WELLS.

HARLEY BRADFORD MILLER, b. 12/17/1913, Dye, VA, d. 1/13/1923, New Garden, 7 years 26 days, influenza, parents ELBERT MILLER & PEARL HERNDON, informant ELBERT MILLER.

W. B. BAILEY, b. Washington County, d. 1/24/1923, Clinchfield, about 51 years, accidental fracture of skull due to falling limb, timber cutter, Bradley Lumber Company, spouse BESSIE BAILEY, parents JOHN W. BAILEY & ELIZABETH LANE, informant MILTON BAILEY.

LECTY CRABTREE, b. 1/9/1898, Russell, d. 1/1/1923, New Garden, 24 years 11 months 22 days, peripheral sepsis, influenza, housewife, spouse CLORIS CRABTREE, parents B. J. FULLER & APPY McGLOTHLIN, informant B. J. FULLER.

NANCY MATILDA PLASTER, b. 11/23/1884, Russell, d. 1/5/1923, New Garden, 38 years, 1 month 11 days, flu, laborer, parents JOHN J. PLASTER & HANAH FARMER, informant ED CHARTON.

SALLIE HALL, b. 6/30/1858, Lee County, d. 1/9/1923, New Garden, 63 years 6 months 10 days, pulmonary tuberculosis, housewife, spouse J. C. HALL, parents J. N. PENLEY & ELIZA HOOD, informant J. F. ELKINS.

WILLIAM BALL, b. 1/23/1919, Russell, d. 1/12/1923, New Garden, 3 years 11 months 19 days, flu, parents BEN HALL & PELIE NOEL, informant J. R. NOEL.

WILLARD EDWARD WHITED, b. 11/28/1922, Russell, d. 1/17/1923, New Garden, 1 month 20 days, acute bronchitis, parents RAS WHITED & OLLIE TURNER,

SARA BELLE NEWBERRY, b. 11/6/1914, Russell, d. 1/28/1923, New Garden, 8 years 9 months 22 days, flu, parents ZACK NEWBERRY & REBEKA BROWN, informant LEONARD HORTON.

JESSE FRANKLIN CHILDRESS, b. 2/22/1906, Buckhanon County, d. 1/28/1923, New Garden, 16 years 11 months 6 days, pneumonia, farmer, parents JOHN W. CHILDRESS & SARY COLLEY, informant OLIVER STONE.

W. M. PIERRON, d. 1/2/1923, Cleveland, about 65 years, Bright’s Disease, mitral regurgitation, sold eyeglasses, parents unknown.

LEONE SMITH, b. 12/13/1921, Russell, d. 1/1/1923, Cleveland, 1 year 20 days, bronchial pneumonia, parents LENA SMITH, informant LENA SMITH.

ROBA WALTER KESTNER, b. 4/18/1916, Mill Creek, c. 1/10/1923, Cleveland, 7 years 11 months, pneumonia, parents F. J. KESTNER & MATTIE P. BROOKS.

FRED SHELTON, b. 6/8/1909, Tennessee, d. 1/21/1923, Castlewood, 13 years 7 months 13 days, epilepsy, parents GOLLIE SHELTON & GILLIE McREYNOLDS.

RONSON JOHNSON, b. 12/31/1920, Duley, VA. D. 1/26/1923, Castlewood, 2 years 26 days, influenza, bronchial pneumonia, otitis media, parents J. H. JOHNSON & ELIZA STEVENS, informant OLIVER STONE.

NANNIE BELLE GRIGSBY, b. Scott County, d. 1/3/1923, Dante, 2 years, pulmonary tuberculosis, parents JAMES GRIGSBY & LIZZIE SALYER.

BESSIE LEE CASTLE, b. 6/17/1994, Russell, d. 1/7/1923, Dante, 23 years, influenza, housewife, parents J. C. ALDERSON & BELLE SMITH, informant WALTER ALDERSON.

CLAYTOR BAUSELL (RICHARDSON), b. 1/13/1897, Lebanon, d. 1/17/1923, Dante, probable homicide, struck in head with rock 1/13/1923, cerebral hemorrhage resulting and meningitis, 26 years 5 days, miner, spouse SUZY BAUSELL, parents GEORGE RICHARDSON & NELLIE BAUSELL, informant WILL RICHARDSON.

NANNIE DICKERSON, b. VA, d. 1/16/1923, Dante, 34 years, homicide, gunshot wound, domestic, spouse WALTER CAMPBELL, parents JOHN DICKENSON & UNKNOWN.

CHARLES McKINNEY, b. Wise County, d. 1/27/1923, Dante, 16 years, accidental homicide, pistol shot through heart, instant death, parents JOE McKINNEY & MAGGIE BUCKHANNON, informant GEORGE McKINNEY.

ALIE LEE DAVENPORT, b. 9/25/1922, Dante, d. 1/19/1923, Castlewood, 4 months 14 days, bronchial pneumonia, parents WADE DAVENPORT & UNKNOWN.

ISAIAH SALYER, b. Russell, d. 1/5/1923, Copper Creek, about 81 years, old age and general breakdown, farmer, spouse JOSIE SALYER, parents JOHN SALYER & DELILIAH JOHNSON, informant MARION SALYER (son.)

JOHN C. FUGATE. B. 10/16/1852, Russell, d. 1/12/1923, Castlewood, 70 years 2 months 28 days, pulmonary tuberculosis, farmer, parents ROBERT C. FUGATE & BETTE SONTERS, informant E. S. JESSEE.

NANCY C. MEADE, b. 7/4/1847 Russell, d. 1/19/1923, Castlewood, 75 years, 6 months 15 days, influenza, housewife, spouse FIELDERS MEADE, parents JOHN OSBOURNE & POLLY DORTON, informant J. H. MEADE (son).

ANDREW BENTON CHAFIN, b. 10/19/1871, Russell, d. 1/15/1923, 52 years 9 months 5 days, influenza, farmer, parents A. K. CHAFIN & LIDDIA EADEN, informant F. C. MEADE.

HOMER WYATT, b. 3/14/1892, Russell, d. 1/18/1923, Hansonville, 30 years 10 months, influenza, cripple all his life, parents AARON WYATT & RHODA WHITE, informant J. R. BAUSELL.

HUGH DOBBINS FIELDS, b. 3/16/1861, Lebanon, VA. D. 1/14/1923, Lebanon, 61 years 9 months 28 days, apoplexy, farmer, spouse JEANETTE FIELDS, parents CALVIN T. FIELDS & LUCINDA FERGUSON, informant MRS. H. D. FIELDS.

CELIA CAMPBELL, b. 1843 Russell, d. 1/3/1923, Russell, 77 years 9 months 15 days, pneumonia, influenza, housewife, spouse JOHN CAMPBELL, parents ANDREW L. JACKSON & NANCY DAVIS, informant GEORGE JACKSON.

VIRGIE SHRADER, b. 5/25/1919, Russell, d. 1/13/1923, Russell, 3 years pneumonia, influenza, parents J. F. SHRADER & TAZIE WELLS.

