1867 Russell County Death Index

NAME                      AGE   SEX    DOD   CAUSE               PARENTS/MISC

Alderson John D.           50y   M   18 Aug  Disease of Heart    David & Catharine Alderson
(Note: Death was recorded twice.  2nd entry showes age as 30, Parents Dann & Catherine, born Monroe Co., WV)
Anderson James          23y 8m   M   13 Jun  Disease of Kidney   Isaac & Haly Anderson
Anderson Nancy             65y   F   07 Dec  Cold                Unknown
Bostic Robt W         8y 3m 4d   M   15 Jun  Unknown             James & Sarah Bostic
Boyd Barbara               13y   F   23 Aug  Consumption         Joseph & Priscilla Boyd
Boyd Francis                1d       10 Feb  Unknown             Charles D. & Martha Boyd
Browning Mary E.        10m 5d   F   23 Nov  Unknown             Jacob & Elizabeth Browning
Bumgardner Mary E.         11d   F   04 Nov  Unknown             Wm S. & Elizabeth Bumgardner
Carrell Mary               90y   F   10 Aug  Old Age             Sarah Heford
Carrell Samuel             88y   M   13 Jul  Old Age             Unknown
Dickenson Henry R.          2m   M   01 Nov  Croup               O. F. & Martha Dickenson
Dickenson Nathaniel (b) 35y 6m   M   24 Feb  Drowned             Betty Dickenson
Dishman Christopher        51y   M   09 Nov  Dropsey             John & Catharine Dishman
Dorton William             42y   M   01 Nov  Dropsey             M. & Jennah D. Dorton
(Note: Death was recorded twice. 2nd entry showes parents as M. & Jermiah D. Dorton)
Female                           F   15 Sep  Born Dead           Isaac & Elizabeth
Female                           F   05 Jun  Born Dead           Abel & Rachel
Female                   4m 5d   F   10 May  Unknown             Joseph & Mary
Female                      4d   F   10 Jan  Unknown             George E. & Mary
Female                           F   09 Apr  Unknown             John & Mary
Female                      1d   F           Unknown             V.M. & Rebbeca
Female                      3d   F   18 Feb  Unknown             Wm J. & Nancy
Female (b)                  2d   F   17 Oct                      Thos & Mary D.
Fields Cynthia E.          18m   F   01 Dec  Unknown             James J. &  Nancy Fields
Fields John              1y 2m   M   02 Nov  Unknown             Joel & Amy Fields
Fraley Peter (b)            4y   M    1867   Unknown             Unknown
Fro Milly (b)               6m   F   08 May  Unknown             Wesley & Milly Fro
Glen Robt                  22y   M   07 Jun  Consumption         J. O. Glenn (or Jane O. Glenn)
Gray Nelson                68y   M   06 Sep  Dyspepsia           James & Elizabeth Gray
Hackler Peter               6y   M   18 Sep  Unknown             John & Catharine Hackler
(Note: Death was recorded twice. 2nd entry showes age as 64, born in Grayson Co., Va.)
Hackney Sarah               5m   F   07 Jan  Colic               J & Susannah Hackney
Hale John (b)           30y 5m   M   24 Feb  Drowned             Phebe Hale
Hartstock Henderson40y  11m 2d   M   10 Apr  By Falling Tree     John & Sarah Hartstock
Hendricks Annbell          23d   F   23 Aug                      J. R. & Kate Hendricks
Hess Susan                 33y   F   03 Mar  Consumption         Wm. & Peggy
Holland Caroline           27y   F   13 Feb  Fever               Charles & Nancy
Holland John A.            19y   M   09 Mar  Fever               John & Elizabeth Holland
Horn Elizabeth             60y   F   03 Nov  Neurcylia           Thos & Margaret Horn
Hurt Charles            6m 10d   M   13 Nov  Unknown             Wm & Catherine Hurt
Kelly Peter                77y   M   12 Oct  Gravel              Edward & Bedy (Bridget) Kelly
Kennedy Wyly F.            28y   M   10 Jun  Epilepsy            John & Mary Kennedy
Lampkin Wm                 63y   M   26 Apr  Gravel              Peter & Mary Lampkin
Litten Nancy A.            38y   F   04 Aug  Inflammation        Burgiss & Mary
Male                             M   15 Feb  Unknown             Saml & Sarah
Male                             M   01 Dec  Unknown             Joseph & Charity
Male                             M   01 Dec  Unknown             James P. & Celia
Male                             M   15 Nov  Unknown             John & Clarissa
Male                        1d   M     Dec   Unknown             J. D. & Winney
Male                       12d   M           Liver               J. M. Mead
Male                        1m   M   15 Nov  Unknown             J. H. & Sarah
May Jacob               43y 6m   M   11 Nov  Cancer              John & Elizabeth May
McFadden D. C.             14d   F   20 Dec  Unknown             Thos & Mary McFadden
McGlothlin Mildridge                 06 Feb  Unknown             Patten & Rebecca McGlothlin
McRay David                 8y   M   08 Dec  Dropsey             Bostin or Barton & Rebecca McRay
Milton David               21y   M   25 Jun  Unknown             Philip & Nancy
(Note: Death was recorded twice. 2nd entry showes name as David Monton, age 21d, cause of death, liver.)
Mutter Elizabeth                 F   01 Dec  Unknown             Hiram & Elizabeth
Pippin Wm                  66y   M   15 Dec  Fever               Wm & Jane Pippin
(Note: Death was recorded twice, 2nd entry showes parents as William & Nancy Pippin)
Price Louisa            33y 6m   F   19 Jul  Unknown             Caleb & Rutha
Puckett Anthony         6m 10d   M   15 Jan  Unknown             Claiborn & Marha Puckett
Salyer A. A                20y   M   30 Dec  Unknown             Abram & Mary Salyer
(Note: Death was recorded twice. 2nd entry showes age as 20 days, cause of death as spotted fever.)
Taylor Henry D.    19y 11m 15d   M   11 Aug  Consumption         Crisman & Elizabeth Taylor
Whitt Mary          35y 6m 10d   F   09 Apr  Consumption         James & Sarah

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