1888 Russell County Death Index

Name                      Race/Sex        Age            Date        POB/POD               Cause                    Parents/Consorts/Informants

Alderson, Elizabeth D.        WF        75y 7m 29d      01 Nov      Russell/Russell       Apoplexy                 Jas & Mary Dickenson (Informant W.C. Alderson-Son)
Amons, Louisa                 WF        30y             24 Jan      Russell/Russell       Consumption              Wm. & Elizabeth Breeding (Informant Wm. Amons-Husband)
Artrip, Harmon                WM        1y 6m           29 Oct      Russell/Russell       Diptheria                Samuel & Nancy Artrip (Informant Samuel Artrip-Father)
Artrip, Male                  WM        1/4d            15 Sep      Russell/Russell       Unknown                  Jos E. & Sarah C. Artrip (Informant Jos E. Artrip-Father)
Artrip, Martha C.             WF        3y              20 Oct      Russell/Russell       Diptheria                Samuel & Nancy Artrip (Informant Samuel Artrip-Father)
Artrip, Noah                  WM        48y             14 Aug      Russell/Russell       Heart Disease            James & Sallie Artrip (Informant Melissa Artrip-Wife)
Atkins, Hannah A.             WF        4y 6m           13 Nov      Russell/Russell       Blank                    W.A. & Syntha Adkins (Informant W.A. Adkins-Father
Bailey, Female                WF        8d              25 Dec      Russell/Russell       Blank                    B.F. & Maggie Bailey (Informant B.F. Bailey-Father)
Baker, Geo                    WM        12y 2m 7d       23 Aug      Russell/Russell       Flux                     Jos C. & Mary Baker (Informant Jos C. Baker-Father)
Baker, Hiley                  WF        70y             01 Sep      Russell/Russell       Flux                     Joseph & Mary Johnson (Informant W.J. Baker-Son)
Baker, Jasper F.              WM        6y 4m 17d       25 Aug      Russell/Russell       Flux                     Jos C. & Mary Baker (Informant Jos C. Baker-Father)
Ball, Jefferson               WM        2y 8m           19 Oct      Russell/Russell       Croup                    James Ball (Informant James Ball-Father)
Ball, Mary L.                 WF        2y 6m           12 Sep      Russell/Russell       Diptheria                J.N. & M. G. Ball (Informant J.N. Ball-Father)
Ball, Moses                   WM        79y             29 May      Russell/Russell       Diptheria                John & Polly Ball (Informant Polly Ball-Wife)
Ball, Sarah B.                WF        25y             31 Jan      Russell/Russell       Fever                    J.H. & Elizabeth Ball (Informant J.H. Ball-Father)
Ball, Sarah M.                WF        44y             27 Nov      Russell/Russell       Fever                    Jasper & M.G. Ball (Informant Jaspar Ball-Father)
Barrett, E. A.                WF        65y             26 Nov      Wythe/Russell         Bronchitis               Informant J.L. Barrett-Head of Family
Barton, Anna                  WF        42y             31 Jul      Russell/Russell       Consumption              Elijah & Mattie Rasnake (Informant Creed Barton-Husband)
Baugh, Absolom                WM        81y             19 Nov      Wythe/Russell         Old Age                  Michael & Catherine Baugh (Informant John Campbell-Grandson)
Bays, James K.P.              WM        43y 2m 26d      18 Oct      Russell/Russell       Paralysis                Cynthia Bays ( Informant Sarah E. Bays-Wife)
Blevins, Nancy                WF        19y 4m          09 Jun      Scott/Russell         Cholera Morbus           Daniel & Mary Blevins (Informant Daniel Blevins-Father)
Blizzard, Callie M.           WF        2m 10d          24 Nov      Russell/Russell       Eresyplas                Clark C. & Millie E. Blizzard (Informant Clark C. Blizzard-Father)
Bowman, Margaret              WF        32y             06 Jan      Russell/Russell       Unknown                  John & Elizabeth Bowman (Informant A.M.Williams-Friend)