HENRY D. HESS, b. 2/20/1857, Russell, d. 1/29/1923, New Garden, 62 years 11 months 6 days, influenza & pneumonia, laborer White Oak Lumber Co., spouse PEARL HESS, parents MACK HESS, informant MARSHALL HESS.

ELIZABETH COLEMAN, b. 1859, Pike County, KY, d. 1/21/1923, Honaker, 63 years, influenza, dysentery, housewife, spouse DANIEL COLEMAN, parents HARVEY RATLIFF, informant B. H. COLEMAN.

OLLIE VIRGINIA LUKE, b. 10/3/1882 Clinchport, d. 1/12/1923, Drill, 40 years 3 months 10 days, influenza, housewife, spouse HARRY LUKE, parents J. L. STARNES & EMILY CARTER, informant J. L. STARNES.

WILLIE PASTAIN, b. 1/25/1904, Russell, d. 1/25/1923, Castlewood, 19 years, influenza, "deaf & dumb", parents G. H. PASTAIN & SALLIE VICORS, informant G. H. PASTAIN.

JOSEPH BROWN, d. 2/20/1923, New Garden, about 36 years, miner, killed in mine by fallen slate, spouse, DORA BROWN, parents JOHN BROWN & MARY STEELSICAN, informant MARY BROWN.

GLADIS WHITED, b. 2/17/1923, New Garden, d. 2/26/1923, New Garden, 8 days, "child not right when it was born", parents CHARLES WHITED & NELLIE NEWBERRY, informant CHARLES WHITED.

HAZEL BLANKENSHIP, b. Russell, d. 2/9/1923, New Garden, 8 months, bronchial pneumonia and influenza, parents FRAZIER & LOIS BLANKENSHIP, informant DORIS J. JACKSON.

SAMUEL ASHBROOK, b. 8/10/1869, Lebanon, d. 2/5/1923, Cleveland, 53 years 5 months 26 days, chronic Bright’s disease, light tender, spouse BETTY ASHBROOK, parents HIRAM ASHBROOK & MELISSA KISER, informant MRS. SAMUEL ASHBROOK.

RUBY OLIVAINE MUSICK, b. 8/18/1921, Cleveland, d. 2/21/1923, Cleveland, 1 year 6 months 3 days, no cause listed, parents CLAUDE MUSICK & LACY COMBS, informant N. SYKES.

MARIE CATES, b. 11/29/1922, Wilder, d. 2/7/1923, Wilder, 2 months 8 days, bronchial pneumonia, lack of attention and improper feeding, parents FRANK MILLER & HAZEL CATES.

MARGARET EVANS, b. Lebanon, d. 2/4/1923, Dante, 53 years, pulmonary tuberculosis, housewife, colored, spouse unknown, parents ISAAC ANDERSON & UNKNOWN, informant ALEX MORTON.

JOSEPH R. BOWMAN, b. NC, d. 2/12/1923, Dante, 22 years, brakeman C & O RR, riding coal car, fell, cut in two through abdomen, instant death, no information.

THOMAS GILLESPI MOYER, b. 2/23/1923, Dante, d. 2/26/1923, Dante, 3 days, difficult delivery, parents VIVIAN MOYER & PRINCE TAYLOR, informant VIVIAN MOYER.

EVA EMMALINE GIBSON, b. 6/8/1921, Castlewood, d. 2/20/1923, Castlewood, 1 year 8 months 12 days, bronchial pneumonia, parents HOMER L. GIBSON & NANNIE PIPPIN, informant H. L. GIBSON.

WILLIAM WILBURN MARTIN, b. 6/28/1853, VA, d. 2/13/1923, Moccassin, 69 years 7 months 15 days, bronchial pneumonia, carpenter, spouse BETTY ONEY MARTIN, parents DAVID GEORGE MARTIN & ANNA HONAKER.

HENRY JUNIOR ARTRIP, b. 11/5/1922, Artrip, d. 1/4/1923, Artrip, 1 month 29 days, bronchitis, parents H. H. ARTRIP & JOSEPHINE KISER.

DICEY JANE SMITH, b. 3/2/1859, Clintwood, d. 1/7/1923, 63 years 10 months 5 days, pneumonia following flu, housewife, spouse, F. N. SMITH, parents KELLY KEEL & NANCY VANOVER, informant MRS. G. L. SMITH.

WILLIAM MADISON FINNEY, b. 2/3/1870, Lebanon, d. 2/8/1923, Lebanon, 53 years 6 days, chronic endocarditis, chronic rheumatism, civil servant, mail carrier, spouse BERTHA FINNEY, parents WILLIAM FINNEY & SALLIE PRICE, informant Mrs. William Finney.

CLANDY MAY FERGUSON, b. 3/23/1883, Russell, d. 2/11/1923, Elk Garden, 39 years 10 months 18 days, pleurisy, tuberculosis of lungs, housewife, spouse THOMAS B. FERGUSON, parents THOMAS LYNCH & MARY JANE GILMER, informant THOMAS B. FERGUSON.

ZEDRIC N. SLAUGHTER, b. 6/6/1854, Honaker, d. 2/17/1923, Honaker, 68 years 8 months 11 days, heart failure, merchant, spouse ALICE COMBS SLAUGHTER, parents ALFRED SLAUGHTER & ELIZABETH LOCKHART, informant MRS. WADE CRAWFORD.

JOE R. FIELDS, b. 6/17/1847, Lebanon, d. 3/22/1923, Lebanon, 78 years 9 months 5 days, accidently hit by automobile, leg broken, head cut, flesh wound, old age, farmer, spouse, HANNAH PHERE FIELDS, parents JOE E. FIELDS & ELIZA DYE, informant ED FIELDS.

MARY ALICE AYERS, b. 3/16/1860, Lebanon, d. 3/14/1923, Lebanon, 62 years 11 months 13 days, high blood pressure, heart attack, housewife, spouse WILLIAM ALEXANDER AYERS, parents MORGAN & MARY ANN GILMER, informant MISS MARY SUE AYERS.

ARKANSIS ELIZABETH COCHRAN, b. 3/13/1864, Russell, d. 3/31/1923, Lebanon, 59 years 13 days, tuberculosis of the lungs, housewife, spouse MARSHALL COCHRAN, parents JOHN ANDERSON & MARY KEITH, informant MARSHALL COCHRAN.

GEORGE WASHINGTON BUCKLES, b. 3/23/1873, Russell, d. 3/5/1823, Lebanon, 49 years 11 months 15 days, flu & bronchial pneumonia, farmer, spouse MAGGIE BUCKLES, parents C. W. BUCKLES & MARTY COUANS, informant JOHN STINSON.

VIRGINIA ZERILDA SEACOTT, b. 10/4/1841, Newbern, VA., d. 3/11/1923, Lebanon, 81 years, 4 months 8 days, senility and complications of flux, housekeeper, parents B. D. SEACOTT & PERMELIA HOLMES, informant MR. JIM B. SEACOTT.

