1890 Russell County Death Index

Name                Race/Sex       Age         Date          Cause               POB/POD                     Parents/Consorts/Informants

Absher, L.B.            WF         11m         27 Mar       Diptheria           Russell/Russell             James Absher
Addison, Male           WM         1/6d        28 Jun       Unknown             Russell/Russell             Henry D. & & Sallie Addison (Informant Sallie Addison-Mother)
Adkins, J. H.           WM         30y         27 Nov       Powder Blast        Unknown/Russell             Unknown
Artrip, C.              WF         34y         02 Nov       Cancer              Russell/Russell             Andrew & A. Artrip
Baker, Samuel           WM         20d         27 Aug       Croup               Russell/Russell             Geo W. & Margaret Baker (informant Geo W. Baker-Father)
Ball, A.M.              WM         9m          26 Feb       Unknown             Russell/Russell             Lilburn Ball
Ball, J.F.              WM         35y         ?? Sep       Fever               Russell/Russell             Wm. & Sidney Ball ( Informant-Parents)
Belcher, Cally          WF         6m          20 Dec       Unknown             Russell/Russell             E. & S. Belcher
Belcher, Martha E.      WF         22y 10m     29 Nov       Unknown             Russell/Russell             J.H. & Sarah (Informant C.H. Belcher-Husband
Bowman, Ninnie I.       WF         10y         04 Nov       Diptheria           Washington/Russell          Teman & Mary Bowman (Informant Teman Bowman-Father)
Boyd, Mary B.           WF         2y          06 Mar       Unknown             Russell/Russell             Silas & Lida Boyd 
Breeding, Rhonda A.     WF         81y         14 Mar       Fever               Washington/Russell          John & Isabell Musick (Informant S.R. Shell-Son)
Brown, Flora E.         BF         8m          26 Aug       Croup               Russell/Russell             J.H. & Mary A. Brown (Informant J.H. Brown-Father)
Brown, W.E.             WM         6m          24 Jul       Unknown             Russell/Russell             Haywood & V. Brown
Brummett, John Jr.      WM         1y 2m       13 Jun       Croup               Russell/Russell             Chas & Sallie Brumett (Informant-Friend)
Brummett, John Sr.      WM         73y         15 Jul       Old Age             Unknown/Russell             Unknown (Informant-Friend)
Burdine, Female         BF         1m 7d       10 May       Croup               Russell/Russell             Katie Burdine (Informant M. Burdine)
Burton, Elizabeth       WF         39y         11 Mar       Womb Disease        Russell/Russell             Geo & Jennie Riner (Informant Wm. Burton-Husband)
Burton, Rosabelle       WF         1m 18d      07 Apr       Hives               Russell/Russell             Wm. & Elizabeth Burton (Informant Wm. Burton-Father)
Casey, Sally            WF         65y         27 Sep       Apopexy             Russell/Russell             Henry & Polly (Informant T.H. Casey-Son)
Chafin, Male            WM         1m          27 Oct       Croup               Russell/Russell             Andrew & Nancy C. Chafin (Informant Andrew K. Chafin-Father)
Clark, Female           WF         1d          09 Jan       Unknown             Russell/Russell             Wm. & Lidden Clark 
Claypool, Hue           WM         1y 19d      20 Jul       Unknown             Russell/Russell             W.D. Claypool
Cook, Etta              WF         2y          29 Apr       Unknown             Russell/Russell             A. & S. Cook
Couch, Bessie           WF         1y 1d       26 Feb       Whooping Cough      Russell/ Russell            A.K. & Tabitha Couch (informant A.K. Couch-Father)
Cowan, Robert           WM         20y 2m      ?? Jul       Consumption         Russell/Russell             C.H. & Sallie Cowan
Cress, Calvin M.        WM         37y         23 Apr       Typhoid Fever       Grayson/Russell             Robert & Manerva Cress (Informant Drucilla Cress-Wife)
Cress, James            WM         1y          12 Apr       Measles             Russell/Russell             Calvin M. Cress & Drucilla Cress (Informant Drucilla Cress-Mother)
Cross, Margaret E.      WF         14y 2m 12d  29 Sep       Typhoid Fever       Russell/Russell             Robert & Elizabeth Cross (Informant Elizabeth Cross-Mother)
Davenport, Nancy A.     WF         28y         07 May       Unknown             Russell/Russell             John S. & Susan Patrick (Informant C.W. Davenport-Husband)
