1887 Russell County Death Index

Name              Race/Sex      Age           Date       POB/POD             Cause                 Parents/Consorts/Informants

Amburgy, Aley         WF        90y          08 Sep     Russell/Russell      Dropsy               Elizabeth Hammons (Informant W.H. Amburgy-Husband)
Anderson, Betsy       BF        3y           04 Feb     Russell/Russell      Brain fever          Isaac & L. Anderson (Informant Isaac Anderson-Father)
Archer, Frank         WM        1y 4m 2d     27 Jul     Russell/Russell      Fever                M.T. & Eveline Archer (Informant M.T. Archer-Father)
Artrip, Mary          WF        80y          25 Dec     Russell/Russell      Dropsy               H.S. & Maggie Sutherland (Informant-Wm. Artrip-Husband)
Ball, Henry E.        WM        15y 2m 26d   26 Sep     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            L. & C.E. Ball (Informant L. Ball-Father)
Banner, Male          BM        1/2d         21 Apr     Russell/Russell      Unknown              Wyatt & Jane Banner (Informant-Wyatt Banner-Father)
Barrett, Gary E.      WM        3y 11m       11 Sep     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            M.H.J. Barrett (Informant M.H.J. Barrett-Father)
Barton, Ira           WM        1y 10m       27 Jun     Russell/Russell      Unknown              Creed & Annie Barton (Informant Creed Barton-Father)
Baugh, Louisa         WF        59y 2m       24 Jul     Washington/Russell   Killed by Tree       Benj. & Rebecca Lindamood (Informant J.J Baugh-Husband)
Belcher, William M.   WM        15y          24 Nov     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            C.W. & Elsie Belcher (Informant C.W. Belcher-Father)
Bevins, Victorie E.   WF        1/24d        17 May     Russell/Russell      Unknown              O.J. & Mollie E. Bevins (Informant O.J. Bevins-Father)
Blevins, Frances M.   WF        12y 5m       08 Jul     Scott/Russell        Flux                 J.D. & S.S. Blevins (Informant J.D. Blevins-Father)
Blizzard, Jno         WM        21y          16 Aug     Russell/Russell      Fever                Sidner & Rutha Blizzard (Informant Robt.M. Blizzard-Brother)
Blizzard, Male        WM        1d           11 Jul     Russell/Russell      Unknown              Clark C. & Milley E. Blizzard (Informant Clark Blizzard-Father)
Blizzard, Sidner      WM        57y          21 Aug     Russell/Russell      Fever                Jno & Nancy Blizzard (Informant Robt. M. Blizzard-Son)
Bowling, Male         WM        1/24d        22 May     Russell/Russell      Unknown              Wesley A. & Martha Bowling (Informant Wesley A. Bowling-Father)
Boyd, Mariah H.       WF        33y          29 Aug     Russell/Russell      Dropsy               W. & Catherine Wysor (Informant C.H. Boyd -Husband)
Branson, Female       WF        1/6d         13 May     Russell/Russell      Unknown              F.M. & E.F. Branson (Informant F.M. Branson-Husband)
Breeding, Margaret    WF        45y          30 Oct     Russell/Russell      Heart Disease        Hiram & Betsy Dale (Informant Henderson Breeding-Husband)
Buckles, Margaret L   WF        41y 6m 13d   27 Aug     Russell/Russell      Asthma               Ed L. & Mary J. Buckles (Infromant E.J. Buckles-Brother)
Burk, Robt. N.        WM        6y 5m 1d     08 Aug     Russell/Russell      Flux                 S.L. & Mary Burk (Informant Samuel Burk-Grandfather)
Burk, Samuel F.       WM        9y 11m 25d   16 Aug     Russell/Russell      Flux                 S.L. & Mary Burk (Informant Samuel Burk-Grandfather)
Burk, Willie          WM        5y           22 Aug     Russell/Russell      Flux                 S.L. & Mary Burk (Informant Samuel Burk-Grandfather)
Burke, Henry S.       WM        1y 2m 12d    20 Aug     Russell/Russell      Flux                 G.N. & Sarah Burke (Informant G.N. Burke-Father)
Burke, Nancy          WF        79y          16 Sep     Russell/Russell      Fever                David & Catherine Jesse (Informant Samuel Burke-Son)
