1883 Russell County Death Index

Note: Several of the 1883 deaths are listed among the 1878 or 79 death records. However, a check of the 1880 census confirms they were still living at that time. Further, a check of tombstones of some of the ones listed confirms that they were actually 1883 deaths. Those 1883 deaths that are found in the 1878 or 79 death records are listed below with an asterisk preceding their names. If you wish to order a copy of the death record for one of these individuals, you will need to make a request that the 1878 or 79 deaths be searched, as they won't be found in the 1883 records.

NAME                      AGE    SEX      DOD         CAUSE                     PARENTS/MISC

* Ball, Martha F.          19y    F      19 Jan       Consumption               John & Rebecca Ball
* Ball, Louisa M.  17y 11m 22d    F      17 Sep       Consumption               Moses & Mary Ball
Banner, Clarence (b)     1y 1m    M      26 Jun       Liver Disease             Cowan & Mary Banner
Banner, Stephen     72y 7m 22d    M      27 Aug       Fever                     John & Leah Banner
Baustic, Male               4d    M      30 May       Hives                     Wm. H. & Mary E. Baustic
* Baylor, E.R              69y           23 Mar       Paralysed                 Abram & Jane Baylor (Montgomery Co.)
Blevins, Daniel            45y    M      06 Mar       Dropsy                    Daniel & Aley Blevins
Blevins, James              9m    M      05 Mar       Croup                     W.F & Mary Blevins
Blevins, Mary A.           29y    F      05 Feb       Consumption               James & Polly Turner (Of KY)
Blizzard, Wm.              20y    M      30 Sep       Fever                     Wm. M. & Margarett Blizzard
Booker, William             3m    M      15 Mar       Hives                     F.P & Annie Booker
* Boyd, Eligah             33y    M      03 Dec       Murdered                  Joseh & Percilla Boyd
* Boyd, Nancy              18y    F      01 Feb       Fever                     Joseph & Priscellia Boyd
* Boyd, Robert N.        2m 3d    M      21 Oct       Unknown                   Silas & Lydia Boyd
Branson, Wm.               43y    M      07 Feb       Consumption               Blank (Of Washington Co.)
* Buckles, Male             2d    M      02 May       Blank                     W.N Buckles & Saraphne
Burdine, Elisabeth D.      78y    F      11 Oct       Old Age                   E.D. & D.F. Russ (Born TN)
Burdine, Ellen F.          20y    F      11 Jan       Fever                     S.P & Sewell Burdine
* Burk, Aaron (b)    52 or 32y    M      07 Sep       Consumption               Unknown
Byangton, Wm. H.        21y 3m    M      02 Feb       Fever                     J.A & Mary Byington
Campbell, George W.         6m    M      16 Dec       Croup                     J.H & Bettie A. Campbell
* Campbell, John           11m    M      10 Oct       Inflammation of Tongue    Ira & Lavina Campbell
Chandler, Dicy             68y    F      22 Feb       Fever                     Archer & Nancy Jessee
* Combs, Wm.               70y    M      24 May       Paralysed                 Wm. & Anna Combs
* Counts, David            61y    M      17 Apr       Fever                     James & Evaline Counts
Dickenson, Duly E.          7y    M      09 Sep       Flux                      Wm. P. & Mary Dickenson
Dickenson, Female           4m    F      10 Dec       Flux                      J.H & Mary Dickkenson
Dickenson, Maggie A.        2y    F      13 Sep       Flux                      Wm. P. & Mary Dickenson
* Dorghety, Andrew      20y 4m    M      25 Nov       Shot Accidently           A. & Mary Dorghety
Dunn, Mary                 71y    F      12 Apr       Fever                     Unknown
* Dye, Cordelia             3y    F      13 Feb       Worms                     Henderson & Anttue? Dye
Easterly, Nancy E.         22y    F      16 Feb       Consumption               J.E.C & Margarett Easterly
* Edwards, Henry S.        63y    M      19 Aug       Heart Disease             Unknown (Montgomery Co.)