SALLY JANE SEACOTT, b. 1847 Newbern, VA, d. 3/15/1923, Lebanon, 76 years, flux complications, housekeeper, parents B. D. SEACOTT & PERMELIA HOLMES, informant MR. JIM B. SEACOTT.

SAMUEL P. ROBINSON, b. 6/1867, Russell, d. 3/28/1823, Elk Garden, 55 years 8 months, multiple abscesses of liver, influenza, farmer, spouse AMERICA ROBINSON, parents HARRIETT ROBINSON, informant C. B. ROBINSON.

GRACY ELLEN MILLER, b. 3/26/1923, Russell, d. 3/30/1923, New Garden, 4 days, premature birth, parents RAY MILLER & BERTHA BOSTIC, informant HOWARD BOSTIC.

KATHERINE WALLACE, b. 5/11/1853, Russell, d. 3/25/1923, New Garden, 69 years 10 months, aortic stenosis, housewife, spouse C. W. WALLACE, parents WILLIAM FLETCHER & MARGARET WILSON, informant C. W. WALLACE.

DRUIE MAXFIELD, b. Russell, d. 3/24/1923, New Garden, about 30 years, consumption, housewife, spouse LOU MAXFIELD, parents JASPER BALL & MARY DAVIS, informant LOU MAXFIELD.

LIZZIE WORD PROFFIE. B. Russell, d. 3/27/1923, Russell, about 65 years, aortic stenosis, housekeeper, spouse GEORGE PROFFIE, parents BILL WORD, informant GEORGE PROFFIE.

UNNAMED MALE DAWSON, b. 2/27/1923, Russell, d. 3/29/1923, Russell, 1 month 2 days, pneumonia, parents GIG DAWSON & MAY RAY, informant MRS. MAY DAWSON.

JAMES BANNER WOODROW BURR, b. 2/22/1923, Russell, d. 3/5/1923, New Garden, 11 days, infection of navel, parents R. J. BARR & CATLIN PRICE, informant R. J. BARR.

BEN FRANKLIN BALL, b. 11/29/1877, Patrick County, d. 3/9/1923, New Garden, 45 years, 3 months 10 days, flu, miner, spouse PELLIE BALL, parents Z. G. BALL & MARTHA SPANGLE, informant J. R. NOEL.

CHARLES CLARENCE STEELMAN, b. 6/7/1907, Russell, d. 3/16/1923, New Garden, 15 years 9 months, 16 days, bronchial pneumonia, parents C. W. HUNT & ALMEDA STEELMAN, informant ALMEDA STEELMAN.

UNNAMED FEMALE PUCKETT, b. 3/2/1923, d. 3/2/1923, Wilder, 10 hours, anacephalic, didn’t breathe right, heart beat, parents closely related, parents CLARENCE & LEONA PUCKETT, informant CLARENCE PUCKETT.

UNNAMED FEMALE ALLES, b. 3/7/1923, d 3/7/1923, Wilder, 30 min., premature rupture of membranes, inter uterine asphysia, parents GEORGE ALLEN & FLORENCE POPLIN, informant GEORGE ALLEN.

MEREDITH CHAFFIN, b. 12/2/1850, Russell, d. 3/2/1923, Castlewood, 72 years 3 months, influenza, farmer, spouse MARY CHAFFIN, parents JAMES CHAFFIN & PEGGIE EVANS, informant P. F. POWERS.

MARY E. GOSE, b. 1/10/1849, Russell, d. 3/2/1923, Castlewood, 74 years, 1 month 21 days, influenza, housewife, spouse CHARLES G. GOSE, parents GEORGE BANNER & PRICILLA DICKENSON, informant MRS. N. W. STALLARD, daughter.

LEE TRINKLE COOPER, b. 12/30/1922, Russell, d. 3/23/1923, Castlewood, 2 months 24 days, spinal menengitis, parents ROBERT L. COOPER & LIZZIE BRADLEY, informant B. C. BRADLEY.

MARTHA J. MEADE, b. 1845, Castlewood, d. 3/26/1923, Castlewood, 78 years 5 months 28 days, old age, parents NATHAN L. MEADE & MARY JESSE, informant GROVER MEADE.

CLAUDE EVERSON REEDY, b. 3/21/1923, d. 3/31/1923, Castlewood, 10 days, no doctor, parents AUTY REEDY & IDA RAMSEY, informant AUTY REEDY.

UNNAMED MALE BARTEE, b. 3/1/1923, d. 3/1/1923, Dante, premature birth, parents ROXIE BARTEE, father unknown, informant WALTER BARTEE.

SUSAN LARK, b. 4/9/1841, VA, d. 3/2/1923, Castlewood, 81 years 11 months, bronchial pneumonia, domestic, spouse JOHN B. LARK, parents unknown, informant GEORGE LARK.

UNNAMED MALE BAILEY, b. 3/9/1923, d. 3/9/1923, Dante, premature, parents LUTHER BAILEY & MELISSA KILGORE.

GEORGE THOMPSON, b. Ohio, d. 3//9/1923, Dante, about 40 years, miner, accident, slate fell, internal injuries, spouse MARY THOMPSON, informant G. W. PERKINS.

JOHN INNIS, b. 3/16/1886, Scott County, d. 3/20/1923, Dante, 36 years, miner, accident caught in a mine car wreck, internal injuries, spouse ALBIE SALYERS INNIS, parents GEORGE & REBECCA INNIS, informant ALBIE INNIS.

GARNETT L. BEVINS, b. 5/10/1879, Washington County, d. 3/28/1923, Castlewood, 43 years 10 months 18 days, bronchial pneumonia, housewife, spouse O. G. BEVINS, parents EALYA FLEENOR, informant C. C. BEVINS.

MARY DICKENSON, b. 3/1/1865, VA, d. 3/1/1923, Castlewood, 58 years, chronic nephritis, housewife, spouse WILL DICKENSON, parents JOHN H. SALYER & SALLIE CASTLE, informant FRANK POSTON.

CHATHARINE MITCHELL, b. 4/25/1922, Russell, d. 3/1/1923, Moccasin, 10 months 3 days, no doctor, probably flux, parents VERDIE MITCHELL, father Unknown, informant JOHN MITCHELL.

JAMES AUBREY ROSE, b. 3/13/1916, Russell, d. 3/10/1923, Moccasin, 6 years 11 months 27 days, bronchial pneumonia, parents ANDY ROSE & SOPHIA FRANCISCO, informant ANDY ROSE.

RICHARD JOHNSON, b. 4/26/1843, Russell, d. 2/10/1923, Mocassin, 79 years 9 months 24 days, influenza, farmer, widowed, parents ROBERT & MARARET JOHNSON, informant R. B. JOHNSON , son.

VIRGINIA GUTHEL HILTON, b. 12/8/1922, Russell, d. 3/5/1923, Elk Garden, 1 year 2 months 25 days, unknown cause of death, possibly croup, parents JAMES WILLIAM HILTON & ROSA V. MITCHEL, informant JAMES W. HILTON.