Boyd, Maggie                  WF        15y             16 Sep      Russell/Russell       Diptheria                J.L & Nanie Boyd (Informant J.L. Boyd-Father)
Branson, Female               WF        1/4d            20 Aug      Russell/Russell       Unknown                  Malinda Branson (Informant W.J. Branson)
Branson, Malinda              WF        22y             24 Aug      Washington/Russell    Unknown                  Brisco & Eliza Branson (Informant W.J. Branson-Brother)
Branson, Temperance           WF        41y             01 Sep      Washington/Russell    Unknown                  Able & Margaret Humpreys (Informant W.J. Branson-Husband)
Breedlove, Fay                WF        9m              10 Oct      Russell/Russell       Diptheria                M.A. & Samuel Breedlove (Informant Samuel Breedlove-Father)
Brown, Nancy                  WF        2m              15 Aug      Russell/Russell       Measles                  J.H. & Nancy Brown (Informant J.H. Brown-Father
Browning, Elizabeth M.        WF        61y 3m 6d       13 Sep      Russell/Russell       Consumption              Samuel & Susan Honaker (Informant C.J. Browning-Husband)
Buckles, Gilmer               WM        3m              30 Sep      Russell/Russell       Dyspepsia                C.W. & Mary Buckles (Informant C.W. Buckles-Father)
Buckles, Wm. T.               WM        9y 9m 18d       14 Dec      Russell/Russell       Fever                    Claib Buckles & Mahala Jones (Informant A.J. Jones-Stepfather) 
Campbell, Charlie M.          WM        21y 4m 4d       12 Mar      Russell/Russell       Typhoid Fever            Fountain J. & Melinda J. Campbell (Informant John Campbell-Brother)
Campbell, Fountain J.         WM        61y 3m 27d      25 Jan      Wythe/Russell         Typhoid Fever            Fountain & Clarinda Campbell (Informant John Campbell-Son)
Campbell, Geo A.              WM        31y             18 Jan      Russell/Russell       Typhoid Fever            F.J. & M.J. Campbell (Informant John Campbell-Brother)
Campbell, Melinda J.          WF        55y 5m 17d      23 Jan      Russell/Russell       Typhoid Fever            Absolom & Elizabeth Baugh (Informant John Campbell-Son)
Carrell, James B.             BM        4m              09 Aug      Russell/Russell       Unknown                  C.R. Carrell (Informant C.R. Carrell-Father)
Cockran, Female               WF        0d              25 Jun      Russell/Russell       Dead at Birth            W.H. & Nancy Cockran (Informant W.H. Cockran-Father)
Cockran, Nancy B.             WF        43y             25 Jun      Russell/Russell       Childbirth               M.H. & Elizabeth Cockran (Informant Wm. Cockran-Head of Family)
Combow , Winfield S.          WM        1y 9m           07 Dec      Russell/Russell       Diptheria                Chas C. & Mary H. Combow (Informant Chas C. Combow-Father)
Combs, Lettie                 WF        4y 25d          25 Jun      Russell/Russell       Croup                    W.J. & Nancy Combs (Informant W.J. Combs-Father)
Combs, Winne                  BF        85y             10 Sep      Russell/Russell       Old Age                  S. & Sarah Thompson (Informant Isaac Combs-Husband)
Cowan, Sarah E.               WF        41y             16 Aug      Russell/Russell       Consumption              Abram & Mary Fuller (Informant Geo Cowan-Husband)
Deel, Lyddie                  WF        1y 5m           15 Nov      Russell/Russell       Measles                  H.O & Lear Deel (Informant Henry Deel-Father)
Dickenson, Elizabeth          WF        37y 9m          06 Sep      Scott/Russell         Asthma                   Henry & Mary Mead (Informant J.N. Dickenson-Husband)
Dickenson, Eva M.             WF        12d             17 Sep      Russell/Russell       Croup                    Jno & E. Dickenson (Informant N.D. Buckles-Father in Law)