Campbell, Rachel      WF        78y          11 Aug     Russell/Russell      Heart Dropsy         Blank (Consort Wm. Campbell) (Informant Ira Campbell-Son)
Candler, Walter M.    WM        19y          08 Apr     Russell/Russell      Inferm of Stomach    Jno T. & Martha Candler (Informant Jno T. Candler-Father)
Carty, Mary E.        WF        22y          25 Apr     Russell/Russell      Unknown              M.L & Susie Porter (Informant Wm. D. Carty-Husband)
Castle, Lydia A.      WF        47y          04 Aug     Russell/Russell      Consumption          Edward & Mary J. Buckles (Informant Jacob Castle-Husband)
Castle, Male          WM        1/6d         15 Aug     Russell/Russell      Unknown              S.P. & Hulda Castle (Informant S.P. Castle-Father)
Childers, Arminda     WF        40y          09 Jun     Russell/Russell      Heart Dropsy         James & C. Fletcher (Informant J.B. Childers-Husband)
Childres, Abram       WM        88y          29 Dec     Russell/Russell      Rheumatism           Abram & Elisabeth Childres (Informant Jno H. Childres-Son)
Childres, Frances     WF        84y          18 Feb     Russell/Russell      Inferm of Stomach    Absolom & Mary Kiser (Informant Jno Childres-Son)
Clark, Minnie         WF        2m 12d       20 Dec     Russell/Russell      Fever                Dillard & Mary Clark (Informant Dillard Clark-Father)
Combow, Mary A.       WF        21y 11m 15d  15 Aug     Russell/Russell      Consumption          L.S. & Rebecca Hargiss (Informant Wm. Combow-Husband)
Combs, Grover C.      WM        2y 1m 23d    30 Sep     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            S.F. & E. Combs (Informant S.F. Combs- Head of Family)
Comman, Jno R.        WM        4y 2m 10d    08 Nov     Russell/Russell      Croup                T.W. & Lucy Comman (Informant T.W. Comman-Father)
Compton, Ellis        WM        6m 2d        10 Oct     Russell/Russell      Unknown              J.B. & H. Compton (Informant J.B. Compton-Father)
Cook, Ida             WF        2y 5m 15d    21 Feb     Russell/Russell      Whooping Cough       Isaac Cook (Informant Isaac Cook- Head of Family)
Counts, Charles A.    WM        15y          08 Aug     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            J.J. & Amy Counts (Informant J.J. Counts-Father)
Cowan, George         WM        1y 8m 10d    06 Jan     Russell/Russell      Typhoid Fever        Geo R.  & S. Cowan (Informant Geo Cowan-Father)
Cross, James A.       WM        14y          31 Aug     Russell/Russell      Perralysis           Robt. & E.C. Cross (Inormant Robt. Cross-Father)
Davis, Eliza          WF        57y 9m 10d   28 Jan     Russell/Russell      Consumption          Andrew & Nancy Williams (Informant Calhoun Davis-Husband)
Dickenson, Mary       WF        69y          16 Jan     Russell/Russell      Typhoid Fever        Abner & Eva Willis (Informant Wm. Dickenson-Husband)
Dickenson, Mattie     BF        15y          10 Sep     Russell/Russell      Fever                Peter J. & Lurinda Dickenson (Informant Peter J. Dickenson-Father)
Dickenson, Nathaniel  WM        90y 7m 27d   08 Feb     Russell/Russell      Diabetes             James & Margaret Dickenson (Informant N.S. Dickenson-Son)
Dickenson, Robt. H.   WM        1y           08 Apr     Russell/Russell      Croup                Jno T. & Mattie Dickenson (Informant Jno T. Dickenson-Father)
Dorton, Elkany        WM        68y          18 Jul     Russell/Russell      Consumption          Joel & Martha Dorton (Informant Nancy J. Dorton-Sister in Law)
Dorton, John          WM        64y          26 Apr     Russell/Russell      Pneumonia            Moses & Jemima Dorton (Informant Jno W. Hartstock-Brother in Law)
Dorton, Male          WM        9d           13 Aug     Russell/Russell      Unknown              Jno C. & Mary Dorton (Informant Jno C. Dorton-Father)
Dye, Crosby           WF        7y           15 Jul     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            Henderson & S. Dye (Informant Henderson Dye-Father)