EDGAR DEWEY HUGHES, b. 2/8/1923, Russell, d. 4/15/1923, Lebanon, 2 months 7 days, ruptured mastoid abscess, parents GEORGE HUGHES & LULA JOHNSON, informant GEO. HUGHES.

MARY DIMARIES MONK, b. 5/30/1868 Tazewell County, d. 4/13/1923, Lebanon, 54 years 10 months 13 days, bronchial pneumonia following flu, housewife, spouse GEORGE WASHINGTON MONK, parents BRIGHTFUL MEADOWS & MARY JANE HORTON, informant J. A. MONK.

UNNAMED MALE b. 4/7/1923, Elway, d. 4/7/1923, Elk Garden, 5 hours, premature birth, parents GARNETT MORRSON & MARY SWORD, informant GARNETT MORRSON.

UNNAMED MALE, b. 4/7/1923 Elway, d. 4/8/1923, Elk Garden, 21 hours, premature birth 7 ˝ months, parents GARNETT MORRSON & MARY SWORD, informant GARNETT MORRSON.

HARRIET COMPTON, b. 2/5/1848, Russell, d. 4/8/1923, New Garden, 75 years 2 months 3 days, paralysis, housewife, spouse BEVERLY COMPTON, parents CONDIE & HARRIET PATRIE (poss. PATRIC), informant SYLVESTOR COMPTON.

HERMAN SAMUEL CRAWFORD, b. 7/21/1913, Russell, d. 4/25/1923, New Garden, 9 years 9 months 4 days, killed by train, parents JOHN MITCHEL CRAWFORD & MOLLIE PARKER CATRON, informant JOHN CRAWFORD.

MOLLIE WHITED, b. 2/15/1896, Russell, d. 4/16/1923, New Garden, 27 years 1 month 25 days, pneumonia both sides, housewife, spouse CHARLES C. WHITED, parents JOHN NEWBERRY & CEALLEY TURNER, informant A. W. WHITED.

IDA OLLIE WISEMAN, b. 4/1877, Littlerock Creek, NC, d. 4/6/1923, Wilder, 46 years, sarcoma of left femur with metastasis to internal organs, housewife, spouse SAM WISEMAN, parents JOHN HOBSON & ADELAID OLLIS. Informant SAM WISEMAN.

FLORENCE NEBRASKA PURCELL, b. 3/3/1923, Wilder, d. 4/14/1923, Wilder, 1 year 1 month 11 days, probably meningitis following measles, parents GEORGE PURCELL & BIRDIE CREGGAR, informant GEORGE PURCELL.

JOHN MARION WOLFE, b. Scott County, d. 4/6/1923, Castlewood, 62 years, dropsy, no doctor present, farmer, married, no spouse named, parents DIGNICIOUS WOLFE & ___?__ CARTER, informant T. L. VANDERPOOL.

HUBERT N. STILES, b. Elliston, VA, d. 4/4/1923, Dante, about 35 years, accident, caught between coal cars, general crushing injuries of abdomen & pelvis, conductor C C & O Railroad, parents E. W. STILES & ROSIE BOLLING, informant W. H. STILES.

FRANK BURTON, b. 10/19/1889 Kentucky, d. 4/10/1923, Dante, 44 years 7 months, aortic regurgitation, married, no spouse, miner, parents JOHN BURTON & UNKNOWN, informant H. T. WHITT.

MYRTLE LEE ARROWOOD, b. Tennessee, d. 4/11/1923, Dante, 41 years 10 months 11 days, difficult delivery followed by pneumonia, pleurisy emphysema, housewife, spouse JAMES ARROWOOD, parents LANDON MORRIS & MARY SMITH, informant JAMES ARROWOOD.

SALLIE KEGLEY, b. Russell County, d. 4/11/1923, about 60 years, mitral regurgitation, rheumatism, housewife, spouse A. T. KEGLEY, parents HARVEY HICKS & JANE WHITE, informant A. T. KEGLEY.

EMMA VIRGINIA FOGGLEMAN, b. 9/22/1921, Russell, d. 4/17/1923, Moccasin, 1 year 6 months 26 days, chronic gastro-enteritis, parents R. W. FOGGLEMAN & BERTHA ROSE, informant R. W. FOGGLEMAN.

ARVIL FOGGLEMAN, b. 3/17/1923, Cartarton, VA, d. 4/25/1923, Moccasin, 28 days, no doctor, had measles, parents R. W. FOGGLEMAN & BERTHA ROSE, informant R. W. FOGGLEMAN.

JOHN S. FULLER, b. 4/21/1885, Russell County, d. 3/30/1923, Russell, 37 years 11 months 16 days, fractured spinal column caused by slate falling in mines, farmer, spouse JULIA L. FULLER, parents STEVEN FULLER & JULIA ANN BOYD, informant GEORGE W. FULLER.

VIRGINIA ELIZABETH SHELTON, b. 11/26/1921, Drill, d. 4/22/1923, Russell, 1 year 4 months 26 days, fractured skull from auto accident, parents FRED LEE SHELTON & BERTHA DOWDLE, informant BERTHA SHELTON.

THOMAS J. MEADE, b. 10/1/1879, Russell, d. 4/19/1923, New Garden, 42 years 6 months 11 days, lobar pneumonia, farmer, spouse SALLIE HOWARD, parents J. H. MEADE & EMILY FLETCHER, informant MRS. T. J. MEADE.

NOAH DEEL, b. 5/1851, Dickenson County, d. 4/23/1923, New Garden, 72 years 11 months 19 days, peritonitis, possibly ruptured appendix, farmer, spouse ELIZABETH GUSTERALD (?), parents DAVID DEEL & MARY COLLEY, informant H. F. DEEL.

POLLY ANGELINE BOYD, b. 12/27/1847, Russell, d. 4/30/1923, New Garden, 75 years 4 months 3 days, mitral stenosis, housewife, widowed, spouse R. A. BOYD, parents WILLIAM L. BALL & SIDNEY J. FLETCHER, informant MRS. E. P. WHITED.

CALLIE WHITSELL, b. 1843, Russell, d. 5/11/1923, Lebanon, 80 years, sudden death, no doctor, housewife widowed, no spouse, parents SAMUEL WHITSELL & UNKNOWN, informant B. B. BARTON.

DAVID ROSE, b. Tazewell, VA, d. 5/14/1923, Swords Creek, about 78 years, pulmonary tuberculosis, farm hand, spouse NAN ROSE, parents UNKNOWN, informant HENRY ROSE.

MARY CATHERINE HELTON, b. 9/16/1863, Russell, d. 5/23/1923, Swords Creek, 68 years 6 months 7 days, cerebral hemorrhage, housewife, spouse J. H. HELTON, parents father Unknown mother ___?___ DONNELL, informant IRA HELTON.