* Fletcher, Liddid      8m 16d    M      23 Aug       Croup                     Thomas & Margaret Fletcher
Franklin, Eliza            19y    F      18 Jan       Fever                     Wm. & Margarett Rose
Franklin, Martha J.  21y 6m 4d    F      25 Sep       Consumption               Jno & Sarah Franklin
* Fullen, Fowler           72y    M      02 Jan       Heart Disease             James & Betsy Fullen
* Gardner, Utah            26y           17 Apr       Consumption               Z.P & Mary Gardner
Gibson, Margarett          19d    F      19 Mar       Infermation               Jno T. & Mary E. Gibson
* Gilbert, John T.       1y 5m    M      09 Feb       From Burn                 John & Mary Gilbert
Gilmer, C.G.                2y    M      20 Jul       Croup                     Geo G. & Sara Gilmer
Gilmer, Roscoe H.           2y    M      26 Dec       Croup                     A.P & Rachel Gilmer
* Gilmore, Emet (b)        22y    M      28 Sep       Murdered                  Alsy Gilmore
* Gilmore, Jane            72y    F      07 Aug       Unknown                   Unknown (Of TN)
Gray, Male                  2m    M      01 Dec       Unknown                   C.C & Learh E. Gray
* Grimsly, Robert           8y    M      05 Oct       Hung Himself              Adam & Rhoda Grimsley
Grizzle, Johnnie        3m 21d    M      23 Jul       Infermation               Wm J. & Mary Grizzle
Hackney, Anderson          58y    M      12 Nov       Fever                     Jno & Nancy Hackney
Harris, Mary E.             6y    F      08 Oct       Consumption               H.W. & Nancy M. Harris
Hicks, Elbert              26y    M      16 Mar       Consumption               Geo W. & Rebecca Hicks
Hicks, Rebecca             66y    F      12 May       Consumption               Jno & Nancy Hicks
Hicks, Wm                  24y    M      26 Oct       Consumption               Geo W. & Rebecca Hicks
* Honaker, Sarah           70y    F      20 Dec       Cramp Colic               James & Polly Whitt
* Hopkins, John P. (b)     21y    M      27 Jun       Fever                     George & Charlotte Hopkins
Howard, Clara N.                  F      26 Jul       Colery Infantum           R.G & Mary D. Howard
* Howard, Cosby (b)        32y    M      30 Jun       Worms                     Roda Howard
Johnson, Dollie (b)        63y    F      21 Apr       Heart Disease             James & Molly Stras
* Johnson, Female           3d    F      18 Nov       Blank                     J.B & Virginia Johnson
* Johnson, Thomas E.        4y    M      28 Jul       Fever                     Cicro & Malinda Johnson
Johnson, Wm E.              7m    M      02 Sep       Unknown                   J.W. & Jane Johnson
Kelley, Sparrell           12d    M      29 May       Croup                     F.B & Sarah Kelley
* Lawson, Tazewell         19y    M      30 Apr       Fall of Tree              Umberson & Nila Lawson
* Lee, Martha              28y    F      01 Aug       Cold                      Mattais & Cynthia Lee
* Lockhart, Sally          71y    F      28 Mar       Consumption               Robert & Anna Stinson
Louisa M. Ball     17y 11m 22d    F      17 Sep       Consumption               Moses & Mary Ball
Markum, Martha Bell        18y    F      10 Nov       Dropsy                    Robt L. & Harriet Markum
* McCloud, Louis     3y 7m 10d    F      10 Apr       Croup                     Henry & Elizabeth McCloud
* Miller, Catherine         2y    F      16 Oct       Croup                     Henry & Elizabeth Miller
Milton, Charles W.         23y    M      01 Jul       Unknown                   J & Elizabeth Milton
Minnick, Geo W.             1m    M      11 Dec       Blank                     J. & Laura Minnick
Minton, Male                1d    M      29 Oct       Unknown                   S.& Lizzie Minton
Mitchel, James W.          11y    M      15 Aug       Fever                     Thos & Tynima Mitchel