East, Eliza           WF        29y          28 Dec     Russell/Russell      Spinal Effections    Charles & M. East (Informant Geo. W. East-Husband)
Elam, James M.        WM        36y 1m 14d   06 Feb     Russell/Russell      Typhoid Fever        Absolom & Susannah Elam (Informant Martha Elam-Wife)
Elam. Laura E.        WF        22y          23 Jan     Russell/Russell      Typhoid Fever        Absolom & Susannah Elam (Informant Susannah Elam-Mother)
Evans, John C.        WM        18y          06 Oct     Russell/Russell      Typhoid Fever        A.K. & Silvesta Evans (Informant A.K. Evans-Father)
Ferguson, Aaron       BM        7m           01 Aug     Russell/Russell      Croup                Wm. & Bell Ferguson (Informant Wm. Ferguson-Father)
Fields. Elizabeth     WF        81y 4m       23 Nov     N.C./Russell         Perralysis           Andrew & Anna Buckley (Informant J.W. Farmer-Son in Law)
Finney, Dorcus        WF        76y          03 Nov     Russell/Russell      Heart Disease        Wm. & Katie Lockhart (Informant James Finney-Husband)
Fletcher, Eliz        WF        33y          27 Dec     Russell/Russell      Pneumonia Fever      James & D. Finney (Informant R.L. Fletcher-Husband)
Fugate, R.C.          WM        65y          29 Jul     Russell/Russell      Consumption          Robt. & Easter Fugate (Informant Jno E. Fugate-Son)
Fullen, Maud          BF        1y           20 Mar     Russell/Russell      Unknown              J.D. & Mary Fullen (Informant J.D. Fullen-Father)
Garrett, Male         BM        0d           01 Jun     Russell/Russell      Born Dead            Haney Garrett (Informant H. Garrett-Mother)
Gent, Male            BM        14d          01 Jun     Russell/Russell      Unknown              Sip & Mary Gent (Informant Sip Gent-Father)
Gibson, Hulda B.      WF        2y           15 Apr     Buchanan/Russell     Croup                H.H. & Sarah Gibson (Informant H.H. Gibson-Father)
Gibson, Powell        WM        5y           20 Jan     Buchanan/Russell     Diptheria            H.H. & Sarah Gibson (Informant H.H. Gibson-Father)
Gibson, Wesley        WM        73y 8m 24d   23 Oct     Russell/Russell      Bowel Disease        Saml & Catherine Gibson (Informant E.K. Gibson- Son)
Gilbert, Joseph       WM        9d           18 Jul     Russell/Russell      Unknown              C.W. & L. Gilbert (Informant C.W. Gilbert-Father)
Gilley, Charles M.,   WM        14y 11m 15d  10 May     Carroll/Russell      Heart Disease        Jas. S. & Margaret Gilley (Informant Jas Gilley-Father)
Gilmer, C.H.          WM        74y          21 Apr     Russell/Russell      Unknown              Jas & Mattie Gilmer (Informant A.T. Gilmer-Son)
Gilmer, Samuel W.     BM        1y 1m 14d    24 Dec     Russell/Russell      Unknown              Chas & Priscilla Gilmer (Informant Chas Gilmer-Father)
Gilmer, Stella H.     WF        2y 6m 2d     11 Sep     Russell/Russell      Croup                A.H. & Martha Gimer (Informant A.H Gilmer-Father)
Gilmer, W. Smith      WM        47y 6m       08 Feb     Russell/Russell      Consumption          Axley & Temperence Gilmer (Informant Mary Gilmer-Wife)
Gilmer, Willie S.     WM        5m           12 Apr     Russell/Russell      Consumption          Wm. S. & Mary Gilmer (Informant Mary Gilmer-Mother)
Glenn, Nannnie C.     WF        1y 4m        12 Apr     Russell/Russell      Croup                E. & Eliza C.C. Glenn (Informant E. Glenn-Father)
Godsey, Wm.           BM        10m          27 May     Russell/Russell      Unknown              Andy & Mariah Godsey (informant Andy Godsey-Father)
Grizzle, Eliza        WF        2y           12 Nov     Russell/Russell      Croup                S.H. & M.V. Grizzle (Informant S.H. Grizzle-Father)
Habern, Jacob         BM        3y           15 Apr     Russell/Russell      Brain Fever          Geo & Emiline Haburn (Informant Geo Haburn-Father)
Hall, Allen A.        WM        1y           15 Dec     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            W.H. & Mary A. Hall (Informant W.H. Hall-Father)