Davis, Male             WM         1/4d        10 Oct       Unknown             Russell/Russell             Robert S. & Mary S. Davis (Informant Robert S. Davis-Father)
Davis, Susan            WF         62y         23 Dec       Paralysis           Russell/Russell             Wm. & Sallie Williams (Informant Calhoun Davis-Husband)
Day, Lini               BM         55y         15 Aug       Scrofula            Russell/Russell             Ann (Informant Alice Day-Head of Family)
Dickenson, Elizabeth    BF         18y         08 Mar       Typhoid Fever       Russell/Russell             Alex & Elvira Dickenson (Informant W.S. Dickenson-Friend)
Dickenson, Elizabeth    WF         65y         04 Jun       Cancer              Russell/Russell             Edmond & Mary Dickenson (Informant S.H. Dickenson-Son)
Dickenson, Elvira       BF         48y         10 Mar       Typhoid Fever       Russell/Russell             Peter & Lucy Gose (Informant W.S. Dickenson-Friend)
Dickenson, Female       BF         2d          17 Dec       Measles             Russell/Russell             Geo W. & Lizzie Dickenson (Informant Geo W. Dickenson-Father)
Dickenson, Henry        BM         25y         17 Jul       Hanged by Mob       Russell/Russell             Clory Dickenson (Informant Wm. Williams-Friend)
Dickenson, Katie        BF         21y         30 Jan       Typhoid Fever       Russell/Russell             Alex & Elvira Dickenson (Informant W.S. Dickenson-Friend)
Dickenson, Mary         BF         4m          05 Mar       Typhoid Fever       Russell/Russell             Katie Dickenson (Informant W.S. Dickenson-Friend)
Dickenson, Rachel E.    BF         19y         10 Feb       Consumption         Russell/Russell             James & Kesiah Dickenson (Informant James Dickenson-Father)
Dickenson, Ronnie       WM         7d          10 Jul       Unknown             Russell/Russell             John & Emily Dickenson (Informant John Dickenson-Father)
Dickenson, Roy          WM         13d         17 Jul       Unknown             Russell/Russell             John & Emily Dickenson (Informant John Dickenson-Father)
Duff, Martha            BF         80y         14 Mar       Old Age             Russell/Russell             Unknown (Informant F. Mead-Friend)
Duff, R. L.             WM         20y 10m     22 Oct       Fever               Russell/Russell             S.A. & Amanda Duff (Informant S.A. Duff-Father)
Duncan, W.              WM         10d         06 Jul       Unknown             Russell/Russell             A.M. & Sally Duncan
Dye, Lissie             WF         7m          29 Aug       Fever               Russell/Russell             Chas & Lou Dye
Dye, Marian             WF         2d          03 Dec       Unknown             Russell/Russell             Chas & Mary Dye
Earnest, J.W.           WM         84y         20 Feb       Paralysis           Tn/Russell                  Unknown (Informant B.P. Fink- Son in Law)
Faubus, Martha          WF         6y 11m      25 May       Diabetes            Russell/Russell             Wm. & Mary E. Faubus (Informant Mary E. Faubus-Mother)
Ferrell, B.W.           WM         Blank       10 Jul       Fever               Russell/Russell             Osker & Sallie Ferrell (Informant Osker Ferrell-Father)
Fields, C. B.           WM         21y 6m      24 Jul       Consumption         Russell/Russell             Wm. & M.E. Fields (Informant Wm. Fields-Father)
Fugate, Isaac B.        WM         85y 10m 8d  26 Mar       Pneumonia           Russell/Russell             Colbert & Hannah Fugate (Informant Jane Fugate-Wife)
Fullen, Julia           BF         17y         06 Dec       Rheumatism          Russell/Russell             Henderson & Ann Fullen (Informant Henderson Fullen-Father)
Gibson, Andrew P.       WM         72y         14 Mar       Consumption         Russell/Russell             Samuel Gibson (Informant C.H. Gibson-Nephew)
Gibson, Charlie         WM         4y          24 Feb       Brain Fever         Russell/Russell             Chas H. & Lizzie Gibson (Informant Chas H. Gibson)
Gibson, Maggie          WF         2y          07 Mar       Croup               Russell/Russell             Chas & Lizzie Gibson (Informant Chas Gibson-Father)
Glenn, Delmer C.        WM         1m 18d      05 Sep       Croup               Russell/Russell             Jas J. & Sarah Glenn (informant Jas J. Glenn-Father)
Gose, Elizabeth         WF         93y 8m 2d   28 Feb       Old Age             Russell/Russell             Wm. & Nancy Cowan (Informant C.G. Gose-Son)
Gray, Sarah E.          WF         36y11m21d   09 Feb       Consumption         Russell/Russell             John & Rebecca Price (Informant W.T. Gray-Husband)