SALLIE BALL, b. Russell, d. 5/15/1923, New Garden, 68 years, cerebral hemorrhage, hypostatic pneumonia, housewife, spouse R. BALL, parents JOHN RAY & ___/___ DYE, informant S. W. BALL.

JUNIOR ROBERT CHURCH, b. 11/29/1909, Buchanon County, d. 5/7/1923, Russell, 13 years 5 months 9 days, measles, complicated by bronchial-pneumonia, parents CAMPBELL CHURCH & POLLY PERKINS, informant MRS. CAMPBELL CHURCH.

RICHARD FIELDS, b. 9/13/1854, Buchanon County, d. 5/20/1923, Russell, 69 years 1 month 7 days, chronic myocarditis, farmer, spouse NANCY JANE FIELDS, parents SAMUEL FIELDS & UNKNOWN, informant WILLIAM RICHARD FIELDS.

MARY DOUGLAS HOWARD, b. Russell, d. 5/1/1923, New Garden, 78 years, pneumonia, housewife, widowed, no spouse, parents JAMES KENDRICKS & CLISEY McFARLAN, informant ROBERT HOWARD.

PATTON HONAKER, b. Russell, d. 5/14/1923, Russell, 68 years, probably mitral insufficiency, farmer, spouse MAHALA HONAKER, parents MONTIE & BETSY HONAKER, informant ELBERT HONAKER.

ARMINDA HESS, b. 5/9/1844, W. VA., d. 5/1/1923, New Garden, 78 years 11 months 22 days, senility, bronchial -pneumonia, housewife spouse J. A. HESS, parents. BILL EVINS & CHRISTINNER ROBINETTE, informant C. H. WHITT.

RICHARD LEE JESSEE, b. 8/19/1913, Cleveland, VA, d. 5/19/1923, Cleveland, 9 years 9 months, typhoid complicated with blood poisoning and brain complications, parents DOLPUS HOUSTON JESSEE & BELVY DORA PUCKETT, informant D. H. JESSEE.

JOHN LEWIS BENTLEY, b. 4/28/1920, Tazewell, d. 5/14/1923, Castlewood, accidentally burned with boiling water on stove, no doctor, parents J. L. BENTLEY & ALICE LEWIS, informant J. L. Bentley.

JOHN T. FORTNER, b. 3/28/1866, Wythe County, d. 5/14/1923, Castlewood, 57 years 2 months 17 days, cerebral hemorrhage, paralysis, farmer, widowed, no spouse, parents THOMAS FORTNER & SARAH M. KING, informant BEN FORTNER.

CHARLES ERNEST ANDERSON, b. VA, d. 5/7/1923, Dante, 18 years, homicide, pistol shot wounds through neck and abdomen, tractman, coal miner, parents DAVE ANDERSON & MARTHA COUNTS, informant DAVE ANDERSON.

LARMAN HARDY (colored), b. Russell, d. 5/14/1923, Dante, 2 years, measles, bronchial pneumonia, parents HEZEKIAH HARDY & MINNIE PATTON, informant HEZEKIAH HARDY.


JOSIE ARTRIP, b. 3/23/1898, VA., d. 1/9/1923, Cleveland, 24 years 10 months 17 days, double pneumonia following influenza, housewife, spouse HENRY ARTRIP, parents CAMPBELL KISER & ___?___ BREEDING, informant HENRY ARTRIP.

PAUL DAVID MEADE, b. 1/16/1921, Hansonville, d. 4/26/1923, Moccasin, 2 years 3 months 10 days, bronchia pneumonia following measles, parents WILEY MEADE & RUBY SKEENS, informant STUART MEADE.

MRS. KIMPER McFADDEN, b. 9/7/1902, Hansonville, d. 4/30/1923, Moccasin, 20 years 5 months 23 days, bronchial pneumonia following measles, housewife, parents A. T. KEGLEY & SALLIE HICKS, informant A. T. KEGLEY.

ALAFAIR SUTHERLAND, b. 5/24/1872, Cleveland, d. 5/24/1923, Cleveland, 51 years, died very suddenly like heart failure, washwoman, parents WILL LOVE & MARGRETT SUTHERLAND, informant, MRS. MARGARET KEITH.

CLAND GRIMSLEY ROMAN, b. 6/16/1923, Russell, d. 6/18/1923, 2 days, premature child, parents R. ROMAN & MAUDIE PUCKETT, informant R. ROMAN.

WILMON HARRIS, b. 5/29/1923, Putnam, d. 6/5/1923, New Garden, 6 days, cerebral hemorrhage caused by instrumental delivery, parents LUTHER HARRIS & MALISSA MILLER.

RACHEL M. SUTHERLAND, b. 1855, Russell, d. 6/20/1923, South Clinchfield, 68 years, parselitis (?), housewife, spouse JOHN H. SUTHERLAND, informant J. H. SUTHERLAND.

JAMES WILLIS KEITH, b. 8/1/1922, Wilder, d. 6/7/1923, Wilder, 9 months 6 days, sarcoma of left thigh, metastasis to right lung, parents VICTOR KEITH & NANNIE BLANKENBECKER, informant VICTOR KEITH.

RED NAGY KEZEL, b. 10/28/1888, Hungary, d. 6/10/1923, Dante, 34 years 7 months 13 days, diabetes mellitus, housewife, spouse JOE KEZEL, parents FRANK NAGY & GRAFER ROSE, informant ANDY LUTIAN.

UNNAMED FEMALE HALE, b. 6/3/1923, Russell, d. 6/3/1923, Dante, 1 hour, premature birth, parents GORDON HALE & HELEN DICKENSON.

GEORGE BYCE, b. 7/22/1903, Dickenson County, d. 6/7/1923, 19 years 10 months 15 days, injury to abdominal organs from lifting heavy weight, farmer, parents ROBERT BYCE & CORNELIA HUGHES, informant ROBERT BYCE.

WILLIAM G. HALL, b. 10/23/1858, Russell, d. 6/25/1923, Castlewood, 64 years 8 months 3 days, pulmonary tuberculosis, farmer, spouse CARRIE HALL, parents ROBERT HALL & MARY WILLEY, informant ROBERT HALL.

MARY ELIZABETH FRALEY, b. 9/30/1891, Fugate’s Hill, VA., d. 1/30/1923, Castlewood, 32 years, pneumonia, influenza, housewife, spouse GROVER C. FRALEY, parents JOHN W. OWENS & NANNIE FLEENOR, informant GROVER C. FRALEY.

HARVY POWELL LONG, b. 9/3/1848, VA, d. 1/24/1923, Moccasin, 75 years 4 months 19 days, influenza, bronchial pneumonia, farmer, parents JAMES POWELL LONG & MARY BROWNING, informant W. E. LONG.

MRS. ELIZA ARBELL BRATTIN, b. 11/1/1857, Castlewood, d. 4/18/1823, Castlewood, 66 years 7 months 13 days, rheumatism, housewife, widowed, parents WILLIAM C. BICKLEY & HARIET STRATTON, informant T. S. BRATTIN.