Hargis, Male          BM        0d           28 Aug     Russell/Russell      Dead born            Sol & Giny Hargis (Informant Sol Hargis-Father)
Harris, Male          BM        0d           29 Jul     Russell/Russell      Dead Born            Sarah Harris (Informant Sarah Harris-Mother)
Hawkins, Female       WF        12d          10 Sep     Russell/Russell      Unknown              Ellen Hawkins (Informant James Gray-Friend)
Hawkins, Radford H.   WM        9y           01 Nov     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            T.L. & Mary E. Hawkins (Informant T.L. Hawkins-Father)
Helton, Samuel W.     WM        20y          16 Nov     Russell/Russell      Shot by Accident     Samuel & Elizabeth Helton (Informant Samuel Helton-Father)
Herndon, John G.      WM        66y          04 Jul     Russell/Staunton     Insane               Martha & E. Herndon (Informant Mary Herndon-Wife)
Hess, Taze            WM        1y 3m        26 Mar     Russell/Russell      Whooping Cough       James & Margaret Hess (Informant James Hess-Father)
Hess, William         WM        29y 6m       11 Oct     Russell/Russell      Liver Complaint      Henry & Milly Hess (Informant Henry Hess-Father)
Hess, William         WM        19d          13 Oct     Russell/Russell      Croup                John & Susan Hess (Informant John Hess-Father)
Honaker, Mary R.      WF        9d           15 Jul     Russell/Russell      Croup                Robert & M. Honaker (Informant Robert Honaker-Father)
Honaker, Matilda      WF        19d          01 May     Russell/Russell      Croup                Taze & Mag Honaker (Informant Taze Honaker-Father)
Horton, Florence      WF        19y          19 May     Russell/Russell      Unknown              Unknown (Informant John Horton-Husband)
Isaacs, Male          WM        1/8d         01 Oct     Russell/Russell      Unknown              Wm. H. & M.E. Isaacs (Informant Wm. H. Isaacs-Father)
Jackson, Minnie J.    WF        7y 2m 2d     30 Oct     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            James & Mag Jackson (Informant James Jackson-Father)
Johnson, Charley      WM        6y           25 Sep     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            S.H. & Matilda Johnson (Informant S.H. Johnson-Father)
Johnson, Cora M.      WF        8y           26 Aug     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            S.H. & Matilda Johnson (Informant S.H. Johnson-Father)
Johnson, Mary         WF        50y          08 Dec     Russell/Russell      Lung Disease         Enoch & Catherine Vanderpool (Informant Jos Johnson-Husband)
Johnson, Sarah        WF        70y          07 Mar     Tn/ Russell          Heart Disease        John & Betsy Baker (Informant W.S. Johnson-Husband)
Keath, Male           WM        0d           11 Jan     Russell/Russell      Born Dead            Jack & Rebecca Keath (Informant Jack Keath-Father)
Kennedy, L. F.        WM        6y 8m        27 Aug     Dickenson/Russell    Diptheria            J.D. & Sarah Kennedy (Informant J.D. Kennedy-Father)
Kennedy, Mary M.      WF        5y           08 Aug     Dickenson/Russell    Diptheria            J.D. & Sarah Kennedy (Informant J.D. Kennedy-Father)
King, Male            WM        1/4d         15 Oct     Russell/Russell      Unknown              A.A. & Mary King (Informant A.A. King-Father)
Kinney, Mary Sue      WF        94y          20 Oct     Russell/Russell      Old Age              Phil & Rachel Jessee (Informant (Informant C. Stinson-Friend)
Lewis, John           WM        73y          03 Mar     Washington/Russell   Consumption          W. & Mary Lewis (Informant Cessa Lewis-Wife)
Lockhart, John F.     WM        9y           01 Sep     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            Henry & M. E. Lockhart (Informant Henry Lockhart-Father)
Magraw, Julia E.      WF        11y          21 Aug     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            Henry & C. Magraw (Informant Henry Magraw-Father)