Hackney, Made G.        BM         5y          25 Mar       Cold                Russell/Russell             Chas W. & Amy Hackney (Informant Chas W. Hackney-Father)
Hackney, Sarah M.A.A.   BF         9m          25 Apr       Cold                Russell/Russell             Chas W. & Amy Hackney (Informant Chas W. Hackney-Father)
Hale, Louisa            WF         55y         18 Sep       Asthma              Tn/Russell                  Unknown (Informant - Husband)
Hanson, Margaret L.     WF         73y         22 Sep       Asthma              Russell/Russell             James & Mary Dickenson (Informant J.W. Hanson-Husband)
Hargis, S.C.            BM         1y 15d      15 May       Unknown             Russell/Russell             Solomom & M. J. Hargis (Informant Solomon Hargis-Father)
Hargis, Samuel W.       WM         24y 6m 18d  25 May       Consumption         Russell/Russell             Leonard & Rebecca R. hargis (informant Leonard Hargis-Father
Hawkins, Doctor         WM         54y         30 Mar       Chronic Disease     Russell/Russell             Elisha & Isabella Hawkins (informant C. Hawkins-Son)
Hess, Thomas            WM         2y          01 Oct       Unknown             Russell/Russell             J.H. & Susan Hess (Informant J.H. Hess-Father)
Hickey, Wm.             WM         22y         06 Jul       Consumption         Washington/Russell          Unknown (Informant H. Duncan-Friend)
Hicks, Female           WF         1/8d        24 Jan       Unknown             Russell/Russell             Elias & Alice Hicks (informant Elias Hicks-Father)
Holmes, Mary C.         WF         35y         01 May       Consumption         Russell/Russell             Abram & Nancy Fuller (Informant G.F. Holmes-Husband
Horton, Male            WM         Blank       10 Apr       Unknown             Russell/Russell             A. & B.B Horton 
Hurd, George            WM         5y          10 Nov       Diptheria           Russell/Russell             Henry & Mary Hurd (Informant Henry Hurd-Father)
Ireson, Bessie E.       WF         5y          14 Sep       Croup               Russell/Russell             Robert V. & H.V. Ireson (Informant Robert V. Ireson-Father)
Ireson, James W.        WM         3y          12 Sep       Croup               Russell/Russell             Robert V. & H.V. Ireson (Informant Robert V. Ireson-Father)
Jessee, Sarah V.        WF         32y         11 Jun       Consumption         Russell/Russell             Armstrong & Rebecca Skeen (Informant Thos. B. Jessee-Husband)
Johnson, Grover         WM         1y 4m       15 Jun       Croup               Russell/Russell             Mary Johson (informant Mary Johnson-Mother)
Johnson, Luther O.      WM         5m 25d      18 May       Croup               Russell/Russell             Jas H. & Martha E. johnson (informant Jas H. Johnson-Father)
Johnson, Matilda F.     WF         3y          31 Jan       Whooping Cough      Russell/Russell             C.C. & Sarah J. Johnson (Informant C.C. Johnson-Father)
Jones, Joseph H.        WM         3y 9m       01 Apr       Gripp               Dickenson/Russell           J.H. & Mary Jones (Informant J.H. Jones-Father)
Jones, Sarah F.         WF         42y         20 Dec       Consumption         Russell/Russell             Wm. & Nancy A. Farris (Informant Enoch Jones-Husband)
Jordon, Thomas          WM         70y         10 Oct       Gravel              Russell/Russell             Thos & Linda Jordon (Informant J.D. Wise-Friend)
Kelley, Solomon         WM         57y         27 Nov       Unknown             Russell/Russell             Unknown (Informant-Friend)
King, James W.          WM         74y         02 Nov       Old Age             N.C./Russell                Bennett & Bashua King (Informant James D. King-Son)
Kiser, Elijah           WM         41y 5m 2d   08 Dec       Fever               Russell/Russell             Chas & Nancy Kiser (Informant -Wife)
Kiser, Male             WM         1m          05 Jan       Hives               Russell/Russell             Thom H. & Freb Kiser (Informant Thos H. Kiser-Father)
Lampkins, Chas W.       WM         1y 3m 9d    04 Oct       Flux                Russell/Russell             David & Sarah E. Lampkins (Informant David Lampkins-Father)
Lee, J. S.              WM         23y         06 Oct       Unknown             Russell/Russell             Unknown
Lyttle, John            WM         64y         10 Apr       Dyspepsia           Russell/Russell             Wm. & Nancy Lyttle (Informant J.A. Lyttle-Son)
