1884 Russell County Death Index

Name                 Race/Sex    Age         Date       POB/POD              Cause               Parents/Consorts/Informants

Alexander, Charles      BM      18y          07 Aug     Russell/Russell      Consumption        Cummings & Martha Alexander (Informant Barbara Ferrell- No Relation)
Alexander, Mary         WF      78y          02 Feb     Russell/Russell      Blank              Wm. & Elizabeth Garrett (Informant J.W. Hendricks-Brother in law)
Amburgey, John          WM      90y 1m 14d   03 Mar     N.C./Russell         Infermaties        John & Elizabeth Amburgey (Informant W.H. Amburgey-Child)
Banner, Lou             BF      Blank        14 Oct     Russell/Russell      Blank              George C. & Mary Banner (Informant G. C. Banner-Father)
Barton, Charles P.      WM      8y 3m        04 Dec     Russell/Russell      Killed by Tree     Harvey & Margaret Barton (Informant H. Barton-Father)
Bays, Julia A.          WF      55y          23 Nov     Washington/Russell   Inflam of Head     Wm. & Salley Blankenship (Informant John H. Bays-Husband)
Blizzard, Chas C.       WM      18y          18 Mar     Russell/Russell      Fever              Wm. & Margarite Blizzard (Informant Wm. Blizzard-Father)
Boyd, Belinda W.        WF      62y          16 Dec     Russell/Russell      Feaver             Eli & Agnes Fletcher (Informant John H. Boyd-Husband)
Boyd, Margarette        BF      26y          25 Nov     Russell/Russell      Consumption        Unknown (Informant H. Boyd-Husband)
Browning, Nancy         WF      Blank        18 Jun     Russell/Russell      Stillborn          Wm. & Nancy Browning (Informant Wm. Browning-Father
Burk, Fullen            WM      6m           11 Sep     Russell/Russell      Hives              John & Margaret Burk "(Informant J. Burk-Father)
Burns, James            BM      6m 6d        10 May     Russell/Russell      Cold               James & Sally Burns (Infomant J. Burns-Father)
Burns, William M.       WM      Blank        30 May     Blank/Russell        Infermaties        Informant W.H. Dickenson-Friend
Byington, Alexander     WM      4m           02 Feb     Russell/Russell      Cancer             Jefferson & Rhoda Byington (informant J. Byington-Father)
Calvert, Matilda        WF      30y          17 May     Washington/Tazewell  Feaver             Elijah & Celia Mungler (Informant J.B Calvert-Husband)
Campbell Jas H.         WM      Blank        17 Apr     Blank/Russell        Blank              Wm. & Martha Campbell (Informant Wm. Campbell-Father)
Campbell, D.C           WM      7y 2m 6d     25 Apr     Russell/Russell      Inflam of Brain    J.R & Nancy Campbell ( Informant J.R. Campbell-Father)
Campbell, Mary Ida      WF      Blank        17 Jun     Blank/Russell        Blank              Joel & Mary Campbell (Informant J. Campbell-Father)
Campbell, William F.    WM      41y 5m 24d   30 Aug     Russell/Russell      Disease of Heart   Joel R. & Nancy Campbell (Consort of Elizabeth Campbell)
Castle, Anson           WM      14d          18 Dec     Blank/Russell        Blank              Nathan & Eliza Castle (Informant Nathan Castle-Father)
Castle, Male            WM      1m 3d        15 Dec     Blank/Russell        Croup              Nathan & Mary Castle (Informant Nathan Castle-Father)
Castle, Mary            WF      21y          25 Aug     Blank/Russell        Consumption        Geo & Mary McReynolds (Informant Jack Castle-Husband)
Castle, Winfield        WM      1y           18 Mar     Blank/Russell        Croup              Canary & Jane Castle (Informant C. Castle-Father)
Counts, Alton           WM      1y           10 Jun     Russell/Russell      Croup              Joseph & Mary Counts (Informant J. Counts-Father)
Cumbow, Nannie          WF      1y 9m        09 Sep     Russell/Russell      Unknown            Wm. & Mary C. Cumbow (Informant Wm. Cumbow-Father)
Dickenson, Charley A.   WM      Blank        04 Jul     Blank/Russell        Blank              Elbert & Jane Dickenson
Dickenson, Ellen        WF      15y          18 Jun     Blank/Russell        Consumption        John & Rebecca Dickenson (Informant J. Dickenson-Father)
Dickenson, Nora         WF      19y          10 Sep     Blank/Russell        Consumption        Peter J. & May Dickenson
Dickenson, Sarah E.     WF      36y          02 Dec     Blank/Russell        Blank              W.J. & Catherine Sexton (Informant R.P. Dickenson-Husband)
Dorten, Rocksa          BF      45y          04 Jan     Russell/Poor House   Consumption        Parents Unknown ( Informant John T. Gray)