* Musick, Ida        2y 2m 10d    F      10 Apr       Wind of Grain Corn        Joseph K. & Alta Musick
Owens, H.C.                36y           09 Nov       Fever                     R.M. & N.A. Owens
Palmer, Martha E.           5y    F      12 Nov       Diptheria                 A.W. & Susan J. Palmer
Patrick, Susannah          64y    F      26 Sep       Liver Disease             Wm & Polly Taylor
Patterson, Elvira          37y    F      21 Sep       Consumption               H.G.& Melinda McCoy
Patterson, Geo D.           3m    M      01 Jun       Erysipulas                Wm. & Jane Patterson
* Perigin, Jane            85y    F      09 Aug       Dropsy                    Unknown
Porter, Sarah C.            4m    F      04 Aug       Whooping Cough            D.M & Jane B. Porter
Poston, Almeda              8m    F      24 Oct       Liver Disease             H.G. & Mary Poston
* Price, Francis           50y    M      26 Dec       Cancer                    Richerd & Florence Price
* Pucket, Male             24d    M      16 Apr       Blank                     Thomas & Anna Pucket
Puckett, Male               8d    M      16 Feb       Unknown                   R. & Elizabeth Puckett
Puckett, Male              14d    M      22 Feb       Unknown                   R. & Elizabeth Puckett
* Ramy, Willey E.           5y    M      24 Apr       Blank                     John & Florence Ramy
* Riley, Charles           35y    M      02 Feb       Heart Disease             Thomas J. & Celia Riley
* Robinson, John P.        59y    M      15 Aug       Cramp Colic               Samuel & Cela Robinson
Robinson, Samuel N.         4m    M      10 Nov       Toncil etis               Thos & Sara Robinson
Salyer, F. M               17y    M      17 Aug       Consumption               Abram & Nancy Salyer 
Salyer, Fielding M.        19y    M      17 Jul       Consumption               Abram & Nancy Salyer
* Smith, Edna              24d    F      14 Apr       Unknown                   John B. & Nancy Smith
* Snaden, John G.    30 or 50y    M      27 May       Consumption               John & Susan Snaden
Stalzer, Robt               5y    M      11 Dec       Accidental                C.W. & Lucy Stalyer
* Stinson, James C.        12y    M      05 Jun       Fever                     Charles & Mary Stinson
* Stinson, Male             2d    M      14 Oct       Unknown                   A.G. & Anna Stinson
Tate, Eliza C.             88y    F      25 Jul       General Debility          Thos & Pamillio Davenport (Washington Co.)
Taylor, Male               15d    M      07 Jul       Croup                     Wm. & Lydia Taylor
Terry, Virginia H.          4y    F      17 Nov       Diptheria                 Wm. & Rhoda Terry
* Thomas, Susan            62y    F      16 Sep       Blank                     Jane Perigen (Washington Co.)
* Thompson, Draton          2y    M      14 Oct       Croup                     Chas & Emla Thompson
* Thompson, Emery          73y    M      01 Oct       Cancer                    John & Jane Thompson
Vanderpool, Catharine      72y    F      27 Oct       Heart Disease             Daniel & Dorcus Horton (Washington Co.)
Vaughn, Female              1d    F      06 Feb       Phthisic                  J.H & Sallie Vaughn
Wheeler, James             93y    M      12 Jul       Old Age                   James & Mary Wheeler
Wheeler, P.H.              54y    M      31 Mar       Drowned                   James & Mary Wheeler
Williams, Stephen          70y    M      09 Aug       Fever                     James & Millie Williams
Willis, James R.            1d    M      26 Sep       Croup                     Wm. A & Malvina Willis
* Willson, Catherine       75y    F      10 Jun       Dropsy                    Unknown ( Of Campbell Co.)
* Wilson, James M.         87y    M      15 Feb       Inflammation              Wm. & Virginia Wilson (Washington Co.)

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