BRADY RUSSELL REYNOLDS, b. 11/6/1920 Lebanon, d. 1/5/1923, Lebanon, 3 years 4 months 25 days, scalding caused by falling into kettle of boiling water, parents JAMES M. REYNOLDS & LAURA ANN CASEY, informant JAMES M. CASEY.

SARAH ELIZABETH JESSEE, b. 3/23/1855, Russell, d. 7/19/1923, Lebanon, 68 years 3 months 26 days, arteriosclerosis, apoplexy, housewife, spouse A. J. JESSEE, parents SAMUEL PETER MUNSEY & PHOEBY HENDRICKS, informant WILEY JESSEE.

DELLA LESTOR, b. Russell, d. 7/23/1923, Elk Garden, 1 month 25 days, unknown, no doctor, mother says cause of death bold hives, parents ROBERT HOWARD LESTOR & CARRIE BLANKENSHIP, informant R. H. LESTOR.

ELIZABETH CLARK, b. Russell, d. 7/7/1923, Swords Creek, 86 years 5 months 9 days, no physician, supposed she died from old age and phlebitis, house work, widowed, spouse T. J. PELOSKI, parents JOSEPH SMITH & SALLIE LOCKHARDT, informant W. F. CLARKE.

MARGARET COLE, b. 10/20/1855, Russell, d. 7/22/1923, New Garden, 67 years 9 months 3 days, pellagra, housewife, spouse C. M. COLE, parents FLEMMING PERKINS & SALLIE RAY, informant W. COLE.

COLBERT COMBS, b. 7/14/1849, VA., d. 7/31/1923, New Garden, 74 years 17 days, renal dropsy, farmer, spouse ALICE COMBS, parents JOHN M. COMBS & SALLIE HIGGINS, informant WALTER COMBS.

VADA LUCILLE TAYLOR, b. 1/30/1922, Cleveland, d. 7/23/1923, Lebanon, 1 year 5 months 24 days, measles, cholera infantum, parents ROBY TAYLOR & MARY ALICE CUMBO.

EZRA JOHNSON, b. 5/20/1898, Dickenson County, d. 7/21/1923, Wilder, 25 years 2 months 1 day, accidental drowning, coal miner, Clinchfield Coal Corp., spouse MYRTLE WORLEY JOHNSON, parents ROBERT JOHNSON & ___?___ GILBERT, informant G. B. FLETCHER.

CARMELIA GOLLY, b. 3/26/1922, Wilder, d. 7/22/1923, Wilder, 1 year 3 months 25 days, diarrhea & enteritis, parents RAPHAEL GOLLY & ALICE TURNER, informant RAPHAEL GOLLY.

NORMA GOST MILTON, b. 12/26/1921, Castlewood, d. 7/23/1923, Castlewood, 1 year 7 months 3 days, septicemia following a cut in right leg, parents F. B. MILTON & KITTEN ELLEN MILTON.

GEORGE W. KING, b. 1/19/1922, Dante, d. 7/2/1923, Dante, 1 year 5 months 13 days, measles, parents CLAUD KING & ETTIE DINGUS.

RUTH MEADE, b. 7/19/1923, Dante, d. 7/19/1923, Dante, 4 hours, prematurity, parents LEONARD MEADE & LULA SALYER.

PAUL WATSON, b. 6/9/1923, Dante, d. 7/24/1923, Dante, 7 weeks, meningitis, epidemic cerebral spinal fever, parents ALBERT E. & KATIE WATSON, informant ALBERT WATSON.

VERNA MARGARET AUSTIN, b. Russell, d. 7/12/1923, Castlewood, 8 years, cholera infantum, parents CHARLES C. AUSTIN & EMMA L. WILLIAMS, informant CHARLES C. AUSTIN.

COROLINE GARRETT, b. Russell, d. 7/19/1923, Castlewood, about 83 years, uremic poisoning, housewife, spouse N. B. GARRETT, parents UNKNOWN, informant S. P. GARRETT, son.

LOUIS RICHARD COUNTS, b. 8/1/1922, Hansonville, d. 4/29/1923, Hansonville, 8 months 21 days, acute gastro enteritis, parents EARL COUNTS & STELLA AGNES MEADE.

J. H. VANDERPOOL, b. Russell, d. 5/4/1923, Castlewood, Old age, heart trouble, no doctor, farmer, widowed, parents ENOCH VANDERPOOL & MATTIE HARTSOCK, informant T. L. VANDERPOOL.

HENDERSON BREEDING, b. 8/1839, Cleveland, d. 7/28/1923, Cleveland, 84 years, found dead in bed, farmer, spouse JULIA BREEDING, parents BILLY & ELIZABETH BREEDING, informant JULIA BREEDING.

CHARLES F. DICKENSON (colored), b. 7/2/1923, Russell, d. 7/31/1923, Castlewood, 30 days, no doctor, baby only sick a few hours and no time to get a doctor, parents CLARENCE DICKENSON & DELLA CHIS___?__, informant CLARENCE DICKENSON.

DEWEY WILLIAM FOGGLEMAN, b. 5/17/1922, Honaker, d. 8/16/1923, Elk Garden, 1 year 3 months, diarrhea, parents F. H. FOGGLEMAN & DIDARID HESS, informant A. B. FOGGLEMAN.

NEWLAND WOLFE, b. Hazel, VA., d. 8/10/1923, Castlewood, 3 years 15 days, infectious ileo cholitis, parents JOHN WOLFE & LAURA KING.

MARY JANE ELLIOTT, b. Russell, d. 9/30/1923, Copper Creek, 72 years 4 months 11 days, mitral insufficiency, housewife, spouse DAVID E. ELLIOTT, parents WILLIAM McCLELLAN & RHODA LAWSON, informant Stella ELLIOTT.

HATTIE ELLEN SIMMS, b. 12/13/1894, Russell, d. 9/4/1923, Drill, 28 years 8 months 23 days, purpural sepsis, housewife, spouse WILL SIMMS, parents W. M. SYKES & ELLEN B. CLOUD, informant WILL SIMMS.

JAMES F. CHILDRESS, b. 7/19/1873, NC, d. 9/10/1923, Russell, 50 years 2 months 1 day, killed instantly in mines by falling slate, miner, spouse CHARITY CHILDRESS, parents UNKNOWN, informant TATE CHILDRESS.

CELIA TAYLOR, b. Russell, d. 9/13/1923, New Garden, about 85, infirmities of old age, housewife, spouse HARVE TAYLOR, parents ARDEE RAY & UNKNOWN, informant FLORENCE TAYLOR.

DESSIE IRENE HONAKER, b. 12/2/1922, Russell, d. 9/3/1923, Honaker, 9 months, bronchial pneumonia, parents LESTOR HONAKER & PEARL WILSON, informant LESTOR HONAKER.

