1885 Russell County Death Index

Name                 Race/Sex    Age          Date        POB/POD              Cause               Parents/Consorts/Informants

Adkins, Maggie           WF     3y 4m 1d     18 Jun     ?      /Russell        Unknown             Thomas & Rebecca Adkins
Amos, Laura B.           WF     3m           20 Mar     Russell/Russell        Croup               Wm. & Louisa Amos (Informant Wm. Amos-Father)
Artrip, William          WM     UK           05 Aug     ?      /Russell        Blank               Fullen & Ellen Artrip
Ashbrook, Ollie          WM     1m 18d       04 Nov     Russell/Russell        Whooping Cough      Alvin & Mary Ashbrook (Informant A. Ashbrook-Father)
Baker, Frances           WF     17d          26 May     ?      /Russell        Bold Hives          G.W. & Maggie Baker
Baker, James             WM     69y          27 May     ?      /Russell        Lung Disease        Unknown
Ball, Susannah           WF     62y          20 Aug     Russell/Russell        Consumption         James & Elizabeth Sullivan (Informant Louisa Stump-Daughter)
Blankinship, Male        WM                  23 Dec     Russell/Russell        Blank               E.T & Mary Blankinship (Informant E.T.Blankinship-Father)
Boothe, Mary A.          WF     68y          11 Nov     Russell/Russell        Unknown Disease     Robert & Amy Stinson (Informant E. Stinson-Brother)
Boyd, Catherine          WF     42y          13 Jun     Tazewell/Russell       Childbirth          Harvey & Cynthia Remines (Informant ? Boyd-Husband
Boyd, George             BM     11y          05 Aug     ?      /Russell        Fever               Henry & Martha Boyd
Branch, William          BM     24y          28 Jun     Unknown/Russell        Consumption         Unknown (Informant Thomas Branch-Brother)
Branson, Franklin        WM     Blank        05 Mar     ?      /Russell        Bold Hives          F.M. & Fanny Branson
Breeding, George         WM     4d           05 Jun     ?      /Russell        Unknown             G. & Crosby Breeding
Brooks, Delle            WF     7m           01 Oct     ?      /Russell        Croup               J. & Emmie E. Brooks
Buckles, James N.        WM     8m           28 Jul     ?      /Russell        Disintery           Jas & Colly Buckles
Burdine, Rosa            WF     49y          01 Oct     ?      /Russell        Fever               N.E & Sally Burdine
Burk, Ida I.             WF     8d           16 Jun     ?      /Russell        Fever               Isiah & Sarah Burk
Burk, Sally              WF     7m           26 Oct     ?      /Russell        Croup               Joseph & Emma Burk
Burns, Katie E.          WF     22y          12 Dec     Russell/Russell        Consumption         J.C & L.N Gent (Informant Griffith E. Burns-Husband)
Campbell, Cynthia        WF     72y          08 Sep     Russell/Russell        Heart Disease       James & Biddie Elliott (Informant Mary Campbell-Daughter) 
Campbell, Ida            BF     2m           29 Nov     ?      /Russell        Croup               F. & Sarah Campbell
Campbell, James          WM     10d          07 Mar     ?      /Russell        Bold Hives          W.W & Martha Campbell
Campbell, Jas H.         WM     84y          03 Nov     ?      /Russell        Fever               Jon & Rachel Campbell
Campbell, Mary           WF     8m           24 Feb     ?      /Russell        Bronchitis          Joel & Mary Campbell
Campbell, Winnie         WF     89y          30 Aug     Halifax/Russell        Scrofula            Unknown (Informant J.H Campbell- Son)
Carpenter, Melvin G.     WM     23y 9m       25 Dec     Russell/Russell        Brain Fever         J.W. & Mary J. Carpenter (informant J.W. Carpenter-Father)
Castle, Emanuel          WM     6m           28 Nov     ?      /Russell        Croup               Canaza Catherine Castle
Cato, Ellen              BF     17y          09 Oct     Smythe/Russell         Unknown             David & Rachel Cato (Informant David Cato-Father)
Chafin, Cora             WF     2y           13 Oct     ?      /Russell        Croup               A.H & Nancy Chafin
Chafin, Male             WM     1d           16 Jul     ?      /Russell        Unknown             Arch & Leah Chafin
Chafin, Oliver B.        WM     68y          06 Nov     ?      /Russell        Fever               Jas & Rebecca Chafin
Chafin, Rebecca          WF     56y          17 Nov     ?      /Russell        Fever               John & Peggy Jessee
Chapman, Benjamin        WM     50y          14 Feb     Russell/Russell        Consumption         Benjamin & Mary Chapman (Consort-Jane Chapman) (Informant 