Male                    WM         Blank       06 Dec       Unknown             Russell/Russell             J.E. & Cory E. (Informant-Parents)
Mays, Sarah             WF         29y         30 Dec       Infermation         Russell/Russell             John H. & Sarah Salyer (Informant R.H. Mays-Husband)
McCoy, Winfield C.      WM         15d         19 Jun       Whoopiing Cough     Russell/Russell             H.G. & E.A. McCoy (Informant H.G. McCoy-Father)
Mead, Lizzie B.         WF         1y 11m 10d  10 Mar       Whooping Cough      Russell/Russell             S.O. & Louisa D. Mead (Informant S.O. Mead-Father)
Mead, Mary E.           WF         36y 9d      28 Dec       Consumption         Russell/Russell             Franklin & Marinda Minton (Informant James Mead-Husband)
Mead, Matilda L.        WF         63y         18 Jul       Flux                Russell/Russell             John & Mary Phillips (Informant John K. Mead-Son)
Mead, Wm. C.            WM         1y 6m       20 Jun       Flux                Russell/Russell             Wm.F. & Eliza Mead (Informant-A.A. King-Uncke)
Miller, Polly           WF         37y         29 Jan       Consumption         Russell/Russell             Henry & Polly Hess
Muncy, Biddie A.        WF         68y         12 Jun       Consumption         Russell/Russell             Abner & Eva Willis (Informant David Muncy-Husband)
Musick, Livien M.       WF         13y         22 May       Lugripp             Russell/Russell             Abe & Sally Musick (Informant-Parents)
Nipper, Ethel           WF         3m          23 Aug       Unknown             Russell/Russell             Robt. & C. Nipper (Informant-Parents)
Osborn, Nellie G.       WF         4y 3m       08 Aug       Throat Disease      Russell/Russell             John & Alice Osborn (Informant John Osborn-Father)
Osborn, Samuel          WM         72y 28d     30 Oct       Palsy               Russell/Russell             Solomon & Elizabeth Osborn (Informant J.H. Osborn-Son)
Owens, Garland B.       WM         20y         21 Sep       Typhoid Fever       Russell/Russell             Levi J. & Elizabeth Owens (Informant Levi J. Owens-Father)
Owens, Mattie           WF         30y         15 Mar       Consumption         Russell/Russell             Blank (Informant H.F. Gray-Friend)
Patrick, Nancy A.       WF         58y         13 Jul       Flux                Giles/Russell               Ephriam & Hannah Bradley (Informant Wm. M. Patrick-Husband)
Patton, Male            WM         1/24d       28 Mar       Unknown             Russell/Russell             J.W. Patton & Patsey Patton (Informant J.W. Patton-Father)
Pinion, Cosby           WF         19y         02 Dec       Fever               Russell/Russell             Wm. & Rutha Pinion ( Informant-Parents)
Pinion, Mary            WF         14y         17 Oct       Fever               Russell/Russell             Wm. & Rutha Pinion (informant-Parents)
Powers, John            WM         18y         19 Sep       Fever               WV/Russell                  J.H. & Sarah E. Powers (Informant J.H. Powers-Father)
Powers, Sarah E.        WF         40y         04 Nov       Fever               WV/Russell                  Acca & Betty Budhorn (Informant J.H. Powers-Husband
Puckett, Margaret       WF         6y          28 Dec       Pneumonia Fever     Russell/Russell             Richard & Eliza Puckett (Informant Richard Puckett-Father)
Puckett, Mary M.        WF         19y         15 Aug       Typhoid Fever       Russell/Russell             J.M. & Nancy M. Puckett (Informant J.M. Puckett-Father)
Puckett, Ollie          WM         1y          03 Jul       Whooping Cough      Russell/Russell             Richard & Eliza Puckett (Informant Richard Puckett-Father)
Puckett, Virginia       WF         13y         16 Sep       Typhoid Fever       Russell/Russell             J.M. & Nancy M. Puckett (Informant J.M. Puckett-Father)
Purcell, J.T.           WM         39y         01 Aug       Over heat           Russell/Russell             Jas M. & Mary Purcell (Informant Mary L. Purcell-Wife)
Reynolds, Maggie L.     WF         9m 21d      02 Jun       Inflam of Bowels    Russell/Russell             A.A. & Lou Reynolds (Informant A.A. Reynolds-Father)
Richardson, Louisa J.   WF         9y          13 May       Unknown             Russell/Russell             N.A. & H. N. Richardson (Informant-Parents)
River, Bessie           WF         8m          12 Jun       Cholera             Russell/Russell             Thos & Mary A. River (Informant Thos River-Father)
Roark, Walter           WM         2m          08 Jun       Measles             Russell/Russell             Jas & F. Roark