Dickenson, Female             WF        9d              12 Sep      Russell/Russell       Unknown                  Jno N. & Elizabeth Dickenson (Informant Jno N. Dickenson-Father)
Dickenson, Martha             WF        48y             27 Dec      Lee/Russell           Liver Disease            Caliborn & Nancy D. Young (Informant T.T. Dickenson-Husband)
Dickenson, Mattie             BF        19y             15 Sep      ?      /Russell       Fever                    T.P.J. & Lucinda Dickenson (Informant T.P.J. Dickenson-Father)
Dickenson, Nancy C.           WF        46y             24 Apr      Russell/Russell       Consumption              Zachariah & Nancy Pippin (Informant George W. Dickenson-Husband)
Dickenson, Peter              BM        37y             20 Aug      Unknown/Russell       Drowned                  Unknown (Informant J.N. Greer M.D.-Friend)
Dickenson, Rebecca            BF        36y             15 Sep      Russell/Russell       Dropsy                   Sampson & Sallie Bundy (Informant John Dickenson-Husband)
Dickenson, Robert H.          WM        11m 26d         08 Apr      Russell/Russell       Croup                    Jno & Mattie Dickenson (Informant Jno Dickenson-Father)
Dickenson, Robert P.          WM        73y 11m 5d      06 Dec      Russell/Russell       Old Age                  James & Mary Dickenson (Informant E.J. Dickenson-Wife)
Dye, Thomas W.                WM        11y             13 Oct      Russell/Russell       Diptheria                Wm. & Rosanah Dye (Informant Wm. Dye-Father)
Farrell, Montville            BM        19y             20 Sep      Russell/Russell       Fever                    Ralph & Barbary Farrell (Informant Ralph Farrell-Father)
Ferguson, Anthony M.          WM        70y             22 Oct      Russell/Russell       Dropsy                   John & Mary Ferguson (Informant C.J. Ferguson-Son)
Ferrell, Barbary F.           WF        84y             04 Feb      Russell/Russell       Old Age                  Richard Millian (Informant Elijah Ferrell-Husband)
Fields, Joel                  WM        86y             13 Oct      Russell/Russell       Dropsy                   Blank (Informant C. Fields-Son)
Fields, John                  WM        64y             08 Mar      Russell/Russell       Heart Disease            Reece B. & Rebecca Fields (Informant A.M. Williams-Friend)
Fields, Richard T.            WM        80y 1m 27d      01 Sep      Russell/Russell       Dropsy                   Jno & Mary Fields (Consort-Mary Fields) (Informant Russell- Son in Law)
Fogleman, H.M.                WM        5y              25 Jul      Russell/Russell       Diptheria                Wm. J. & A.L. Fogleman (Informant Wm. J. Fogleman-Father)
Fortner, Thomas R.            WM        61y             31 Mar      ?      /Russell       Heart Disease            Jas & Elisabeth Fortner (Informant J.N. Greer M.D.Friend)
Franklin, Made                WM        20y             10 Apr       Russell/Rusell       Fever                    Blank (Informant Willis Higgins-Friend)
Fuller, Charles B.            WM        38y             04 Oct      Russell/Russell       Consumption              Abram & Mary Fuller (Informant Abram Fuller-Father)
Garrett, Martha               WF        83y             01 Apr      Russell/Russell       Old Age                  Blank (Informant Mary-Daughter)
Gilbert, Elizabeth            WF        32y 8m 20d      25 Aug      Russell/Russell       Childbirth               W. & Destie Crabtree (Informant J.C. Gilbert-Husband)
Gilbert, Lucinda              WF        52y             07 May      Russell/Russell       Fever                    Blank (Informant J.C. Gilbert-Friend)
Gose, Abner                   BM        26y             25 Aug      Russell/Russell       Unknown                  Ross & Amy Gose (Informant Nancy T. Gose-Friend)