Dye, Charlotta          WF      84y          04 Jan     Blank/Russell        Old Age            Thomas & Betsy Carter (Prior Dye-Husband) (Informant James Dye-Son in Law)
Dye, Male               WM      1d           19 Feb     Russell/Russell      Blank              John & Elizabeth Dye (Informant J. Dye-Father)
Elam, Charles J.        WM      7y           23 Dec     Blank/Russell        Blank              Mary Elam-Consort
Elam, Mary              WF      9m           10 Sep     Blank/Russell        ? Of Head          Robt & Mollie Elam (Informant R. Elam-Father)
Ferrell, Francis        BF      13y          06 Nov     Russell/Russell      Feaver             Ralph & Cinda Ferrell (Informant R. Ferrell-Father)
Fields, Wilson G.       WM      28y 8m       08 Aug     Russell/Russell      Mashed by Horse    G. & Jane Fields  ( Consort of Ann Campbell) (Informant Jefferson Fields- Brother)
Fields. Nannie M.       WF      70y          07 Aug     Blank/Russell        Brain Affliction   Randolf & Lori Fields
Fink, Jane M.           WF      Blank        27 Aug     Blank/Russell        Blank              Ballard & Mary Fink (Informant B. Fink-Father)
Fugate, Hester          WF      3y           06 Oct     Blank/Russell        Toncil Atus        J.B & Mary Fugate
Fugate, Thomas E.       WM      29y          06 Apr     Blank/Russell        Fever              F.J.C & Sally Fugate (Informant FJ.C. Fugate-Father)
Fugate, Virginia S.     WF      23y          25 Feb     Blank/Russell        Fever              F.J.C & Sally Fugate (Informant FJ.C. Fugate-Father)
Fuller, Mary            WF      74y          07 Mar     Henrico/Russell      Feaver             Burnett & Lucy Reynolds (Informant Abram Fuller-Husband)
Gardner, Emaline W.     WF      29y          25 Dec     Russell/Russell      Consumption        Z.N & Mary Gardner (Informant Z.N Gardner-Father)
Gibson, Elizabeth       WF      20y          19 Oct     Russell/Russell      Feaver             S.K Gibson (Informant S.K Gibson-Father)
Gibson, Lina G.         WF      2y           30 Nov     Russell/Russell      Blank              J.W. Gibson (Informant J.W. Gibson-Father)
Gibson, Mary A.         WF      3m           20 Nov     Russell/Russell      Blank              C.W.& Wife Gibson (Informant C. Gibson-Father)
Glen, Catherine         WF      1y 6m 7d     12 Jun     Blank/Russell        Diptheria          D. & Liza Glen (Informant D. Glen-Father)
Gray, Mody              WF      2y           21 Dec     Russell/Russell      Blank              Geo W. & Wife Gray (Informant G. Gray-Father)
Hancock, J.A. Mrs.      WF      31y          02 Dec     England/Russell      Feaver             Thomas & Mary Bolmar (Informant John A. Hancock-Husband)
Hargiss, Nancy          WF      93y          09 Jun     Russell/Russell      Paralysis          Alex & Mima Shoemaker (Informant T.G. Hargiss-Son)
Herendon, Bertha M.     WF      3m           11 Dec     Russell/Russell      Croup              Geo & Catherine Herendon (Informant George Herendon-Father)
Herendon, Edda E.       WM      4m           16 Jul     Russell/Russell      Blank              A.G & Sarah Herendon (Informant A.G Herendon-Father)
Hess, Jane              WF      50y          10 Oct     Russell/Russell      Cold               George & Mary Ball (Informant E. Hess-Son)
Hess, Male              WM      1d           09 Aug     Russell/Russell      Unknown            R.F & Florence Hess (Informant R.F Hess-Father)
Holt, Eleaney           WF      22y          12 May     Blank/Russell        Fever              Birch & Wife Holt
Horton, Rutha           WF      77y          22 Mar     Tazewell/Russell     Old Age            John & Catherine Davis (Informant L. Horton-Son)
Jessee, Auther F.       WM      2y           16 Oct     Russell/Russell      Dropsy             Samuel Jessee (Informant S. Jessee-Father)
Jessee, Chas H.         WM      2m           16 Nov     Russell/Russell      Croup              E.K Jesse       
Jessee, Geo M.          WM      9y 8m        27 Nov     Russell/Russell      Flux               B.J & Mary Jessee (Informant B.J Jessee-Father) 
Jessee, Wm. T.          WM      9y 8m        27 Nov     Russell/Russell      Flux               B.J & Mary Jessee (Informant B.J Jessee-Father) 
Johnson, Male           BM      10m          23 Nov     Blank/Russell        Blank              Rebecca Johnson
Johnson, Wollen         WM      2y           16 Oct     Blank/Russell        Blank              Alex & Wife Johnson
Lawson, Nancy           WF      101y         01 Apr     Blank/Russell        Old Age            Unknown (Informant Joseph Artrip-No Relation)