Magraw, Silas         WM        5y 2m 2d     17 Aug     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            Henry & C. Magraw (Informant Henry Magraw-Father)
McClure, Catherine    WF        70y          29 Nov     Washington/Russell   Dropsy               Isaac & Jennie Widner (Informant Jas McClure-Husband)
McFarlane, John A.    WM        54y          11 Oct     Russell/Russell      Neuralgia of Heart   Alex Mcfarland (Informant L.A. McFarland-wife)
McReynolds, A.T.      WM        2y           10 Oct     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            Mathias & Malissa McReynolds (Informant Mathais McReynolds-Father)
McReynolds, Belle     WF        7y 1m        11 Dec     Russell/Russell      Dropsy               Josh & Mary McReynolds (Informant Josh McReynolds-Father)
McReynolds, Ellen     WF        4y           12 Oct     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            Mathias & Malissa McReynolds (Informant Mathais McReynolds-Father)
McReynolds, Samuel    WM        7y           15 Oct     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            Mathias & Malissa McReynolds (Informant Mathais McReynolds-Father)
Mead, Mahala J.       WF        54y          19 Jul     Russell/Russell      Consumption          H.M. & Edith Mead (Informant Edna Mead-Sister)
Mead, Male            WM        6d           10 Feb     Russell/Russell      Unknown              H.T. & Catherine Mead (Informant H.T. Mead-Father)
Minton, Female        WF        4d           04 Oct     Russell/Russell      Unknown              R.J. & Malinda Minton (Informant R.J. Minton-Father)
Minton, John T.       WM        7y 10m       01 Oct     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            Wm. & Nancy Minton (Informant Phillip Minton-Grandfather)
Monk, Chas W.         WM        1m 23d       05 Nov     Russell/Russell      Brain Fever          Chas J. & Sarah Monk ( Informant Chas J. Monk-Father)
Music, Armelda A.     WF        32y          08 Sep     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            Ransom & Lydia Music (Informant Ransom Music-Father)
Music, Frankland P.   WM        6y 5m 8d     20 Dec     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            Wm. B. Music (Informant Wm. B. Music-Father)
Mutter, Leona E.      WF        26y 9m       20 Jun     Russell/Russell      Fever                James & Nancy Mutter (Informant James Mutter-Father)
Nipper, George        WM        6y           25 Nov     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            J.W. & Nancy Nipper (Informant J.W. Nipper-Father)
Nipper, Robert        WM        4y           25 Nov     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            J.W. & Nancy Nipper (Informant J.W. Nipper-Father)
Nooncester, Male      WM        18d          12 Jul     Russell/Russell      Unknown              Jas & Ibbie Nooncester (Informant Jas Nooncester-Father)
Osborn, Mary E.       WF        5m 10d       10 May     Russell/Russell      Croup                J.W. & Edith Osborn (Informant J.W. Osborn-Father)
Porter, Mary E.       WF        7y 2m        26 Sep     Russell/Russell      Consumption          Wm. D. Mary C. Porter (Informant Mary C. Porter-Mother)
Powers, Jefferson     WM        82y          29 Apr     Russell/Russell      Old Age              John & Elizabeth Powers (Informant John Steele-Son in Law)
Profit, David         WM        60y          27 Dec     Russell/Russell      Gastritis            David Profit (Consort Jane Profit (Informant Supt. of Poor)
Pruner, Nannie V.     WF        21y          06 Dec     Russell/Russell      Consumption          Geo A. & Easter Pruner (Informant Geo A. Pruner-Father)
Puckett, David        WM        66y 11m 4d   30 Jun     Russell/Russell      Eresiplas            Geo & Elizabeth Puckett ( Consort Sidney Puckett) (Informant Isaac Puckett-Brother)
Ramsey, Geo W.        WM        64y          06 Oct     ?      /Russell      Consumption          W.M.L. & Susannah Ramsey (Informant N.G. Ramsey-Son)