Hackney, Benjamin R.H.        BM        7m              16 Mar      Russell/Russell       Croup                    Chas W. & Amy Hackney (Informant Chas H. Hackney-Father)
Harris, Amelia L.             WF        70y             24 Jan      Russell/Russell       Fever                    M.T. Harris
Harris, Granville             WM        4y              12 Nov      Russell/Russell       Diptheria                J.C. & Anna Harris (Informant J.C. Harris-Father)
Harris, Samuel G.             WM        1y 10m          28 Dec      Russell/Russell       Unknown                  A.B. & Ibbie E. Harris (Informant Sarah McGarrett-Grandmother)
Harris, Wm. M.                WM        7y 10m          14 Mar      Russell/Russell       Diptheria                M.H. & Mary Harris (Informant M.H. Harris-Father)
Hawkins, Sarah                WF        53y             11 Jan      Russell/Russell       Unknown                  Reece B. & Elizabeth Fields (Consort Elisha Hawkins) (Informant Dr. Hawkins-Stepson)
Hendricks, Annie              BF        39y             10 May      Russell/Russell       Fever                    S. & Curinda Samples ( Informant S. Samples-Father)
Hess, Mathais                 WM        2y 6m           15 Aug      Russell/Russell       Fever                    Wm. & Polly Hess (Informant Wm. Hess-Father)
Hess, Sally                   WF        31y             03 Aug      Russell/Russell       Fever                    Wm. & Polly Hess (Informant Wm. Hess-Father)
Hicks, Mary                   WF        36y             13 Jun      Russell/Russell       Dropsy                   Levi & Rachel White (Informant James Hicks-Husband)
Hubbard, Wm. H.               WM        5m              01 Sep      Russell/Russell       Diptheria                James Hubbard (Informant James Hubbard-Father)
Hurt, A.H.                    WM        3m              25 Feb      Russell/Russell       Cholera Morbus           A.S. & Louisa Hurt (Informant A.S. Hurt-Father)
Hurt, Wm. L.                  WM        2y 4m           01 May      Russell/Russell       Measles                  G.W. & Amanda Hurt (Informant G.W. Hurt-Father)
Hurt, Wm.                     WM        1y 10m          25 Aug      Russell/Russell       Diptheria                M. & Catherine Hurt (Informant M. Hurt-Father)
Isaacs, Delila                WF        21y             01 Aug      Russell/Russell       Tonsil Eatus             James & Sarah Keiths (Informant F.S. Isaacs-Husband)
Isaacs, Mary                  WF        6m 2d           22 Aug      Russell/Russell       Unknown                  F.S. & Delila Isaacs (Informant F.S. Isaacs-Father)
Jackson, Bales                WM        2y              10 May      Russell/Russell       Unknown                  C.W. & S.A. Jackson (Informant E.F Jackson-Father)
Jackson, John A.              WM        9m              12 Aug      Russell/Russell       Measles                  J.M. & Emma Jackson (Informant J.M. Jackson-Father)
Jenkins, Johnathon B.         WM        5d              24 Jul      Russell/Russell       Hives                    G.T. & Unie Jenkins (InformantG.T. Jenkins-Father)
Jesse, Wm. F.                 WM        70y             30 Nov      Russell/Russell       Unknown                  David & Catherine Jesse (Informant D.K. Jesse-Son)
Jessee, Eunicy                WF        65y 11m         29 Jan      Wise/Russell          Neuralgia                John & Hannah Dyer (Informant A.L. Jesse-Husband)
Johnson, Callie               WF        3y              20 Jul      Russell/Russell       Croup                    J.H. & Margaret Johnson (Informant J. H. Johnson-Father)
Johnson, Charles              BM        18y             20 Dec      Russell/Russell       Measles                  Rebecca Johnson ( Informant Rebecca Johnson-Mother)
Johnson, John T.              WM        4y 2m           22 Oct      Russell/Russell       Croup                    W.S. & Alice Johnson (Informant W.S. Johnson-Father)