Chapman, Minerva         WF     61y 1m 3d    15 May     Russell/Russell        Inflam of Bowels    Joseph & Rector (Informant Wm. Chapman-Husband)
Chapman, Theophilis      WM     3y           07 Jan     ?      /Russell        Diptheria           G. & Eunice Chapman
Combs, Nelson            BM     42y          10 Jan     Russell/Russell        Scrofula            Pollie Crabtree (Consort-Nancy Nelson) (Informant L. Combs-Son)
Compton, Pollie A.       WF     23y          19 Apr     Russell/Russell        Childbirth          Mathais & Phebe Hess (Informant Floyd Compton-Husband)
Cumbow, Annie            WF     3m           23 Aug     ?      /Russell        Bronchitis          W. & Mary Cumbow
Cunningham, Louisa       WF     64y          03 Dec     ?      /Russell        Rheumatism          S. & Mary Cunningham
Cunningham, Oliver       WM     40y          26 Jan     ?      /Russell        Fever               Thos & Louisa Cunningham
Davis, Jessee            WM     82y          05 Sep     Russell/Russell        Fever               Henry & Nancy Davis (Informant Susan Robinson-Sister in law)
Dickenson, Maggie        BF     25y          30 Oct     ?      /Russell        Unknown             Blank
Dickenson, Nellie        BF     82y          09 Mar     Russell/Poorhouse      Unknown             Unknown (Informant J.T. Gray- Supt of poor)
Dorton, John             WM     29y          18 Oct     ?      /Russell        Fever               H. & Fanny Dorton
Dye, Male                WM     2 hrs        25 Dec     Russell/Russell        Unknown             Geo W. & Nancy Dye (Informant Nancy Dye-Mother)
Farmar, Mary             WF     45y          15 Mar     Patrick/Russell        Fever               John & Sallie Plaster (Informant Henry Farmar-Husband)
Ferguson, Martha M.      WF     40y          28 Feb     Russell/Russell        Consumption         Benjamin & Polly Chapman (Informant G.A Ferguson-Husband
Fields, Dora D.          WF     2y           26 Sep     ?      /Russell        Blank               F.F & Phoebe Fields
Fugate, Joseph C.        WM     63y          26 Feb     ?      /Russell        Blank               Robert & Elizabeth Fugate
Fullen Martha J.         BF     18y          19 Mar     Washington/Russell     Inflam of Brain     Henderson & Susan Fullen (Informant H. Fullen-Father)
Fullen, Windam           BM     4y           27 Dec     Russell/Russell        Burned to Death     David & Mary Fullen (Informant david Fullen-Father)
Fuller, Mary J.          WF     46y          19 Aug     Russell/Russell        Unknown             Abram & Mary Fuller (Informant A. Fuller-Father)
Gardner, Elnora J.       BF     8y           26 May     Russell/Russell        Inflam of Bowels    Wm. F. & Ellen Gardner (Informant Wm Gardner-Father)
Garrett, John            WM     90y          15 Jul     Russell/Russell        Gravel              Wm. & Elizabeth Garrett (Informant Wm. Garrett-Son)
Garrett, Mary            WF     18m          26 Sep     ?      /Russell        Croup               A. & Eliza Garrett
Garrett, William J.      WM     20y          15 Feb     ?      /Russell        Blank               M. & Mary Garrett
Gibson, Mattie           WF     20y          12 Sep     ?      /Russell        By a Lift           C. & Martha Gibson
Gilmer, Mary             WF     44y          13 Mar     ?      /Russell        Unknown             Joseph & Catherine Jessee
Graham, Charles A.       WM     11m 25d      14 May     Russell/Russell        Inflam of Bowels    A.T. & Mollie Graham (Informant A.T. Graham-Father)
Gray, Oliver             WM     58y          30 Dec     ?      /Russell        Dropsy              Wm. & Sarah Gray
Gray, Oliver             WM     2d           16 Mar     ?      /Russell        Dropsy              W.T & Elley Gray
Hall, Mary A.            WF     22y 9m       20 Jun     Russell/Russell        Consumption         A.M & Martha Duncan (Consort-G.B. Hall) (Informant A.M. Duncan-Father)
Harris, Abednago         WM     77y          10 Feb     Unknown/Russell        Unknown             Unknown (Informant L.V. Ball- Son in Law)
Hendricks, Charles       BM     18y          15 Aug     Russell/Russell        Consumption         Cummings & Martha Hendricks (Informant Barbara Ferrell-Friend)
Heron, Samuel B.         WM     74y 5m 5d    05 Mar     Washington/Russell     Heart Disease       James & Rebecca Heron (Consort- Elizabeth Heron) (Informant H.T Heron-Son)
Hicks, Male              WM     5d           15 Mar     ?      /Russell        Croup               Elihu & Loucinda Hicks
Holland, John A.         WM     68y          11 Nov     Russell/Russell        Consumption         Wm. & Nancy Holland (Informant Elizabeth Holland-Wife)