SALINA V. PRICE, b. 10/1/1852, Russell, d. 9/12/1923, New Garden, 70 years 11 months 19 days, cancer of liver, housewife, parents WILLIAM HESS & POLLY WHITT, informant M. R. HESS.

ANDREW JACKSON JESSEE, b. 6/19/1908, VA., d. 9/25/1923, 15 years 3 months 6 days, killed by train, parents J. A. JESSEE & ___?___ SYKES, informant J. A. JESSEE.

WILLIAM N. CLARK, b. Lee County, d. 9/13/1923, Wilder, 72 years 11 months, carcinoma of liver, spouse SADY CLARK, parents WILLIAM & POLLY CLARK, informant ORA CAUDILL.

SADA MITCHELL, b. 9/18/1923, Wilder, d. 9/18/1923, 14 hours, atelastasis, parents ARTHUR MITCHELL & WILLIE SPEARS, informant ARTHUR MITCHELL.

HOWARD NEAL ROBINSON, b. 6/15/1922, Dante, d. 9/8/1923, Dante, 1 year 2 months 24 days, tuberculosis meningitis, parents SAM ROBINSON & LOTTIE MAY AUSTIN, informant SAM ROBINSON.

ODIE ERNEST NICHOLS, b. Bluff City, Tennessee, d. 9/15/1923, Dante, 21 years, coal miner, accidentally killed by falling slate, spouse SARAH JANE NICHOLS, parents JOHN P. NICHOLS & MOLLIE MARL, informant John. P. NICHOLS

REEL 123 # 23465

TOY G. MASSEY, b. 1/26/1923, VA, d. 9/20/1923. Dante, 7 months 24 days, cholera infantum, parents M. C. MASSEY & RUBY COLLINS.

AGE WOOTEN, b. Washington County, d. 9/22/1923, Dante, 27 years, died from tonsillectomy, hemophilia, motorman Clinchfield Coal Company, spouse WILMA WOOTEN, parents JAMES WOOTEN & ALICE WOOD, informant HARRISON SPROLES.

EDITH BAKER, b. Russell, d. 9/5/1923, Castlewood, about 53 years, uterine cancer, housewife, spouse, JOHN H. BAKER, parents TAYLOR & ELIZABETH FIELDS, informant JOHN H. BAKER.

GEORGE WILLIAM JAMES GRAY, b. 7/5/1842, Russell, d. 10/29/1923, Lebanon, 81 years 4 months 25 days, myocarditis and arteriosclerosis, farmer, widowed, spouse MATTIE T. GRAY, parents N. B. GRAY & FLORENCE GOSE, informant W. B. GRAY.

ENOR DAUGHTEN, b. 4/3/1839, McDowell County, d. 10/14/1923, Elk Garden, 84 years 6 months 11 days, found in bed dead, went to bed well, farmer, widowed, parents JESSEE DAUGHTON & UNKNOWN, informant MRS. WILLIAM MONK.

MARGARET MAY FERRELL, b. 7/24/1923, Bedford Mills, d. 10/5/1923, Elk Garden, 2 months 11 days, colitis, parents WILLIAM HENRY FERRELL & ELIZABETH JANE PEERY, informant ELIZABETH JANE FERRELL.

EVYLIN MILLER, b. 10/20/1923, Russell, d. 10/25/1923, Honaker, 5 days, unknown cause, parents BURKE MILLER & ROCHELL HESS, informant BURKE MILLER.

MARTHA THOMPSON, b. 8/1860 Russell, d. 10/1/1923, Honaker, 63 years, cerebral hemorrhage, housewife, spouse EDWARD THOMPSON, parents THOMAS DYE & MARGARET BOWMAN, informant EDWARD THOMPSON.

LUCILLE BERTHA HURLEY, b. 8/29/1923, Russell, d. 10/2/1923, 1 month 3 days, parents CORNELIUS HURLEY & ALICE PATTON, informant C. A. HURLEY.

ELIZA PECK, b. Russell, d. 10/10/1923, New Garden, about 82, infirmities of age, paralysis of left side, housewife, spouse CLOBE PECK, parents HENRY HESS & MILLIE RAY, informant HENRY CLARK.

JOHN NEWBERRY, b. Franklin County, VA, d. 10/30/1923, Sword’s Creek, 64 years, typhoid fever hemorrhage, farmer, parents ANDERSON NEWBERRY & AMANDA VIERS, informant R. B. NEWBERRY.

DORSE R. K. BALES. B. 10/2/1922, Sword’s Creek, d. 10/25/1923, Sword’s Creek, 1 year 23 days, bronchitis, general deformity, parents H. K. BALES & ALICE DYE, informant B. C. BUCKLEN.

WYATT BANNER, (colored), b. 1847, VA, d. 10/23/1923, Castlewood, about 76, old age, widowed, farmer, parents ADAM BANNER & MARY GOSE, informant C. W. BANNER.

LUTHER JESSEE, b. Hansonville, d. 10/22/1923, Dante, 27 years, instant death, fracture of skull, due to fall in coal mine, miner, spouse DORA JESSEE, parents DAVID JESSEE & LUCY DICKENSON.

CATHERINE CHAFIN, b. 9/2/1840, Russell, d. 10/23/1923, Castlewood, 83 years 1 month 21 days, breast cancer, housekeeper, parents JIM CHAFIN & PEGGY EVANS, informant A. K. CHAFIN.

WILLIAM HAWKINS, b. 10/26/1866, VA, d. 10/26/1923, Castlewood, 57 years, cancer of rectum, farmer, spouse, MOLLIE HAWKINS, parents KALE HAWKINS & UNKNOWN, informant ROBERT PORTER.

PRUDENCE ELIZABETH NORMAN, b. 4/26/1837, Russell, d. 10/16/1923, Hansonville, 87 years 5 months 20 days, pulmonary tuberculosis, nephritis, housewife, spouse JOHN W. NORMAN, parents DAVID & NANCY MARTIN, informant JOHN W. NORMAN.

HENRY WASHINGTON SWORD, b. 3/23/1880, Russell, d. 10/13/1923, Elk Garden, 43 years 7 months 20 days, gall stone colic, farmer, spouse PINKIE KING SWORD, parents MICHAEL SWORD & JANE HELTON, informant HARRISON SWORD

CURTIS GLEN MILLER, b. 1/23/1922, Russell, d. 11/23/1923, 22 months, swallowed lye accidentally, parents HARVIE MILLER & EDIE PERKINS, informant M. E. MILLER.

RACHEL MILLER, b. Russell, d. 11/8/1923, New Garden, 23 years, instant death from pulmonary embolus, housewife, spouse BURK MILLER, parents JAMES HESS & SUSIE BARTON, informant BURK MILLER.

TOY WHITED, b. 1/5/1923, Russell, d. 11/14/1923, Red Ash, 10 months 9 days, choked to death, parents A. W. WHITED & MINTIE DYE, informant W. J. WILSON.