Johnson, Lear E.              WF        42y             23 Mar      Russell/Russell       Consumption              John & Charlotte Johnson (Informant John Johnson-Father)
Johnson, Maggie C.            WF        2y 11m          06 Nov      Russell/Russell       Unknown                  J.F. & Mary C. Johnson (Informant J.F. Johnson-Father)
Johnson, Martha F.            WF        39y             14 Mar      Russell/Russell       Unknown                  Wm. N. Johnson (Informant Wm. N. Johnson-Father)
Jones Jinnie                  WF        23y             09 Sep      Russell/Russell       Typhoid Fever            Margaret Jones (Informant Thomas S. Jessee-Friend)
Jones, Arthur                 WM        1y 6m           15 May      Russell/Russell       Unknown                  R. & Mag Jones  (Informant R. Jones-Father)
Kennedy, John                 WM        93y             17 Aug      Russell/Russell       Old Age                  David & Nancy Kennedy (Informant J.F. Kennedy-Son)
Kimberlin, Sarah              WF        89y             14 Nov      Tazewell/Russell      Old Age                  Jacob & Elizabeth Snider (Informant C.C. Gilmer-Friend)
Kiser, Evolina                BF        2y              02 May      Russell/Rusell        Dropsy                   Geo & Henrita Kiser (Informant Geo Kiser)
Kiser, James                  WM        21y 7m 6d       07 Feb      Russell/Russell       Infirmation of Liver     Jep & Mary Kiser (Informant Mary Kiser-Mother)
Kiser, Moses                  BM        1y 2m           15 Jul      Russell/Russell       Fever                    Geo & Henrita Kiser (Informant Geo Kiser)
Laforce, John W.              WM        67y             15 Jan      Russell/Russell       Dropsy                   Sallie Laforce (Informant Mary Laforce-Wife)
Lawson, Rufas H.              WM        27d             11 Sep      Russell/Russell       Croup                    J.W. & M.A. Lawson (Informant J.W. Lawson-Father)
Lee, Randolph                 BM        60y             19 Oct      Russell/Russell       Yellow Jaundice          Blank
Leonard, David                WM        72y             12 Oct      Russell/Russell       Eryspelas                Blank ( Informant Isaac Leonard-Son)
Lowery, Robt. S.              WM        45y             01 Aug      Washington/Russell    Flux                     Blank (Informant Jno. T. Dickenson-Friend)
McFadden, Male                WM        1/8d            23 Dec      Russell/Russell       Unknown                  Geo A. & Virginia McFadden (Informant Geo A. McFadden-Father
McNew, Sophia                 WF        58y             13 May      Russell/Russell       Unknown                  J. McNew (Informant J. McNew-Head of Family)
Miller, Maggie Ellen          WF        15y             23 Dec      Russell/Russell       Inflam Rheumatism        C.D. & A.P Miller ( Informant C.D. Miller-Father)
Miller, Mary Alice            WF        22y             06 Oct      Russell/Russell       Consumption              C.D. & & A.P. Miller (Informant C.D. Miller-Father)
Minton, Henry D.              WM        3/4d            24 Jul      Russell/Russell       Croup                    Geo W. & Huld P. Minton (Informant Geo W. Minton-Father)
Minton, Malinda               WF        40y             05 Jul      Russell/Russell       Consumption              Jessee & Melvina Keith (Informant R.J. Minton-Husband)
Munsey, Mary E.               WF        32y 7m 26d      23 Oct      Russell/Russell       Consumption              David & Birddie A. Munsey (Informant David Munsey-Father)
Musick, Balfour               WM        7y 11m          02 Jan      Russell/Russell       Diptheria                W.B. & mary Musick (Informant W.B. Musick-Father)
Musick, Elizabeth             WF        30y             15 Aug      Russell/Russell       Typhoid Fever            Jas O. & Margaret Fraley (Consort Kernam Musick) (Informant J.M. Counts-Friend)