Roberson, Cynthia       WF         70y         20 Apr       Unknown             Russell/Russell             Reece B. & Elizabeth Fields (Informant Thos Roberson-Son)
Robinette, Serilda      WF         17y         31 Jun       Fever               Russell/Russell             ? & Jane Robinette (Informant-Parents)
Russell, Mary           WF         56y         13 Aug       Consumption         Unknown/Russell             Unknown (Informant John Russell-Husband)
Saddler, Winfield S.    WM         38y 8m      11 Apr       Consumption         Russell/Russell             Wiley & Elizabeth Saddler (Informant Virginia J. Saddler-Wife)
Sanders, Caroline       WF         18y         01 Nov       Fever               Russell/Russell             Felin & Martha Sanders ( Informant Felin Sanders-Father)
Sexton, Louisa          WF         65y         16 Jun       Gripp               Russell/Russell             Chas & Louisa Johnson (Informant W.P. Sexton-Son)
Shell, Female           WF         1d          07 Dec       Unknown             Russell/Russell             S.R. & Elizabeth Shell (Informant S.R. Shell Father)
Shoemaker, Female       WF         6m 26d      26 Jun       Unknown             Russell/Russell             Isaac & S.J. Shoemaker
Skeen, Gilmer           WM         5y 6m       25 May       Flux                Russell/Russell             Johnathon & Eliza A. Skeen (Informant Johnathon Skeen-Father)
Smith, Worley           WM         1m 26d      18 Nov       Fever               Russell/Russell             A. & N. Smith ( Informant-Parents)
Stafford, Edward        WM         20y         25 Sep       Run Over by Train   Unknown/Russell             Informant C.T. Bartee-Friend
Stapleton, Elizabeth    WF         52y         08 Jun       Fever               Russell/Russell             John & Sarah Salyer (Informant D.R. Salyer-Friend)
Steel, Geo W.           WM         25y         26 Oct       Shot                Russell/Russell             J. W. & M. Steel ( Informant-Parents)
Stillwell, Laura        WF         26y         01 Sep       Billious Fever      Russell/Russell             Elias Stillwell (Informant-Parents)
Stillwell, Nancy        WF         40y         20 Aug       Consumption         Unknown/Russell             Unknown (Informant-Friend)
Stinson, Lony           WM         3y 11m 15d  14 Feb       Croup              Missouri/Russell             John W. & Mary S. Stinson (Informant John W. Stinson-Father)
Stinson, Mary           WF         60y         08 Jan       Rose Cancer         Russell/Russell             John & Jane Booth (Informant R. Stinson-Head of Family)
Sullivan, John          WM         13y 8m 7d   08 May       Billious Fever      Russell/Russell             Jas H. & Lucinda Sullivan (Informant Jas H. Sullivan-Father_
Sutherland, Robert T.   WM         4y          14 Jul       Croup               Russell/Russell             E.B. & Minnie Sutherland (Informant E.B. Sutherland-Father)
Sword, Male             WM         Blank       06 Dec       Unknown             Russell/Russell             Nathan & Nancy Sword (Informant Nathan Sword-Husband)
Taylor, Cosby           WF         3m          01 Mar       Diptheria           Russell/Russell             Polly Taylor (Informant A.M. Williams-Friend)
Taylor, Peter           WM         1y 8m       20 Apr       Diptheria           Russell/Russell             Polly Taylor (Informant A.M. Williams-Friend)
Turner, Harvey          WM         1y 15d      01 Nov       Unknown             Russell/Russell             Wilson & Patsy Turner (Informant Wilson Turner-Father)
Vicars, N. B.           WM         46y         21 Apr       Typhoid Fever       Russell/Russell             Robert & Pheba Vicars (Informant M.D. Vicars-Wife)
Wallis, Nancy E.        BF         12y         25 Jul       Unknown             Russell/Russell             A.W. & Margaret A. Wallis (Informant A.W. Wallis-Father)
Whetsell, Sallie        WF         7d          05 May       Croup               Russell/Russell             Thos J. & Susan Whetsell (Informant Thos J. Whetsell-Father)
Williams, Nancy         WF         72y         01 Nov       Dropsy              Russell/Russell             Samuel Leece (Informant Abram Fletcher-Son in Law)
Wise, Nelson            WM         10m         08 Jul       Flux                Russell/Russell             Samuel & Martha Wise (Informant Samuel Wise-Father)
Wyatt, Chas W.          WM         35y         15 Nov       Scrofula            Russell/Russell             John & Betsy Wyatt (Informant Sylvista Wyatt-Wife)

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