Rasnic, Emily Jane    WF        4y 8m        09 Oct     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            Elijah & C. Rasnik (Informant Elijah Rasnik-Father)
Rasnic, Ethel         WF        2y 6m 19d    21 Sep     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            Charles Rasnic ( Informant Charles Rasnic-Father)
Rasnic, Mary          WF        2y 6m        10 Dec     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            J.W. & L. Rasnic (Informant J.W. Rasnic-Father)
Rasnic, Rosy          WF        4y           20 Sep     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            Charles Rasnic ( Informant Charles Rasnic-Father)
Rasnik, Fletcher      WM        8y 3m        20 Sep     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            Charles Rasnic ( Informant Charles Rasnic-Father)
Ray, Floyd            WM        12y 4m 2d    01 May     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            Mary & Wm. Ray (Informant Mary Ray-Mother)
Ray, Margaret         WF        24y          06 May     Russell/Russell      Fever                Sidner & Nancy Blizzard (Informant John Ray-Husband)
Robenson, Mary        WF        56y          09 Apr     Russell/Russell      Consumption          Jas & Nancy Robenson (Informant J.H. Williams-Friend)
Robinson, Hiram       WM        59y          05 May     Russell/Russell      Consumption          Samuel & Celia Robinson (Informant Mahala Robinson-Wife)
Rogers, Theodosia     WF        14y 3m       14 Jun     Russell/Russell      Typhoid Fever        James & F. Rogers (Informant James Rogers-Father)
Salyer, Johnathan     WM        50y          15 May     Russell/Russell      Fever                Johnathon & Lydia Salyer (Informant R.S. Salyer-Brother)
Sexson, Aron H.       WM        2y           28 Jul     Russell/Russell      Flux                 Wm. M. & Sarah L Sexson (Informant Wm M. Sexson-Father)
Shelton, Female       WF        0d           10 Oct     Russell/Russell      Dead Born            W.A. & D. Shelton (Informant W.A. Shelton-Father)
Sheppard, N.B.        WF        5m           10 Oct     Russell/Russell      Unknown              J.H. & N.C. Sheppard (Informant J.H. Sheppard-Father)
Sheppard, N.C.        WF        33y          06 Jun     Russell/Russell      Cancer               Elizabeth Grifith (Informant James Sheppard-Husband)
Sisk, Alifair         WM        6y           27 Apr     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            Wm. & Margaret Sisk (Informant Wm. Sisk-Father)
Sisk, Mary            WF        3y           15 Nov     Russell/Russell      Gastritis            Wm. & Margaret Sisk (Informant Wm. Sisk-Father)
Skeen, Frances P.     WF        25y          17 Feb     Grayson/Russell      Consumption          John & Elizabeth Hensdale (Informant D.C. Skeen Husband)
Skeens, Rebecca       WF        60y          16 May     Russell/Russell      Colera Morbus        F.A. & Sarah Isaacs (Informant Armstrong Skeens-Husband)
Smith, Nancy R.B.     WF        8y 9m 27d    24 Sep     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            T.C. & Evaline Smith (Informant T.C. Smith- Father)
Smith, Wm. B.         WM        3y 6m        24 Sep     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            Jasper & N.J. Smith (Informant Jasper Smith-Father)
Stilwell, Male        WM        0d           20 Jul     Russell/Russell      Dead Born            Leander & Mary Stillwell (Informant Leander Stillwell-Father) 
Sullivan, John T.     WM        8y           15 Apr     Russell/Russell      Whooping Cough       Noah & Mary Sullivan (Informant Noah Sullivan-Father)
Sullivan. Henry B.    WM        7m           28 Apr     Russell/Russell      Whooping Cough       Noah & Mary Sullivan (Informant Noah Sullivan-Father)
Sutherland, Laura E.  WF        3y 7m        07 Apr     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            Jno & Rebecca Sutherland (Informant Jno Sutherland-Father)
Sutherland, Mary      WF        64y          21 Jan     Russell/Russell      Nervous Disease      Abram & Frances Childres (Informant Elijah Sutherland-Husband)