Musick, Willie                WM        10m             13 May      Russell/Russell       Cholera Morbus           C. & H.L Musick ( Informant Cowan Musick-Father)
Nipper, Male                  WM        0d              25 Sep      Russell/Russell       Still Born               C. & Polly Nipper (Informant C. Nipper-Father)
Patrick, Margaret             WF        39y             18 May      Russell/Russell       Consumption              Richard & Sallie Price (Informant A.F. Patrick-Husband)
Perigin, Jane                 WF        52y             08 May      Grayson/Russell       Consumption              Thomas & Amy Trent (Informant Ferman Perigin-Husband)
Perkins, Martha               WF        2m              07 Apr      Russell/Russell       Unknown                  J.P & Mary Perkins (Informant J.W. Perkins- Head of Family)
Perkins, Mary                 WF        24y             11 Feb      Russell/Russell       Unknown                  J.P & Mary Perkins (Informant J.W. Perkins- Head of Family)
Porter, John P.               WM        1/3d            12 Dec      Russell/Russell       Unknown                  Henry S. & Mary Porter (Informant Henry S. Porter-Father)
Powers, Thomas E.             WM        blank           20 Sep      Russell/Russell       Killed by Pistol Shot    J.H. & Sarah E. Powers (Informant J.H. Powers-Father)
Puckett, Male                 WM        0d              10 Sep      Russell/Russell       Still Born               J.T. & Rachel Puckett (Informant J.T. Puckett-Informant)
Purcell, Sylvesta             WF        30y             26 Jul      Russell/Russell       Bowel Complaint          Joseph & Cynthia Jessee (Informant Jno Purcell-Husband
Ramsey, Susannah              WF        90y             14 Aug      Russell/Russell       Typhoid Fever            Austin & Polly Bush (Informant J.M. Gose-Friend)
Ransey, Nancy                 WF        39y 5m          15 Sep      Russell/Russell       Consumption              John & Sallie Franklin (Informant J.B. Ransey-Husband)
Richardson, Thomas            WM        6y              28 Jun      Russell/Russell       Diptheria                A.W. Richardson ( Informant A.W. Richardson-Head of Family)
Right, Mary                   WF        75y             20 Feb      Russell/Russell       Dropsy                   Unknown (Informant R.C.M. Ring-Friend)
Riley, Francis                BF        45y             16 Jul      Russell/Russell       Unknown                  N. & B. Harris ( Informant John Riley-Husband)
Roach, John                   WM        74y             12 Sep      Ireland/Russell       Typhoid Fever            Unknown (Informant C.C. Gose-Friend)
Roberson, Thompson            WM        60y             01 Feb      Smyth/Russell         Typhoid Fever            Unknown ( Informant Elizabeth Roberson-Wife)
Robinson, Henry E.            WM        91y 6m 4d       28 Feb      Russell/Russell       Gravel                   Blank (Informant J.W. Robinson-Friend)
Sample, Georgia               BF        3y              10 May      Russell/Russell       Fever                    S. Sample (informant S.Sample-Head of Family)
Sample, James W.              BM        4y              09 May      Russell/Russell       Fever                    S. Sample (informant S.Sample-Head of Family)
Sample, Mancer                BM        2y              15 May      Russell/Russell       Fever                    S. Sample (informant S.Sample-Head of Family)
Short, James L.               WM        6m              18 Apr      Russell/Russell       Measles                  W.H. & L. Short (Informant W.H. Short-Father)
Slaughter, Lizzie             WF        10m             02 Aug      Russell/Russell       Cholera Morbus           John & Caldona Slaughter (Informant John Slaughter-Father)
Smith, Geo W.                 WM        15y             05 Jul      Kentucky/Russell      Measles                  J.B. & Mary Smith (Informant J.B. Smith-Father)
