1869 Russell County Death Index

NAME                    AGE    SEX    DOD   CAUSE           PARENTS/MISC

Akers, Mary              40y    F   13 Jul  Consumption     Blank   
Alderson, Charles T.     13m    M   15 Sep  Teething        George & Elizabeth Alderson     
Amburgey, Female          5d    F   15 Aug  Unknown         J. J. & Alvy Amburgey   
Austin, Amburty          16y    M   01 Nov  Typhoid Fever   James & Mary a  ary Austin
Austin, Mary             40y    F   10 Oct  Typhoid Fever   Blank   
Carell, Samuel        19y 6m    M   25 Sep  Fever           Charles & Mary Carrell  
Carrell, Josiah          11y    M   01 Oct  Fever           Charles & Mary Carrell  
Carrell, Mary            40y    F   16 Sep  Fever           Blank   
Dale,  James M.          84y    M   10 Apr  Fever           Hiram & Elizabeth Dale  
Dickenson, Nancy         64y    F   15 Sep  Heart Disease   Blank   
Fairchild, Mariah         1d    F   10 Jun  Unknown         Joseph & Sarah Fairchild        
Female                     -    F   17 Feb  Unknown         N. H. & Elizabeth       
Female                    1d    F   31 Dec  Unknown         Henry & Susan   
Female                    2m    F   09 Apr  Unknown         Joseph & Elizabeth      
Female                   22d    F   27 Mar  Stillborn       Isaac & Sarah   
Female                     -    F   27 Mar  Croup           Emmy & Loucinda 
Fugate, Bell (b)          1y    F   March   Cold            William & Catherine Fugate      
Fugate, Catherine (b)     6y    F   02 Nov  Blank           Blank   
Fugate, Mary (b)       3y 6m    F   10 Jul  Unknown         William & Catherine Fugate      
Fulkerson, Catherine     24y    F   26 Jan  Heart Disease   N. & J. Erving  
Garrett, Mary             2m    F   04 Apr  Scrofula        Charles & Mary Garrett  
Gray,  N. B.             60y    M   10 Aug  Unknown         G. M. & Martha Gray     
Grizzle, Margaret         2y    F   10 Jun  Unknown         John & Mary Grizzle     
Harden, Abner            80y    M   13 Nov  Unknown         Blank   
Hendricks, Anderson       1d    M   10 Sep  Dropsey         James Hendricks 
Johnson, Mary            14y    F   09 Jun  Unknown         Wm. C. & Larinda Johnson        
Kiser,  McClelin          3y    M   25 Dec  French Measles  Nimrod & Martha Kiser   
Laforce, Catherine       85y    F   01 Mar  Old Age         Blank   
Lasley, Margaret           -    F   20 Aug  Unknown         Robin & Mary    
Leece, Mariah (b)        20y    F   blank   Unknown         Blank   
Leece, Sarah (b)         30y    F   24 Mar  Inflammation    J. A. & N. C. Leece     
Leece, Sharman (b)       12y    M   blank   Unknown         Benjamin & Mariah Leece 
Leece, Tabitha (b)       13y    F   blank   Unknown         Benjamin & Mariah Leece 
Male                     23y    M   28 Jul  Unknown         Abel & Mary     
Male                       -    M   10 Sep  Stillborn       John & Mary     
Male                      1d    M   18 Mar  Stillborn       James & Catherine       
Male                      1y    M   06 Jan  Stillborn       Thomas & Sarah  
Mays M. C.               40y    F   27 Oct  Unknown         Henry P. Mays   
Menily, Mary J.            -    F   10 Jun  Heart Disease   Blank   
Sheades, Male            49y    M   10 May  Stillborn       T & Elizabeth Sheades   
Tignor, P.H.               -    M   16 Aug  Bodily Injury   Wm. & Elizabeth Tignor  
Williams, Aberty         43y    M   01 Mar  Unknown         James & Celia Williams  
Willis, Elizabeth          -    F   13 Nov  Change of life  Peter & B Fogleman

Note: Several of the deaths are listed as stillborn, yet ages are listed.    

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