Massey, Thomas          WM      1m           14 Jul     Russell/Russell      Hives              Newton & Catherine Massey (Informant N. Massey-Father)
McCloud, Martha J.      WF      29y 9m       13 Dec     Russell/Russell      Feaver             George & Rebecca Robinson (Informant S.P. McCloud-Husband)
McCloud, Mary           WF      80y          28 Mar     Wythe/Russell        Dropsy             James Hale (Informant John McCloud-Son)
Miller, Marinda         WF      1d           27 Aug     Russell/Russell      Blank              W.R.A & Mary J. Miller (Informant W.R.A Miller-Father)
Mutter, Roctory A.      WF      4y 9m 2d     27 Jun     Russell/Russell      Croup              G.C & Francis Mutter (Informant G.C Mutter-Father)
Nash, Catharine         WF      Blank        23 Mar     Blank/Russell        Blank              Blank
Perott, Aca             WM      33y          22 Dec     Morgan Tn/Russell    Feaver             John & Margaret Perott (Josaphine Perott-Wife (Informant W.W Burns-Father in Law)
Price, Delila J.        WF      4m 16d       30 Nov     Blank/Russell        Cold               J.J & Martha J. Price (Informant J.J Price-Father)
Puckett, John           WM      1y 6m        14 Oct     Blank/Russell        Blank              George & Mary Puckett (Informant G. Puckett-Father)
Ramsey, Polly           WF      62y          03 Oct     Blank/Russell        Consumption        Wm. & Sarah Fraley
Ray, Joseph             WM      42y          21 Sep     Russell/Russell      Fever              Peter & Nancy Ray
Ray, Lucy               WF      70y          25 Jul     Russell/Russell      Cramp Colic        John & Elizabeth Ray (Informant J.H Ray- Son)
Redwine, John           WM      24y 3m       28 May     Russell/Russell      Inflam of Bowels   R.R & Sarah Redwine (Informant Cara S. Redwine-Sister)
Reynolds, A.J           WM      47y          22 Dec     Patrick/Russell      Heart Disease      Jessee & Lucinda Reynolds (Ellen Reynolds-Wife) (Informant J.W. Reynolds-Brother)
Robinnett, Female       WF      3m           25 Apr     Russell/Russell      Blank              S.H & Elizabeth Robinnett (Informant S. Robinnett-Father)
Rolands, Louisa         WF      2y           25 Aug     Russell/Russell      Cholera Morbus     W. & Sally Rolands (Informant W. Rolands-Father)
Roman, Ida L.           WF      22y          04 Jan     Russell/Russell      Unknown            B.R.A & Nancy Shoemaker (Informant L.J Roman-Husband)
Rose, Lydia M.          WF      11y          29 Aug     Russell/Russell      Flux               H. & Martha Rose
Sample, Polly           WF      77y          16 Dec     Russell/Russell      Old Age            Wm. & Nancy Sample (Informant C.C Richardson-No Relation)
Sexton, Tyson           WM      40y          20 Mar     Russell/Russell      Consumption        Enoch & Louisa Sexton
Skeen, Martha E.        WF      10m          12 Jun     Russell/Russell      Consumption        D.E. & Sarah Skeen (Informant D. Skeen-Father)
Steele, George W.       WM      22y 1m 3d    20 Feb     Russell/Russell      Inflam of Bladder  S.H. & Eliza Steele (Informant S.H. Steele-Father)
Stinson, William        WM      75y 5m       30 Sep     Russell/Russell      Heart Disease      Robert & Amy Stinson (Martha Stinson-Wife) (Informant Ed Stinson-Brother)
Sykes, Vincent          WM      9m           23 Dec     Blank/Russell        Brain Fever        Wm. & Jane Sykes
Thomas, Cosby J.        BM      7y 5m        15 Apr     Blank/Russell        Blank              George & Nancy Thomas (Informant G. Thomas-Father)
Thompson, John          WM      80y          07 Nov     Russell/Russell      Dropsy             John & Jane Thompson (Informant Robert Thompson-Son)
Thompson, Martha E.     WF      30y          22 Feb     Hawkins Tn/Russell   Heart Dropsy       Kindred & Louisa Hale (Informant Emery F. Thompson-Husband)
Vencill, James          WM      26y          24 Dec     Blank/Russell        Feaver             Wm. & Margaret Vencill (Informant W. Vencill-Father)
Waltz, Nancy E.         WF      55y          18 Aug     Washington/Russell   Disease of Heart   Wm. & Salley Blankenship (Informant J.A. Waltz-Son)
Whited, Jane            WF      50y          07 Nov     Russell/Russell      Blank              Thom & Betsy Fletcher (Informant James M. Whited-Husband)
Whitt, Lanzo F.         WM      18y          30 Mar     Blank/Russell        Accid Shot himself Oscar & Armind Whitt (Informant Emla F. Whitt-Wife)
Whitton, Robt E.        WM      24y          06 Jun     Blank/Russell        Fever              John & Kate Dingus

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