Smith, Maggie L.              WF        6y 5m 11d       13 Sep      Russell/Russell       Heart Disease            T.J. & Eliza J. Smith (Informant T.J. Smith-Father)
Starnes, Sally M.             WF        15y7m           27 Apr      Russell/Russell       Consumption              J.G. & Mary Starnes (Informant J.G. Starnes-Father)
Stinson, Jamison              WM        18y             18 Jan      Russell/Russell       Fever                    J.R. & Celia Stinson ( Informant J.R. Stinson-Father)
Stinson, Malissa              WF        40y             23 Apr      Russell/Russell       Scrofula                 John & Nancy Stinson (Informant John Stinson-Father)
Stras, Elizabeth              BF        7d              20 Dec      Russell/Russell       Croup                    George & Sarah J. Stras (Informant George Stras-Father)
Taylor, Nancy                 WF        64y             12 Aug      Russell/Russell       Consumption              John & Elizabeth Bowman (Informant A.M. Williams-Friend)
Taylor, Pricie                WF        16y             15 Nov      Russell/Russell       Rheumatism               Harvey & Celia Taylor (Informant Harvey Taylor-Father)
Tignor, Robt. D.              WM        33y             26 Nov      Russell/Russell       Consumption              Emanuel & Frances Tigner (Informant L.J. Tignor-Brother)
Todd, Andy                    BM        25y             23 Dec      Richmond/Russell      Fever                    Blank (Informant C.C.J. Aston-Physician)
Turner, Hulda E.              WF        8y 6m 23d       21 Aug      Russell/Russell       Fever                    J.B. & Jane Turner (Informant J.B. Turner-Father)
Tyler, Samuel H.              WM        36y             01 Feb      Scott/Russell         Typhoid Fever            Wm. & Nancy Tyler (Informant Mahala Tyler-Wife)
Vicars, Martha J.             WF        39y             14 May      Scott/Russell         Consumption              John & Jerrusha Castle (Informant Martin J. Vicars-Husband)
Virmillion, Hiram H.          WM        25y             15 Jul      Russell/Russell       Unknown                  Wm. & Nancy Virmillion (Informant Easter E. Virmillion-Wife)
Warner, Sallie R.             WF        1y 4m           17 Jul      Russell/Russell       Infermation of Bowels    Thomas B. & Elizabeth J. Warner (Informant Elizabeth J. Warner-Mother)
White, Arch                   WM        4y              26 Jun      Russell/Russell       Fever                    H.M. & Eliza White (Informant H.M. White-Father)
White, Levi                   WM        76y             15 Dec      Russell/Russell       Old Age                  Unknown (Informant H. White-Friend)
White, R.G.                   WF        48y             30 May      Russell/Russell       Heart Disease            W.B. & Isabel Brown (Informant Wm. White-Husband)
Whited, Lousinda              WF        38y             11 Feb      Russell/Russell       Childbirth               Meredith (Informant Meredith-Mother)
Wilson, Archy                 WM        3y              10 Nov      Russell/Russell       Croup                    J. & Sally Wilson (Informant J. Wilson-Father)
Woodfin, Auicie               BF        16y             15 Feb      Russell/Russell       Fever                    L.W. & Hannah Woodfin (Informant L.W. Woodfin-Father)
Woodfin, Sarah                BF        9y              20 Feb      Russell/Russell       Fever                    L.W. & Hannah Woodfin (Informant L.W. Woodfin-Father)
Wyatt, John W.                WM        4m 7d           31 Jan      Russell/Russell       Liver Disease            C.J. & Sarah J. Wyatt (Informant Sarah J. Wyatt-Mother)
Wysor, Florrence              WF        8y              25 Nov      Russell/Russell       Fever                    H. & Matilda Wysor (Informant Ralph Wysor-Head of Family)

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