Taylor, James         WM        8y           15 Feb     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            Albert & Jane Taylor (Informant Albert Taylor-Father)
Taylor, Mary J.       WF        6y           08 Dec     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            Mary Taylor (informant Mary Taylor-Mother)
Taylor, William       WM        4y 3m        15 Feb     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            Albert & Jane Taylor (Informant Albert Taylor-Father)
Thomas, Female        WF        0d           01 Aug     Russell/Russell      Dead Born            Remley & Jemima Thomas (Informant Remley Thomas-Father)
Thompson, Phebe E.    WF        4y           30 Apr     Russell/Russell      Whooping Cough       Norman Thompson (Informant Norman Thompson-Father)
Thompson, Tolie P.    WF        8y 6m 19d    21 Sep     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            Fullen & J. Thompson (Informant Fullen Thompson-Father)
Tignor, Chas W.       WM        4y           14 Jan     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            C.H. & Rachel Tignor (Informant C.H.Tignor-Father)
Tuggle, Harriet F.    WF        1y 9m        15 Nov     Russell/Russell      Fever                L.M. & Rosy Tuggle (Informant L.M. Tuggle-Father)
Turner, Male          WM        1d           09 May     Russell/Russell      Unknown              Wilson Turner (Informant Wilson Turner-Father)
Vance, Rosy B.        WF        7y           15 Oct     Russell/Russell      Heart Dropsy         Wm. & Polly Vance (Informant Wm. Vance-Father)
Vicars, America       WF        19y          03 Aug     Russell/Russell      Consumption          Wm. H. & Elizabeth Vicars (Informant Wm. H. Vicars-Father)
Virmillion, Hester H. WF        13y 7m       30 Oct     Russell/Russell      Fever                Sarah Virmillion (Informant H.H. Virmillion-Brother)
Virmillion, Wm.       WM        69y 4m       20 Aug     Russell/Russell      Perralysis           Jesse & Mary Virmillion (Informant H.H. Virmillion-Son)
Ward, Female          WF        8d           27 Jul     Russell/Russell      Unknown              John & L. Ward (Informant John Ward-Father)
Webb, Polly E.P.      WF        28y 6m       04 Sep     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            Joseph & L. Webb (Informant Joseph Webb- Father)
Webb, Ward J.         WM        11y 10d      26 Aug     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            Joseph & L. Webb (Informant Joseph Webb- Father)
Whetsell, Samuel      WM        85y          21 Mar     Smythe/Russell       Dropsy               Unknown
White, Agnes          WF        95y          27 Nov     Giles/Russell        Old Age              Abram & Polly Williams (Informant Jas S. Sanders-Son in Law)
Whitt, Female         WF        1/4d         15 Sep     Russell/Russell      Blank                G.W. & Isabel Whitt (Informant G.W. Whitt-Father)
Williams, Joseph H.B. WM        10y 7m       28 Oct     Wise/Russell         Typhoid Fever        S.G. & Mary A. Williams (Informant S.G. Williams-Father)
Williams, Nancy C.    WF        77y 11m 18d  18 Jan     Washington/Russell   Pneumonia Fever      Abner & Eva Willis (Consort Andrew Williams) (Informant Jonah Williams-Son)
Wilson, Flora         WF        2y7m         05 Sep     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            Nelson & Sally Wilson (Informant Nelson Wilson-Father)
Wilson, Martha        WF        6y           16 Sep     Russell/Russell      Diptheria            W.W. & Villa Wilson (Informant W.W. Wilson-Father)
Wyatt, Joseph         WM        3d           24 Oct     Russell/Russell      Unknown              C.J. & Sarah J. Wyatt (Informant C.J. Wyatt-Father)
Wysor, Adam           WM        99y 4m       28 Jun     Montgomery/Russell   Dropsy               Geo & Polly Wysor (Informant Sallie Whitsell-Daughter)

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