Holt, Sirilda            WF     35y          Blank      ?      /Russell        Fever               Hugh & Elizabeth Holt
Honaker, Emaline         WF     17y          15 Jan     Russell/Russell        Fever               Joseph & Vina Gilbert (Informant Elvino Honaker-Husband)
Honaker, H. C.           WM     42y          31 Aug     ?      /Russell        Dropsy              J.W. & Loucinda Honaker
Howard, Ellen            WF     63y          05 Apr     Russell/Russell        Consumption         Wm. & Margaret Nash (Informant Hiram Howard-Husband)
Howard, Female           WF     3d           29 Dec     Russell/Russell        Unknown             Rufas & Sallie Howard (Informant R. Howard-Father)
Jessee, Andrew J.        WM     4y           09 Dec     ?      /Russell        Fever               J.C & Margaret Jessee
Jessee, Oliver C.        WM     2y           12 Aug     ?      /Russell        Diptheria           E.O. & Cinthea Jessee
Johnson, Arther          WM     2y           26 Sep     ?      /Russell        Diptheria           H.C. & Catherine Johnson
Johnson, Male            WM     Blank        10 Jan     ?      /Russell        Unknown             H.C. & Catherine Johnson
Johnson, Mary            WF     2y           08 Sep     ?      /Russell        Cholera Morbus      D.R. & Jennie Johnson
Johnson, Mary C.         WF     38y          25 Jan     ?      /Russell        Cholera Morbus      W.S. & Mary Johnson
Jones, Henry Etta        WF     1y           12 Feb     ?      /Russell        Measles             Fielden & Jane Jones
Keath, Mary              WF     75y          02 Mar     Floyd/Russell          Paralysis           ? Hollie (Consort-Gabriel Keath) (Informant A.G. Keath-Son)
Ketron, Felix G.         WM     56y         01 Jan      Washington/Russell     Paralysis           John & Lucy Ketron (Informant Elizabeth Ketron-Wife)
Kiser, Margarette        WF     26y         12 Sep      ?      /Russell        Blank               C. & Lilly Keeth
Kiser, Noah              WM     44y         29 Dec      ?      /Russell        Fever               E. & Mary Kiser
Kiser, Samuel J.         WM     17y         01 Mar      ?      /Russell        Fever               E. & Mary Kiser
Lee, Eliza T.            WF     22y         01 Apr      Russell/Russell        Unknown             Joseph & Sallie Smith (Consort- John L. Lee) (Informant A.L Smith-Brother)
Lee, Elvira              WF     16y         18 Aug      ?      /Russell        Sore Throat         A.M. & E.F. Lee
Little, James M.         WM     6y          03 Jul      ?      /Russell        Blank               A.A. & Elizabeth Little
Lynch, Thom H.           WM     61y         02 Jul      Washington/Russell     Heart Disease       Jacob & Sallie Lynch (Informant Mary J. Lynch-Wife)
Martin, Sallie           BF     9y          30 Mar      Unknown/Russell        Unknown             Nancy Martin (Informant N. Martin-Mother)
Mason, Mary              WF     3y          05 Aug      ?      /Russell        Croup               Robt & Priscilla Mason
McFadden, Elihu          WM     3y          10 Aug      Jackson/Russell        Croup               John & Millie McFadden (Informant J. McFadden-Father)
McReynolds, Mary         WF     20y         25 Aug      ?      /Russell        Consumption         G. & Fanny McReynolds
McReynolds, Robt         WM     16y         11 Aug      ?      /Russell        Shot                G. & Fanny McReynolds
Miller, Female           WF     2 hrs       13 Apr      Russell/Russell        Unknown             A. & Celie Miller (Informant A. Miller-Father)
Minton, Eliza            WF     14y         08 May      ?      /Russell        Fever               Geo & Hulda Minton
Minton, Mary             WF     14y         15 May      ?      /Russell        Fever               Geo & Hulda Minton
Musick, Kernan           WM     33y         10 Mar      ?      /Russell        Fever               Ranon Musick
Musick, M. A.            WM     27y         01 Feb      Russell/Russell        Fever               Geo & Martha J. Musick (Informant G. Musick-Father)
Musick, Mary E.          WF     7y          24 Jun      Russell/Russell        Unknown             Ransom & Elvira Musick (Informant R. Musick-Father)
Musick, Pollie           WF     73y         18 Jan      Unknown/Poorhouse      Paralysis           Unknown (Informant J.T. Gray- Supt. of Poor)
Newberry, Millie         WF     16y         06 Aug      Russell/Russell        Fever               Anderson & Amanda Newberry (Informant A. Newberry-Father)
Nipper, Asa F.           WM     7m          16 Feb      Russell/Russell        Croup               Crocket & Pollie Nipper (Informant C. Nipper-Father)
