1877 Russell County Death Index

NAME                   AGE   SEX    DOD    CAUSE                 PARENTS/MISC

Adams, Cory M.          26d   F   09 Dec  Brain Fever            Jas M. & Eliza Adams
Adams, Martha        1m 15d   F   20 Sep  Blank                  Robert R. & Nancy Adams
Adison, Male            10d   M   16 Nov  Unknown                Hiram & Ellen Adison
Albert, S.       45y 3m 10d   M   27 Aug  Fever                  Mary Albert
Alexander, Pollie (b)   38y   F   19 Aug  Erasipilan             Unknown
Baker, Robert J.              M      Nov  Croup                  Joseph & Martha Baker
Belcher, John           83y   M   01 Dec  Fever                  Blank
Booth, John             75y   M   17 Aug  Fever                  Blank
Breeding, Susan               F   19 Mar  Dropsy of the Heart    Unknown
Browning, Elizabeth (b)  7y   F    June   Consumption            William & Mary Browning
Burdine, Nancy C. (b)   37y   F   18 May  Consumption            Unknown (Born in Washington Co.)
Campbell, Elizabeth     40y   F           Consumption            John & Pollie Gray
Castle, Female           1d   F   22 Aug  Unknown                Jacob & Liddia Castle
Cook, Doctor N.          8y   M   22 Apr  Dropsy                 Henry J. & Mary Cook
Cooper, John H.         27d   M   25 Apr  Unknown                C.A. & Margaret Cooper
Creckenberger, D.D      31y   M   10 Jul  Consumption            Blank
Cross, Lucrecia         10y   F           Fever                  Robert & Elizabeth Cross
Dickenson, Nance        78y   F   06 Jun  Cancer                 Unknown
Elliott, Jane           66y   F   05 Mar  Blank                  Blank
Ferguson, Mary       80y 5m   F   03 Aug  Fever                  Blank
Fields, Samuel A.       14y   M   09 Oct  Crushed by Cane Mill   R.D & Rachel Fields
Fugate, Charles A.            M   27 Sep  Unknown                R.B. Fugate
Gibson, Rachel          65y   F   05 Nov  Unknown                Unknown
Harrison, Margaret    1y 1d   F   26 Jul  Fever                  John & Ann Harrison
Hawkins, Eveline        71y   F   17 May  Paraliars              Henry Sargent
Helton, Joseph    11y 2m 1d   F   03 Apr  Fever                  William F. & M. Helton
Hendricks, C.           49y   M   30 Mar  Liver Disease          Anderson & Elizabeth Hendricks
Herd, Elizabeth          1d   F   11 Mar  Blank                  William A. & Rachel Herd
Hess, Sally          4y 14d   F   17 Feb  Croup                  Fulton & Polly Hess
Hicks, Causy             3y               Croup                  Enoh Hicks
Horton, Louis           77y   M   07 Jan  Blank                  Daniel & Polly Horton
Horton, Mary            53y   F   25 Dec  Palsy                  James & Ada Stinson
Howard, Luther H.     1m 8d   M   09 Oct  Blank                  Rufas & Sarah M. Howard
Jackson, Mary J.  28y 3m 5d   F   18 Jan  Consumption            Blank
James, Thomas           50y   M   14 Jan  Dropsy                 Blank
Jessee, Susan           28y   F   30 Aug  Consumption            Gabeil & Nancy Jessee
Johnson, Mary L.         2y   F   09 Oct  Bronchitis             Cirera & Malinda Johnson
Keith, James R.               M   04 Apr  Fever                  A.P & Malissa Keith
Kieth, William                M   06 Jun  Blank                  Blank
Kindrick, Clarasy       77y   F   02 Aug  Fever                  Blank
Kindrick, E.A           48y   M   31 Dec  Fever                  James & Clarasy Kindrick
Lark, Carry              3m   F   09 Oct  Diptheria              John & Unice Lark
Lockhart, William        4m   M   17 Sep  Croup                  John A. & H. Lockhart
McCoy, William R.        4y   M   20 Nov  Diptheria              James McCoy
McFadden, Sarah         18y   F   28 Feb  Scufulin               Jeremiah & Rachel McFadden
McGee, Jane             63y   F   08 Jun  Unknown                Unknown
McGlothlin, Male         1d   M   09 Nov  Unknown                Silvester & Mary McGlothlin
Mead, Maggie             4y   F   31 Dec  Cold                   John H. & Emily Mead
Milton, Amelia                F   18 Oct  Unknown                James A. Milton
Musick, Albert           4m   M   30 May  Blank                  Chas W. & Mary Musick
Owens, David            79y   M   23 Sep  Blank                  Robert & Pheby Owens
Patton, Scott            6m   M   20 Apr  Croup                  W.S. & Mahalia Patton
Price, George                 M   25 Jul  Blank                  James A. & Mary Price
Price, Mary             21y   F   01 Jun  Fever                  Thomas S. & Sarah Price
Rasnake, James          20y   M   03 Mar  Fever                  Stephen & Vina Rasnake
Robinett, Charles P.  1y 6m   M   01 Dec  Croup                  Priar & J.J. Robinett
Roman, William S.       50y   M   19 Apr  Fever                  Blank
Ross, John            1y 5m   M   13 Jan  Fever                  John & Malissa Ross
Self, Elizabeth         50y   F   09 Oct  Blank                  Blank
Smith, Causy            41y       11 May  Nervous Affliction     Unknown
Stergen, James          87y   M   25 Mar  Fever                  Blank
Stow, Elbert F.          3y   M   18 Feb  Blank                  John M. & Mary Stow
Taylor, Harvey      56y 11m   M   14 Aug  Fever                  Samuel & Nancy Taylor
Taylor, John C.         32y   M   23 Nov  Consumption            C. Taylor
Taylor, Martha B.             F      Oct  Unknown                Alvin Taylor
Thompson, Melvin     3m 14d   M   28 Nov  Fever                  Z.D & Mary Thompson
Whitt, Fulton            8m   M   25 Sep  Fever                  Dick & Luticia Whitt
Wysar Mary J.           37y   F   25 Jun  Fever                  Matthew & Elizabeth Lee
Wysor, Paty M.          19y   F   13 Apr  Fever                  Thomas & Mary Riley
Yatts, Emeline          21y   F   05 May  Fever                  Blank

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