HATTIE MABEL PRUITT, b. 8/11/1900 Russell, d. 11/27/1923, New Garden, 23 years 3 months 16 days, puerperal septicemia, housewife, spouse CHARLES H. PRUITT, parents PATTON HESS & SARAH ELIZABETH WHITT, informant C. H. PRUITT.

HELEN SUE WALLACE, b. 1/23/1923, Russell, d. 11/1/1923, Cleveland, 9 months 8 days, cause unknown, child had not grown since birth, parents W. M. WALLACE & ALICE H. McREYNOLDS.

JOHN HURT, b. Buchanon County, d. 11/3/1923, Dante, 23 years, appendicitis, coal miner, parents ISAAC HURT & ANGELINE COOK, informant M. F. BELL.

MRS. LULA KISCH, b. 4/1896, Hungary, d. 11/15/1923, Dante, house keeper, spouse ANDY KISCH, parents CHARLES NOUGY & CALEY AGNESE, informant ANDY LUTHERON.

UNNAMED MALE CAMPBELL, b. 11/28/1923, Dante, d. 11/28/1923, 10 minutes, atelectasis, parents FRANK CAMPBELL & JOSIE KISER, informant FRANK CAMPBELL.

JOHN KING, b. 12/25/1842, Wythe County, d. 11/17/1923, Castlewood, 80 years, 10 months 22 days, acute nephritis, farmer spouse SARAH KING, parents WILLIAM G. KING & CATHERINE HOLSEY, informant JOHN N. KING.

WILLIAM WILSON, b. Russell, d. 7/26/1923, New Garden, 88 years, mitral regurgitation, farmer, spouse, VIOLA WILSON, parents ADAM WILSON & REBECCA FIELDS, informant R. H. WILSON.

MADIE FLORENCE MONK, b. Honaker, d. 10/12/1923, Wilder, 1 year 6 months 23 days, bronchial pneumonia, parents NATHAN MONK & FANNIE PL__?__, informant NATHAN MONK.

MABEL FIELDS, b. Russell, d. 11/20/1923, Lebanon, 1 year 10 months 14 days, whooping cough, parents MARSELL & MARY FIELDS, informant MARSELL FIELDS.

HENRY STUART PERKINS, b. 7/2/1888, Lebanon, d. 11/24/1923, Lebanon, 35 years 4 months 22 days, chronic pulmonary tuberculosis, salesman, spouse, LILLIAN JOHNSON PERKINS, parents, HOSCUE PERKINS & SYNTHA YATES, informant J. M. TODD.

LUVINA GRIFFITH, b. 12/15/1833, Russell, d. 11/1/1923, New Garden, 89 years 10 months 15 days, infirmities of age, housewife, spouse TAZEWELL GRIFFITH, deceased, parents JONATHAN BOYD & MARY BURNETT, informant J. W. GRIFFITH.

WANDA THOMPSON, b. 1/24/1920, Honaker, d. 11/26/1923, Honaker, 3 years 10 months, aortic insufficiency, parents ROY THOMPSON & BURTHA DYE, informant WILLIAM THOMPSON.

THOMAS RALPH SMITH, b. 12/15/1921, Cleveland, d. 12/23/1923, 2 years 8 days, complications of spinal meningitis, parents MANUEL SMITH & IMA FLETCHER.

EUGENIA SMITH, b. 6/1/1877, Surry County, NC, d. 12/4/1923, Sword’s Creek, 46 years, 6 months 4 days, cerebral hemorrhage, housewife, spouse, W. B. SMITH, parents MARTIN BROWN & JANE SPARKS, informant W. B. SMITH.

HOMER DANIEL WHITT, b. Russell, d. 12/28/1923, New Garden, 1 year 11 months 8 days, burned by a kettle of boiling water, parents HOMER WHITT & ETTA COX, informant T. J. HONAKER.

PAULINE SIMS, b. 8/22/1923, Russell, d. 12/14/1923, 3 months 23 days, bronchial pneumonia, parents WILL SIMS & HATTIE SYKES, informant WILL SIMS.

JOSEPH H. JACKSON, b. 10/17/1872, Honaker, d. 12/31/1923, Honaker, 41 years, 2 months 14 days, Bright’s disease, parents JAHIUL JACKSON & SARAH C. LEE.

THOMAS L. MAYNARD, b. 7/10/1871, Honaker, d. 12/2/1923, 52 years, 4 months 22 days, leukemia, farmer, spouse ELLEN MAYNARD, parents C. C. MAYNARD & COSBY LOCKHART, informant BRYON MAYNARD.

ISIAH ROBBINS, b. Russell, d. 12/4/1923, about 76, shingles & Old age, laborer, spouse CAROLINE ROBBINS, parents UNKNOWN & BETSY ROBBINS, informant JOHN SULLIVAN.

GLENA PAULINE SLATE, b. Honaker, d. 12/3/1923, Honaker, 3 years 6 months 25 days, acute nephritis, parents CHARLES SLATE & MARY JACKSON, informant CHARLES SLATE.

JOHN HENRY MUSICK, JR., b. 4/26/1923, Honaker, d. 12/2/1923, 7 months 6 days, dysentery, parents JOHN MUSICK & ERSELL MILLER, informant JOHN MUSICK.

VICTORIA JACKSON, b. 12/27/1875 Kentucky, d. 12/4/1923, 47 years 11 months 24 days, Bright’s disease, housewife, spouse L. F. JACKSON, parents SILAS SCOTT & MARTHA DICKENSON, informant L. F. JACKSON.

RIAMOND CLINE, b. Russell, d. 12/6/1923, Raven, 11 months 8 days, diphtheria, parents BON CLINE & MARTHA STEVENSON, informant GEORGE CLINE.

JOHN BASCOM HOUCHINS, b. 1/14/1920, Russell, d. 12/10/1923, Sword’s Creek, 3 years 10 months 16 days, tuberculosis of intestine & peritonitis, parents JOHN ARTHUR HOUCHINS & MAUDE BROWN, informant McKINLEY MAYNARD.

WARREN W. LAFORCE, b. 1845, VA, d. 12/10/1923, Castlewood, 78 years, bronchial pneumonia, farmer, spouse SYLVIA LAFORCE, parents JAMES LAFORCE & UNKNOWN, informant AARON LAFORCE.

CLAUDE LAMBORIA, b. 9/1922, Wilder, d. 12/24/1923, Wilder, 1 year 3 months, bronchial pneumonia, parents JAMES LAMBORIA & MAURINE WISEMAN, informant SAM WISEMAN.

GEORGE JESSEE, b. 9/23/1874, VA, d. 12/15/1923, Castlewood, 69 years 2 months 22 days, nephritis, farmer, parents NASH JESSEE & ELIZABETH KISER, informant G. C. TAYLOR.

WILLIAM KASPER LEFTWICH, b. Russell, d. 12/5/1923, Castlewood, 41 years, chronic nephritis, general merchant, spouse EMMA LEFTWICH, parents ROBERT LEFTWICH & MELISSA EDWARDS, informant LAFAYETTE LEFTWICH.

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