Osborn, Long C.          WM     36y         03 Dec      ?      /Russell        Fever               Likes & Fanny
Osborn, Male             WM     2d          06 Jan      ?      /Russell        Unknown             J.W. & Alice Osborn
Owens, Male              WM     4d          10 Feb      ?      /Russell        Bold Hives          L.J. & Eliza Owens
Page, George             WM     11y         15 Apr      ?      /Russell        Heart Disease       Alex & Mary Page
Peter ?                  BM     30y         12 Feb      ?      /Russell        Consumption         Unknown
Pinnion, Cosby A.        WF     15y         22 Sep      Russell/Russell        Fever               Frank & Elizabeth Pinnion (Informant Louisa Hall-Friend)
Ramsey, Dora V.          WF     6y          17 Sep      ?      /Russell        Diptheria           W.W. & Mag Ramsey
Rasnake, Elizabeth       WF     70y         15 Dec      Russell/Russell        Cancer              Solomon & Judith Litton (Informant E.Rasnake-Son)
Rasnake, Nancy           WF     72y         05 Oct      Russell/Russell        Paralysis           Wm. & Sallie Wallace (Consort George Rasnake) (Informant J.H. Rasnake-Son)
Reynolds, Ira            WM     82y         29 Nov      Henrico/Russell        Paralysis           Barnett & Sarah Reynolds (Informant B.H. Reynolds-Son)
Reynolds, Sallie L.      WF     18y 3m      09 Feb      Russell/Russell        Inflam of Brain     B.H. & Sarah C. Reynolds (Informant B. Reynolds-Father)
Riggs, Chas G.           WM     19y         25 Jan      ?      /Russell        Measles             L & Jane Dorton
Riggs, William           WM     71y         16 Jan      ?      /Russell        Fever               John & Peggy Riggs
Riley, Thomas J.         WM     74y         09 Jul      Russell/Russell        Unknown             Daniel & Susan Riley (Informant Elizabeth Riley-Wife)
Roberson, Meima          WF     6y          16 Sep      ?      /Russell        Diptheria           Jas & Lucy Roberson
Robinson, Jacob          WM     56y         15 Nov      Russell/Russell        Fever               Unknown (Informant John McClan)
Shoemaker, J.J           WM     22y         05 Jun      ?      /Russell        Heart Disease       Phillip & Susan Shoemaker
Silcox, Rebecca          WF     74y         12 Apr      ?      /Russell        Paralized           John & Rebecca Mead
Smith, Evaret            WM     1m 17d      05 Aug      Russell/Russell        Cholera Morbus      Taz & Emaline Smith (Informant T. Smith-Father)
Speer, Catharine         WF     38y         06 Mar      Russell/Russell        Consumption         James & Millie Lockhart (Informant S.H. Speer-Husband)
Stalgen, Male            WM     Blank       07 May      ?      /Russell        Unknown             C.W. & Elizabeth Stalgen
Steele, George H.        WM     54y         08 May      Russell/Russell        Fever               Harvey & Jane Steele (Informant Ellen Steele-Wife)
Steffey, Rosco           WM     2m          12 Jan      ?      /Russell        Blank               J.P & Patsy Steffey
Sutherland, Andrew       WM     2y          15 Oct      ?      /Russell        Diptheria           H. & Sarah Sutherland
Taylor, Mary             WF     28y 1m      16 Oct      Tazewell/Russell       Childbirth          Elexious & Catharine Evans (Informant James H. Taylor-Husband)
Thomas, Kirby S.         WM     20y         15 Nov      Russell/Russell        Killed by Mule      Whitley & Nancy Thomas (Informant W. Thomas-Father)
Turner, Aaron            WM     7y          15 Sep      ?      /Russell        Worms               F. & Cintha Turner
Turner, Jesse            WF     23d         31 May      ?      /Russell        Croup               J.B. & Jane Turner
Vaughn, William          WM     22y         16 Feb      ?      /Russell        Consumption         Peter & Mary Vaughn
Vicars, Samuel           WM     63y         12 Jan      ?      /Russell        Fever               J. & Elizabeth Vicars
Vicars, Sarah            WF     54y         15 Feb      ?      /Russell        Fever               John & Elizabeth Richardson
Whited, Maria            WF     1y 9m       04 Nov      Russell/Carter Tn      Inflam of Brain     C.C & Mary Whited (Informant C. Whited-Father)
Whitton, John            WM     86y         11 Jun      ?      /Russell        Unknown             Unknown
Wise, Male               WM     6 hrs       10 Apr      Washington/Washington  Unknown             James & Myra Wise (Informant J. Wise-Father)
Wood, William            WM     22y         18 Feb      ?      /Russell        Unknown             Shack & Sally Wood

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